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BES Review April-June 2015

BES Review April-June 2015 is available for free download from this link :

Some of the articles from this issue :

Private FM Broadcasting Phase-III and Beyond Augmentation of  Spectrum and Segmented Planning - B.P.Srivastava

MakeDigital India in India using TV White Spaces - Hemant Mallapur

Ham Radio, a lifeline during Disasters - Ankur Puranik

Radio is alive and well in India and The World !   - Ruxandra Obreja

DTH - An innovative tool for Educational Evolution in India -Dr. Shivaraj Shastri Herur

Customization of Technology to Suit our Unique Nation : India - Mitali Chatterjee

Morse to LTE - Evolution - S. Venkataraman

RF Spectrum and Network Plannning: Regulations, Planning Parameters and Coverages - M. S. Duhan

CAN bus (Controller Area Networking) - Sangeeta Upadhye

Noobs way of Developing an ANDROID Application - S Vadivazagan

BES Review is a quarterly publication containing articles on latest development in the field of broadcasting and related science. The journal is provided free to members of BES. Others can obtain a copy of the journal at a subsidized rate of Rs 50/per copy or Rs 150 for four copies published in a year. The request for BES Reviews should be sent to the Executive officer Broadcast Engineering Society (India).

Broadcast Engineering Society (India)
912, Surya Kiran Building,
19, K.G. Marg, New Delhi-110001
Tel. : + 91-11- 43520895, 43520896
Fax : + 91-11- 43520897

DRM newsletters for August '2015

Digital Radio Mondiale Newsletter - August 2015 issue

DRM India chapter newsletter - August 2015 issue

Sunday, August 30, 2015

BBC additional DRM broadcast during IBC 2015

BBC will have additional DRM broadcasts during IBC 2015 conference at Amsterdam
Date : 10th Sept 2015 to 13th Sept, 2015
Frequency : 6040 kHz
Time : 1400-1600 UTC (1600 - 1800 Local Time)
Site : Woofferton
Power : 100 kW
Language : English
Towards Europe
(Alokesh Gupta)

1600-1700 local Amsterdam time (1400-1500 UTC), BAB Woofferton, 100 kW, 6040 kHz, 114 degrees (Programme TBA)
1700-1800 local Amsterdam time (1500-1600 UTC), BAB Woofferton, 100 kW, 6040 kHz, 114 degrees (BBC WS English)

Saturday, August 29, 2015

New test broadcast of Marconi Radio International on 29th August 2015

The next test broadcast of Marconi Radio International is scheduled  tomorrow, 29th August 2015, from approximately 1230 to 1430 UTC. Our frequency is 11390 kHz and power in the region of 30 watts. Test broadcasts consist of non stop music and station identification announcements in Italian, English, Spanish and Catalan.
MRI encourages reception reports from listeners. Audio clips (mp3-file) of our broadcasts  are welcome !

We QSL 100%. Our E-mail address is: 
We hope that you will share this information with your members.
Thank you very much for your cooperation
Marconi Radio International (MRI)

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Vatican Radio Transmission for HFCC

Vatican Radio DRM broadcast to Australia on occasion of the HFCC-ASBU B15 Coordination Conference (24-28 August 2015):

TX site:Santa Maria di Galeria (SMG) 42 03 N, 012 19 E
Frequency 11890 kHz
Time 22:30-23:00 UTC
Power 250 kW (average)
Robustness mode: C
Interleaver Long
MSC Mode 16 QAM
SDC Mode 16 QAM
Protection Level 0,50
Bitrate 9100
Audio Coding AAC
Audio Mono
SBR Disabled
Sampling Rate 12 kHz

Thanks to Alan for the tip!

(Via drmna list)

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Ampegon receives major contract from Télédiffusion d'Algérie

Turgi, Switzerland, August 21, 2015. Ampegon has received a major contract by Télédiffusion d'Algérie (TDA) for development and installation of new shortwave transmission systems, enabling TDA to broadcast SW without purchasing airtime from third party vendors. Ampegon has been selected within a restricted international call to tender as supplier. The company had already successfully installed multiple projects in Algeria. In 2014, Ampegon in cooperation with Transradio replaced the 1.5 MW longwave transmission systems near Tipaza and is presently modernizing two mediumwave transmitter stations in Bechar and Oulet Fayed.

Ampegon will accompany TDA through the entire project - developing turnkey solutions at the two sites including two 300 kW shortwave transmitters, two shortwave antenna systems and civil works. All the antenna works will be carried out by Ampegon in Schifferstadt, Germany, while the transmitters will be designed and constructed at the Ampegon factory in Turgi, Switzerland. The multi-million Euro project will be finished within two years at the end of 2016.

Tel. +41 58 710 44 00

Test broadcast from Marconi Radio International on 26th August 2015

Due to technical problems our 24th August test broadcasts was on air only 35 minutes (instead of 3 hours) until 1733 UTC.  

Reception reports, found fully correct, were received  from Germany (including a listener in USA using a Perseus receiver in Berlin) and Spain despite  a shorter test transmission.

The next test broadcast is scheduled  today, 26th August 2015, from approximately 1700 to 1845 UTC. Our frequency is 11390 kHz and power in the region of 30 watts. Test broadcasts consist of non stop music and station identification announcements in Italian, English, Spanish and Catalan.

MRI encourages reception reports from listeners. Audio clips (mp3-file) of our broadcasts  are welcome!
We QSL 100%. Our E-mail address is:

We hope that you will share this information with your members.
Thank you very much for your cooperation

Marconi Radio International (MRI)

(Via bclnews list)

Thursday, August 20, 2015


RNZI extra DRM transmissions for HFCC meeting in Brisbane:

17675 kHz 2151-2355 UTC Aug 24-28

(Chris Mackerell via drmna list)

RNZI complete schedule at :

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

48th conference of the European Co-DX Council (EDXC)

Dear colleagues!

We invite all DX-surfers to take part in the 48th conference of the European Co-DX Council (EDXC), which will be held from 18 to 22 September 2015 in St. Petersburg.

Organizers of the conference: EDXC and St. Petersburg DX Club.

Venue: Hotel "Rus" Artillery ul., D. 1

The conference program

Friday, 18 September 16.00 - 22.00
Arrival of participants, registration, informal contacts

Saturday, 19 September 10.00 - 14.00
Opening of the conference. Greetings from St. Petersburg DX Club and the organizing committee of the conferences, (Berezkin Alexander, president of the St. Petersburg DX Club) and from the European DX Council (Kari Kivekyas, Secretary General EDXC)
Presentations and reports
1.Andrey Fedorov. "In the pages of foreign broadcasting in Russian"
2.Aleksandr Berezkin. "Reception of broadcasting stations on Costa del Sol: July 2015"
Kivekyas 3.Four of a kind. "Current activities of the Council of the European DX"
4.Mihail Nevolin. "News and perspectives of the Christian broadcast on the example of Protestant stations of St. Petersburg"

Saturday, 19 September 15.00 - 18.00
A short sightseeing bus tour of St. Petersburg. Excursion to the National Museum shows "Grand Model Russia"

Sunday, 20 September 10.00 - 14.00
Presentations and reports
5.Aleksandr Gromov. "Today's SDR technology in amateur radio and DX reception"
6.Anatoly Bobkov. "Receiving antennas: electric or magnetic?"
7.Mihail Timofeev. "St. Petersburg Regional Center RTRS: radiovescha-development plans of the region"
8.Krissi Brand. "Conference EDXC 2016 proposed city of Manchester"

Sunday, 20 September 15.00 - 18.30
Visiting the studio "Road Radio". Excursion to the memorial museum of AS Popov LETI, including the report:
9.Larisa Zolotinkina. "The historical significance of the work of prof. AS Popov in radio "

Sunday, 20 September 19.00 - 22.00
Banquet in the restaurant "Stork" of the hotel "Rus"

Monday, 21 September 10.00 - 13.00
Visiting session of the conference, part 1: the headquarters of the St. Petersburg DX Club in the village. Greater than the threshold, including the report:
10.Omar Cheishvili. "Collecting old Soviet and Russian Radio"

Monday, 21 September 14.00 - 18.00
Visiting session of the conference, part 1: Saint Petersburg State University of tele-communications to them. prof. MA Bonch-
Lectures, presentations, reports. Excursion to the Media Centre of the University. Special-stu-agency transfer station "Radio Bonch". Closing ceremony

Tuesday, 22 September 10.00 - 14.00
Departure of participants, informal contacts

There may be changes to the program in terms of increasing the number and scope of the report.

Prices for the conference

Accommodation in 1-bed room (4 nights) and participation in all activities - 15,000 rubles.
Accommodation in 2-bed room (4 nights) and participation in all activities - 12400 rubles.

Accommodation in 1-bed room (4 nights) and only participate in meetings - 10400 rubles.
Accommodation in 2-bed room (4 nights) and only participate in meetings - 7800 rubles.

Only participation in the meetings - 2000 rubles.

Each participant can choose the activities in which they wish to participate, and the price of participation can vary within the above range. For speakers discount - 1000 rubles. Applications for participation in the conference and hotel reservation as well as questions for the conference, please send Alexander Berezkin by e-mail: dxspb [at] , - or by tel .: +7 (921) 793- 72-84.

73! Alexander

(Alexander Beryozkin via open_dx )

KTWR DRM transmission for HFCC at Brisbane

Special DRM transmission from KTWR Guam for HFCC-ASBU B15 Coordination Conference at Brisbane

Date : 24th to 28th Aug 2015 (Monday to Friday)
Time : 0630-0730 UTC (1630 -1730 Local Time)
Power : 90 kW
Language : English
Frequency : 15450 kHz
Towards Australia

Reception reports to or submit online at

(Alokesh Gupta)

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

KNLS Alaska new schedule via transmitter 2

ALASKA   KNLS The New Life Station via tx 2 from Aug.15

0800-0900 on 11870 NLS 100 kW / 270 deg to SEAs English
0900-1000 on 11870 NLS 100 kW / 300 deg to NEAs Russian
1000-1100 on 11870 NLS 100 kW / 270 deg to SEAs English
1100-1200 on 11870 NLS 100 kW / 300 deg to NEAs Russian
1200-1300 on 11870 NLS 100 kW / 270 deg to SEAs English
1300-1400 on  9655 NLS 100 kW / 300 deg to NEAs Chinese
1400-1500 on 11765 NLS 100 kW / 270 deg to SEAs English
1500-1600 on  9655 NLS 100 kW / 300 deg to NEAs Russian
1600-1700 on  9655 NLS 100 kW / 315 deg to NEAs Russian
1700-1800 on  9655 NLS 100 kW / 315 deg to NEAs Russian

Announcement in English and Russian with old frequencies !

(Times in UTC, frequencies in kHz)

(Ivo Ivanov)

New DRM schedule from AIR Bengaluru

New DRM (Digital radio Mondiale) transmission schedule for All India Radio External Services via Bengaluru with effect from 16 Aug 2015 :

Note: Two programs are broadcast simultaneously using single frequency in most cases.

0315-0415 UTC 15120 kHz (Program 1 : Hindi, Prog 2 : Vividh Bharati) - Towards East Africa/Middle East
0415-0430 UTC 15120 kHz (Prog 1 : Gujarati, Prog 2 : Vividh Bharati) - Towards East Africa/Middle East

0430-0530 UTC 15120 kHz (Prog 1 : Hindi, Prog 2 : Vividh Bharati) - Towards East Africa/Middle East

1000-1100 UTC 17895 kHz English - Towards Australia, NZ

1145-1315 UTC 15795 kHz Chinese  - Towards China

1215-1330 UTC 15795 kHz (Prog 1: Chinese, Prog 2 : Tibetan) - Towards China

1615-1715 UTC 11620 kHz (Prog 1 : Russian ; Prog 2 : Vividh Bharati) - Towards Europe

1745-1945 UTC 7550 kHz  (Prog 1 : GOS-IV English, Prog 2) : Vividh Bharati - Towards Europe

1945-2045 UTC 7550 kHz  (Prog 1 : Hindi, Prog 2 : French) - Towards Europe

2045-2230 UTC 7550 kHz  (Prog 1 : GOS V English, Prog 2 :Vividh Bharati) - Towards Europe

2245-0045 UTC 13605 kHz (Prog 1 : GOS I English, Prog 2 : Vividh Bharati) -Towards Europe

The reception reports on technical quality of the transmission on the above frequencies are welcome and may please be sent to Deputy Director General (Spectrum Management & Synergy) by email at :

(Jose Jacob)

BBG Names John Lansing as Chief Executive Officer

BBG Networks Include Voice of America, Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, Radio and TV Martí, Radio Free Asia, and Middle East Broadcasting Networks WASHINGTON - The Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG), the independent federal government agency that oversees all U.S. civilian international media, today announced the appointment of John Lansing as Chief Executive Officer and Director of the BBG. Lansing will begin his service at the BBG in September.

Lansing joins the BBG with nine years of experience as President of Scripps Networks, where he is credited with guiding the company to become a leading developer of unique content across various media platforms including television, digital, mobile and publishing. As President of Scripps Networks, Lansing was responsible for strategic and operational oversight of the $2.5 billion division of Scripps Networks Interactive, including the company's portfolio of six cable networks - Food Network, HGTV, Travel Channel, DIY, Cooking Channel and Great American Country - and the $100 million Scripps Networks Digital division. Prior to joining Scripps Networks in 2004, Lansing was Senior Vice President for Television in the broadcasting division of the E.W. Scripps Company, managing the company's portfolio of 10 network affiliated television stations. Earlier, he held various senior management positions at Scripps-owned affiliates, including WEWS TV in Cleveland, Ohio and WXYZ TV in Detroit, Michigan.

Most recently, Lansing was President and Chief Executive Officer of Cable & Telecommunications Association for Marketing (CTAM), a marketing association comprised of 90 of the top U.S. and Canadian cable companies and television programmers. There, Lansing oversaw the development of business strategies and marketing initiatives that position cable television companies for continued growth as they compete with emerging digital content platforms.

Lansing also brings a deep understanding of journalism from roles as an award-winning Photojournalist and Field Producer, Assignment Manager, Managing Editor, and News Director at several television stations earlier in his career.

Lansing is currently Vice Chair of the Bellarmine University Board of Trustees and was named to the Bellarmine Gallery of Distinguished Graduates in 2010. He serves on the National Advisory Board of the Bellarmine University's Institute for Media, Culture & Ethics; National Council for Media and Public Affairs of George Washington University School of Media & Public Affairs; and, until recently, the Poynter Institute for Media Studies Foundation, one of the nation's top schools for professional journalists.

"John is a proven executive and a remarkable, transformative leader in multiplatform content strategies, development and distribution," said BBG Chairman Jeff Shell. "With his journalistic sensibilities and success in leading media companies through periods of challenges and growth, John is the ideal person to lead the BBG as we accelerate efforts to shape a global, world-leading media organization that is up to the challenges of the 21st century."

"We are very fortunate to have John take on the CEO role at this critical time when U.S. international media is on the front line of the United States' most important and complicated foreign policy issues," added Shell. "From eastern Ukraine to China to ISIL and Iran, the programming of the BBG is the most important, and in many cases, the only voice of honest and open journalism. John also understands that conveying and critically assessing official U.S. policy is a key component of BBG's mission. American leadership in the world depends in part on international audiences knowing where the United States stands with respect to their countries and the issues that affect them."

"I thank Chairman Shell and the Board for this opportunity to help lead this fantastic organization," said Lansing. "As one of the world's largest media enterprises, the BBG provides balanced, reliable and authoritative news in the face of partisan media and heavy propaganda from repressive nations and extremist groups. I am honored to enter into public service and to join a team of world class journalists and media professionals who are dedicated to expanding freedom of information and expression worldwide. I also welcome the opportunity to work with this distinguished Board, which has steadily guided the BBG forward."

Chairman Shell also thanked André Mendes for his service as BBG Interim CEO. "On behalf of the entire Board, I would like to express our deep appreciation for the tireless work of André and his dedicated team. During this transition period, André and his colleagues have worked diligently to produce outstanding results and to spur on forward momentum at the BBG."

BBG's Critical Importance in a Fragmented World and Rapidly Changing Media Environment

U.S. International Media (USIM) operates today in a challenging environment in which global audiences have vastly increased access to information from both public and private sources and in which modes of communication are changing in fundamental ways.

The global information space has become a battleground, where new international actors have "weaponized" information to try to undermine not only Western values but also Western resolve to confront the challenges of the 21st century. The emergence of well-funded state-sponsored broadcasters have demonstrated how propaganda can directly influence events on the ground. Elsewhere, non-state actors including al-Qaeda, ISIL and Boko Harem are using social media to recruit fighters and sow fear.

The BBG is sparing no effort to bring global audiences alternative narratives - built on accurate, fact-based journalism - to foreign propaganda in Ukraine and across the former Soviet Union as well as in the Middle East, South Asia and the African Sahel. MBN's Raise Your Voice, an interactive audience engagement initiative on TV and radio in Iraq exemplifies BBG's response, empowering moderate secular and religious voices to discuss the root causes of ISIL while providing Iraqi leaders with constructive feedback on the lives and hopes of the Iraqi people.

Gallup research underscores impressive results, most notably where extremism is a palpable threat; BBG networks boast weekly adult audiences of 44% in Iraq, 53% in Afghanistan, 28% in Iran, 51% in Somalia, and 18% in Nigeria. Globally, BBG networks increasingly are engaging new audiences, reporting on issues of human rights, government corruption and other issues, which contributes toward an all-time high measured BBG weekly audiences in excess of 215 million and rapid growth across all media platforms including social media and mobile.

Telling America's story is a significant part of BBG's statutory mandate. BBG covers the United States in all of its complexity, reflecting the nation's democratic process, so that the countries that are struggling to nurture their own democratic systems might learn from the American experience.

BBG has also developed a robust portfolio in Internet anti-censorship. The agency focuses not only on disseminating content, but also on expanding access to the Internet, and offering to citizen and professional journalists the tools to report safely without detection by government surveillance. Increasingly, this work is important in countries such as China, Venezuela and Iran that are bolstering their firewalls to stop the free flow of information.

(BBG Press Release)

Monday, August 17, 2015

KTWR Guam DRM Test - New

Date : 17th & 18th Aug 2015 (Monday and Tuesday)
Time : 1445 -1515 UTC (8.15 - 8.45 pm IST)
Power : 90 kW
Language : English
Frequency : 12120 kHz
Azi : 285 Deg (towards North India)

Reception reports to or submit online at

(Alokesh Gupta)

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Special broadcasts by AIR on Independence Day (15 Aug 2015)

India is celebrating its 69th Independence Day on 15 August 2015, details of special programs by All India Radio for the occasion is as follows:

14 August 2015 (Friday)  1330 UTC (7.00 pm IST)

Honble President Shri. Pranab Mukherjee's "Address to the Nation" on the eve of Independence Day in Hindi and English at 1330 UTC (7.00 pm IST).
All stations of All India Radio will relay this on MW, SW and FM.

Look out on the following Home Service SW frequencies :

4760 Leh
4760 Port Blair
4775 Imphal ?
4800 Hyderabad
4810 Bhopal
4820 Kolkata ?
4835 Gangtok
4840 Mumbai
4850 Kohima ?
4860 Shimla ?
4880 Lucknow
4895 Kurseong
4910 Jaipur
4920 Chennai  
4950 Srinagar ?
4970 Shillong
4990 Itanagar  ?
5010 Thiruvananthapuram
5040 Jeypore
5050 Aizawl
6030 Delhi
9425 Delhi
9380 Aligarh
9870 Bangalore

? = Irregular/Off air lately
15 August 2015 (Saturday) 0135-0240 UTC (0705-0810 hrs IST)

All India Radio will broadcast the running commentary in English and Hindi on the Flag Hoisting and Prime Minster's speech to be held at Red Fort, New Delhi between 0135-0240 UTC (0705-0810 hrs IST) on 15th August, 2015 on the following SW frequencies.


11985 Delhi 250 kW
15050 Bengaluru 500 kW
15185 Panaji 250 kW


6155 Aligarh 250 kW
9595 Delhi 250 KW
11620 Bengaluru 500 KW

(Note : External Services in Urdu on 6155, 9595, 11620 are replaced by commentary at this time)

The Regional SW Stations will start using their day time frequencies about 1 hour or more earlier than usual on 15th August as follows to relay the Commentary. This may provide enhanced reception of stations than on normal days.

The sign on schedule for that day is as follows with normal sign on timings in brackets.

1. Bhopal - 0130 UTC (Ex 0225) 7430
2. Chennai  - 0130 UTC (Ex 0300) 7380
3. Hyderabad - 0130 UTC (Ex 0225) 7420
4. Imphal - 0130 UTC (Ex 0225) 7335
5. Kolkata -  0130 UTC (Ex 0230) 7210
6. Port Blair - 0130 UTC (Ex 0315) 7390
7. Shimla - 0025 UTC (Ex 0215) 6020
8. Thiruvanathapuram - 0130 UTC (Ex 0230) 7290

Note: Srinagar will not change to 6110 at 0215 but will continue on 4950

Other frequencies operating as usual at that time but carrying the speech/commentary are as follows:

4760   Leh                                        
4835   Gangtok        
4840   Mumbai        
4850   Kohima (Irregular)
4880   Lucknow        
4895   Kurseong      
4910   Jaipur
4970   Shillong        
4990   Itanagar      
5040   Jeypore        
5050   Aizawl
7270  Chennai

All stations of AIR will relay the running commentary.

Reception Reports to :


Director ( Spectrum Management and Synergy)
All India Radio,
Room No. 204
Akashvani Bhawan,
Parliament Street
New Delhi110001, India
Jose Jacob/Alokesh Gupta

KTWR Guam DRM Test

Date : 13th and 14th Aug 2015 (Thursday and Friday)
Time : 1445 -1515 UTC (8.15 - 8.45 pm IST)
Power : 90 kW
Language : English
Frequency : 15450 kHz
Azi : 285 Deg (towards North India)

Reception reports appreciated.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Radio Plays Vital Role in Quake-Ridden Nepal

The horrendous earthquakes that ripped through Nepal in April and May 2015 killed thousands of people, seriously injured many more, and flattened much of this mountainous country's infrastructure, including its government, commercial and community radio stations. In the wake of these disasters, Nepal's broadcasters have stood up for their people by doing whatever it takes to get their life-saving transmissions back on air.

Given the extent of the damage, the level of human tragedy that has affected all Nepalese and the country's limited communications, electrical and emergency response capabilities, these efforts are nothing short of heroic. But Nepal's broadcasters understand that their broadcasts are lifelines for listeners seeking life-saving assistance, information, and a sense of connection with the rest of their fellow citizens. 

See more at:

Despite computers, there’s still interest in ham radio

You'd think that with all the computers in homes, all the smartphones in the hands of everybody from children through senior citizens, all the internet, the world wide web, the forums and blogs and Twitter and Facebook and email and chat boxes and social media, there would be absolutely no interest in an old-time hobby like ham radio.

FRS-Holland's 35th Anniversary special

FRS-Holland will hit the airwaves on Sunday August 30th. That's almost exactly 35 years following the official start of the station back in 1980. Programmes will start at 17:52 UTC/ 19:52 CEST and will last till 23:05 UTC/ 01:05 CEST. Frequencies are most likely: 7700(7685) //9300 (9335) kHz.

For streaming (at the same time as the SW output!) please check: [] and  []. For mobile devices there is a 24 kbps mono stream: []. Streaming will be repeated one week later on Sunday September 6th from 15:52 UTC/ 17:52 CEST till 21:05 UTC/ 23:05 CEST.

The upcoming broadcast will include five 60 minute thematic musical shows, take a look at the schedule below...

Understandably reception reports and letters with comments & criticism are much appreciated and will be verified with one of our QSL cards from our current series FRS through the Years. This implies you can make your very own choice out of the eight QSLs this series consists of. The only condition is you send us the number of the QSL you'd like to receive. Curious about the previously published QSLs from this series? Take a look at our Image Gallery, QSL Gallery, QSL Series.  

E-mails please to and for a hard copy use our Herten maildrop: P.O.Box 2702, 6049 ZG Herten, the Netherlands.

FRS-HOLLAND Programme - Schedule for SundayAugust 30th 2015

UTC Time    Programme
17:52 Station-opening: ID's & Theme tune
18:02 Theme tunes from the 60s to 80s (deejays/ stations) Special-   Paul Graham kicks off with great   memories to the songs which reminded milliosn of listeners to their favoutite   jocks and/or stations.
19:00 German Show: banned songs- Jan van Dijk. He's focusing on songs which were banned from the   radio in past decades.
20.00 FRS Magazine presents a Special- Peter Verbruggen with music from Dutch artists/ bands from the 1970-1980 era. Part of the show will be extracts from landbased SW pirates.
21:00 Dave Scott's Radiowaves: this time Davewill feature on forgotten tracks from the 1980s era.
22:00 FRS Golden Show – Roger Davis. This time a psychedelic trip   through the 1960s special of the FRS  Golden Show. Familiar but also rare 1967 s stuff. Most   likely also an Offshore Radio item will be included.
23:00-23:05 Close down

Monday, August 10, 2015

Ghana Broadcasting Corporation marks 80th anniversary

The Ghana Broadcasting Corporation (GBC) on Friday celebrated its 80th anniversary, taking its listeners and its website visitors through the evolution of the station.On Friday, various programmes were done including one in Hausa language, where the National Chief Imam, Sheik Osman Nuhu Sharabutu, offered Muslim prayers for the GBC.

The Director General of GBC, Major (Retired) Albert Don Chebe, praised past directors and staff for bringing the station this far and pledged that the current generation of broadcasters would work hard to improve on set standards.

GBC is the first radio station to be established in Ghana in 1953 by Sir Arnold Hudson, then Governor of the Gold Coast which is known today as Ghana.
He was assisted by F. A. W. Byron, a British Radio Engineer, and transmission was through a rediffusion box.

PBC is the new DRM Consortium Member

Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM) Welcomes Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation (PBC) to DRM Consortium

Digital Radio Mondiale is delighted to announce the Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation as a new member of the Consortium.  Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation, also known as Radio Pakistan, is a public radio broadcasting network, as well as a mass-media state-owned big corporation in Pakistan.

Syed Imran Gardezi, Director General of PBC said, "The Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation is interested in introducing the latest digital technologies for the benefit of the Pakistani listeners.  As such we are happy to join the DRM Consortium as we are embarking on the modernisation and digitisation of our infrastructures".

Ruxandra Obreja, DRM Chairman, welcomes PBC to the DRM Consortium and sees this "as a serious commitment of PBC to the latest radio technologies like the DRM standard and a chance for the DRM Consortium to strengthen its position in Asia and to learn more from an important market like Pakistan".

About Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation    

PBC provides a wide range of radio and news services broadcast on TV, internet and radio and in almost two dozen languages used in Pakistan. Outside Pakistan PBC broadcasts in more than half a dozen languages. PBC's programmes aim to entertain people through music, features, and plays, while educating the overseas audience about Pakistan, its culture and government and the world. PBC programmes educate people on socio-economic issues covering 'health‚ education‚ environment‚ population welfare‚ agriculture‚ special persons‚ rights of women‚ human rights‚ minorities and media freedom'. Its core mission states the aim of PBC as: "education, news and information to bring public awareness to a whole range of significant activity."  At national level, PBC broadcasts in 23 different state-recognized languages 24-hours a day.  The PBC external services programmes are broadcast 8-hours a day in 10 different foreign languages, covering Western, Southern, Eastern, Northern Asia and some parts of Eastern Europe.

For more information please see  

About DRM

Digital Radio Mondiale™ (DRM) is the universal, openly standardised digital broadcasting system for all broadcasting frequencies.

The DRM standard comprises of two major configurations: 'DRM30' intended for broadcasts on short, medium and long wave up to 30 MHz and providing large coverage areas and low power consumption. The configuration for the VHF bands above 30 MHz is called 'DRM+', tailored for local and regional coverage with broadcaster-controlled transmissions.

All DRM configurations share the same audio coding, data and multimedia services, service linking, multiplexing and signalling schemes.

DRM provides high quality sound combined with a wealth of enhanced features: Surround Sound, Journaline text information, Slideshow, EPG, and data services.

For more information and DRM updates please visit or subscribe to DRM news by writing to                                                                                                                  

(Press Release)