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Voice of Russia B-13 effective Jan 1, 2014

RUSSIA Full schedule of broadcasting WGD "Voice of Russia" in the winter season B-13, since January 1, 2014.

language UTC transmitter kHz kW direction notes

ARABIC 1600-2100 Yerevan 1314 1000 Near and Middle East
ARABIC 1600-2100 Krasnodar 1170 1200 Near and Middle East
CHINESE 1000-1400 Irkutsk 1080 500 Asia
CHINESE 1000-1400 Ussurijsk 648 500 Asia
CHINESE 1000-1400 Irkutsk 5900 250 Asia
DARI,PASHTO 1200-1400 Dushanbe 801 500 Near and Middle East
DARI,PASHTO 1200-1400 Dushanbe 648 1000 Near and Middle East

ENGLISH 0100-0200 Dushanbe 648 1000 Near and Middle East
ENGLISH 0100-0200 Dushanbe 801 500 Near and Middle East
ENGLISH 0100-0200 Dushanbe 801 500 Asia
ENGLISH 0100-0200 Dushanbe 927 300 Near and Middle East
ENGLISH 0200-0300 Dushanbe 648 1000 Near and Middle East
ENGLISH 0200-0300 Dushanbe 972 1000 Near and Middle East
ENGLISH 0300-0400 Dushanbe 972 1000 Near and Middle East
ENGLISH 0300-0400 Dushanbe 648 1000 Near and Middle East
ENGLISH 0600-0700 Irkutsk 21800 250 Australia, New Zealand
ENGLISH 0700-0800 Moscow 11635 40 Europe DRM
ENGLISH 0700-0800 Irkutsk 21800 250 Australia, New Zealand
ENGLISH 0700-0900 Irkutsk 21800 250 Asia
ENGLISH 0800-0900 Irkutsk 21800 250 Australia, New Zealand
ENGLISH 0800-0900 Moscow 11635 40 Europe DRM
ENGLISH 0800-0900 Kaliningrad 9625 15 Europe DRM (channel number 1)
ENGLISH 0900-1000 Moscow 11635 40 Europe DRM
ENGLISH 0900-1000 Kaliningrad 9625 15 Europe DRM (channel number 2)
ENGLISH 0900-1000 Ussurijsk 648 500 Asia
ENGLISH 1000-1200 Kaliningrad 9625 15 Europe DRM (channel number 2)
ENGLISH 1000-1200 Irkutsk 12035 15 Asia DRM
ENGLISH 1000-1200 Irkutsk 9560 250 Central and SE Asia
ENGLISH 1200-1300 Dushanbe 972 1000 Near and Middle East
ENGLISH 1200-1500 Kaliningrad 9625 15 Europe DRM (channel #1)
ENGLISH 1300-1400 Irkutsk 9560 250 Central and SE Asia
ENGLISH 1300-1400 Dushanbe 927 300 Near and Middle East
ENGLISH 1400-1445 Ussurijsk 648 500 Asia
ENGLISH 1400-1500 Dushanbe 648 1000 Near and Middle East
ENGLISH 1500-1600 Dushanbe 927 300 Near and Middle East
ENGLISH 1500-1600 Irkutsk 5900 250 Asia
ENGLISH 1600-1700 Dushanbe 801 500 Near and Middle East
ENGLISH 1600-1700 Irkutsk 5900 250 Central and SE Asia
ENGLISH 1600-1700 Dushanbe 801 500 Asia
ENGLISH 1700-1800 Dushanbe 801 500 Near and Middle East
ENGLISH 1700-1800 Dushanbe 801 500 Asia
ENGLISH 1700-1800 Dushanbe 648 1000 Near and Middle East
ENGLISH 1800-1900 Dushanbe 927 300 Near and Middle East
ENGLISH 1800-1900 Dushanbe 801 500 Near and Middle East
ENGLISH 1800-1900 Dushanbe 648 1000 Near and Middle East
ENGLISH 2100-2200 Moscow 6000 40 Europe DRM
FRENCH 1700-2000 Kaliningrad 6125 15 Europe DRM
GERMAN 0900-1200 Kaliningrad 9625 15 Europe DRM (channel #1)
GERMAN 1500-1700 Moscow 9680 40 Europe DRM
GERMAN 1700-1900 Moscow 6110 40 Europe DRM
HINDI 1300-1400 Irkutsk 7400 15 Asia DRM
HINDI 1300-1400 Dushanbe 972 1000 Asia
HINDI 1500-1600 Dushanbe 801 500 Asia
IRAN/PERSIAN 1500-1700 Yerevan 1377 1000 Near and Middle East
IRAN/PERSIAN 1500-1700 Dushanbe 648 1000 Near and Middle East
JAPANESE 1200-1300 Irkutsk 5980 250 Asia
JAPANESE 1300-1400 Irkutsk 5980 250 Asia
KURDISH 0500-0600 Yerevan 1314 1000 Near and Middle East
KURDISH 1500-1600 Yerevan 1314 1000 Near and Middle East
POLISH 1700-1800 Kaliningrad 1143 150 Europe
RUSSIAN 0000-0100 Groznyy 657 50 Caucasus
RUSSIAN 0000-2300 Dushanbe 1503 500 Central Asia (CIS)
RUSSIAN 0100-0300 Groznyy 657 50 Caucasus
RUSSIAN 0100-0300 Yerevan 1395 500 Caucasian region
RUSSIAN 0300-0600 Yerevan 1395 500 Caucasian region
RUSSIAN 0400-0500 Grigoriopol 1548 500 Ukraine, Moldova
RUSSIAN 0400-0600 Grigoriopol 1548 500 Europe
RUSSIAN 0500-0800 Grigoriopol 1548 500 Ukraine, Moldova
RUSSIAN 0500-0800 Grigoriopol 999 500 Ukraine, Moldova
RUSSIAN 0600-1200 Yerevan 1395 500 Caucasian region
RUSSIAN 0600-1200 Groznyy 657 50 Caucasus
RUSSIAN 0800-0900 Kaliningrad 9625 15 Europe DRM (channel #2)
RUSSIAN 0800-1700 Grigoriopol 999 500 Ukraine, Moldova
RUSSIAN 1200-1500 Kaliningrad 9625 15 Europe DRM (channel #2)
RUSSIAN 1200-1600 Yerevan 1395 500 Caucasian region
RUSSIAN 1600-1700 Grigoriopol 999 500 Europe
RUSSIAN 1600-1900 Grigoriopol 999 500 Belarus
RUSSIAN 1600-2000 Yerevan 1395 500 Caucasian region
RUSSIAN 1600-2000 Groznyy 657 50 Caucasus
RUSSIAN 1700-1800 Grigoriopol 1548 500 Europe
RUSSIAN 1700-1800 Grigoriopol 999 500 Ukraine, Moldova
RUSSIAN 1700-1800 Grigoriopol 1548 500 Ukraine, Moldova
RUSSIAN 1700-1800 Grigoriopol 999 500 Europe
RUSSIAN 1800-1900 Kaliningrad 1143 150 Europe
RUSSIAN 1800-1900 Grigoriopol 1413 500 Ukraine, Moldova
RUSSIAN 1800-1900 Grigoriopol 999 500 Europe
RUSSIAN 1800-1900 Grigoriopol 1413 500 Europe
RUSSIAN 1800-1900 Grigoriopol 999 500 Ukraine, Moldova
RUSSIAN 1800-2100 Kaliningrad 1215 1200 Baltic Countries
RUSSIAN 1800-2100 Kaliningrad 1143 150 Baltic Countries
RUSSIAN 1900-2000 Grigoriopol 1413 500 Europe
RUSSIAN 1900-2000 Kaliningrad 1143 150 Europe
RUSSIAN 1900-2000 Grigoriopol 1413 500 Ukraine, Moldova
RUSSIAN 2000-2100 Kaliningrad 1143 150 Europe
RUSSIAN 2000-2400 Groznyy 657 50 Caucasus
RUSSIAN 2000-2400 Yerevan 1395 500 Caucasian region
RUSSIAN 2100-2200 Kaliningrad 1215 1200 Baltic Countries
RUSSIAN 2100-2300 Grigoriopol 999 500 Belarus
RUSSIAN 2100-2300 Grigoriopol 999 500 Ukraine, Moldova
RUSSIAN 2100-2300 Grigoriopol 999 500 Europe
SERBIAN 1500-1700 Grigoriopol 1548 500 Europe
SERBIAN 2000-2130 Grigoriopol 1548 500 Europe
SPANISH 2000-2100 Moscow 6000 40 Europe DRM
TCHETCHEN/RUSS 0300-0600 Krasnodar 171 1200 Caucasus
TCHETCHEN/RUSS 0300-0600 Groznyy 657 50 Caucasus
TCHETCHEN/RUSS 1200-1600 Groznyy 657 50 Caucasus
TCHETCHEN/RUSS 1200-1600 Krasnodar 171 1200 Caucasus
TURKISH 0200-0300 Yerevan 1377 1000 Near and Middle East
TURKISH 0300-0400 Yerevan 1350 1000 Near and Middle East
TURKISH 0300-0400 Yerevan 1377 1000 Near and Middle East
TURKISH 0400-0500 Yerevan 1350 1000 Near and Middle East
TURKISH 1300-1400 Yerevan 1314 1000 Near and Middle East
TURKISH 1300-1400 Yerevan 1350 1000 Near and Middle East
TURKISH 1400-1500 Yerevan 1314 1000 Near and Middle East
TURKISH 1400-1500 Yerevan 1350 1000 Near and Middle East
TURKISH 1500-1600 Yerevan 1350 1000 Near and Middle East
TURKISH 2100-2230 Yerevan 1314 1000 Near and Middle East
URDU 1400-1500 Irkutsk 7400 15 Asia DRM
URDU 1400-1500 Dushanbe 801 500 Asia
URDU 1400-1500 Dushanbe 927 300 Asia
VIETNAMESE 1200-1300 Irkutsk 9560 250 Asia

(Department of frequency planning WGD "Voice of Russia", editor, via Mike Bethge-D pres of WWDXC, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 27 via HCDX List)

Meanwhile Voice of Russia has posted the new schedule effective 1st Jan 2014 , here ....

CRI Kunming site off air

CRI China International Broadcasting making the shortwave broadcast on a scale of most. Sometimes going for maintenance, several frequencies is stopped sometimes. Transmitter of the two seems to have stopped at least of Kunming transmitting station in the check of December 27. I do not know from when to or has stopped. Frequency you have the 27th stop wave current...
0900-1100 11980, 15250 Chinese
0930-1027 17680 Malay
1030-1127 15135 Indonesian
1130-1227 11955 Filipino
1130-1527 7360 Thai / Lao
1200-1257 9730 English
1230-1327 11700 Malay
1330-1427 11805 Indonesian
1400-1457 9655 Amoy
1430-1457 11830 Filipino
1600-1657 7360 Vietnamese
2200-2257 5915 Chinese
2300-2400 5905 Cantonese
(google translated)

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Radio Marabu special on 25th & 26th Dec 2013

Just a short notice today:
On Dec. 25th and 26th Radio Marabu can be heard on 6070 kHz. Both days from 19 to 23 UTC. The guys would surely be glad to get your reports at !
More than 100.000 visitors from 49 countries on our homepage

RIP - Voice of Russia, Bengali Service

Voice of Russia will shut down its Bengali service website from January 1, 2014 due to lack of funding......RIP Voice of Russia Bengali Service, earlier on SW and now online.
Voice of Russia dropped their bengali transmission on shortwave on 29th March, 2009.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Voice of Russia MW/SW effective 1st Jan 2014

Schedule "Voice of Russia" in Russian from 1 January to 29 March 2014. Time UTC.

for Belarus:

16-19, 21-23 - 999 kHz, 500 kW from Grigoriopol

for the Caucasus

6-12, 16-3 - 657 kHz, 50 kW from Grozny
1-24 - 1395 kHz, 500 kW from Yerevan
Russian and Chechen in the same direction (apparently Radio channel Caucasus)
3-6, 12-16 - 171 kHz, 1200 kW of Krasnodar and 657 kHz, 50 kW from Grozny

for Central Asia

0-23 - 1503 kHz, 500 kW from Dushanbe

for the Baltic countries

18-21 - 1143 kHz, 150 kW from Kaliningrad
18-22 - 1215 kHz, 1200 kW of Kaliningrad


4-6, 17-18 - 1548 kHz, 500 kW from Grigoriopol
8-9, 12-15 - 9625 kHz, 15 kW from Kaliningrad (DRM, Channel 2)
16-19, 21-23 - 999 kHz, 500 kW from Grigoriopol
18-20 - 1413 kHz, 500 kW from Grigoriopol
18-21 - 1143 kHz, 150 kW from Kaliningrad

Ukraine and Moldova

4-8, 17-18 - 1548 kHz, 500 kW from Grigoriopol
5-19, 21-23 - 999 kHz, 500 kW from Grigoriopol
18-20 - 1413 kHz, 500 kW from Grigoriopol

Broadcast "Voice of Russia" on the HF in all languages from January 1:

Australia and New Zealand
English 21800 kHz from Irkutsk, 250 kW, 6-9

in Asia

DRM 10-12 - 12035 kHz in English, 13-15 - 7400 kHz for an hour in Hindi and Urdu, 15 kW from Irkutsk

in the analogue 7-9 - 21800 kHz 10-12, 13-14 - 9560 kHz 15-17 - 5900 kHz in English

12-13 - 9560 kHz in Vietnamese from Irkutsk 250 kW
10-14 - 5900 kHz in Chinese from Irkutsk 250 kW
12-14 - 5980 kHz in Japanese from Irkutsk 250 kW

to Europe (only DRM)

Moscow 40 kW
7-10 - 11635 kHz in English
15-17 - 9680 kHz in German
17-19 - 6110 kHz in German
20-22 - 6000 kHz for an hour in Spanish and English

Kaliningrad 9625 kHz 15 kW
First channel - 8-9 in German, English 9-10, 12-15 in German
Second channel - 8-9 in Russian, English 9-10, 12-15 in Russian

PS Since January 1, due to changes in net broadcasting "World Radio Network", schedule changes and airing programs "Radiopanorama." With the new year listen to an overview of developments in the world of radio and other means of communication on Saturdays at 10:16 UTC, repeated at 19:46 and 22:46, and then on Sunday at 6:46 and 14:46, and Monday 3: 16)

Source: "Radiopanorama" ("World Radio Network") for 21.12.13.

(Aleksandr Diadischev  via open_dx)


"Roshianokoe" shortwave broadcast continues
In accordance with the December 21 to "Roshianokoe" Japanese broadcast, and had said more about broadcasting since January 1, 2014. Decision to continue the shortwave broadcasting officially on December 15, but the discontinued medium wave broadcasting. Voice of Russia 1200-1400 5980 Japanese till March 29 2014 2013 31 1200-1400 720 Japanese till December decision of December 15 not only by Japanese broadcasting, which is a pattern similar measures in some other languages.

(google translated)

All India Radio Leh back on 4760 kHz

AIR Leh is back (first noted on 19th Dec 2013) on 4760 kHz after staying on 4660 kHz for almost two & half years, it was first noted on 4660 kHz (instead of 4760) on 21st Aug 2011 giving an opportunity to dxers to log this rare outlet as AIR Port Blair also uses 4760 kHz.

AIR Leh uses a 10 kW NEC HFB-7840 transmitter which was installed in 1987, power output now a days is around 4-5 kW. The transmitter site & studio's both run on generators.
Here's an audio clip of Urdu news at 1424 UTC on 22nd Dec 2013 talking about snowfall in Kashmir
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Season's first snowfall brings cheer to Kashmir

The uncertain Voice of America

Our entire international media apparatus begs for renovation, top to bottom

James Warren, New York Daily News
 The VOA, Radio Free Europe, Radio Free Asia and several other government broadcast entities under the watch of a part-time broadcasting board of governor together employ 3,500 people, reach an estimated 190 million people worldwide each week, at a modest cost to taxpayers of $750 million a year.
More at :


I&B Ministry to pump in Rs 3,500 cr for Prasar Bharati

Funds will be also be used for digitisation of transmitters and studios of All India Radio and Doordarshan, High Definition TV, expansion of DD Direct to Home and modernisation of DD and AIR network. It will also be used for expansion of FM services by AIR, among other measures.
More at :

Saturday, December 21, 2013

VOA Partners with Pakistan Radio Network

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Voice of America and Pakistan's Radio News Network (RNN) are teaming up on a new hour-long radio program that focuses on current events and social issues in both countries.

The weekly co-production Sada e Jahan (Voice of the World) airs on RNN's FM stations located throughout Pakistan on Sundays at 2 a.m. and 6 p.m. local time. The debut episode will hit the airwaves this Sunday, Dec. 22.

The program opens with analysis of the latest news, and features reports produced by VOA in Washington and RNN in Islamabad on social issues, health, and lifestyle. Each show includes three to four segments produced by VOA and three to four produced by RNN.

"This is a true co-production in every sense of the word," said VOA Urdu co-host Sarah Zaman. "By combining reporting from the U.S. and Pakistan, we're giving our audience different perspectives on issues that matter most to them." Zaman is joined by co-host Nighat Aman in Islamabad.

"We are pleased to partner with RNN on this program," says VOA Urdu Service Chief Faiz Rehman, "and we look forward to working more with them in the future."

Zaman said the show's lineup is designed to present listeners with complementary reports on similar topics and trends in the U.S. and Pakistan. The first episode of Sada e Jahan includes a segment on the revival of the Pakistani film industry (produced by RNN) and interviews with Pakistani filmmakers visiting the United States (produced by VOA).

Along with the two Sunday broadcasts, RNN re-airs the program at 11 a.m. the following Monday. VOA carries Sada e Jahan on its own medium wave frequency every Sunday at 2 a.m. Pakistan time.

Radio News Network is an independent radio news provider and one of the country's leading broadcast news agencies, with FM stations in Islamabad, Abbottabad (northeastern Pakistan) and Vehari (southern Punjab).

This marks the second time VOA Urdu has joined forces with an FM radio network in Pakistan. This July, the Voice of America and Sunrise FM 97 in Islamabad launched the co-production Atif with Sunrise, an entertainment program. With the addition of RNN, VOA Urdu now has four radio and five television affiliates in Pakistan.
(VOA Press Release)

Friday, December 20, 2013

Rejoice ! Switch from FM signals to digital has been delayed to 2015

The future has been postponed — and thank goodness. The announcement by communications minister Ed Vaizey this week that the long-threatened switch from FM radio to digital signals will be delayed must come as a great relief to millions, from a Gaelic crofter in the Western Isles to the Queen at Windsor Castle.
Read more at :

10th Global Shortwave Coordination Conference

10th Global Shortwave Coordination Conference
20-24 January 2014, Kuala Lumpur
The 10th Global Shortwave Coordination Conference will be held in Kuala Lumpur from 20 to 24 January 2014. Participants of the three coordination groups, representing around 90% of the shortwave in the world, will take part in this conference to coordinate shortwave frequency schedules for the A-14 (summer) season.

Summit to explore the reinvention of radio for a digital age

The EBU's Digital Radio Summit is a firm fixture in the calendar for Europe's radio community, annually delivering a full day of ideas and inspiration. Next year's event, on Wednesday 12 February, will feature more speakers than ever before - it's a "must-attend" for anyone interested in radio technology and platforms.

Details at :

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I haven't been emailing to you for several years from, so I think it is high time to tell about some of the exciting stuff that you can find on the website.

As a member of the Community, right now you can get an exclusive preview of an article, which has not yet been published. You can find "How To Identify Chinese Radio Stations" with almost 90 audio clips at -
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If you're interested in DXpedition reports, you can find the latest one at - also this one has an interesting Chinese connection!

I haven't seen your posts recently at, but I hope that you're continuing to enjoy the site and that you will become an active contributor with your logs, reviews, comments, anything. If you have forgotten your password, you can get it here: - and remember, your full name is your username on the site.
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Thank you for being a member in this global DXing community! Happy holidays to you and your family, and all the best for the New Year 2014! I look forward to seeing you on

Best regards,

Mika Makelainen
Mika Makelainen Community

Family Radio Founder Harold Camping Dies

December 17, 2013 at 4:13 AM (PT)

HAROLD CAMPING, FAMILY RADIO founder whose prediction of "Judgment Day" in 2011 failed to come true after generating international attention, died SUNDAY (12/15), the network announced MONDAY. CAMPING, who was 92, suffered a stroke after his prediction failed in 2011, and the network said that he suffered a fall at his home on NOVEMBER 30th. In an email, the network said, "
More at :

DRM India Chapter Noticeboard Dec 2013

DRM India Chapter Noticeboard Dec 2013 edition is available at :

Main stories :

- Hot off the Press!! - Frontier Silicon to deliver multi-standard chip
- India - National Disaster Management Authority Workshop in Gujarat Features DRM
- Summary - DRM Webinar November 18th 2013 
- New Commercial DRM station - United Arab Emirates
- Broadcast Engineering Society (BES) India Conference and Exhibition 2014
- Good news for DRM in Asia!
- SOUTH AFRICA - Screen Africa Interviews DRM Marketing Director
- DRM Consortium Supports Important 2014 Digital Radio Broadcasting in Africa Conference
- RFmondial integrates Fraunhofer DRM MultimediaPlayer technology for India's digital radio programme
- Starting to build a Radio Receiver
- DRM Enterprise Award - Apply now!
Back issues of newsletters are available at :

Swedish DX Federation special transmission

The Swedish DX Federation will have three broadcasts on mediumwave and shortwave in early 2014 as follows:

Sunday 5 January at 1800-1900 UTC on 1485 kHz (Radio Merkurs, Latvia)
Saturday 11 January at 1200-1300 UTC on 7265 kHz (Hamburger Lokalradio)
Sunday 9 February at 1800-1900 UTC on 1485 kHz (Radio Merkurs)
Saturday 15 February at 1200-1300 UTC on 7265 kHz (Hamburger Lokalradio)
Sunday 9 March at 1800-1900 UTC on 1485 kHz (Radio Merkurs)
Saturday 15 March at 1200-1300 UTC on 7265 kHz (Hamburger Lokalradio)
The programmes will be produced and presented by Ronny Forslund and they will be mainly in Swedish. In addition to DX News and details about the Swedish DX scene there will be lots of nice music.

Christer Brunström

(Via Tom Taylor)

DRM General Assembly to be held at BBC in London

The General Assembly (GA) of the DRM Consortium is scheduled to take place on March 26th and 27th 2014 at the BBC Headquarters in central London, the New Broadcasting House.

Under the title "DRM in Action" the Consortium would like to make this the most inclusive event in its history, a moment to consider the benefits of DRM and its progress, an affirmation of the power of
digital radio.

The first day of the GA (March 26th) will be open to all DRM members and invited guests from the UK and abroad. It will be a day to celebrate the power of radio. The morning will be devoted to informative presentations on the extra benefits of digital radio; the impact of radio and insights into markets around the world, in particular India and Brazil.

In the afternoon, all delegates will be able to have a "hands–on" experience of DRM and digital radio. It will be an ideal opportunity to network with fellow professionals from across the globe and to see
how the new technology can offer choice of content and benefit audiences. The event will be hosted in the iconic Radio Theatre of the BBC.

To register for the General Assembly events on the 26th March please contact Events held on the 27th March are dedicated to DRM Consortium members only.

DRM Consortium
Postal Box 360
1218 Grand-Saconnex, Geneva
Site for DRM:
(Press Release)

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Digital radio in UK to get £21m investment

More money is to be invested in digital radio as the industry gears up to switch off FM transmitters within the next few years. Communications Minister Ed Vaizey said up to £21m will come from the BBC, government and commercial radio. It will be used to increase digital radio coverage so more homes can receive DAB signals.

NBTC insists digital radio trials will commence in 2014

The National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC) will prioritise digital radio next year after this month's digital-TV auction. The NBTC's master plan stipulates the broadcasting regulator must begin a process of digital transition for radio within four years of its establishment.

More at :

Monday, December 16, 2013

Sudan: Radio Dabanga - the Voice of Truth Amidst a Sea of UN Mendacity

On Friday evening, December 13, 2013, Radio Dabanga celebrated its fifth anniversary of reporting on Darfur from The Netherlands. It was, inevitably, a somber event--and not simply because of the grim, often unspeakably cruel news that Radio Dabanga daily reports from all corners of Darfur.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Unscheduled txn of Channel Africa ?

15th Dec 2013 (Sun)  - At 1505 UTC noted unscheduled txn of Channel Africa in Swahili on 17770 kHz....Nelson Mandela Special ?

At 1600 UTC French transmission on 15235 kHz.


New DRM transmitter coming up in UAE

First digital Malayalam radio Pravasi Bharathi 810 AM to transmit from Abu Dhabi from May 2014
Pravasi Bharathi 810 AM, claiming to be the first fully digital radio station using the DRM standard, will operate from its headquarters in Abu Dhabi.

As per further info from station they are planning AM/DRM simulcast using a 200 kW Nautel transmitter. Also their website is coming up at

Related news :

Malayalam digital radio to hit airwaves
The world’s first Malayalam digital radio will soon be available on UAE airwaves.

Meanwhile there has been some good news from Asia for DRM....


10 kW transmitter at Bangladesh Betar, Barisal station has been replaced by a new DRM compatible 20 kW transmitter TRAM20 by Transradio. The complete system, transmitter and antenna is fully DRM compatible and they are using TRANSRADIO DRM modulator DMOD3. The new transmitter is already on air & according to a station engineer DRM tests are expected soon.

Daniel Carcopo who works with Harris Broadcast has posted pic on facebook of new 100 kW MW DRM transmitter Harris 3DX100 installed at Mynamar which is being tested on AM/DRM mode.

Harris 3DX 100 Specs :

SAQ Transmission on Christmas Eve, 24th Dec, 2013

There will be a transmission with the Alexanderson 200 kW alternator on VLF 17.2 kHz from Grimeton Radio/SAQ on Christmas Eve, Tuesday, December 24th, 2013. The message transmission will take place at 08:00 UTC. The transmitter will be tuned up from around 07:30 UTC. There will be no activity on amateur radio frequencies with the call SK6SAQ this time.The radio station is open to visitors.
QSL-reports are kindly received:
- E-mail to:
- or via: SM bureau 
- or direct by mail to: Alexander - Grimeton Veteranradios Vaenner, Radiostationen, Grimeton 72
S    W    E    D    E    N
Also read our web site:
(Lars Kalland, SM6NM)

In Nepal, radios go beyond conventional purpose

In Nepal, history of radio dates back to the Rana era. Media researchers believe that the Nepali people might have started to listen to radio when broadcasting began in India in 1923. However, until 1946, possession of radio was illegal in Nepal. In July that year, then Prime Minister Padma Shamsher Rana declared that the people could possess radio sets from then onward. Two years later, the Rana government established Nepal´s first broadcasting company, which unfortunately did not last long.
More at :

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

President Vladimir Putin issues decree to reorganize Voice of Russia

President Vladimir Putin issues decree to reorganize Voice of Russia, RIA Novosti to Rossia Segodnya news wire

President Vladimir Putin has ordered the merger of the RIA Novosti news agency and the Voice of Russia broadcasting company to set up Rossia Segodnya (Russia Today) international news agency. The reorganization aims to ensure cost-effectiveness of the agencies, the head of the presidential administration Sergei Ivanov said.
Related :
Voice of Russia absorbed by nascent Rossia Segodnya newswire
As of today, The Voice of Russia radio company has officially ceased to exist in its previous capacity and will merge with several other state-run news agencies to emerge as Rossia Segodnya, a Russia-based international news service.

Monday, December 09, 2013

BBC to open news bureau in Burma

The BBC will open a news bureau in Burma, also known as Myanmar, BBC Director of Global News Peter Horrocks announced today.

The announcement comes after the BBC, along with three other international broadcasters, received official permission to open a news bureau from the Myanmar Ministry of Information.

The BBC aims to open its bureau next year. It will also house reporters from the BBC Burmese service.

Peter Horrocks says: "Burma has long been a byword for media repression and censorship but within the last year there has been rapid and welcome change, with BBC global news services being allowed to broadcast trusted impartial news on radio, television and mobile. 
Opening a BBC bureau in Burma/Myanmar is another highly significant milestone and an encouraging sign that the country is moving towards media freedom.

"The BBC will continue to stand by its principles of impartial, balanced journalism, reporting events in Burma without fear or favour. The BBC's charity BBC Media Action will continue its work to help train the next generation of Burmese journalists."

(BBC Press Release)

Beethoven and numbers on Korean shortwave

Dec 9 (Reuters) - As a scratchy rendition of Beethoven's Piano Sonata No 8 fades into a sea of shortwave radio static, a robotic female voice starts speaking in Korean. "Number 1913, number 1913, incoming message," the voice says, before reading out seemingly random sets of numbers.

Read the intersting Reuters story at  :

Bangladesh Betar, Barisal testing its new 20 kW DRM compatible MW transmitter

Test transmission was first noted by Pradip Kundu of Tripura on 7th Dec at around 1300 UTC playing non-stop Bengali songs by Lata Mangeshkar & Sandhya Mukherjee leading to the assumption that it was an AIR outlet. Non-stop test transmission continued next day, however they were observed playing Bengali folk songs by Habib & Runa Laila both folk singers from Bangladesh as noted by Sudipta Ghosh, Kolkata.
Spoke to the engineer at Bangladesh Betar, Barisal who was kind enough to take my midnight call at 1 am & discuss about the new Transradio TRAM20, 1 x 20 kW transmitter, test transmission will continue on 8th Dec and will be back to regular programming on 9th Dec. The complete system, transmitter and antenna is fully DRM compatible, they are using TRANSRADIO DRM modulator DMOD3.
Links :

Transradio MW Txers

Transradio DMOD3

Tender for replacement of existing 10 kW MW transmitter was announced during Aug 2012 ...

Monday, December 02, 2013

Voice of Russia Hindi service organises two day conference in New Delhi

"Voice of Russia" jointly with Embassy of the Russian Federation in India & RCSC has organized two day 8th All India Conference of the Listeners' Clubs of the Radio Station "Voice of Russia", devoted to Russian-Indian Relations.

Voice of Russia Hindi listeners conference will be held for two days - December 7th (Saturday) & 8th (Sunday), 2013.

7th Dec, 2013 (Saturday) - 5.00 pm Inauguration

- H.E. Mr Alexander M. KADAKIN Ambassador of the Russian Federation to the Republic of India will address the guests.

- Declaration of results of the Voice of Russia competition.

- Names of the winners will be announced & prizes distributed.

- Delegates from Voice of Russia will address the conference.

- Performance by the Russian folk dance ensemble "Raduga (Rainbow)" from Voronezh.

8th Dec 2013 (Sunday), 11.00 am

The second day of the conference is dedicated to Voice of Russia listeners. Voice of Russia delegates will listen to their audience, like to know their reaction on programs, websites & will also hear to criticisms and desires.

During the conference gifts & prizes will be given to active listeners & club members.

All radio listeners and friends of Russia's club members from South Asian countries are invited for the conference.

Venue :
Russian Cultural centre
Embassy of Russia Cultural Department
24 Ferozeshah Road, New Delhi 110001
tel. (+95) 011 23329102 (03)
(Walking distance from Mandi House Metro Station)

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Despite Bleak Predictions, Radio Persists

by Thom Callahan

I've been reading about the "death" of radio for far too long, and would find it all most amusing if it were not so misguided and plain wrong. Each commentary is as dire as the next. Each story is the same and all you have to do is change the decade and the latest "threat" to radio and it all goes something like this.

Broadcasting Board welcomes Deutsche Welle structural reforms

At a meeting in Bonn on November 22, the Broadcasting Board has unanimously welcomed the reform plans Deutsche Welle Director General Peter Limbourg outlined, which aim to make DW a leading global information provider.

Chairman of the Broadcasting Board Valentin Schmidt said: "Only seven weeks after taking office, the director general has presented a convincing concept, which will allow Deutsche Welle to continue to successfully carry out its chartered task in the future. He has further developed the course adopted by his predecessor Erik Bettermann and has set new priorities for DW's strategy. The Broadcasting Board unanimously supports the restructuring measures envisaged by Peter Limbourg. We particularly welcome the plan to pool existing resources and to enhance the broadcaster's current affairs expertise. This will enduringly strengthen Deutsche Welle's international competitiveness."

The new Broadcasting Board will continue to accompany DW reform process after its constitution. The supervisory body will be reconstituted after all the representatives from social groups and organizations, as well as representatives from the Bundestag, the federal government and the Bundesrat have been appointed for a new five-year term.

Increased relevance to global decision makers

At the meeting of the Broadcasting Board, Director General Limbourg announced that in the future DW will strive to be a global information provider from Germany. At the same time, DW's journalistic profile will be further strengthened. He said: "Through more dialogue and interactivity, DW aims to increase the relevance of its content to global decision makers and political opinion leaders by 2017. For that segment of the target group in particular, we plan to extend DW's reach on all its platforms, thereby raising the number of regular DW users from the current 101 million to 150 million. In the coming four years, DW aims to position itself as one of the top international broadcasters."

By early February 2014, DW will set regional priorities following clear criteria and will optimize its TV, Internet and radio content accordingly. In this process, DW will strive to consolidate and streamline its work.

English as "flagship" in programming

Since English is the lingua franca of global decision makers, English-language content will be extended and will play a central role as the 'flagship' of all DW offerings. For example, English TV programming is set to significantly expand its news coverage. DW will continue to offer German-language television and online content as well. German-language TV news coverage will also be extended and more clearly structured. Cooperation on news programs with German national broadcasters ARD and ZDF will be strengthened in the coming years. The successful multimedia content available for German learners will be further developed and linked more closely to other content on

In order to foster dialogue and interaction with users, DW will create new formats and intensify its connection to bloggers and other online opinion leaders.

Basis for strategy from 2014 to 2017

Following the merger of its two programming departments, DW will continue to streamline its structures and reorganize editorial work in Bonn and Berlin, Limbourg said.

The concept Director General Peter Limbourg has outlined will serve as the basis for DW's strategic plan from 2014 to 2017. The draft will be presented to the German federal government and the German Bundestag in spring 2014. Input from DW's internal "Competition of Ideas" and recommendations from staff representatives will be integrated into the draft.

(Press Release)

Sunday, November 24, 2013

RT launches Sochi Today English radio

In the run up to the 2014 Winter Olympics, ABU Member Russia Today has announced the launch of a 24-hour English-language radio station Sochi Today.
This will be the first radio station in Sochi to broadcast entirely in English. It is available in Sochi and its metropolitan area, which will host several Olympic events.
More at : 

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Myanmar radio station goes home after 21 years in Norway

OSLO, Norway, Nov. 22 (UPI) -- Radio station-in-exile Democratic Voice of Burma has left Norway after 21 years to broadcast from Myanmar with newly granted legal status, it said Friday.

Read more at :

Report in Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten with photo's :

BBC Seychelles relay station to close in March 2014

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) announced today that the Indian Ocean Relay Station (IORS) transmitter site at Grand Anse, Mahé, will cease all shortwave transmissions on 29 March 2014.
The site was established in 1988 and has been in continuous service since then, relaying BBC broadcasts to audiences in East Africa primarily in English and Somali.
The closure will not affect the availability of BBC World Service programmes in Seychelles, which are relayed from satellite broadcasts on to local FM frequencies 106.2, 105.6 and 105.2MHz. In areas of East Africa still dependent upon shortwave broadcasts, the signal will be supplied by other relay stations. The announcement follows an earlier decision to stop all shortwave broadcasts from the BBC World Service site in Cyprus for similar commercial, technological and audience reach reasons. These ended in March of this year.
The announcement will unfortunately result in 11 staff being put at risk of redundancy. The staff over the last 25 years have operated and maintained this shortwave broadcast facility with passion, expertise and professionalism. The technical ability and commitment of the team at the IORS has been applauded by the BBC World Service.
The decision to close the site has been taken due to changing commercial and technological circumstances. As countries develop and their media markets open, listening and viewing habits have changed. New technology has changed the way audiences listen to BBC programmes and reduced the importance of shortwave broadcasts in much of the area currently served by the IORS, making the IORS commercially unviable.
The BBC is supporting the development of new delivery platforms such as internet and mobile streaming as well as FM radio and TV broadcasts. Shortwave broadcasts continue to regions and markets where listening remains strong and BBC services can be delivered efficiently to large geographic areas.
(Press Release)

Friday, November 22, 2013

25th Anniversary of BCDX Net

Sanil Deep, VU3SIO conducting BCDX Net
25th Anniversary of BCDX Net

This is to inform with great pleasure that the 25th anniversary of the BC DX Net conducted on Sundays at 8.30 am IST (0300 UTC) on 7085 kHz by Sanil Deep, VU3SIO and friends is to be celebrated on 24th November 2013.

This Net was started on Sunday November 27, 1988 by a small group of Amateurs viz. Shanmughasundaram VU2FOT, Victor Goonetilleke 4S7VK, Jose Jacob VU2JOS and some SWLs to exchange information on broadcasting stations.

All those who check in/send report of the 25th anniversary Net will receive a special QSL. (Sunday 24 Nov 2013, 7085 kHz LSB, 8.30 am IST (0300 UTC)

There will be a feature on BC DX net by Sanil Deep, VU3SIO broadcast in the popular DX program AWR Wavescan through various broadcasting stations in Germany and USA as follows :

Listeners in India can monitor this program as follows:

Sunday 24 Nov 2013

1530-1600 UTC (9.00 to 9.30 pm) 11750 kHz AM Mode via Nauen, Germany
1600-1630 UTC (0.30 to 10.00 pm) 15215 & 15660 kHz via KSDA, Guam

Those in other parts of the world can hear them as follows:

Sunday 24 Nov 2013
2230 KSDA 15320 Guam
2330 KSDA 17700 Guam
Monday 25 Nov 2013
1100 WRMI 9955 USA
Wednesday 27 Nov 2013
MN00 WRMI 9955 USA
1100 WRMI 9955 USA
1900 WINB 13570 USA
Thursday 28 Nov 2013 
0300 WRMI 9955 USA
Friday 29 Nov 2013
0315 WRMI 9955 USA
Saturday 30 Nov 2013
1100 WRMI 9955 USA
1300 WRMI 9955 USA
1530 WWCR 12160 USA
2230 WRMI 9955 USA

Address for reports:

23/1862, "Daylight", Opp. Highway Apts.
Kannanchery Road,
KOZHIKODE 673003 Kerala

Here's a recording from the program ...
(Jose Jacob, Hyderabad via DX_India FB group)

First radio transmitter of South India on display at Egmore Museum

By Express News Service - CHENNAI

The latest exhibit of the fortnight at the Government Museum in Egmore is an object that has carved a place for itself in the memories of countless persons and is, by itself, a chapter in the history of communication – The first radio transmitter of south India. Equipped with valves from the first generation of transistors, dial knobs and rheostats, the 200 watt transmitter – which was acquired by the museum in the 1950s – will be on display till December 1.

More at :

Bhutan back on 6035 kHz breaking the silence !

On November 20th, heard Bhutan Broadcasting Service (BBS) in english on 6035 kHz from 0847 UTC onwards with good reception with slight noise and  hum. Was surprised when I heard BBS in english on 6035 kHz after a long break and thought that BBS might have discontinued shortwave transmission and there is no possiblity of resumption of its shortwave analog transmission in future. Anyway, let me monitor in coming days whether it is a regular comeback or something else. The English Transmission was noted on air well beyond 1000 UTC (1028 UTC infact my last checked time). In the transmission there was discussion on "Salt Business", announcements etc, english songs aired, listeners calls with music requests, dedications and music mostly english songs aired as per my monitoring .

Please check my blog for more detail report plus links to audio files ....

Today i.e. on November 21st, also heard BBS-Nepali Service with songs in Nepali at 0603 UTC on 6035 kHz, english programs with listeners calling show, music requests etc during afternoon 0830 UTC upto 0950 UTC upto my latest monitoring period.

(Gautam Kumar Sharma, Abhayapuri, Assam)

Radio NZ's way forward


There's an "under new management" sign, figuratively speaking, outside Radio New Zealand's head office in Wellington. Paul Thompson, former editorial chief of the Fairfax media group which publishes the paper you're reading, recently took over as RNZ's chief executive.
More at .....

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

DRM Consortium to demonstrate DRM’s Emergency Warning Feature for India’s National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA)

The DRM Consortium is to demonstrate the Emergency Warning Feature (EWF) of the ITU recommended international Digital Radio Mondiale standard at a special event hosted by NDMA on November 22nd 2013.

The special session DRM – Disaster and Emergency Warning is scheduled for the final day of a four-day event to be held at the Gujarat Institute of Disaster Management, Gandhinagar (Gujarat).  Presentations will made by Alexander Zink, Fraunhofer IIS, Vice-Chairman DRM Technical Committee, Radu Obreja, DRM Marketing Director and the Hon Chair of the DRM India Chapter, Yogendra Pal.

Those present will include senior officers of NDMA from nine coastal states and officials from the state broadcaster, All India Radio and Doordarshan, Ahmedabad.  The session will also include a technical demonstration of how emergency alerts and information can be signalled and managed using DRM in the country in general and the coastal states in particular. This standard is currently being rolled-out all over India by All India Radio.

Yogendra Pal adds: "The inbuilt Emergency Warning Feature in DRM is an excellent way to inform the public immediately about possible disasters and other emergencies. All the digital receivers get automatically tuned to audio and or data emergency warning signals in multiple languages, even if they are tuned to another station. India has nine coastal states, so this feature is of utmost importance to give emergency messages to fishermen and all those on ships. All India Radio is already in the process of installing 72 DRM transmitters, which will eventually cover about 70% of the population of the country. The Emergency Warning Feature is freely available in these transmitters. If the Government decides to use this feature, the only actions required would be to send the emergency signals to the transmitters. In parallel the Government would need to inform receiver manufacturers to incorporate this feature in digital receivers."  

Alexander Zink adds: "The DRM Emergency Warning Feature is a highly beneficial component of the digital transition, as it combines the natural benefits of digital radio in terms of content options and coverage for the benefit of the society as a whole – enhancing and going far beyond the pleasures of radio as an entertainment medium."

The International Telecommunications Union (ITU) has included the DRM Emergency Warning Functionality paper and recommendation in a recent document.   Click here for the ITU document in full.

For more information and DRM updates please visit or subscribe to DRM news by writing to  Click here for the Newsletter with all the latest DRM news from around the world.

DRM Consortium
Postal Box 360
1218 Grand-Saconnex, Geneva
Site for DRM:

(Press Release)

Sunday, November 17, 2013

AIR's SW txers on its way out ?

Quoting ET ....

In case of AIR, short wave transmitters were on its way out due to its crackling sound and ''where it is of no use it might as well be closed'', he said.

'Our focus was now on increasing the reach of FM radio as it had the added advantage of being received on telephones which ensures that it will reach a wider audience'', the CEO said.

Copyright © Economic Times

Thomson Broadcast signs agreement on technical and industrial partnership in Moscow

Official visit from Jean-Marc Ayrault in Russia- Thomson Broadcast who was part of the French delegation, has signed an Memorandum of Understanding with the Russian Trade House Sviaz Engineering.
In the presence of prime Ministers Dimitri Medvedev and Jean-Marc Ayrault Thomson Broadcast has signed in Moscow on November 1, 2013 an agreement with Trade House Sviaz Engineering on technical and industrial partnership for the supply of transmitters for digital Television and Radio broadcasting in Russia. Russia and France on Friday signed several agreements on investment cooperation and collaboration in the energy sector, the nuclear power as part of a visit by French Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault.
(Press Release)

BBC publishes report entitled 'The economic return to the UK of the BBC’s global footprint'

BBC has published a report entitled 'The economic return to the UK of the BBC's global footprint'.

The research was carried out by Terrington and Company and Research Now to assess the indirect economic return to the UK from the BBC's international operations, BBC World Service, BBC Worldwide, BBC Global News Ltd, by surveying international business leaders in three key territories: USA, India and Australia.

The key findings of the research are:

Cultural factors such as language, creativity and values contribute to the UK's attractiveness as a source of overseas trade and investment. Almost two-thirds of the sample said the BBC was the main way they found out about the UK.
People who consume BBC services more frequently have more favourable perceptions of the UK. People who consume BBC services less frequently have less favourable perceptions of the UK. For example, around half of business leaders who consume the BBC on a monthly basis or less scored the UK 8-10 out of 10 as a good place to do business, but this figure rises to three quarters amongst daily BBC consumers.
A similar pattern is seen with the propensity to do business with the UK. The more business leaders know and consume the BBC, the more likely they are to trade with the UK. 66 per cent of people who consume the BBC on a monthly basis or less say that they are currently or very likely to do business with the UK over the next 12 months.
Amongst those who consume the BBC on a daily basis, this figure is 84 per cent.

The study goes on to indicate causality in the relationship. Over half (56 per cent) of respondents agree that the BBC plays a direct role in influencing their business decisions in favour of the UK (compared to only 12 per cent who disagree).

James Heath, the BBC's Director of Policy, said: "This report shows the enormous value of the BBC brand around the world. These research findings confirm the powerful role that institutions like the BBC play in enhancing Britain's global reputation and show how this can deliver an economic return to the UK.''

He added: "It is particularly encouraging that the BBC World Service has a strong position amongst audiences in some of the fastest-developing economies in Africa, Asia and Latin America. As their GDP rises, their trade with the rest of the world is also expected to grow. The UK is well placed to benefit from this trend, in part due to the role of institutions such as the BBC in shaping perceptions of the UK and enhancing its international reputation."

The full report can be read here.

(BBC Press Release)

Life-saving radio begins broadcasting in typhoon-hit Tacloban

BANGKOK, 15 November 2013 (IRIN) - As distraught families in central and eastern Philippines struggle to access supplies in the aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan, an emergency radio station broadcasting critical life-saving information has gone live in badly-affected Tacloban city.

"[The station] aims to be the voice from the government and the relief community to the affected [people] and also to provide two-way communication [with] the community," Mike Adams, the international coordinator for First Response Radio (FRR), an international non-profit network of radio technicians who have had a team on standby in the Philippines since 2007 and are a partner of the Communicating with Disaster Affected Communities (CDAC) network, told IRIN.
More at :
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Typhoon Haiyan: Solar-powered radio helps survivors in Philippines
A temporary radio station operating out of a suitcase is helping survivors of Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines, providing both critical information and a dose of normalcy.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Nautel to Deploy 31 Transmitters Throughout Australia

Southern Cross Austereo orders VS, XR and NVLT transmitters ranging from 2.5 kW to 10 kW
Hackett's Cove, Nova Scotia — Australia's Southern Cross Austereo has placed an order for 31 Nautel VS, XR, and NVLT transmitters, which will be used throughout the country to replace aging equipment. The order includes (1) NV10LT, (3) NV7.5LT, (11) NV5LT, (4) NV3.5LT, (1) XR6, (3) VS1, (5) VS300 and (3) VS2.5 Radio transmitters.
National Radio Engineering Manager Steve Adler said "Southern Cross Austereo is delighted to be partnering with Nautel to replace our existing broadcast transmitter fleet. From 300 Watts to 20 kilowatts, Nautel has a solution to cover all our AM and FM transmission needs."
Nautel's representative in Australia is Innes Corporation. Innes General Manager Karen Olliver said "SCA is one of Australia's leading and innovative group broadcasters. Their engineering always represents cutting edge technology." Final deliveries, installation and commissioning will be coordinated and implemented by broadcast engineering consultant Trevor Harwood of TJH Systems, Adelaide.
"We're very pleased to work with Southern Cross Austereo and our partner in Australia on this project," said John Abdnour, Regional Manager/ Asia-Pacific for Nautel. "SCA is joining hundreds of broadcasters around the world who rely on feature rich and efficient Nautel transmitters." 
For more information on Nautel in Australia, visit
Learn more about Nautel VS Series transmitters
Learn more about Nautel XR Series transmitters
Learn more about Nautel NVLT Series transmitters
About Nautel
Nautel has emerged as one of the world's largest manufacturers of broadcast transmitters. With more than 12,000 transmitters deployed in over 177 countries since 1970, Nautel continues to lead the way in providing valuable new solutions for digital broadcasting and other applications.
(Nautel Press Release)

Friday, November 08, 2013

Transradio & Ampegon to replace 1.5 MW longwave transmitter at Algeria

Télédiffusion d’Algérie awarded AM Radio Project to TRANSRADIO and Ampegon
Berlin, Germany and Turgi, Switzerland; November 5, 2013. Télédiffusion d’Algérie (TDA), the national broadcaster of Algeria, selected TRANSRADIO and Ampegon to replace the 1.5 MW longwave transmission system located close to the city of Tipaza in July this year. Meanwhile all administrative matters were settled and the contract is put into force. The project was offered in cooperation between Transradio and Ampegon.
The Tipaza longwave transmitter is operated on 252 kHz broadcasting with 1500 kW on day and 750 kW on night time and is receivable in French all over the western Mediterranean area.
More at :

AIR Kohima celebrates 50 years

All India Radio (AIR), Kohima, today celebrated 50 years of public service broadcasting in Nagaland. The celebration was marked by unveiling of monolith at the AIR Kohima station by state Governor Ashwani Kumar in presence of Prasar Bharati CEO Jawhar Sircar and other officials.
More at :
Pics :
AIR Kohima`s Golden Jubilee Monolith

AIR Kohima Golden Jubilee function 7 Nov. Eve

Thursday, November 07, 2013

EMR Schedule from December 2013 to March 2014

8th December 2013, 09.00 - 10.00 UTC Gohren / 6190 KHz Repeat from October
15th December 2013, 08.00 - 09.00 UTC Gohren / 7265 KHz All New programmes
15th December 2013, 09.00 - 10.00 UTC Gohren / 9480 KHz
15th December 2013, 09.00 - 10.00 UTC Nauen / 6045 KHz
27th December 2013, 19.00 - 19.45 UTC IRRS / 7290 kHz (New) Programme
28th December 2013, 09.00 - 09.45 UTC IRRS / 9510 KHz Repeat programme
19th January 2014, 08.00 - 09.00 UTC Gohren / 7265 KHz All New programmes
19th January 2014, 09.00 - 10.00 UTC Gohren / 9480 KHz
19th January 2014, 09.00 - 10.00 UTC Nauen / 6045 KHz
16th February 2014, 08.00 - 09.00 UTC Gohren / 7265 KHz All New programmes
16th February 2014, 09.00 - 10.00 UTC Gohren / 9480 KHz
16th February 2014, 09.00 - 10.00 UTC Nauen / 6045 KHz
16th March 2014, 08.00 - 09.00 UTC Gohren / 7265 KHz All New programmes
16th March 2014, 09.00 - 10.00 UTC Gohren / 9480 KHz
16th March 2014, 09.00 - 10.00 UTC Nauen / 6045 KHz

(Tom Taylor)