Monday, November 30, 2009

Iraq planned attack on Radio Free Europe


A full data QSL-verification letter has been received from All India Radio Pune for their MW broadcast on 792 kHz after a period of 4 years for a postal mail report. The verification signer on the letter is Mr. Neelakanth Kothekar, Programme Executive signed on behalf of Station Director. This is also one of my longest waited QSL.
(T.R.Rajeesh, Kerala, India)

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Community Radio Station for Hisar farmers

29 Nov 2009, 1959 hrs IST, Madhvi Sally, ET Bureau
HISAR: Thousand of farmers in the Hisar district of Haryana will now be able to tune in to the first Community Radio Station (CRS) on FM 91.2 set up at Haryana Agricultural University.

Read the full story here :

Friday, November 27, 2009

Workshop on Digitalising of audiovisual archives gets underway in Bhutan

Wednesday 25 Nov 2009
The "Workshop on Digitalising of Audiovisual Archives" is underway at the Bhutan Broadcasting Service (BBS) facility at Thimpu-Bhutan from the 23rd to 26th November 2009. This is the first workshop under the project UNESCO-CFI-ABU-BBS ARCHIVING SHOWCASE PROJECT: "Preserving 'Heritage' Archives".
More at :

Sanand gets community radio station

BS Reporter / Mumbai/ Ahmedabad November 27, 2009, 0:07 IST
The Self-Employed Women's Association (Sewa), a city based non-governmental organisation that works for women's empowerment, has started its community radio station (CRS) at Sanand, the site made famous by Tata Motors' Nano plant and around 35 km from Ahmedabad. Called 'Rudi no Radio', the country's 49th CRS became operational on Thursday in Manipur village.

Related Link :
Rural women to run Sewa's community radio station
TNN 27 November 2009, 01:52am IST

Thursday, November 26, 2009

AIR plans live DRM broadcast for Commonwealth Games

By: Anita Iyer 26 Nov 09 16:27 IST
MUMBAI: All India Radio would be carrying forward its association with Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM) by live broadcasting the 2010 Commonwealth games to be held in Delhi. AIR is contemplating to have seven and half hours of live broadcast during the games. In a recent meeting with DRM Chairperson Ruxandra Obreja and Project Director Vineeta Dwivedi earlier this month, Information and Broadcast minsiter Ambika Soni had reportedly stressed on the need for affordable DRM receivers for quick and efficient take-up of the technology.
Read the full story here :

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Voice of America expands audience

Latin America becomes a focus as leaders there criticize U.S.

By Juan O. Tamayo
Tuesday, November 24, 2009

All India Radio Panaji shifts to 828 kHz

AIR Panaji B (Vividh Bharati) has at last changed its frequency to 828 kHz from 1539 kHz. The power is 20 kW. This is due to co channel interfernce from the Radio Aap Ki Duniya and VOA group of stations (programs) on 1539 kHz.
AIR Vivdh Bharthi program is heard during last two days on 6090 kHz at 0830-1200

(Jose Jacob, VU2JOS, National Institute of Amateur Radio, Hyderabad)

UBA International Prefix Hunt Competition

This is not a contest in usual sense but a competition, which runs over the whole year and enables you to measure your achievements in prefix chasing. Even if you are not a contester you can easily participate because every QSO you make on every HF band counts for the competition.

Date: from January 1, 2010 00:00 UTC until December 31, 2010 23:59 UTC

Modes: All modes (CW, Phone, RTTY, and all other digital modes)

Bands: All HF bands (160, 80, 40, 30, 20, 17, 15,12 and 10m). All your QSO's count for the competition.

Categories: All Licensed Radio amateurs and SWL's.

Points: Every different prefix counts 1 point on each band.

Multiplier: Every different prefix counts once as a multiplier.

Final score: The sum off all prefixes on all bands multiplied by the number of different prefixes.

Only electronic logs via email in ADIF format will be accepted. Send your your log of the past month before the 5th of the following month to the Competition Manager in order to compile an interim results list. Just export your log of the last month in ADIF. You don't have to calculate your score yourself. Last logs must reach the Competition Manager before the 10th of January of the following year. Name your file "yourcall-month in figures.adi" (ex: ON7SS-01.ADI for the January log). There is no need to mention a claimed score. All logs will be treated in the strictest confidence and will not be made public. Interim results and the final result will be published on the UBA Website
Send your logs to

Digital competition certificates will be granted to all participants who
reach at least 300 different prefixes.

We do count on your hamspirit and expect you to log only QSO's which took
actually place.

Good luck in prefix chasing.

Marc Domen, ON7SS

Amateur Radio Station
Marc Domen

Logs from Sri Lanka

Kohima almost on the border of Burma, today came on at 1200 4850 kHz of course with beautiful choral singing.

Gangtok: 1200 Station ID and frequency announcements including MW by YL into beautiful flutes chanting and fanfare with a lovely signal today on 4835 followed by chanting type Buddhist temple singing. at 1215 about 4 minutes of what appeared to be news in Tibetan. Sikkhim has a fairly large Tibetan population but the dominant race is Nepali I believe. Fine reception before Mumbai comes on nearby 1230 UTC 5 kHz up.

BRAZIL: 6010 Radio Inconfidencia 0101 announcements and jingles in Brazilian Portuguese.

CUBA:1210 note long path Habana over the Pacific on 11705 equal strength with VOA Net P. Carrying Spanish programmes. Is this a relay of RN Venezuela?

6000 kHz English news at 0100, mixing with an Afghan Service, surely now Kabul though its one of their old old frequencies. Give me a day or to to verify!!

Radio Rebelde in Spanish at 0110 fading out on 5025, with enough hash from AIR Thiruwanathapuram.

Rx: Icom R71A with 80 metre dipole.

G. Victor A. Goonetilleke 4S7VK,
"Shangri-la"' 298 Madapatha Road,
Piliyandala. Sri Lanka.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Special event callsign AU8JCB

To commemorate the birth anniversary of Sir Jagadish Chandra Bose, "Father of Radio Communication", Indian Hams are going to operate using special call-sign AU8JCB.

From Delhi C.K.Raman, VU3DJQ will be operating special callsign AU8JCB as per details given below :

Call-sign : AU8JCB
Period of operation : 23 Nov to 13 Dec 2009
Bands : 40, 20 & 15 m
Home call : VU3DJQ
Information : QRZ.COM &

Two more operators VU2DSI from Ahmednagar & VU2SMN from Kolhapur will be operating using the same special event call sign AU8JCB. For 2009 operations please QSL as per operator instructions as there are more than one operator using the same call sign from different locations.

The Jaffna service of SLBC is ready to engage in a radio journey

The Jaffna service of Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation is ready to engage in a radio journey from north to south. Controller of the Jaffna service Lakshman Perera says the service has made arrangements to broadcast a live commentary throughout the journey from 8.00 am. It will be simultaneously broadcasted in City FM service as well. The SLBC invites listeners to join hands with this new radio experience.

(Source : SLBC)

Friday, November 20, 2009

Uniwave Di-Wave 100 DRM SW Receiver now available

Received this info from UNIWAVE Marketing division today...

Uniwave distributors in Germany :

1- Alan Electronics GmbH
Dovenkamp 11
D 22952 Luetjensee/ Germany

2-Charly H. Hardt
Edelhoffstraße 70
42857 Remscheid
Tel.: 02191 / 80598

3-THIECOM Herbert Thieking GmbH & Co.
Communication * Distribution * Import-Export
Schwaneweder Str. 193 D-28779 Bremen/Germany
Tel.0421-6009098 Fax.6007566

Also received an email from Michael Cratt, Project Manager at Av-Comm Pty Ltd confirming that they have Uniwave Di-Wave 100 DRM SW Receiver in stock.

Here's the link for online ordering :
Prx : 499 AUD

Contact :

Michael Cratt
Project Manager
Av-Comm Pty Ltd
24/9 Powells Road
P.O. Box 225
NSW 2100
Tel: 02 9939 4377
fax: 02 9939 4376
Mobile: 0432 747 715

Uniwave has no distributors in India.

Singapore's MediaCorp to launch new radio channel

Read the story here :

FRS Holland - Sunday Nov. 22nd 2009

Hello SW Friends,

Next Sunday November 22nd sees a full repeat of last week's broadcast . The broadcast will start at 10.52 UTC/ 11.52 CET sharp and close down will be at 15.40 UTC/16.40 CET. Of course we do hope propagation will be satisfactory that day. That was certainly the case last Sunday and we were happy about the results. 5810 was doing fine and 7600 was excellent at various locations throughout Europe. Next Sunday we have chosen to start 3 hours later than on the 15th to find out how the 7600 signal 'behaves' later in the afternoon. And there's another important change: instead of 5810, we will be on 9300 kHz/ 31 metres. Of course we are very curious how the 9300 signal will do, especially in those areas where 7600 is only poor/ fair. Radio entertainment on a Sunday. Tune in...7600 kHz/ 39 metres ánd 9300 kHz / 31 metres (low power only).

Info about the internet stream:
On Sun Nov. 22nd FRS will be again active with an Internet stream.

Surf to
We will most likely start at 14.00 UTC/ 15.00 CET.

73s, Peter V. (on behalf of the FRS staff)

Address: FRSH, P.O.Box 2702, 6049 ZG Herten in The Netherlands.
Email: frs.holland @
Free Radio Service Holland is an Independent and Free radio station broadcasting on SW since August 1980. Broadcasts are carried out in Dutch, German & English at an irregular basis on 48 & 41 metres.

Lisbon Ham Fair Photo's

Lisbon Ham Fair Photo's :

(Link courtesy VU3DJQ)

New Gyan Vani stations

According the IGNOU website, Smt. Pratibha Devisingh Patil, Hon'ble President of India inaugurated the following Gyan Vani stations yesterday 19 Nov 2009: Kochi, Cutack, Tirunelveli & Pune.

More details at :

Old frequency lists of Gyan Vani station shows the following frequencies:
Kochi: 106.0 Mhz
Cuttack: 91.9 MHz
Tirunelveli: 98.4 Mhz
Pune: 106.2 MHz

Which is 5th station?

(Jose Jacob, VU2JOS, National Institute of Amateur Radio, Hyderabad )

Field Day at Josegiri Hills,Kannur

The Malabar Amateur Radio Disaster Communication Club (VU2KLP) and the Malabar Repeater Club (VU2MWW) is proposing to conduct a Field Day on the 21st of November,Saturday,from 9 am till 4 pm, Wx permitted. The Location is Josegiri Hills,Kannur District,very close to my Home QTH, at an approx. altitude of 3500 feet plus, unhabhited location, with a cool wx, at present,with wide variety of fauna and flora for company. The ascent to the top will be on foot only, upto the base will be 4 wheel jeep drive. On certains days we can observe wild elephants from the top! We humbly request all Hams who are free,to participate by operating from their shacks and also who can ascess the following repeaters to stand by,if possible.
1.Bangalore :VU2RSB 145.650 + 600 shift
2.Mysore :VU2TRE 145.125 + 600 shift
3.Ernakulam :VU2CHM 145.600 - 600 shift
4.Kozhikode :VU2CSR 145.025 + 600 shift
5.Palghat :VU2BCM 145.050 + 600 shift
6.Trivandrum :VU2XT 145.000 + 600 shift
7.Coimbatore :VU2RPT 145.200 + 600 shift
8.Chennai :VU2SMA 145.000 + 600 shift
9.Kollam :VU2CSD 144.750 + 600 shift
10.Rajapalayam : VU2RYM 145.000 - 600 shift
11.Tiruchengodu : VU2TCD 145.250 + 600 shift
12.Yelagiri Hills :VU2VCC 145.875 +600 shift
13.Idukki : VU2HEN 145.100 - 600 shift
14.Kodai :VU2KOD 145.750 + 600 shift
As all the above Repeaters have been ascessed at various occasions, we can hope for a 100% QSO!

We will put up the pics,after the event.
A News Paper and Tango Victor coverage is also arranged,like the previous years.

Long Live Ham Radio!

(Dr.A.Manoj ,VU3KER)

Obama nominates Ashe to Broadcasting Board of Governors

President Barack Obama has nominated Knoxville's former mayor to the
Broadcasting Board of Governors.
Posted: 3:50 AM Nov 19, 2009
Reporter: Nick Bona

Thursday, November 19, 2009

7100-7200 kHz released to Indian Hams

The positive information coming from the official sources indicate that Indian Amateur Radio operators are being allocated an additional spectrum of 100 KHz on 7Mhz Band. Earlier the Indian Amateur Radio operators were allowed to operate between 7000 ~ 7100 KHz, with the allowance of additional specturm, Indian amateurs can now operate their stations from 7000 ~7200 KHz. The official notification is likely to be released soon. This is inline with the recommendations as an outcome of WRC-2007.

It was also observed in the recent times that as on march 2009 all Indian broadcast stations have shifted their transmitting frequecy beyond 7200 KHz. However, it is also observed that 7190 KHz is still under use by Srilanka Broadcasting Corporation.

We thank the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, Government of India and the Department of Telecommunications for their encouragement to Amateur Radio activity. We also thank the International Amateur Radio community for their kind support.

S.Ram Mohan, VU2MYH

National Institute of Amateur Radio
Raj Bhavan Road, Hyderabad 500082, India

Telefax: 040-2331 0287 Tel: 040-6516 7388
Cell: 94416 96043

5 new Gyanvani stations to start today

5 new Gyanvani stations on FM will be started on the occasion of Silver Jubilee Celebrations of Indira Gandhi National Open University (which runs Gyan Vani stations) on 19.11.2009.

Await more details......

(Jose Jacob, VU2JOS , National Institute of Amateur Radio , Hyderabad )

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

WHRA off the air for good

I just spoke to Larry Vehorn, engineer for WHRI Cypress Creek, South Carolina, and he confirms that WHRA in Greenbush, Maine has signed off the air for good. All equipment has been dismantled. Former frequencies for WHRA have been reasigned for WHRI useage.

Gayle Van Horn, Frequency Manager, Monitoring Times
Gayle Van Horn, W4GVH
Brasstown, NC USA
Monitoring Times Frequency Manager
MT QSL Report Columnist
Shortwave Central blog:

Cumbredx mailing list

New freq 7395 for BBC Hindi

Effective 17th November 2009 BBC has swapped 7205 kHz with 7395 kHz ie. BBC Hindi is now on 7395(ex-7205) kHz 1400-1500 hrs while 7205 kHz(ex-7395) is taking over BBC Burmese at 1345-1430 hrs. Parallel channels in Hindi are 5845, 5960, 9505 and 12065 kHz.

(Alok Dasgupta, Kolkata via

Monday, November 16, 2009

Trans World Radio Changes Name to TWR

CARY, NC, November 16, 2009-International Christian ministry Trans World Radio, a pioneer in media missions, will change its name to TWR on November 18, 2009. At the same time, the organization also will adopt the positioning statement "Speaking Hope to the World" to fortify its new identity. "While our commitment to radio broadcasting remains steadfast, the name Trans World Radio no longer fully conveys the scope of our organization," says TWR President Lauren Libby. "TWR is more than radio. It is a multifaceted media ministry. By changing the name to TWR, we will maintain radio as a keystone communication component all the while employing a strategic integration of new media platforms. In fact, we will even seek to enlarge our broadcasting footprint." Libby explained that TWR is committed to leveraging digital advances such as the Internet, MP3 players, video and other mobile-device formats. "In recent years, modern technology has enabled us to make significant strides in engaging with our global audience," he said. "We also recognize the tremendous ministry value of social media portals like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube," Libby adds. "We're not just endeavoring to reach people for Christ; we want to connect and dialogue with them as they grow in faith. Furthermore, we realize social media is a fast and efficient way to communicate with our stakeholders." The ministry's new positioning statement, according to Libby, will clearly reflect TWR's primary objective of Speaking Hope to the World "Speaking not only refers to verbal communication but also signifies the ability to relate with people in other resourceful ways," Libby explained. "With that in mind, we will offer relevant messages of hope in Jesus to men, women and children around the globe. Whether it's by radio or other new media means, TWR is dedicated to helping fulfill Christ's Great Commission."

Frequently Asked Questions

With the name of the organization changing from Trans World Radio to TWR, does that mean people will no longer use the term Trans World Radio anymore?

The name Trans World Radio has existed for more than 55 years. It goes without saying that it is entirely unrealistic to expect everyone to stop using that name overnight. That said, TWR staff, partners and affiliated ministries are encouraged to make the gradual shift toward using TWR as the primary moniker.

Is TWR abandoning or scaling back its commitment to radio broadcasting?

No, not at all. In some areas of the world, we are increasing traditional radio broadcasts on shortwave, AM and FM outlets. As TWR's Bill Damick states in his forthcoming document "The Future is Here: Radio, New Media and Missions": "[Radio] has the unique ability to deliver its message efficiently, inexpensively, and compellingly to the greatest percentage of the world's people regardless of their economic status, educational attainment, or geographic location."

What is the meaning behind TWR's new positioning statement/tagline "Speaking Hope to the World"?

The word "speaking" is used in both the literal and figurative sense. It can either mean "communicating audibly" or "communicating a deeper message" (as in "the author's latest novel really spoke to me"). The word "hope" refers to the true, lasting expectation of something (or Someone) better. The word "world" captures the global essence of how TWR communicates the gospel. It's international in scope. After all, Jesus said "go into all the world and preach (speak) the gospel."

Where do I find the TWR logo with the new positioning statement?

The logo and positioning statement artwork are available now on TWR's public Flickr portal at

(TWR News Release)

Radio Deja Vu

Vanita Kohli-Khandekar / New Delhi November 16, 2009, 1:10 IST
The radio industry is stuck in a vicious circle. The new policy could help break out of it.

More at :

NEW PCJ Media website !

Hi Everyone,

We now have our own website under the PCJ Media umbrella. You will find all kinds of interesting things and the site is being up dated almost weekly.

Check us out:;

This week PCJ Media will present a special 55min program about Ears To Our World. The US based charity that sends SW radios to teachers and schools in Africa. During the program we will also talking about the important role radio plays in Africa.

Dates and Times;
November 20, 2009 - 0200UTC
November 21, 2009 - 1400UTC
Freq: 9955khz

Both transmissions are directed to North America
Live webstream:;

The show will also air to Indonesia on November 29, 2009 at 1305UTC
and New Zealand on November 29, 2009 at 0900UTC.

(Keith Perron )

QSL from 9M8XXW

QSL recvd from 9M8XXW, Peter Jenus (originally from Germany DJ8XW) after almost one year for an audio file emailed to him last year.

AIR B09 Updated Schedules - As on 13th Nov'09

Freq order

Language order

Time order

Station order

These lists have some additional frequencies not actually in use at
present but which will be used later/shortly.

(Jose Jacob, VU2JOS , National Institute of Amateur Radio , Hyderabad , India)

Leonid meteor shower - alert to amateurs and listeners

This year's Leonid meteor shower peaks on Tuesday November 17, so get your VHF equipment ready for some DX meteor scatter contacts.

The first debris stream will be crossed on November 17 around 0900 UT (4 a.m. EST, 1 a.m. PST). The next stream crossing will be between 2100-2200 UT.

Hopefully they will provide an abundance of Meteor trails that will reflect signals in the Amateur 50, 70 and 144 MHz bands allowing distances of up to 2,500 km to be worked.

Read the full NASA story at

G7IZU Radio Reflection Detection Page

Meteor Scatter Propagation

WSJT Meteor Scatter Software

(Southgate )

More on this upcoming event:

Space Weather News for Nov. 16, 2009

LEONID METEOR SHOWER: The Leonid meteor shower peaks on Tuesday, Nov. 17th, with a new Moon providing ideally-dark viewing conditions. Forecasters expect a relatively mild display (20 to 30 meteors per hour) over North America followed by a much stronger outburst (100 to 300 per hour) over Asia. No matter where you live, the best time to look is during the dark hours before sunrise on Tuesday morning.

Visit for full coverage of the Leonids, including live audio from a meteor radar, a live chat with a NASA meteor scientist, sky maps, photos and more

(Mike Terry via dxld yg)

FM Logs

Inspired by numerous tropo/e-skip logs me too tried for some FM dxing using a modest receiver & a homebrewed loop antenna, here are some logs :

90.4 - Radio Salam Namaste CRS, Noida 0308 UTC 6/8/09 (Not heard when R.Jamia was on air)
90.4 - Radio Jamia CRS Delhi 0605 UTC 9/8/09
91.9 - Friends FM, Kolkata 0410 UTC 6/8/09, 0526 UTC 15/8/09
91.9 - Radio Oo La La, Guwahati mixing with Friends FM & R.Mantra 0412 UTC 6/8/09
91.9 - Radio Mantra,Karnal mixing with Friends FM & R.Oo La La 0410 UTC 6/8/09
91.9 - Radio Mantra,Karnal mixing with a weak stn in b/g (probably R.Mantra Hissar), playing Hindi songs 1410 UTC 6/8/09
91.9 - Radio Mantra,Hissar 1835 UTC 8/8/09 Weak
91.9 - Radio Mantra, Bareilly Hindi/English with numerous ad's of local shops in Bareilly
91.9 - Ahaa FM, Chennai Tamil song "Kadhal Suthuthae" from Movie "Saravanaa" 0623 UTC 15/8/09
91.9 - Nine FM Siliguri, Nepali 1007 UTC 15/8/09
99.4 - Shuklaphanta FM CRS,Nepal (@ 1500 UTC Relaying BBC Nepali, Also relays BBC Hindi, BBC Nepali website lists them on wrong freq 94.4), heard during local daytime as well.
100.2 - AIR Patiala,Punjab 0328 UTC 6/8/09
100.4 - AIR Bareilly 6 kW 1525 UTC 6/8/09
100.7 - AIR Lucknow 10 kW (Relaying FM Rainbow) 1418 UTC 6/8/09
101.3 - AIR Aligarh 6 kW (Relaying FM Rainbow) 0310 UTC 6/8/09
101.4 - AIR Kuruksehtra 1525 UTC 7/8/09
101.5 - AIR Sawai Madhopur, Raj 0407 UTC 8/8/09
102.1 - AIR Mussourie 10 kW 1527 6/8/09
102.3 - AIR Hissar News in Hindi by YL (co-ch QRM) 1528 UTC 6/8/09
103.1 - AIR Chandigarh 1410 UTC 9/8/09
103.5 - AIR Rohtak 1529 UTC 6/8/09
103.7 - AIR Kanpur FM Rainbow 0527 UTC 9/8/09
107.2 - AIR Kasauli 10 kW (Relaying FM Rainbow) 1532 UTC 6/8/09
107.8 - RMR 107.8 (Radio Manav Rachna), Faridabad 0320 UTC 6/8/09

Spurious signal noted on :
88.7 - CNBC TV18
95.7 - Pogo

Rx : RP2100 + Single Quad Loop

Audio Files (ID's) :

Friends FM, Kolkata 91.9

Radio Oo La La, Guwahati 91.9

Nine FM 91.9 Siliguri (Nepali)

Ahaa FM, Chennai (Tamil)
Tamil song "Kadhal Suthuthae" from the movie "Saravanaa"

Radio Mantra,Karnal 91.9

All India Radio, Mussourie 102.1

All India Radio, Bareilly 100.4

All India Radio - Kurukshetra 100.4

Shuklaphanta FM CRS, Nepal 99.4 (Nepali)

Unidentied Chinese speaking station 89.2

Unid 93.0

Unid 100.4


Radio Salam Namaste, Noida 90.4

Radio Manav Rachna CRS, Faridabad 107.8

Radio Jamia, Delhi 90.4

Links for FM dxing :

List of FM Stations in India by Jose Jacob,VU2JOS (Freq wise)

Tropospheric DX Modes

Sporadic E Skip

VHF Propagation Map

Tropo Ducting Forecast


The art of Long Distance FM DXing By VU2SWX

High Gain FM Antenna by VU3NSH

Mike's TV & FM DX Page

How to select a FM Tuner

More Links for FM Dxing :

Community radio stations welcome MIB's DAVP plans

By: Anita Iyer 16 Nov 09 13:50 IST

MUMBAI: The constant lobbying by community radio stations in India for government advertising has finally been heard. Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, on 4 November 2009, passed a government resolution finalizing the DAVP advertising rates for community radio stations to Re. 1/- per second for a period of one year initially.

Read the full story here :

AIR Cricket coverage for India-Srilanka test matches

All India Radio will broadcast live commentary alternately in Hindi & English of the India vs SriLanka cricket test matches as per following schedule :

Date Venue Timings(IST)

16-20 Nov 09 1st Test Match Sardar Patel Stadium,Ahmedabad 0925 1635 hrs *
24-28 Nov 09 2nd Test Match Green Park, Kanpur 0925 1635 hrs*
2-6 Dec 09 3rd Test Match Brabourne Stadium, Mumbai 0925 1635 hrs*

* or till end of the play

Live commentary will be available on selected SW, 66 MW & on all FM Gold channels. There will be hourly updates on FM Rainbow channels.

Friday, November 13, 2009

2010 CBA General Conference in Johannesburg

2010 General Conference Johannesburg
CBA General Conference
Sandton Hilton, Johannesburg, Republic of South Africa
17-21 April, 2010

The CBA is an association of broadcasters throughout the Commonwealth. Founded in 1945, it is a major player in the broadcasting industry, supporting public service media. Its General Conference is a key forum for broadcasters in the Commonwealth and beyond. The pan-Commonwealth conference is held every two years and runs strong technical sessions alongside
editorial and managerial sessions.

The theme of the 2010 General Conference is "Broadcasting Scores!". Delegates will include top executives, DGs, MDs and Chief Engineers - from over 100 member organisations of the Commonwealth Broadcasting Association, plus delegates from other relevant organizations worldwide. Members include ABC, BBC, CBC, TVNZ, SBS, RNZ, SABC, Doordarshan, NDTV, and many others, including virtually all public service broadcasters of the Commonwealth, as well as commercial companies with a commitment to public service broadcasting.

The conference is run by the CBA on a not-for-profit basis in association with the South African Broadcasting Corporation.

Nautel Multiplies its Success in the Philippines

Manila, Philippines, KBP Conference -- Nautel Limited has announced several recent transmitter orders from broadcasters throughout the Philippines. Sales were made through Nautel's distributor Broadcast World Philippines Systems Incorporated (BWPSI). Transmitters were ordered by the University of the Philippines in Metro Manila; Word Broadcasting Corporation in Cebu City (Visayas Region); Northern Mindanao Broadcasting Corporation in Butuan City; Masbate Broadcasting Corporation in Central Luzon; Far East Broadcasting Corporation for sites in Cagayan Valley (Northern Luzon and Korodanai (Mindanao), and Notre Dame Broadcasting in Cotabato City and Kidapawan City (both are in the southern part of Manila).
BWPSI President Desy Kelly says Nautel products fit many needs of Philippine broadcasters. "Our country is spread out over hundreds of small islands, and this means many transmitter locations are quite remote," Mrs. Kelly said. "Nautel's superior technologies for remote access, along with their products' reputation for reliability even in extreme conditions, make these products very attractive to the Philippine broadcast community."
Several customers are long-time Nautel users. "We have been using Nautel transmitters for years, and replaced an old AMPFET transmitter with a new model," said Father Joseph Suson of Word Broadcasting. "When we needed to upgrade our transmitter power, we only thought of one brand. Nautel." Father Ignacio Rellin of Notre Dame Broadcasting concurs. "It was worth waiting for our new Nautel NV 5 transmitter," Fr. Rellin said. "Our new Nautel transmitter is very user friendly and reliable- it is so modern and easy to use. We just love our new NV 5."
Nautel is on the BWPSI stand at KBP (November 12 - 14) doing a live demonstration of HD Radio via ABS CBN, 101.9 in Metro Manila. BWPSI is also showing Nautel's new VS Series of low power FM transmitters. These small transmitters have been engineered to withstand the harsh operating conditions that can frequently exist in low power facilities. Common service requirements, such as front panel accessible washable filters, are addressed; even the power transistors are field replaceable with common tools. Additionally, these are the first transmitters in the industry to incorporate internet audio I/O and Axia Livewire support. As with other Nautel transmitters, the VS Series includes Nautel's exclusive Advanced User Interface (AUI), which provides presets, logging, and local/remote control of all transmitter functions. The transmitters also provide an integral digital exciter. Customers who wish to upgrade to either HD RadioT or DRM® digital broadcasting will be able to do so easily with an optional VS HD add-on unit.
(Nautel Press Release)

Bangladesh Betar celebrates 70th anniversary

Bangladesh betar, the largest electronic medium of the country started its journey on the 16th December 1939. As a public service broadcasting organization, it has been playing a leading role in the nation building process over the decades. Since its inception, promotion of national culture and heritage has been prioritized in the activities of Bangladesh Betar in home and abroad. Being the oldest electronic medium of the country, Bangladesh Betar has proved its effectiveness by promoting and preserving the rich diversified regional and national cultures through its programmes.Bangladesh inherits a rich vibrant culture.
Bangladesh Betar broadcasts news and programmes in corporating various ethnic groups of the country aimed at upholding their history, tradition and cultural identities and inspire them in patriotism. It has been playing an important role in improving the socio-economic condition of the masses and upholding the arts and culture of the country.Bangladesh Betar has the unique distinction of having been associated with the liberation of the country from Pakistan occupation army while it put on air the historical proclamation of the Independence of Bangladesh on March 26, 1971. For its great contribution to the nation the Government of the Peoples Republic of Bangladesh conferred the most prestigious national prize the independence Award 2006 to Bangladesh Betar. It also gained Commonwealth Broadcasting Association Award (CBA) in 2006 and Asia Pacific Broadcasting (ABU) prizes for several times.
Bangladesh Betar broadcasts progammes of over 251 hours daily through its 12 regional stations and 6 units. In order to project the country's image abroad Bangladesh Betar is trying to attract its listeners in foreign countries. The Extemal Services of Bangladesh Betar has now been broadcasting English, Bangla Urdu, Hindi, Nepali and Arabic services and the duration of broadcast is 5 hours and 30 minutes a day depicting cultural heritage of thecountry.
Bangladesh Betar is going to celebrate its 70th founding anniversary on 16th December 2009. In this regard different programmes have been taken up to celebrate the event. One documentary programme has already been on air titled "Betar Katha" on every Friday at 4.05 pm in the national hook-up. The drama section has been broadcasting a special programme on evolution & transformation of Dhaka Betar Theater entitled "Sottor Bochor Bibortoner Dharai Dhaka Betar Natok". It is being aired every Monday at 1030 pm from Bangladesh Betar, Dhaka in Medium wave 1000 KW of operating frequency 693 KHz. Moreover 12 stations and 6 units of Bangladesh Betar have chalked out special programme planning of or broadcasting different types of programmes bsased on the past glorious history of Bangladesh Betar.
(Source : Bangladesh Betaar)

Media Broadcast revised B09 Schedule effective 9th Nov

AIR plans live broadcast of Commonwealth Games in DRM mode

India is committed to the planned roll-out of a DRM digital transmitter network and this was emphasized by top government officials in New Delhi last week. The Indian Minister of Information and Broadcasting Ambika Soni said the country needs good radio connectivity for millions of Indians living in rural and far-flung areas and technology should be made accessible to them. In a meeting with DRM Chairperson Ruxandra Obreja and Project Director Vineeta Dwivedi in the Indian capital, Ms Soni stressed the need for affordable DRM receivers for quick and efficient take-up of the technology. While India is preparing to host the 2010 Commonwealth Games, DRM can become a good tool to start new digital broadcasts for national and international audiences. All India Radio (AIR) plans to have seven and a half hours of daily live broadcasts of the Games. Senior officials of the national broadcaster confirmed that they are
now firming up plans for Commonwealth broadcasting and DRM will have a role to play. Currently, AIR has a regular DRM service of 8 hours of daily DRM SW broadcast.

Source : DRM Newsletter 11/09

IRRS-Shortwave evening CET frequency change

Hi all, Please notice that we will have an immediate frequency change for our evening CET slot each Fri, Sat & Sun effective Nov. 13, 2009. We are dropping temporarily 7290 kHz in favour of what may be a cleaner frequency. Don't forget that lower frequency bands that allow for propagation within 1-4,000 km during darkness are extremely congested here in EU due to the low sunspots, so many stations are fighting on top of each other :-(

All other times and frequencies remains unchanged. So please take a note that as of Friday Nov 13, 2009 we will be on 6170 kHz from 1900-2100 UTC/GMT (Fri, Sat & Sun) and tune into our programs. Please send your reception reports by email to: reports (at) nexus (dot) org

Although we cannot guarantee a QSL to each of you, we will reply to everyone by email, and we will greatly appreciate hearing that "there is someone listening out-there" on our new frequency next week-end. Updated frequency and program schedules are on our web site at:

Thanks, take care and best 73s,

Ron Norton
NEXUS-Int'l Broadcasting Association

FCC B09 Schedule

FCC HF Broadcasting B09 Schedule is now available at :

Direct Link :

EMR relay this Sunday

Date 15th of November 2009
Time : 10.00 to 1100 UTC
Channel : 6140 kHz

09.00 Tom Taylor programme
09.30 Mike Taylor (Mail Box programme)

EMR Internet radio service on Sunday and Monday
Programme repeats are at the following times:
0900 - 1200 - 1500 - 1800 and 2000 utc
Please visit and click on the "EMR internet radio" button which you will find throughout the website (see the menu on the left). Please send all reception reports to:

Good Listening
73s Tom

Future of broadcasting a big challenge, UN chief says

Read the story at :

FM cos may get to operate multiple frequencies

13 Nov 2009, 0131 hrs IST, ET Bureau
NEW DELHI: The Information & Broadcasting (I&B) ministry has proposed that FM radio players be allowed to operate multiple frequencies in the same city, I & B secretary Raghu Menon said on Thursday while addressing a roundtable meet organised by the Association of Radio Operators for India (AROI) in Delhi.

Full story at :

The odyssey of Raghav Mahto

There has always been a lot for Mahto to do at BFC, including digitizing thousands of hours of BFC recordings of folk music, art and culture

Osama Manzar
Read the story here :

AIR Kohima active again on 4850 kHz

AIR Kohima which is rarely operating on SW noted again today (12th Nov) on 4850 kHz at around 1130 UTC maybe because of the celebrations at AIR Kohima.

Full schedule : 0000-0415 1000-1600 UTC

AIR Kohima was noted today, 13 Nov 2009 for the morning transmission also.

(Jose Jacob, VU2JOS ,National Institute of Amateur Radio , Hyderabad )

(Via dx_india yg)

Vatican Radio Listeners meet at Kochi

A meeting of Radio Vatican listeners is scheduled at 3.00 pm on 16th Nov 2009 at :

Pastoral Oriention Centre
Kochi 682025, Kerala

The head of Asia Section of Vatican Radio Rev.Fr.Alphie Ben will be attending it.

More details from :

Fr. Joseph Nicholas
Telephone 0484-2806227

(Jose Jacob, VU2JOS, National Institute of Amateur Radio, Hyderabad )

Thursday, November 12, 2009

On air soon: FM station by, of visually impaired

Yogesh Kabirdoss
First Published : 12 Nov 2009 03:38:00 AM IST
CHENNAI: Think inspirational radio and those who have watched the cult 70s movie Vanishing Point can never forget Supersoul, the visually impaired radio jockey who guided Kowalski through his fascinating journey. Now, in what could turn out to be a great inspiration to people of the fraternity, the country's first community FM radio station - by and of visually impaired people - is all set to go on air from Dehradun, Uttarakhand, from March 2010.

Read the full story here :

Amateur Radio Net on 80 meters

South India 80 Meters Net

There is a net from 2nd october 2009 on 80 meters, Frequency 3636.36 from 8.30pm (IST) every day.The maximum checking was 24 and Minimum was 11 in it. Those who are having the Antenna facility for 80 meters are requested to check in to the net.Please inform others also to popularise the net.

Information given to me by VU3PMY OM Yaseen, Qth: Iratupetta, central part of Kerala.

Varradan VU3ITI via delhihams yg

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Bangalore Amateur Radio Club Golden Jubilee Special Cancellation

UK based United Radio launches India operations

By: RnM Team 11 Nov 09 13:02 IST

MUMBAI: London headquartered United Radio today became the first international radio consultancy company to set up an office in India. Indian radio stations can now look to the international experience to improve their ratings and increase their revenues.

Read the full story here :

Radio Heritage Holiday Books and CD's

Media Release from: Radio Heritage Foundation
Radio Heritage Foundation Holiday Season Gifts plus FREE Radio Hauraki Memorabila
This holiday season, we're trying to give something back to people who support our radio heritage preservation we know that credit cards and budgets are stretched everywhere and good causes are lined up at every street corner rattling their tins.....

In this message, we've got details of great holiday reading and gifts you can get from our online bookstore [] as well as how you can get your piece of Pacific radio heritage.

Here at the Radio Heritage Foundation, we're committed to giving free global access to our research, features and content at because we think no-one should have to pay to access their heritage and history.

As someone who's entered one of our radio competitions in the past, you'll also be pleased to know we'll be announcing a new competion soon! In the meantime, please enjoy the free features at and look for some awesome thank you gifts and good holiday shopping below............

Radio Hauraki Memorabilia Donate US$20, $40 or $50 for book and CD thank you

This holiday season, we're also giving away original Radio Hauraki memorabilia in return for donations............... Radio Hauraki was the pirate radio ship that broadcast 1966-1970 and forced the New Zealand government to allow the return of private broadcasting..........

In return for your donation of US$20 we'll send an individually numbered and original Radio Hauraki 40th Anniversary Reunion entry ticket as our way of saying 'thanks' and.......

........if you double the donation to US$40 we'll also include your choice of either an autographed copy of the classic 'Shoestring Pirates' book OR a copy of the classic Hauraki story 'Fresh Pacific
Wind' CD........and we also throw in international shipping as well.

.................donate US$50 and we'll thank you with your choice of either a copy of the classic 'Voices in the Air' story of broadcasting in New Zealand OR an autographed copy of babyboomer Kiwi DJ's 'Never a Dull Moment' with its historic CD of popular music culture.....again, all with international shipping included.

You can read about all these gifts at our website and use your VISA, Mastercard or Amex card for secure donation payment. Donations from within New Zealand are also tax deductable [you get a refund of one-third], and we will issue tax deductable receipts.

Great Book Prices at our Amazon store WRTH 2010 is just US$23.10 Worldwide!
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How about 'Raised on Radio' for just US$8.48...or 'Scanners and Secret Frequencies' for US$13.47.....'Secret War in Shanghai' is now just US$5.47....'Ham Radio for Dummies' starts at US$10.71.....'Tokyo Calling' is now US$19.81 and our recommended AFRS reading 'Brass Button Broadcasters' is going for under US$30........

Over in our Vintage Radio store at you'll pick up 'Antique Radio Restoration Guide' for US$18.97....'Complete Price Guide to Antique Radios' at just US$14.95 and the 'Collectors Guide to Novelty Radios' is there for just US$13.45

From any page at you'll also pick up our featured books such as 'Treason on the Airwaves' at US$41.83.....and Jerome Berg's Shortwave Radio Trilogy of 'On the Shortwaves' [only US$39.95]...'Broadcasting on the Shortwaves 1945 to Today' [now from US$50.13] and companion 'Listening on the Shortwaves 1945 to Today' [now only US$50.30].

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Why Radio Heritage Foundation needs your donations
..........Every year we save more collections of Pacific wide radio memorabilia from the trash can or the fireplace, find more forgotten hours of audio, search out and rescue old magazines, books and memorabilia that hold treasures of their time, save oral histories and stories from radio pioneers, research historic features and articles and bring you a taste of what's in our collections for free at our global website

...........We're a registered non-profit organization and our total income in 2008-2009 was just US$6300. This covers only a small proportion of our operational costs [such as office overheads, power, broadband, consumables, travel etc] and we can't afford to pay wages so our full time volunteers have mortgaged their own home to underwrite operational costs and their living expenses for 5 years.........
........... That's why your financial support, partnerships and volunteer time is so important to us, because what you see at is only the tip of an iceberg of Pacific wide radio
heritage you're entitled to share. We're regulated by the Charities Commission in New Zealand with whom we file annual and financial reports although we operate globally.

Radio Heritage Foundation is a registered non-profit organization connecting popular culture, nostalgia and radio heritage across the Pacific. For fresh features, news, images, audio, our PAL Radio Guides and much more, visit today. ____________________________________________________
PS...remember, donations of US$20, $40 and $50 qualify for our range of thank you gifts and our free Radio Hauraki memorabilia offer whilst stocks last. .....and visit our Amazon bookstores and Pacific Radio Shack for great holiday season gift ideas and free shipping options are today's radio stories, popular culture connections and heritage being saved for future generations in a digital world where the click of a mouse can destroy thousands of images and hours of audio?

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Does any one care about news on radio?

Pradyuman Maheshwari
November 10 2009

The answer to the question in the headline: no one. The top guns in the Government's Information and Broadcasting Ministry spend disproportionate time on television.

More at :

Antique radios still making waves among collectors

Friday, November 6, 2009
By Robert Lopez

The radios in Ron Lawrence's collection are relics of the Jazz Age. But they still sound like music to his ears - even if they pick up little more than talk radio these days. "With receivers of that vintage, you can only listen to AM," he said in a telephone interview. "But if someone wants to listen to a 1922 radio, I've got one that I can turn on. I just put the right (vacuum) tube in and make it work."

Read the full story here :

GBC Boss Under Siege

There is every indication that the Director General of the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation (GBC) is being frustrated out of the state broadcaster by a carefully knit agenda by the Board of Directors and some of his subordinates.Mr. William Ampem Darko, who returned from leave on Monday, 2nd November, was sent again on a long leave yesterday, Tuesday 3rd November 2009, by the Board, to resume duty on Monday 9th November 2010, contrary to corporate procedure.

Read the full story here :

Ofcom balks at Beeb's HD DRM dream

By Bill Ray
Posted in Music and Media, 9th November 2009 15:24 GMT

Ofcom has told the BBC it will not allow the broadcaster to mandate DRM on HD, at least not yet, following overwhelming response to its two-week consultation.The regulator has written to the BBC explaining that before it will permit the Beeb's encoding of programme information, it wants to know more about the "anticipated benefits to citizens and consumers" as well as how the BBC intends to "address the potential disadvantages to citizens and consumers". But there's not a lot of time left before Freeview HD starts broadcasting at the end of the year.

Read the full story here :

ARSI Monitoring System Coordinator and Contests manager

VU2UR OM Arasu Manohar, who has been doing a wonderful job of MS Coordinator and Contests Manager for ARSI over the past many years has expressed a desire to give up the tasks from 1st Jan 2010. During the recent Hamfest in Bangalore it was agreed that VU2DSI Datta Deogaonkar will take up the responsibility of MS Coordinator and VU2PTT OM Prasad Rajagopal will take up the task of Contest Manager. I thank Arasu for performing these very arduous tasks very diligently for so many years and thank Datta and Prasad for readily accepting to take them up. Arasu has kindly agreed to pass on his very extensive knowledge to the new incumbents so that a smooth transition will evolve.

(Gopal VU2GMN, President ARSI Via ARSI Mailing List)

Radio Australia begins Burma broadcasts

Radio Australia, the ABC's international radio broadcaster, has begun broadcasting to Burma. The Burmese language service began Monday morning, with two news broadcasts. Radio Australia's Chief Executive, Hanh Tran, said Burma's elections next year and increased international attention on the military-led country prompted the decision to start the new radio service.

Read the full story here :

New URL/E-mail for Cumbre DX/DXing with Cumbre

Due to a glitch with domain registration, Cumbre DX has had to change to a new URL. We are now at:

The site has changed considerably, and is (I think) much easier to use than the old one. It is also where people can go if they'd like to join of the Cumbre DX e-mail list. The domain change also means that the e-mail address for the DXing with Cumbre show is a little different. It is now at:
Thanks for listening over the years, and please feel free to check out the new site!

73 and thanks,
Marie Lamb

ARLHS Tenth Anniversary

The ARLHS had its genesis in the late 1990's and was officially inaugurated in the year 2000. That means that in December we will begin celebrating our TENTH ANNIVERSARY! A lot has happened in those ten years: the awards program was initiated, many lighthouses have been activated and restored, contests have been a popular feature, the WLOL database now exceeds 15,000 entries, and too much else to recount.

Now, with the Christmas Lights event only a month away, we will be celebrating the TENTH anniversary of the ARLHS with a special gift for all members (and nonmembers, too)!. We want to give something back to the more that 1700 fans of the Society; so we are planning something special for everyone who has been a part of us, past and present. You won't want to miss this, trust me! Watch your mail and the ARLHS web page for announcements. Meanwhile, we're hard at work on the winter 2009 newsletter (Vol 9-2) and hope to get it off to you by December.

Monday, November 09, 2009

DW Hindi Listners Meet

DW Hindi Listeners Conference

Date : Saturday, November 14 2009
Time : 10:00 am.
Venue : Banaras Hindu University, Banaras, Uttar pradesh, India

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Garden city CW contest results

Firstly let me congratulate the whole team in conducting a very successful Garden City CW Contest ! It gives me great pleasure to announce the details of prizes and thanks for this great opportunity.

The first Prize goes to VU2NIS , cash award of Rs.2500
the second Prize goes to VU2UR , cash award of Rs.2000
and there are two stations getting third prize, namely VU2JOS and VU2OCY; cash award of Rs.1000. each !
All other participants are being reimbursed the HFI-2009 registration amount , namely all other stations as per the below list are getting a cash award of Rs.450. And please let me know those stations who are unable to make it to HFI2009 and we shall send them their award by post ! Once again thanks to all the stations directly and indirectly involved in this CW event!
1.VU2NIS 35
2.VU2UR 34
3.VU2JOS 25
4 VU2OCY 25
5 VU2JQX 22
6 VU2LX 20
7 VU3ITI 20
8 VU2VWN 19
9 VU2PAL 18
10 VU2LU 16
11 VU2HEG 15
12 VU2CY 15
13 VU2SMS 15
14 4S7NE 14
15 VU2GUR 14
16 VU2VNK 14
17 VU2HMY 10
18 VU2RM 9
19 VU2RJN 8
20 VU3VLF 3

Best regards and see you at the HFI2009

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Special Postal Cancellation for HFI 2009 & Golden Jubliee of VU2ARC

Department of Posts - India Post - Karnataka Circle has approved Special Postal Cancellation at Bangalore GPO on 7th November 2009 vide Letter No. Tech/3-7/1/2009 dated at Bangalore 1 the 4th Nov 2009 accordingly letters/post cards can be mailed at Phillatily Counter of GPO Bangalore whole of 7th November to get a Special postal cancellation which has Bangalore Amateur Radio Club - VU2ARC - Golden Jubliee Celebrations in Hindi and English language. The first Special Cover with this Special Postal Cancellation will be handed over by Chief Guest on 7th to BARC's President on 7th at the Inaugural of the HAMFEST INDIA 2009 at Sri Nigigunara Kshetra. This Special Cover would be added in every HFI delegates kit as complements from Lion Ajoy VU2JHM, International Director, Lions International Stamp Club

Note:- Pre Cancelled Special Covers is available at BARC counter and the same can be mailed at Phillatilic Counter only on 7th November 2009 and it is collector's item !!!

Best of 73's

de Lion Ajoy - VU2JHM
Secretary, Bangalore Amateur Radio Club - VU2ARC

Special call-sign AU8JCB

To commemorate the 151 th birth-anniversary of Sir Jagadish Chandra Bose-"Father of Radio Communication"-Indian Hams are going to operate with special call-signs. I am going to operate AU8JCB call-sign. The details are as follows :

Call-sign : AU8JCB
Period of operation : 28 Nov to 01 Dec 2009
On all bands, freqs : 28510, 21280, 14200, 14270, 7070 kHz
My home call : VU2DSI
Information : QRZ.COM & eQSL,

Mobile 09422083073.

Nielsen: Radio Reaches 77% of Adults Daily

'Pirate Radio' relives '60s British pop explosion

By Jim Harrington
Oakland Tribune
Posted: 11/04/2009 01:00:00 AM PST

Twenty years after: your memories on Radio Prague

Radio Romania's 81st Anniversary on 31st Oct

Radio Romania's 81st Anniversary on 31st OctThe first ever transmission in Romanian had taken place a year earlier, when the specialists at the Electro-technical Institute produced in their laboratory the first Romanian receiver with a 200 Watt power. So Romanians were already acquainted with the radio receiver, which they called the talking box or the airtight cage, and could listen to programmes broadcast by foreign radio stations. After November 1st 1928, the radio became more popular and the talking box, despite being very large and occupying a lot of space, became a familiar presence in middle class homes. The newspapers hosted ads presenting the smallest and most sophisticated radio receivers produced, while the broadcasting programmes of local and foreign stations held pride of place in various publications.
Read the full report here :

Orissa CM Felicitates NIAR on 29th Oct 2009

Hon'ble Chief Minister of Odisha Shri. Naveen Patnaik chief guest at a special program on the eve of Orissa Disaster Preparedness Day and the National Day for Disaster Reduction, 2009 organized by OSDMA at Jayadev Bhavan, Bhubaneshwar on the 29th October 2009 felicitated National Institute of Amateur Radio. Mr. Suri, VU2MY Founder & Chairman, NIAR received a memento and a certificate of appreciation through the hands of the Chief Minister. Minister of Revenue & Disaster Management Shri Surijya Narayan Patro presided over the meeting, Chief Secretary Shri Tarun Kanti Mishra, Secretary Revenue and Disaster Management RK Sharma, Special Relief Commissioner and MD OSDMA NK Sundaray were also present on the occasion.

At this program, Hon'ble Chief Minister Shri. Naveen Patnaik also inaugurated Ham Radio Communication network of 21 stations set up along the disaster prone areas of Odisha State by OSDMA with support of NIAR. Earlier, OSDMA conducted series of training programs in the state for volunteers from disaster prone areas in Amateur (HAM) Radio ASOC examination and also installed stations at vulnerable locations as the volunteers received amateur radio licenses issued by Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, Govt. of India. Over 290 volunteers were trained in amateur radio from across the state which includes members of students, teachers, lawyers, doctors, Disaster Management officials, fire department and Odisha Disaster Rapid Action Force (ODRAF).


National Institute of Amateur Radio
Raj Bhavan Road, Somajiguda
Hyderabad 500082, INDIA

Telefax: 91-40-2331 0287 Tel: 91-40-65167388
E mail:,
Web site:
Club station: VU2NRO 14160 kHz, 144.720 MHz. Echolink: Node 133507


Radio Sweden Eng B09 Freq Change

Due to interference from another radio station, we are being forced to change our broadcast frequency to East Asia at 13:30 UTC on 7465 Khz. The new frequency will be 7405 Khz. The change comes into effect as of the 4th of November.

(Radio Sweden)

RTI to give away free T-shirts!

The English Service will give away free T-shirts to listeners ! All you need to do is to send your comments and suggestions about Community Talk to by December 3rd, 2009. Since there are limited number of T-shirts available, we will choose 10 lucky listeners from different parts around the world.Community Talk, sponosored by the Council for Cultural Affairs, can be heard every Thursday. The program is aimed at introducing you to model communities in Taiwan.
(Source : RTI)

Study: Radio still has broadest reach

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Why radio's grand plan has me tuning out

A Digital Britain is looking further away as the global radio industry adopts multiple digital formats and FM and the internet enter a golden age

You wouldn't normally know there was a fight going on in the UK's radio industry: in public, they all want to keep smiling, because it discourages awkward questions. It was therefore brave of Scott Taunton, head of TalkSport's parent, UTV Radio GB, to break ranks by speaking out in an
interview in last week's MediaGuardian.

Read the full story here :

KBS World Radio available on 1440 kHz at 0100 CET for European Listeners from November 1

We have an exciting announcement about a new medium wave frequency available for KBS World Radio in European. As of Nov. 1, KBS World Radio's one-hour programming is now available on 1440 kHz at 0100 CET for European listeners in England, Germany, France, Denmark and the Netherlands. The programming will be also simulcast at If you miss that slot, don't worry. You can listen to us again at 2100 CET through the internet audio stream at

Enjoy listening.

Monday, November 02, 2009

Cricket Commentary schedule on AIR

All India Radio will broadcast live commentary alternately in Hindi & English of the India vs Australia ODI Cricket series -2009 in India as per following schedule :

Date & Day Venue Timings
25th Oct,2009 (Sun) - 1st ODI at Reliance Stadium,Vadodra 0830 to 1700 hrs IST *
28th Oct,2009 (Wed) - 2nd ODI at Vidarbha Cricket Assn Stadium, Nagpur 1400 to 2230 hrs IST*
31st Oct,2009 (Sat) - 3rd ODI at Ferozshah Kotla Stadium, Delhi 1400 to 2230 hrs IST*
2nd Nov, 2009 (Mon) - 4th ODI at PCAS, Mohali, Chandigarh 1400 to 2230 hrs IST*
5th Nov,2009 (Thurs) - 5th ODI at Rajiv Gandhi Intl Stadium, Uppal, Hyderabad1400 to 2230 hrs IST*
8th Nov,2009 (Sun) - 6th ODI at Nehru Stadium, Guwahati 0830 to 1700 hrs IST*
11th Nov,2009 (Wed) - 7th ODI at D.Y.Patil Sports Complex Stadium Nerul, Mumbai 1400 to 2230 hrs IST*

* or till end of the commentary

Live commentary will be available on selected SW, 66 MW & on all FM Gold channels. There will be half hourly updates on FM Rainbow channels.

Campus-based community radio service to go on air in Kerala

Pathanamthitta, Sunday 01 November 2009:
The State's first campus-based community radio service (CRS) at Mar Athanasios College for Advanced Studies in Thiruvalla (MACFAST) will go on air on Sunday. 'Radio Macfast-90.4' will also be the first community radio service in Central Travancore, second in the State and 46th in the country.
Read the full report here :

Tests on 107.8 MHz is by Abid Ali Khan Educational Trust Hyderabad

Community Radio Station run "Abid Ali Khan Educational Trust Hyderabad" was noted testing on 107.8 MHz with mainly Muslim songs during the last 2 days. They are using a 50 watts Tx.

(Jose Jacob, VU2JOS, National Institute of Amateur Radio, Hyderabad )