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Kerala gets first private FM radio station

Submitted by Mudassir Rizwan on Thu, 11/29/2007 - 12:13.
India News
Kozhikode (Kerala) : Kerala's first private FM radio
station started functioning from here Thursday.
Radio Mango 91.9 is a venture of Malayala Manorama,
one of state's leading media groups.
The government has given a nod to the launch of 17
new FM radio stations in Kerala.
Five more companies, Mathrubhumi newspaper with its
Club FM, Times of India with Radio Mirchi, Asianet,
Big FM of Adlabs and Kalanidhi Maran's Sun, will
be soon vying for airwaves in this southern state.
Radio Mango will soon set up three more radio
stations at Kochi, Kannur and Thrissur. "Radio Mango
will launch the other three stations in two to three
months," said Ravi Nair, the programme director of
the radio.
"Our channel will be positioned as a total
entertainment channel, with music dominating the
programmes. Private FM stations are not allowed
to air news programmes. However, we will be
providing information on traffic conditions,
exchange rates and weather, which are useful to
The transmission from Radio Mango will cover an
area within 50 km. The All India Radio is already
operating an FM station here.


Malayala Manorama launches FM 'Radio-Mango 91.9'
Kozhikode | Thursday, Nov 29 2007 IST

Malayala Manorama today launched an FM radio,
the first such venture in Kerala here.
Branded as 'Radio-Mango 91.9', the station was
formally launched by an inmate of Vellimadukunnu
Juvenile Home.
Malayala Manorama Editor and Managing Director
Mammen Mathew, Managing Editor Philip Mathew
and Station Content Head Ravi Nair were among
those present on the occasion.
The publication was planning to launch three
more similar FM radio from Kochi, Thrissur
and Kannur in the state, the sources said.
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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Some selected comments.......

Some selected comments .....................

Hi, I was surfing and searching for some info on radio
stations and noticed your site. Your post this post
sounded interesting so I took a look. Even though my
main interest is radio stations I was glad to stop by
and view your interesting comments. I will come back.

Posted by voice broadcasting to R A D I O A C T I V I T Y
at 1/01/2006 12:29:58 PM

"Nice to know this. I thought radio had become
completely obsolete."

Hiren Shah, India.
Posted by Hiren Shah to R A D I O A C T I V I T Y
at 10/27/2005 12:10:47 PM

I visited your website today and its really nice
with interesting regional radio information. Great
to learn about latest updates.
Keep up the good work

Rajeesh, Kerala, India.
Posted by T.R.Rajeesh to R A D I O A C T I V I T Y
at 4/18/2006 07:36:27 PM

I think its very good that finally government is
going to give FM transmitter to Jallandhar but it
would have been better if it is to be setup in
Amritsar since this historic town does not have
its FM channel, a city with population of over
20 lakh is not having a single radio channel,
though private players are going to start
operations sooner or later, government should
also do something good for the people of
Amritsar...Anyway its good initiative...i hope
all the transmitters are sterophonic.

Posted by Harpal Dhillon to R A D I O A C T I
V I T Y at 5/04/2006 10:55:24 AM
BBC Hindi is facing tough competition from
Cable and DTH...BBC has always been an exellent
source of information...i have been listening
to BBC Hindi since my childhood...tested by
times it has always appeared as winner...its
good that it has awken and employing new
methods of advertising to add more people to
fold...its not only good for the BBC but the
indian youth since they can learn a lot from BBC.

Harpal Dhillon, TCS, Gurgaon, India.
Posted by Harpal Dhillon to R A D I O A C T I V I T Y
at 5/04/2006 11:01:32 AM

Comment on your post "All India Radio to start
DRM transmissions":

This is a Breaking News which first appeared
on your blog. Thanks.
Hope India will benefit from DRM technology.

Naleen Kumar, BBC Hindi Service, London, UK.
Posted to R A D I O A C T I V I T Y at 6:25 AM
I am new to the world of SW listening.I listen
primarily to BBC, VOA and CRI English on an old,
cheap Kchibo set (7 Band).
Imagine my joy on finding your site.
I was simply thrilled.

Raman R, Cochin,Kerala,India.
Dear Alokesh
I am Mohammad Oovais from Mangalore District of
Karnataka. Presently I am working in UAE .
I have seen you blog. Its fantastic.
73's and bye
Mohammad Oovais,UAE.
Hi Alokesh

I came across your Blog on radio and find
it very interesting....
We have recently launched a website, which focuses on
developments, news and features on both
these industries.
Do check it out and let me know your feedback.

Aparna Joshi

Radio Duniya magazine launched

Dear Friends,
It is with great pleasure that we announce the launch of Radio Duniya, a magazine that aims to deliver a total coverage and analysis of all the news, developments and events of the radio industry.
The radio revolution has begun in India, with the coming in of a plethora of FM channels, including the satellite radio broadcasting, and the governmental nod for community radio. The need of the hour is to develop a knowledge sharing platform that will allow an interface between the industry players, governmental agencies and the audiences.
It is with this vision that we have launched Radio Duniya, a magazine that presents all the relevant information from the radio industry and facilitates a dialogue between all the stakeholders. Our portal ( provides an insight into the happenings of the radio industry on daily basis, the policies affecting the radio scenario, and all the recent developments relating to the community radio movement.
The PDF of Radio Duniya November 2007 issue is available on our site.
Do send us your suggestions and comments on
Warm regards,
Sanjana Sharma
Editorial Team
Radio Duniya (

Without fanfare, AIR goes online

Statesman News Service
NEW DELHI, Nov. 10: Had it been one of the private broadcasters, there would have been spate of announcements and advertisements. For the All India Radio, the launch of the state-of-the-art multi-lingual website was a quiet one. Two government giants, AIR and the National Informatics Centre, have geared up to give a much more livelier and colourful website.
The website which came up earlier this week is more informative than the one All India Radio had so far been putting up on the net. The All India Radio and the National Informatics Centre appear to be keeping pace with modern technologies in face of stiff competition from the private parties. It was maintained by the IT unit of the news services division of the All India Radio. The AIR seems to have taken note of the new technology of news dissemination. The site at and with advanced features like 'Archiving and Search' with 'Feedback' was designed to meet the requirement of Internet users within the country and abroad. Visitors to the site can listen national bulletins in English, Hindi and in 11 regional languages, including Sanskrit and Nepali. Users can get all information concerning the News Services Division, broadcast details and regional units.

Malda may get a radio centre, says officer

Statesman News Service
MALDA, Nov 11: Two years ago when Mr PR Das Munshi was not the Union minister for information and broadcasting a team from All India Radio, Siliguri came to Malda and met district officials in search a plot of land in English Bazaar and Old Malda block areas for setting up of a FM radio station.
When Mr Munshi became the minister for I&B local people mainly the Congress workers and followers of former MP AB Ghani Khan Choudhury expected that the venture for setting up of a radio station would materialised soon. Though, the minister did not tell where the radio centre would be set up, a senior officer of the department recently hinted that the radio station would be set up in Raiganj in North Dinajpur.
This centre would cover Malda district, he added. Earlier it was learnt that the radio centre would be set up at Chanchal in northern part of Malda which is under the Raiganj parliamentary constituency from where Mr Das Munshi was elected.
A decade ago the former MP and Union minister had set up a relay centre for Doordarshan at Malda Rabindra Bhawan. After that there has been no development by the I&B ministry in Malda.