Thursday, December 30, 2010

Radio Heritage - 150 Donors Needed

Just imagine the loss if someone didn't take care of the stuff connected to radio broadcasting..the stories, tape recordings, photos, memorabilia and all the bits and pieces that continue to daily help shape our popular culture....and if you couldn't share and enjoy these things for free.

Here at the Radio Heritage Foundation we've done this out of our own pockets for over 5 years, but our bank manager says no more, operational costs have to come from elsewhere in 2011. We want to keep the site free and add much more from the boxes of tapes, directories, old radio programs, photos and other stuff that keeps stacking up on a daily basis.

Please visit now and use the donation button in the feature '150 Sponsors Underwrite Operating Costs in 2011'. When 150 people donate US$100 each, we can cover 85% of our overheads for the year, even US$40 will sponsor one day so you can see that you can personally make a big difference right now.

Former DJ Keith Richardson has entrusted us with a lifetime collection of recordings, read his story at Your donation will help us catalog and digitize his many hours of tapes, so we can share a rare insight into 1960's pop culture.

Your donation helps cover the costs of storing and researching nearly 100,000 tapes, cassettes, QSL cards, and other radio memorabilia items; office expenses like printer cartridges, postage, paper, travelling to protect and save materials from destruction, and all the other expenses that add up over a year so that we can continue sharing material through our website.

Governments are slashing budgets and radio stations themselves are focussed on financial survival and see no reason to meet these costs. That leaves it up to people like you and I and we know it's been a tough year for many people.

When we know our 2011 operational costs are covered, we can also go ahead with plans to relaunch the website so that our volunteer editors can start adding a massive backlog of features, stories, research papers, photos and audio as well as a digitized catalog of thousands of QSL cards and other memorabilia.

Please go to and donate now, with 150 donations of US$100 we will meet 85% of the annual running costs, and even US$40 will cover one day. That's just 27 cents a day.

Radio moves our hearts and minds, informs and entertains us and is part of the fabric of our daily lives. Hundreds of people like you have helped us with donations, buying books and CDs and contributing to our library and collections. Help us honor this trust again in 2011.

This holiday season we hear of earthquakes, wild storms, floods, snow blizzards and civil unrest across the world, and keeping a radio by your side has never been more vital to our safety. Our radio guides can help save lives and with your help we'll expand them in 2011.

A donation of US$100 from 150 people supporters like you will meet most of our operating costs in 2011, US$40 will sponsor a complete day. and you can do this today by going to and using our donation button there.

Thank you for joining us in 2011 and making it possible for us to continue to keep this website free to use for everyone, and to keep bringing together our radio heritage, popular culture and nostalgia for all to enjoy. Please ask your friends and colleagues to visit as well.

David Ricquish, Chairman, Radio Heritage Foundation PO Box 20024, Newtown, Wellington 6242, New Zealand.

PS.....Our annual report and accounts are available through the Charities Commission link at the bottom of every page at Unsubscribe by emailing with 'Unsubscribe' in the subject header. We're registered as a non-profit organization [charity] and New Zealand residents can get a one-third tax refund for donations. For example, a NZ$150 donation qualifies for a NZ$50 refund.

Please make an online donation here today -

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Article on visit to Ravenshaw Radio 90.4 Cuttack

Article on visit to Ravenshaw Radio 90.4 Cuttack :

or, download using this link :


Jose Jacob, VU2JOS
National Institute of Amateur Radio
Raj Bhavan Road, Hyderabad 500082, India
Telefax: 91-40-2331 0287 Cell: 94416 96043

Friday, December 24, 2010

Gunaz Radio

Starting December 29, 2010, a new radio station will start broadcasting on shortwave. It concerns Gunaz Radio, a new service from Gunaz TV.

Gunaz Radio will broadcast daily from 1430-1930 UTC on 7510 kHz in the 41 meter band.

For more information, visit

(Ludo Maes via TDP list)

Talks begin on new frequency allocation plan

Published: Friday, Dec 24, 2010, 2:59 IST
By Nivedita Mookerji Place: New Delhi Agency: DNA

At a time when spectrum has assumed a different meaning altogether in the backdrop of the alleged 2G scam, industry stakeholders in the telecom and broadcasting sectors deliberated on who should be allotted what frequency band here on Thursday.

Among those crossing each others' path are Amateur Radio Society of India and state-owned All India Radio (AIR).

More at :

Unusually good VHF Propogation in South India

Dear Friends,

Do try out the VHF Band and we here at Bangalore are getting the VU2TCD - Trichangud repeater 59+ and not just hear but work with simple quarter wave whip of my car which I have never been able to trigger and bearly hear from 3rd floor rooftop !!!

Bangalore Boys are happy lot to even try UHF with successful reports. Stations from Madurai can work Bangalore !!!

Right time to do Hilltopping DXpedition.

Best of 73's
de Lion Ajoy VU2JHM

(Via vuhams list)

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Sri Lanka to go digital by 2017

Sri Lanka's terrestrial broadcasting system will be fully converted to digital by 2017, Mass Media and Information Minister Keheliya Rambukwella has said, the Daily News reports.

More at :

A radio service for the blind, by the blind

In a unique initiative, Dehradun would start a first-of-its-kind FM radio service for the visually impaired. A group of 15-20 partially and completely visually impaired members would run the radio station.
Read the full story here :

Ravenshaw Radio 90.4 Cuttack testing

I am in Odisha now deputed by NIAR to particpate in Mock Drill at Cyclone Shelter.

While travelling through Cuttack the other day, on my cellphone radio, I heard some 90.4 MHz but could not identify it. The next day while travelling through Cuttack again, checked the frequncy and got id as "Revinsa Radio". Upon calling on the announced telephone number got information that they had restarted testing from previous day ie 16 Dec 2010 ! It is the Community Radio station of Ravenshaw University, Cuttack. The correct name is "Ravenshaw Radio", also visited the station later .

More info at :

(Jose Jacob from Bhubaneswar via dx_india list)

Taipei Celebrates Radio History

The National Taiwan Museum in Taipei is mounting an exhibit of the past century of Chinese audio.

More at :

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Updated list of Indonesian SW stations

Daily Monitoring Report of Indonesian Radio Station by A.Ishida, Japan :

(Thanks to Sei-ichi Hasegawa)

AIR Employees call off 3 day strike

Employees of Akashvani and Doordarshan on Saturday said they have called off their proposed 72-hour strike that was to take place from December 13 to 15. According to sources, the National Federation of Akashvani and Doordarshan Employees (NFADE) has agreed to defer its 72-hour boycott of duties, which was to be effective from December 13, 2010.

Full story at :

FRS on air Dec. 12th 2010

Hello FRS Friends,

This is a reminder informing you that FRS-Holland will be on air Sun Dec. 12th 2010 on 6401 kHz/ 48 metres between 07.52-14.00 UTC. It regards a complete repeat of our second Anniversary broadcast which took place two weeks ago on Sun November 28th. Correct reception reports will be verified with our November QSL, as part of the FRS 30th Anniversary Series. Our trilogy will be completed on Sunday January 16th 2011.

Tune in for much radio fun on a Sunday....

All the best, FRS Team

a Balance between Music & Information joint to one Format....

POBox 2702
6049 ZG Herten
The Netherlands

e-mail: frs.holland @
e-mail: frs @

Friday, December 10, 2010

Greenland closes SW and MW on Feb 11 2011

On February 11 2011 at 8 AM local time all medium wave stations carrying KNR (Radio Greenland) - Upernavik (810 kHz), Uummannaq (900 kHz), Qeqertarsuaq (650 kHz), Nuuk (570 kHz) og Simiutaq (720 kHz) - will be switched off for good, and the transmitters will be dismantled. On the same day the relays of KNR newscasts twice daily via Tasiilaq 3815 kHz will also cease.

The decision has been taken by the Ministry of Housing, Infrastructure and Transport in the Government of Greenland.

After February 11 2011 KNR will only be available via Low Power FM-radio in inhabited areas of Greenland. Thus no coverage of the waste country outside the towns and villages - and KNR will no longer be available for the fishermen at sea nor the Inuit population in Canada.

The decision was made because the transmitters were getting old and too costly to maintain. Besides - very few people are using the MW transmissions.

Weather forecasts will be available for fishermen and others via VHF coastal radio.

At a point it was considered replacing the aging MW transmitters with one or two new SW AM-transmitters near Nuuk, but it was estimated that it would cost 4 million DKK (535.000 euro) to establish such a new SW operation. It was also felt that few listeners would invest in a SW receiver and the quality would be 'doubtful' - suffering from 'atmospheric phenomena'. So these plans were given up.

Full report (in Danish) here:

Best 73s
Stig Hartvig Nielsen
(via mwdx yg)

Thursday, December 09, 2010

DRM Newsletter 12/2010

Read the newsletter here :

Main stories :

- Great interest in DRM+ trial and workshop in Sri Lanka
- Canada's Digital Radio Future
- German DRM Platform Meet in Hamburg
- Australia considering DRM option
- DRM close to adoption in Russia
- European Radio Spectrum Policy Group reports on the Future of Radio

Successful DRM+ Trial in the Asia-Pacific Region

The DRM Consortium completed a very successful DRM+ trial and workshop in Sri Lanka last week.

Winter SWL Fest - Online registration & hotel booking now available!

You can now register for the 2001 Fest via PayPal and also reserve your hotel room at the special Winter SWL Fest rate online as well.

For details, check out the Winter SWL Fest 2011 update page at :

See you in 85 days (give or take...)

Richard Cuff / Allentown, PA USA

(Via ODXA List)

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Voice of Russia plans to expand in India

The Russian government’s international radio service, Voice of Russia, plans to expand its FM broadcasts in India, The Hindu reports.
Read the full story here :

Police seize radios in Binga

By Alex Bell
07 December 2010

Police have seized shortwave radios in Binga, in what appears to be a countrywide campaign to stifle the voice of the exiled independent media ahead of elections.
Full story at :

The Story of Radio

The Story of Radio by VOA Special English

Tuesday, December 07, 2010


With the onset of winter foggy days are back in Delhi with enhanced conditions on FM bands.
This morning logged foll AIR stations alongwith some pvt ones & from Nepal.

100.4 - Bareiley
101.3 - Aligarh
101.5 - Sawai Madhopur
102.1 - Mussourie
102.3 - Hissar
103.1 - Alwar
107.2 - Kasauli

AIR Alwar ID at 0335 UTC :

Related news :

Monday, December 06, 2010

TDP DRM Transmissions starting today 6th December 2010 from Montsinery

FYI, please find down after an official info I got from TDF regarding TDP transmissions from MSY starting today 20101206:

Frequency = 17755 kHz
Antenna Configuration = Rotatable Toucan 4/4
Antenna Azimuth = 311°
Time = 20.00-21.57 UTC
TX RMS Power = 100 kW DRM
DRM mode = B
Bandwidth = 10 kHz
MSC = 64 QAM
CR = 0,6
Audio Encoding : AAC + SBR + PS


- from 20.00 to 21.00 UTC = "The Disco Palace"
- from 21.00 to 21.57 UTC = "TDPradio"

Regards / 73

(Via drmna list)

Sunday, December 05, 2010

Voice of Russia coming to Chennai

In an effort to expand its footprint in India, Russia's veteran radio station Voice of Russia is planning to launch FM broadcasts in Chennai, the company's head said.

"We have plans to increase our presence in India and are currently looking for a partner in Chennai to broadcast in the FM band," Voice of Russia president Andrei Bystritsky told The Hindu.

Voice of Russia began broadcasting in the FM space in India earlier this year, partnering with Fever 104 FM.

One or two-hour programmes about Russia in Hindi, interlaced with Russian and Indian songs, are at present broadcast in Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata.

In the South, Voice of Russia is already present in Bangalore on 104 FM. The radio network also broadcasts to South Asia in Hindi and Urdu on short and medium waves from its Moscow studios, and in Bengali on the internet.

Full story at :

(Jose Jacob, VU2JOS via dx_india list)

Friday, December 03, 2010

Special event stations to commemorate birth anniversary of Sir Jagadish Chandra Bose

To commemorate 152nd birth anniversary of Sir Jagadish Chandra Bose (1858-1931), "Father of Radio Communication", Indian Hams are going to operate using special call-signs.

For 2010 operations please QSL as per operator instructions as there will be more than one operator using the same call sign from different locations :

Stations using different special call signs for 2010 :

4) VU3DJQ - AU8JCB QTH: NEW DELHI LOC:ML88nu (Till 13th Dec)
5) VU2OB - AU8JCB QTH: NEW DELHI LOC ML88nu (Till 13th Dec)

Digital broadcasting revolution, where does radio stand?

By: Issa Sikiti da Silva

As the whole analogue world is gripped by the arrival of digital broadcasting, much of the debate and discussions have focused on digital television and how it will affect people and businesses.

The first DRM+ trial in the Asia-Pacific Region takes off

The two-day DRM+ technical trial conducted in Colombo on 29-30 November. The DRM Consortium has joined forces with the ABU, SLBC, Deutsche Welle, and Leibniz University-Hannover to run the trial and showcase it to the broadcasters and the radio industry. One of the SLBC FM transmitters in Colombo was used for the trial.

Brief report & photo's at :

Thursday, December 02, 2010

BBC-DW DRM log on 5845 last night

(click on the screen shot to enlarge)

BBC-DW DRM LOG ON 5845 kHz on 1st Dec 2010

Radio Bulgaria 9700 was no show

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

World Radio TV Handbook 2011

Title page image from WRTH 2011
World Radio TV Handbook 2011
Published 3 December 2010 - Order your copy today!

We are delighted to announce the publication of the 2011 edition of WRTH. Visit our website at to find out more and to order a copy.

I hope you enjoy using this new edition.

Nicholas Hardyman


Our mailing address is:
WRTH Publications Ltd 8 King Edward Street Oxford, OXON OX1 4HL

Our telephone:
+44 (0)1865 514405

Copyright (C) 2010 WRTH Publications Ltd All rights reserved.

Newsroom of AIR Jammu fully modernized after 39 years

The fully revamped and modernized newsroom of All India Radio, Jammu was inaugurated at a simple but impressive function held at the premises of All India Radio Jammu today.

Full story at :