Thursday, September 28, 2023

Prime Minister Narendra Modi Lays the Foundation Stone for Akashvani Dahod FM Relay Station Project

27 SEP 2023 6:30PM by PIB Delhi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi laid the foundation Stone for Akashvani Dahod FM Relay Station Project in Gujarat. The foundation Stone plaque for the 10 Kilo watt FM Relay Station was unveiled virtually by the Prime Minister along with other projects at an event in Bodeli in the state.

This station will be set up at an estimated cost of Rs. 11.00 Crore and is strategically located to cover approximately a 55 km radius area, encompassing approximately 75% of the tribal district of Dahod. Moreover, this transmitter will also partially cover the neighbouring tribal districts of Madhya Pradesh, including Alirajpur and Jhabua.

With the launch of the Dahod station, over 25 lakh residents of Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh will gain access to high-quality FM broadcasts. This development not only enriches the cultural and informational tapestry of the region but also facilitates better communication and connectivity for the communities it serves.

In addition to this, Prasar Bharati is also working on the installation of FM transmitters in key locations, including Bhuj, Bhavnagar, Dwarka, Radhanpur, and Dessa with varying power capacities at a cost of more than 39 crores. These projects are part of the Broadcast Infrastructure Network Development  Scheme funded by the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting. The projects when completed and made operational will increase the FM coverage in the state to approximately 65% of the state's area and will enable a reach of about 77% of its population. These projects mark a significant stride toward providing quality radio entertainment and information to a broader audience.

Earlier in the month of April this year, Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated Ninety One  100 W FM transmitters strengthening Akashvani FM's presence across the country. As of now, Akashvani boasts a total of 613 functional FM transmitters in India, providing FM radio services to approximately 59.2% of the country's area and serving about 73.5% of the population.  In addition, the Akashvani AM network operating on medium wave already covers 88% of area and 95% of the population of the country.

Akashvani FM is committed to delivering high-quality and diverse content to millions of listeners across the nation. With a rich history and a forward-looking approach, Akashvani FM continues to be a trusted source of entertainment, information, and cultural enrichment.

Saurabh Singh
Press Information Bureau
Government of India
Ministry of Information & Broadcasting

Thursday, September 21, 2023

CML Micro release the world’s lowest-cost Digital Radio Mondiale Broadcast Receiver module

CML Micro release the world's lowest-cost Digital Radio Mondiale Broadcast Receiver module

18 September 2023

IBC Amsterdam 2023 – 16th September 2023 – DRM Consortium Showcase Event

CML Microcircuits (CML Micro) has announced at the IBC 2023 DRM Showcase Event, the full release of the world's lowest-cost, lowest power, and smallest sized Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM) broadcast receiver module (DRM1000). DRM is the world's leading digital radio broadcast standard able to provide rich, high quality digital content over vast areas using medium-wave (MW) and short-wave (SW). In addition to high-capacity local broadcasting at Very High Frequencies (VHF).

The DRM1000 is a complete 'antenna to speaker' module, containing all hardware, software, IP and patent licenses required for a radio equipment manufacturer to easily realize a dual mode (digital and analogue) DRM capable receiver.
The module offers a 60% cost reduction and 80% power reduction over existing DRM technologies in the market. The device can run effectively from solar or wind-up rechargeable batteries: in addition to small primary cells. Low power operation directly improves accessibility to vital educational and public digital radio services across many emerging nations and opens the great features of DRM to many millions of potential listeners around the world.

In offering the DRM1000, CML Micro wish to enable their customers to design a complete DRM /AM /FM broadcast receiver solution, which is attractive, highly featured and accessible for all. The module allows these innovative receivers to be manufactured locally in emerging nations in addition to traditional technology manufacturing locations.

In addition to announcing the availability of the DRM1000; CML Micro is also proud to announce that the device has been adopted by Gospell Digital Technology Ltd for two new DRM portable radio families to be shown for the first time at the IBC 2023 DRM Showcase Event.

Haochun Liu, Head of Research and Development at Gospell, said: "At Gospell, we've always held a steadfast belief in the pivotal role that the accessibility and ubiquity of DRM radios play in enabling people to access high-quality information. This unwavering commitment has driven us over the years to design and manufacture user friendly DRM receivers, constantly pushing the boundaries to make them more accessible and attainable for all. The introduction of the DRM1000 module, with its impressive low-power consumption, cost-effectiveness, and high performance, has been a game-changer. We are truly honored to collaborate with CML Micro in launching two groundbreaking DRM receivers based on the DRM1000 module, namely the GR-220 and GR-221. We're confident that our combined efforts will not only deliver unparalleled value to people but also pave the way for the next chapter in DRM technology."

One third of the world's population remains without an internet connection. Many millions of people will benefit from widespread DRM adoption. Increasing access to DRM enhances public services in remote areas, or where an internet connection is very expensive. This includes a disaster and early warning service that can be used in the event of interruption to communications caused by natural disasters.

CML Micro's VP of Global Marketing, Matthew Phillips, said: "The benefits of DRM are already being enjoyed by listeners in the Indian market with 70% of the population covered by DRM broadcast services and 6 million new cars already fitted with DRM capable receivers.  We believe the market for DRM capable receivers is set for significant growth over the coming years. The DRM1000 provides an ideal platform to serve this emerging market with low cost, battery-powered portable receivers sold in millions of units."

DRM in the medium-wave or short-wave band delivers FM-like quality to listeners spread over many thousands of square miles, from a single transmitter. This makes DRM the optimum digital radio solution for emerging nations. DRM uses existing long-, medium-, short-wave and very-high frequency (LW, MW, SW and VHF) radio frequency bands, operating seamlessly alongside current analogue services.

About CML Microcircuits (CML Micro)

CML Micro is a world-leader in the design, development and supply of mixed-signal, RF and microwave semiconductors for global communications markets..

CML Micro offer a wide range of products, including mmWave MMICs, RF transceivers, baseband processors, data controllers, and interface devices, which are used in various applications such as Critical Communications, Satellite and Network Infrastructure.

Our expertise lies in delivering high-performance IC solutions that enable efficient and reliable data transfer, signal processing, and system integration. Our portfolio provides components supporting both RF and baseband functionality, encompassing both leading edge digital and legacy analogue systems.

CML Microcircuits is a member of the CML Microsystems Plc. Group of companies.

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