Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Radio Taiwan Intl. English Service - Frequency cancellations

Starting November 1st, 2008 following frequencies will be cancelled.

1) from 0200 to 0300 UTC on 9680 KHz to North America
2) from 0700 to 0800 UTC on 5950 KHz to North America
3) from 0300 to 0400 UTC on 15215 KHz to South America
4) from 2200 to 2300 UTC on 9355 KHz to Europe

VOA Restructures Bosnian, Hindi, Serbian, Macedonian, Russian Broadcasts

PRESS RELEASE - Washington, D.C., September 29, 2008 - The Voice of America (VOA) is ceasing radio broadcasts in Hindi, Bosnian, Serbian, and Macedonian on September 30, 2008, using available resources to reach audiences in those markets through television and the Internet. No VOA language service will be shut down and no jobs will be lost.
VOA also is discontinuing its 30-minute Russian weekly television program and will deliver text, audio, and video content to Russia's fast-growing Internet market. VOA will be accessible through digital devices, including mobile Internet devices, cell phones that receive text and multi-media messages, and MP3 players. VOA's Russian radio broadcasts ended in July 2008. The change in VOA Russian's program delivery reflects the crackdown on independent media and freedom of speech in Russia. Russian government pressure has forced almost all VOA local radio and television affiliates to drop VOA and other international broadcasts. Shortwave radio listenership also has continued to decline throughout the country, with fewer than 2% of Russians using this medium weekly.
"We owe great thanks to the VOA radio journalists who have broadcast to these countries over the years," said VOA Director Danforth Austin. Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (RFE/RL) will continue radio broadcasting to Russia, Bosnia, Macedonia, and Serbia. VOA and RFE/RL are part of the Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG), the independent government agency that oversees all U.S. international broadcasting.

"Hindi audiences are crucial for the BBC"

Read the radioandmusic.com story here :


English on air for students

Ranchi, Sept. 29: The state is all set to introduce an interactive radio programme - Aao Angrezi Sikhein - for primary schoolchildren from October 2.The programme is initiated by Jharkhand Education Project Council (JEPC) in association with the All India Radio, Ranchi. As many as 150 lessons in English have been designed under the project. Initially, it will cover Hazaribagh, Ranchi, Jamshedpur, Chaibasa and Daltonganj, and based on the success, the JPEC plans to cover all the districts of the state.
Read the Telegraph story here :


IGNOU course on community radio

30 Sep 2008, 0323 hrs IST,TNN
NEW DELHI: Indira Gandhi National Open University in association with Commonwealth Educational Media Centre for Asia (CEMCA) has announced the introduction of a six-month certificate programme on community radio. This was announced by V N Rajasekharan Pillai, vice chancellor, IGNOU, in between the two-day conference on community radio being hosted at IGNOU. In his address, Pillai said, this is the first of its kind of programme in Asia which will bring together community radio practitioners, communication experts and academics for content planning in community radio. He also announced 150 scholarships for this programme. Students with XII certificate are eligible for this course. The programme will commence from January 2009.

Monday, September 29, 2008

All India Radio special programme on Mahalaya

Mahalaya is a special two hour tranmission consisting of Sanskrit recitation & music orated by Birendra Krishna Bhadra. AIR has been broadcasting this since early 1930s. Count down of Durga Puja starts from the day of Mahalaya. Some of the regional AIR stations were carrying this special transmission with sign on at around 2230 UTC, continued upto 0015 UTC, some of the stations abruptly switched to thier regular programming. Heard AIR Gangtok 4835, AIR Guwahati 4940 & AIR Shimla 4965 carrying Mayalaya broadcasts. No copy of AIR Kolkata 4820 as buried under severe co-channel qrm by PBS Xizang 100 kW.
Most of the MW channels were also carrying this special transmission, some of them noted were :
666 - Delhi
747 - Lucknow A
774 - Shimla
954 - Najibabad
1008 - Kolkata B

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Special edition of Voice of Russia - Moscow Mailbag

This year marks 30 years of Voice of Russia World Service in English, formed as part of the English-language Service of Radio Moscow that was on the air since 1929. On October 3, 1978, the new service began round-the-clock broadcasts beamed throughout the world. The upcoming edition of Moscow Mailbag will be dedicated to 30th anniversary of Voice of Russia. There will be reminiscences of Voice of Russia staff members about their work at the radio three decades ago plus voices of brilliant broadcasters such as Joe Adamov and Boris Belitzky, whose names are familiar to listeners worldwide and whom we all recall with fondness. All that and more, in the next edition of Moscow Mailbag - on the air from Monday, September 29.

Tune in to Moscow Mailbag at foll times :
Monday at 01.00, 05.00 and 17.00
Tuesday at 04.00 and 16.00
Wednesday 04.00
Thursday at 06.00 and 17.00
Friday at 04.00, 07.00, 16.00
Saturday at 03.00
Sunday at 01.00, 06.00 and 15.00
(All times in UTC)
Voice of Russia has a special jubilee webpage with testimonials from listeners, here's the link :

Voice of Russia Hindi service organises two day conference in New Delhi

On the ocassion of "Year of Russia" in India Voice of Russia Hindi service is organising a conference in New Delhi for radio listeners and friends of the clubs at Russian Cultural Centre, New Delhi. Voice of Russia Hindi listeners conference will be held for two days - November 5th & 6th, 2008.

5th Nov,2008 (Wednesday)

- Declaration of results of the competition on the history of Russia and India held on the ocassion of "Year of Russia" in India.
- Names of the winners will be announced & prizes distributed.
- Ambassodor of Russia in India H.E. Mr Vyacheslav Ivanovich Trubnikov will address the guests.
- Director of the Russian Cultural centre in Delhi Fyodar Rjzovski will address the conference.
- Delegates from Voice of Russia will address the conference.
- Representative of India's social institutions, University & All India Radio will also address at the conference.

6th November, 2008 (Thursday)
The second day of the conference is dedicated to Voice of Russia listeners. Voice of Russia delegates will listen to their audience, like to know their reaction on programs & will also hear to criticisms and desires. During the conference gifts & prizes will be given to active listeners & club members. All radio listeners and friends of Russia's club members from South Asian countries are invited for the conference. If you would like attend this conference & want to come to Delhi to participate, please send an email to Voice of Russia Hindi Service to include your name for the conference & VOR Hindi service will send the invitation letter. Voice of Russia also advises that they will not pay any fare for attending the conference & no accomodation will be provided to stay in Delhi. Participants of the conference will have to arrange for thier own accomodation.

Venue :
Russian Cultural centre
Embassy of Russia Cultural Department
# 24 , Feroz Shah Road
New Delhi 110001.
Phone: 011-23329102

Sunday, September 28, 2008

PNP to set up radio station

By Abigail Kwok
First Posted 19:20:00 09/26/2008
MANILA, Philippines -- The Philippine National Police (PNP) will convert the radio station previously owned by the Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Service Administration (PAGASA) to make it a "police broadcast service." Outgoing PNP Director General Avelino Razon Jr. led the signing of the memorandum of agreement (MoA) Friday with Office of Civil Defense administrator Glenn Rabonza and PAGASA director Dr. Frisco Nilo to place AM radio station dzCA (1170 khz) under the PNP. Rabonza said dzCA, which is owned by the OCD, has been inactive for the past 15 years due to lack of funding, so "we welcome the proposal of the PNP to operate and manage the radio station that will serve the mutual needs of the PNP, OCD, PAGASA and other agencies for an effective mass communication and public information system." The PNP radio will serve as an emergency broadcast, weather warning, and mass communication system, Razon said. "The radio station will primarily operate as a police broadcast service for anti-criminality, and peace and order concerns; and as an emergency
broadcast system for disaster preparedness and response during contingencies, to include weather forecast and warning bulletins from concerned agencies," he added. To improve the communications system of the radio station, a transmitter will be put up in Obando, Bulacan on a
9,495-square meter lot. The radio station will also serve as an "alternate communication system" for the PNP to coordinate with mobile units and police outposts, Razon said.


Vineeta Dwivedi is the new DRM Project Director

Sep 26, 2008
The international not-for-profit DRM Consortium in London has named Vineeta Dwivedi as its Project Director.

Read the full report here :

TWR to establish network of FM radio stations in Kenya

Bordering the Indian Ocean with abundant wildlife and home to the Masai Mara where wildebeest and other wild animals take part in large scale annual migration, Kenya is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Despite its natural beauty, many of the people of Kenya are living in utter desperation and despair, in critical need to hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ. TWR-Kenya produces over 32 different program titles with over 60 hours of programming weekly. Every week 133 programmes are dispatched on CD from their office to ten FM radio stations in Kenya and to the TWR-Africa Regional Office in South Africa for broadcast on short wave to East Africa from the Swaziland transmitter site.

Full story at :

New Frequency for VOA Bangla

from DXAsia News

From 1st October VOA Bangla service is moving on to 9320 kHz (to get good propagation) replacing 11835 kHz from Philippine relay at 1600-1700 hrs to South Asia and parallel 7260 kHz from Thailand relay continues. Currently this 9320 kHz is used by VOA Hindi which is due to close on 30th September 2008 -so the last chance of hearing VOA Hindi is on Tuesday 30th September at 1600-1700 hrs on 9320 and 7430 kHz.

(Alok Dasgupta, Kolkata, India)

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Another BBC goof up ?

Check this ...............

Govt of India: Please call in the BBC and ask them a question


Feba India responds to floods

Shannon June Kittlitz
Friday 5th September, 2008
With nearly a hundred reported deaths and a million made homeless following the floods in Bihar, Feba India was called in to respond. Our colleagues in India are partnering with other groups to respond, based on their experiences from the FIRST Response Disaster Radio training workshop and trial in June. Suma Emmanuel, Feba India, writes: "A request from the Indian government to set up an emergency radio response to the flooding has brought Feba India once again into partnership with Nomad India (who ran the transmission side of the FIRST Response trial)." "The situation in some interior places is rather grim, and gloom/sadness/despair is in the hearts of the people," says a medical doctor working in Bihar. "Food and relief are scarce; we
have had reports of people not eating anything for a week now. And the monsoon season is still bringing heavy rains almost every day." Feba India is providing its pre-recorded programmes for disaster response to All India Radio (AIR), and they have applied for three FM licences in order to broadcast into areas where there is no AIR coverage. The FIRST Response coordinator travels to India today to join in operations with Feba India staff. Earlier this week, Feba UK engineers prepared a Chrysolite suitcase studio for shipping out to India, as one of two suitcase studios to be used in this FIRST Response Disaster Radio project. Each suitcase studio includes a small mixer, a laptop computer for recording, a CD player to play music and a small digital recorder for making field recordings. The suitcase studio is a simple 'on-air' studio when connected to a transmitter. Upon arrival, starting to broadcast can take as little as 30 minutes. The coordinator says: "You open it up, you plug it in, you turn it on, you start recording - you start doing radio right away." An FM radio transmitter is being provided by NOMAD, a community radio consultancy in India, and FEBCanada has provided funding to distribute 1000 portable radios in emergency response. FEBC has given the FIRST Response team start-up funding, and the team are seeking more funding from any interested supporters to cover costs for travel, shipping, equipment and supplies. You can give to this special project by sending a cheque payable to 'Feba Radio' and marked 'FIRST Response India'.
To find out more about the Chrysolite suitcase studio, view a video clip here.
(FEBA Radio)

Disaster response radio in Bihar, India

Shannon June Kittlitz
Friday 19th September, 2008
This is NOT a drill. No workshop agenda. No pre-planned programming. On Saturday 6 September the FIRST Response team began interviewing survivors of the Bihar floods. When the team walked into the train station of the Bihar state capital city, they were amazed by the number of people who had fled the flooding and were sleeping at the station. The team travelled by train to another district where they listened to heart-wrenching stories from the people in the relief camps and interviewed the District Surgeon (on camp health issues). The FIRST Response team is there as the voice of concern and hope.

Listen to audio

On Sunday the FIRST Response producers used these interviews to develop special radio programmes and arranged to route them by internet to the transmitters for airing on short wave, replacing existing Feba programming for a daily 30-minute segment in the morning and again in the evening. By Tuesday 9 September, listeners were calling in to share their experiences, seek help and ask questions. Over 200 calls and SMS messages were received in the first 6 days to a local number. Programme producers report that many listeners calling in would hang up after the first ring, leaving a "Missed Call" and the team would call them back. One listener said two of his children had died in the flood. Before they evacuated they put the bodies up on the roof because they did not know what to do with them. He asked our announcer if anyone could be sent to help retrieve and bury the bodies. We have passed this request on to a non-government organisation (NGO) in the area. A text message asked if the Bihar government would help him find a new job after the floods, or should he leave and move to another state looking for work. Some complain of no food or relief reaching their area. FIRST Response producers record these calls and create programmes with answers coming from the government or NGOs. One of the FIRST Response producers says: "Our radio programmes became a lifeline for them because no TV channel or relief team could reach them. They are sharing their tears, their needs and their feelings with us and request to send anybody near them that their lives could be saved."

Special Hindi b'cast for the Bihar flood victims at 1530 on 9855

Sep 26, 2008 (12 hours ago)
Special Hindi b'cast for the Bihar flood victims at 1530 on 9855
from DXAsia News
Noted one Hindi Service (name of the station not announced) on 9855 kHz at 1530-1630 hrs daily with Health hints, news and phone in from the Bihar region affected by recent floods and lots of popular Hindi film songs. According to WWDXC it is from Tashkent and is used by VT Merlin(FEBA Radio?)
Alok Dasgupta via http://dxasia.info
From DX MIX NEWS # 539 - 23 September 2008
U.K.(non) Additional txion of FEBA Radio via VTCommunications:1530-1630 NF 9855 TAC 100 kW / 131 deg to SoAs in Hindi

Thursday, September 25, 2008

U.S. Board Blocks Use of AM Frequency in Moscow for Voice of America Russian Broadcasts

FreeMediaOnline.org & Free Media Online Blog September 24, 2008, San Francisco - A U.S. broadcaster is denied access to a radio frequency in the Russian capital. The censor in this case is not the Kremlin, as one might expect, but the U.S. government agency which manages U.S. taxpayer-funded international broadcasts. The Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG) is preventing the Voice of America (VOA) from using an AM frequency in Moscow for its Russian-language radio programs, even though the Russian authorities still allow the frequency to be occupied by VOA. The same bipartisan Board ignored directives from Congress and terminated all on air VOA Russian radio broadcasts on July 26, just 12 days before the Russian army attacked Georgia.
read the full story here : http://www.bloggernews.net/117876

Report on the EDXC Conference 2008 in Vaasa

A report on the European DX Council Conference 2008 in Vaasa is available at :


(Thanks to Tibor Szilagyi, EDXC Secretary General for the link)

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

BBC celebrates five new FM partnerships with roadshow across Kenya

Date: 23.09.2008
BBC World Service celebrates the launch of BBC programming on five new FM radio stations in Kenya with a roadshow called Focus On Kenya – Your World, Your issues. From Monday 29 September, BBC presenters Joseph Warungu, Uduak Amimo and Josphat Makori will bring the breakfast show, Network Africa, and evening news programme, Focus On Africa, to audiences in Kakamega, Nakuru and Nairobi. The new partner stations rebroadcasting BBC programmes are MMUST 103.9 FM in Kakamega, Sauti Ya Mwananchi 100.9 FM in Nakuru, and Pamoja 99.9 FM, Star 105.9 FM and KU 99.9 FM in Nairobi. The BBC presenters will team up with each new partner station, daily, to debate with invited audiences and listeners across the continent and the world, the key issues affecting their lives. Audiences can continue the debate online at bbcworldservice.com/kenyaroadshow which goes live on Friday (26 September). The site will also feature a daily blog from Joseph Warungu and the latest images from the roadshow. Joseph Warungu, Editor of Network Africa and Focus On Africa, says: "The Focus On Kenya – Your World, Your Issues roadshow will be an exciting week for all involved. "It will be an opportunity for us to meet and engage with listeners and to work closely with our new local FM partners. "So, whether in Kakamega, Nakuru or Nairobi, or listening to us from across Africa or the world, we hope audiences will take part in our week of Focus On Kenya special events and programming." The first Focus On Kenya – Your World, Your Issues debate on Monday 29 September, with MMUST FM 103.9, will take place on campus at Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology in Kakamega to discuss the state of the media in Africa. On Tuesday 30 September the team will visit Nakuru to link up with Sauti Ya Mwananchi FM 100.9 to debate the controversial subject of land ownership. On Wednesday 1 October they arrive in Kibera, Nairobi, to join Pamoja FM 99.9 to talk about housing in that part of the city. The team will then move to Eastleigh, Nairobi, on Thursday 2 October to link up with Star FM 105.9 to discuss the affects of migration on the local community. To round up the week, on Friday 3 October, the team will visit Kenyatta University in Nairobi where, in conjunction with KUFM 99.9, they will debate Kenya's education system. Focus On Africa is broadcast at 1500, 1700 and 1900 GMT. Network Africa goes out at 0330, 0430, and 0530 GMT in East Africa and additionally at 0630 and 0730 GMT in West Africa. BBC Somali audiences can also hear programming from the roadshow on Thursday 2 October. Audiences wanting to share their views can contact Focus On Africa by email: focus@bbc.co.uk or by sending an SMS to: +44 7786 20 50 75. They can also contact Network Africa by email: network.africa@bbc.co.uk or by sending an SMS to: +44 7786 20 50 85.
On radio
With at least five hours a day of programmes dedicated to Africa in English and two hours of programmes in Swahili plus international news, sport, business and culture, there is something to suit all interests. You can hear us loud and clear on FM 24 hours a day, seven days a week on the following frequencies: Nairobi 93.9 FM, Mombasa 93.9 FM and Kisumu 88.1 FM BBC
World Service is also available on short wave right across Kenya at the following times:
0800-2000 – 13m, 16m
0600-0900 – 25m
2000-0000 – 25m
1800-0000 – 31m
1800-0000 – 41m
You can also hear selected BBC programmes on the following local radio stations: Kameme FM 88.4, 92.3, 99.2 & 101.1; Mwanedu FM 96.1; Radio Simba 102.7 FM; Sheki FM 106.6; West FM 94.9 and 104.9
(BBC World Service Publicity)

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Request for Nominations for HF Transceiver Award

Request for Nominations for HF Transceiver Award.

We are pleased to inform you that NIAR renewing its commitment for fostering growth in amateur radio activity in India has decided to provide 25 amateur radio transceivers to deserving amateur radio clubs and Individual Hams who pledge to further promote the activity in their region. We gratefully acknowledge the support given by International amateur radio organisations, G QRP Club of UK and ARCI QRP which joined our efforts to promote Ham activity and donated of 20 sets of MFJ 9020X 20M Band - HF QRP transceivers. NIAR has constituted an Awards committee comprising of a panel of eminent Hams and others who will adjudicate the award recipients, Ms.D.Bharathi Prasad, VU2RBI, who was instrumental in working for this cause will be its convener. We request all Hams to participate in this magnanimous effort by nominating names of deserving Hams / Ham clubs from across the country to receive the above said transceivers. The nomination form is given below:

HF Transeiver Award Nomination form

1. Name of the Individual/Club:
2. Address(with Town/City, State, Pincode):
3. Callsign (validity upto):
4. License No. (enclose copy with latest renewal):
5. Telephone / Mobile Number:
6. A brief profile of Individual/Club:
7. Passport size photo - (one)

NOTE: The award recipient must be present and willing to receive it in person at Ham Tech 2008 Expo & Conference being held during October 18-20, 2008 at NIAR, Hyderabad. The nominations should reach on or before 1st October 2008 by post at :
National Institute of Amateur Radio, Raj Bhavan Road, Hyderabad – 500 082
Fax: 040-2331 0287
Email: niarindia@hotmail.com, vu2nro@gmail.com

The transceivers will be awarded to the recipients by the representatives of ARCI & GQRP Club at the Ham Tech – 2008 Expo & Conference being held during October 18-20, 2008 at NIAR, Hyderabad.

Join us in mission to empower people with skills and technology.

Thanking you.
Yours sincerely,
(S.Suri, VU2MY)
Founder & Chairman
National Institute of Amateur Radio
Raj Bhavan Road, Somajiguda
Hyderabad 500082, INDIA
Telefax: 91-40-2331 0287
Tel: 91-40-6516 7388
E mail: niarindia@hotmail.com
Web site: www.niar.org
Club station: VU2NRO 14160 kHz
Echolink - VU2NRO-R, VU2RG-R

Radio rules

Preeti Srivastav
Posted online: Sep 23, 2008 at 0152 hrs
Radio veteran Ameen Sayani gets candid on the new era radio. Changes are inevitable but the art lies in keeping pace with the change and at the same time not losing the heritage as well," feels radio veteran, Ameen Sayani. He was in the city to attend the national radio meet organised
by Symbiosis Institute of Mass Communication. Despite his advancing years and illness that had taken hold of the ever-energetic Sayani, there was no sign of weariness in his magical voice that was a treat for both the youngsters as well as the other guests, who grew up listening to him.
Read the full story here :

Monday, September 22, 2008

New QSL Cards from National Radio Company of Ukraine

Radio Ukraine International's parent organisation i.e. National Radio Company of Ukraine has designed & printed a series of new QSL Cards.And this QSL cards will be issued for all valid reception reports of all Ukrainian Radio transmissions i.e. its external serive transmission (Radio Ukraine International ) & Ukraine National Radio transmissions for all bands including FM band . One can send reception reports to Radio Ukraine International's transmission at their usual postal & e-mail address (i.e.vsru@nrcu.gov.ua). For of Ukraine's National Radio Transmission one can send their reception reports to National Radio Company of Ukraine's Monitoring Department via snail mail plus at a different e-mail idd via e-mail. I couldn't note down the e-mail address properly. Please check with Radio Ukraine International's website for contact address of Ukraine National Radio. This information was released in the DX Programme of Radio Ukraine International recently by its host.
(Thanks to Gautam Kumar Sharma, Abhayapuri,Assam,India)

Friday, September 19, 2008

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Frequency change for VOA Urdu Service

Starting 19th September VOA Urdu is moving on to 9515 kHz replacing 11755 kHz from Sri Lanka relay at 0000-0100 hrs UTC to South Asia and parallel 7135 kHz from Kuwait relay.
(Alok Dasgupta via http://dxasia.info)

Gautam Sharma on VOA Hindi Closer

Its very disappointing to read all the posts related to VOA Hindi Closer down.Heard a few editions of their Mailbag , no info related to its close down has been aired plus any e-mails etc related to it was aired. How can a few members of BBG sitting in Washington DC appointed from diverse fields outiside that organisation can decide a fate of Govt. funded organisation without going into details of listeners response etc etc of that service???

Its really seems to me very very strange!!!

As VOA-Hindi is getting tremendous response from listeners as is evident from number of listeners participating in their live calling shows etc etc .I think BBG silently taking these steps i.e.terminating language services etc etc. without any considerations to other matters.BBG has not ordered closer of VOA's Urdu,Bangla Services yet. Why??

I'm a listener of VOA Hindi trax. (on 7280 & 7430kHz now-a-days) during 1600-1700UTC for over nearly two decades.I was in first quarter of 1983 during the one of the most darkest period of Assam at nearly age of 10, I heard my first VOA Hindi Transmission. I was in Bilasipara in my maternal uncle residence.And it was from late 1989 that I began to tune into VOA Hindi Trax. from time to time. And from then to early 1997 during my passive period of radio listening, I just tuned into their transmission. And it was from early 1998 perhaps that I began to correspond with VOA Hindi.

They have improved their coverage of India from a few years with reports from India based reporters plus with their usual excellently produced feature programmes. Who knows VOA Hindi may be going of the air for forever on Sept.30 onwards...& never returns via shortwave again!!!!

I hope better sense will prevail on all!!!!!

73 & 55
Gautam Kumar Sharma
Abhayapuri, Assam, India.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Air FM Rainbow, Goa’s oldest and most popular radio station


RNZI's Special 60th Anniversary Card in 2009

In the coming year i.e. 2009, Radio New Zealand International is going to release a special comemorative printed QSL Card marking its 60th anniversary. Reception reports sent to Radio New Zealand International in the coming year will get this special QSL Card. As its a special card so,It will be of limited quantity. So, first 200 or so reception reports may be verifed with this QSL Card. I think David Recqlisk (?) is working on its design by studying RNZI's old QSL Cards.
This information was given by RNZI's technical guy Adrian Sailsbury in RNZI's Mailbox Programme on Spetmber 15,2008.I heard the show on 9655kHz during 1129 to 1155UTC via my Grundig YB 400 Receiver. I hope RNZI will also issue an electronic version this special comemorative printed QSL Card marking its 60th anniversary. Also in the programme, 2nd edition of the RNZI's 60th anniversary Special presented by David Recqlisk (?) was aired. You can still listen to the first part plus this 2nd part online by going to RNZI's website i.e. www.rnzi.com.

(Gautam Kumar Sharma, Abhayapuri, Assam, India)

Wrong Time to Give Up Voice of America Broadcasts to India

Free MediaOnline.org & Free Media Online Blog September 16, 2006, San Francisco -- In a show of bipartisanship, two powerful members of Congress sent a letter to the Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG) demanding that the BBG reverse its decision to terminate Voice of America (VOA) radio programs in Hindi to India. The BBG is a bipartisan body which manages VOA and several other taxpayer-funded U.S. international broadcasters.
The two Co-Chairmen of the Congressional Caucus on India and Indian Americans, Rep. Jim McDermott (D-WA) and Rep. Joe Wilson (R-SC), stressed in their letter to the BBG that over 70% of the Indian population lives in rural villages, many with no access to TV or the Internet. They expressed surprise that the BBG wants to terminate VOA Hindi radio at the time when the United States is expanding its strategic partnership with India. They asked the BBG to allow VOA Hindi radio broadcasts to continue.
Chances are slim, however, that the Broadcasting Board of Governors will reverse its decision on India or other countries, to which VOA programs have been terminated or will soon cease, unless the whole Congress acts to force the Board to give up these programming cuts.
Unfortunately for radio listeners in India and concerned Indian Americans, the BBG enjoys strong support on this issue from Senator Joe Biden, Jr. (D-DE), Senator Barak Obama's vice presidential running mate and a powerful member of the U.S. Senate.
Edward "Ted" E. Kaufman, Senator Biden's former chief of staff who now works on his vice presidential campaign, blocked attempts last week to resume Voice of America (VOA) radio programs to Russia and other countries, including India. As a Democratic member of the BBG, Ted Kaufman was responsible earlier with other Democrats and some Republican members for terminating VOA Russian-language broadcasts just 12 days before Russia attacked Georgia on August 8. He had also voted for ending VOA broadcasts to India and a number of other countries, including Georgia.
Last week, a Republican BBG member, radio journalist Blanquita Cullum, had requested a vote on resuming VOA broadcasts in Russian and suspending plans to stop broadcasts to other countries. India was one of the countries named in Cullum's proposal. Ted Kaufman was one of the key BBG members who refused to put the proposal to a vote, rejecting arguments that the earlier decision to terminate the broadcasts was wrong and that their resumption would send a strong message to Mr. Putin.
Ted Kaufman and others on Senator Biden's staff seem to be hoping that the mainstream media will not pay attention to this issue during the presidential election campaign, thus allowing them to play politics with U.S. international broadcasting to the benefit of the senator's constituents and longtime friends.
Taking away radio broadcasting to Russia from VOA benefits another BBG-managed broadcaster, semi-private Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (RFE/RL), which is incorporated in Delaware, Senator Biden's home state.
Senator Biden has been a strong supporter of his billionaire backer Norman Pattiz. Founder and chairman of media empire Westwood One, Pattiz had served on the BBG from May 2006 until March 2006. Pattiz pushed for the elimination of many Voice of America services to fund his news and entertainment broadcasting projects for the Middle East: Radio Sawa and Alhurra Television, which have attracted much controversy.
Even after Norman Pattiz resigned from the Board in March 2006, Senator Biden's former chief of staff continued to vote for eliminating or reducing VOA radio broadcasts to India, Russia, Tibet and other countries while supporting expanding broadcasts to the Middle East, Pakistan, and Afghanistan.
Indian Americans and other supporters of U.S. international broadcasting and media freedom can contact Ted Kaufman through the BBG executive director Jeff Trimble: jtrimble@ibb.gov. 330 Independence Avenue, SW Washington, DC 20237, Tel: (202) 203-4400, Fax: (202) 203-4585.

Send a copy of your email to the BBG spokesperson Tish King, publicaffairs@bbg.gov, and request specifically that it be forwarded to Mr. Kaufman.

You may also wish to contact the Obama-Biden campaign staff, Tel. (866) 675-2008, and the Senate offices of Senator Biden, Tel: (202) 224-5042 Fax: (202) 224-0139, and Senator Obama, Tel: (202) 224-2854 Fax: (202) 228-4260.

THIS POST CAN BE REPUBLISHED with attribution to FreeMediaOnline.org.

FreeMediaOnline.org is a 501 (c) 3 media freedom nonprofit organization based in San Francisco, CA. Contributions to FreeMediaOnline.org are tax-deductible. Please support our work in defense of media freedom worldwide.

Copy of the letter by Rep. Jim McDermott (D-WA) and Rep. Joe Wilson (R-SC) can be accessed at : http://alokeshgupta.googlepages.com/image009.jpg

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

AIR to revive community radio

Special Correspondent
VIJAYAWADA: After a gap of nearly 32 years, efforts are being made to revivethe community radio set movement. All India Radio, Vijayawada, StationDirector Mangalagiri Aditya Prasad said that a community radio set was goingto be installed at the Gudivada Municipality Park (adjacent to the MunicipalStadium) on Friday.The community radio set movement died a natural death in 1975 unable to facethe onslaught of television. Efforts were being made to revive the movementon an experimental basis, Mr Prasad said. A community radio set would be installed at the municipal park inassociation with the Gudivada Jaycees Club. A dilapidated room that housedthe radio set earlier would be renovated and a new radio set with aloudspeaker would be installed , he said. Hundreds of morning-walkers whocome everyday to the municipal stadium adjoining the park would listen tothe AIR programmes, he said.Prasara Bharathi would also launch a 42-day campaign on October 2, the birthanniversary of Mahatma Gandhi. The campaign would continue till November 12,the Public Service Broadcasting day. Radio Prachara Sabhas would be held aspart of this in all the five districts that fall in the footprint of theVijayawada Radio Station to promote the programmes of AIR.Rallies would be conducted during the campaign with popular radio artistesaddressing 'radio fans' in 'radio prachara ratham', he said.The Vijayawada AIR station would be celebrating its 60th anniversary nextyear with several special programmes, Mr Prasad said.

Radio Health to go on air from today

Express News Service 16 Sep 2008 03:44:00 AM IST
THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Radio Health, the community-driven health education FM radio will go on airfrom Tuesday. It was officially inaugurated by Health Minister P K Sreemathihere on Monday. The National Rural Health Mission (Arogya Keralam) has tiedup with the Ananthapuri channel of the All India Radio for broadcasting theprogrammes.
Read the full story here :

VOA Audience numbers climb in Pakistan

Washington, D.C., September 15, 2008 - The Voice of America's (VOA) weekly radio and television audience in Pakistan, scene of recent tumultuous political events, nearly doubled over the past year to more than 11 million, or almost 12% of the surveyed population, a new survey shows. "There's been a lot of news, including a temporary crackdown on independent media, coming out of Pakistan in the past 12 months," said Danforth Austin, VOA Director. "VOA has done a good job of covering events thoroughly, and listeners in Pakistan have obviously taken note," he said. Additionally, VOA has improved cross-border distribution of its popular radio program on medium-wave frequencies, he said.In a June 2008 survey by InterMedia, researchers found a huge jump – to 6.3% of the adult population from 2.8% – in VOA's Urdu-language radio listenership.The weekly VOA television audience also reached 6% percent, even though the program was shut down for nearly six months after then-Prime Minister Pervez Musharraf suspended the constitution in November 2007. Musharraf, who resigned last month, blocked television including foreign cable broadcasts and imposed restrictions on local reporters. Researchers said political events, which included the assassination of former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto in December 2007 and "periodic crackdowns on key local media outlets may have driven more Pakistanis towards external information sources."VOA's Aap Ki Dunyaa program in Urdu – Your World in English – broadcasts 12 hours a day on medium-wave (AM) and shortwave. The program, aimed at young people, includes news, information, music, call-in shows and features. VOA’s Urdu service also produces a daily, 30-minute television program – Beyond the Headlines – carried on two national TV networks, Aaj and Geo. Urdu is the country's predominant language. VOA also has a Pashto-language program focusing on the Pakistan-Afghanistan border region. Deewa Radio, a 24/7 stream, produces six hours of news, features, current affairs and other programs. Pakistanis also listen to VOA English.
(VOA Press Release)

Monday, September 15, 2008

All India Radio Kargil starts news bulletins in Purgee

All India Radio News Services Division started broadcast of two news bulletins from AIR, Kargil Station from 5th September, 2008. The five minute bulletins in Purgee will be broadcast daily at 7:30 p.m. and 10.00 p.m. With the installation of a new 200 KW transmitter, AIR Kargil will have a wide coverage area in the region. The new Bulletins meet the requirement for getting authentic news and the developments which take place in the region.With these the total number of Regional Bulletins and FM Head Lines had gone up to 448.
(Source : All India Radio)

DW and BBC Join Forces on DRM

Deutsche Welle and BBC to create new stream with a mix of global news and current affairs all in clear, digital quality on Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM) Shortwave. Two of the world’s major international broadcasters, BBC World Service and Deutsche Welle, have just announced plans to launch a joint radio service to Europe on DRM Shortwave. The new stream, which will be entirely in English, is expected to go live in early 2009. Broadcast in clear digital quality, it will be available from early morning till late at night targeting Western and Central Europe and a potential audience of 170 million listeners with global news and current affairs and a rich mix of in-depth analysis, documentaries and cultural programs. The service will provide a multimedia offer of audio and text, the latter coming automatically from the BBC News website. Erik Bettermann, Director General at Deutsche Welle, said: “It is great that two of the world’s most established broadcasters can work together on a project of this scale. This is an exciting venture that will offer European listeners top class content and provides the perfect opportunity to reintroduce listeners to DRM.”September 12, 2008
For more information on DRM, please contact: Fanny Podworny, DRM Consortium
E-mail: pressoffice@drm.org
(DW Press Release)

Friday, September 12, 2008

Broadcasting Board of Governors Refuses to Vote on Restoring Voice of America

Read the report here :

India Set to Lose Voice of America

Read the Washington Post report here :

Pending VOA Hindi closure upsets fans

Posted By: RnM Team 11 Sep 08 11:39 IST
MUMBAI: The impending closure of Voice of America's Hindi service on 30 September appears to upset loyal listeners, particularly from the country's Hindi belt, who have been tuned into the service for years now. The services's Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG) has announced that the VoA Hindi radio service will be terminated from the end of this month, a move that has also stunned its stringers and correspondents based in India. Rajasthan based J Singh, who contributes to the Hindi service of Voice of America says, "Ideally, VOA should have increased the hour slots as it has huge listenership for its cultural and regional news.” VoA's Arab radio service, Alhurra and Sawa that rely more on popular music and entertainment are flourishing at the cost of reduced Hindi service timings, point out sources. VoA is currently available as an one hour slot from 9.30 pm on the shortwave. Says Singh, “It was a platform for listeners all over the globe to ask questions and get replies to their queries. Apparently, the radio station has lost about 30 per cent listenership, when the morning time slot (6 to 6.30 am) was removed." VoA's listeners are mainly concentrated in the Hindi belt, in areas where the television and internet has not flourished much. Chabbra based regular VoA listener Hiralal Soni says, “It was the only way to be internationally connected for many remote areas and shutting the services would be a drawback for these listeners.”

All India Radio opens helpline & website for flood affected persons in Bihar

All India Radio has opened helpline & website for flood affected persons in Bihar. This helpline is for public service by AIR to help the affected people in the current Bihar floods. People can post as well as view the details of missing/found persons in this disaster. This information will be used for broadcast by All India Radio Stations in the affected areas. Apart from the status of missing/found persons, people can also send their queries/messages by sending SMS to 09971247247.
AIR special website for flood affected persons in Bihar can be accessed at :

Cabinet eases FM ownership norms

12 Sep 2008, 0326 hrs IST, TNN
NEW DELHI: The Union Cabinet on Thursday took a step towards radio reforms when it eased ownership norms for private FM radio, allowing for greater financial flexibility for the existing players. The move comes in response to demands from companies who were keen on setting up subsidiaries or merging group firms.
Read the full story here :

G Jayalal is AIR's new director general

Posted By: Anushree Bhattacharyya 11 Sep 08 17:41 IST
NEW DELHI: G Jayalal has been promoted as the Director General of All India Radio. This promotion is a temporary arrangement made by the Ministry of information and broadcasting. Meanwhile, Jayalal will continue to look after his current responsibility as the deputy director general - programming, planning, policy, development and commercial.
Read the full story here :

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Hong Kong Citizens' Radio goes off air

Hong Kong Citizens' Radio went off the air last night to fix transmission equipment after it was warned on Wednesday that its signals were interfering with air-to-ground communications, the South China Morning Post reports.
Read the full story here :

BBC plans ad blitz to promote FM programmes

Pritha Mitra Dasgupta
Posted: Sep 10, 2008 at 12:35 hrs
BBC World Service will be launching an aggressive campaign, starting this week, to promote its radio programmes being aired on various FM stations across the country. The campaign will be launched in Mumbai and rolled out to other cities in phases.
Full story at :

BES Review Jan-June 2008 issue available for download

BES Review Jan-June 2008 issue is now available for download here :

This issue of BES Review is focused on the coverage of the recently held BES EXPO-2008 event at Pragati Maidan. Extensive Reports on the Exhibition and various topics discussed in the conference have been included.

You can download past issues from here :

BES Review is a quarterly publication containing articles on latest development in the field of broadcasting and related science. The journal is provided free to its members. Others can obtain a copy of the journal at a subsidized rate of Rs 50/per copy or Rs 150 for four copies published in a year. The request for BES Reviews should be sent to the Executive officer Broadcast Engineering Society (India).
Contact Details :
Broadcast Engineering Society (India)
912, Surya Kiran Building
19, K.G.Marg
New Delhi - 110001
Tel: +91 11 43520895
+91 11 43520896
Fax: +91 11 43520897

Paula Zahn Called Upon to Explain U.S. Radio Program Cuts to Countries Without Free Media

Posted on September 8th, 2008
FreeMediaOnline.org & Free Media Online Blog, September 8, 2008, San Francisco - Perhaps Paula Zahn, formerly of CNN and ABC, could have explained to the White House, the U.S. Congress and the American people why the Voice of America (VOA) Russian-language radio programs were not being heard in the war zone in Georgia, or in Russia itself, when the Russian troops invaded their small neighbor on August 8. Twelve days earlier, the Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG), which tried to hire Paula Zahn as their public relations guru, had shut down all VOA radio broadcasts to Russia, and was about to shut down VOA radio to Georgia. But Paula Zahn will not be calling the White House or the Vice President's Office with a message to ignore complaints from human rights activists in Georgia and Ukraine, the two countries under pressure from Russia Mr. Cheney visited last week. The BBG failed to hire Paula Zahn because in the end she turned them down.
Full story at :

U.S. Jamming Its Own Radio Broadcasts In A Crisis With Russia

Read the story here :

The world still needs the Voice of America

The world still needs the Voice of America

By Helle Dale
As Russian tanks rolled across his country, an exhausted, retreating Georgian soldier was overheard asking, "Where are our friends?" One thing's for sure: They weren't on the air. Only days before the conflict -- and for the first time in 60 years -- the Voice of America's Russian-language radio programming had fallen silent. Meanwhile, Kremlin-controlled media outlets filled the news and information void.
Read the full story here :

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Listeners Meet of DW Radio Hindi service in India in October 2008 & other news

DW Radio-Hindi is going to organise a Listeners Meet in India in October 2008. But the exact date & place of the meeting has not been yet decided.The listeners will be informed about it as soon as it has been decided.
New Presenter in DW Radio Hindi : A new presenter, Ms Ritika Rai has joined DW Radio-Hindi for two months perhaps.She worked as News Presenter & Producer etc in Doordarshan before joining DW Radio-Hindi.She gave her introduction in last sunday's Aap Ki Bari Aap Ki Baat , the mailbag programme of DW Radio-Hindi.
DW Radio-Hindi Website Give Away : I understand DW Radio-Hindi is also giving away exciting prizes each day for those who visits their website.There will be some prize info etc hidden on a page or pages of website. One can win those/this each day by finding the place & then send the necessary info perhaps to DW Radio. Believe there will be popup instructions there as soon as you find the link where the prize info is hidden.
(Via Gautam Sharma, Assam)

Frequency change for Vatican Radio

from DXAsia News
Starting 7th September Vatican Radio is moving on to 5915 kHz replacing 9650 kHz at 0050-0200 hrs to South Asia....in parallel to 7335 kHz.

(Alok Dasgupta via http://dxasia.info/news/20080907)

Campus FM debuts in Bhubaneswar school

Bhubaneswar, Sept. 7: It's made for students, by the students and now it's on air. Adding to the concept of good schooling amenities, city-based SAI International School is ready with the first school campus radio in Orissa — Radio Orange 99.9. The virtual radio station, with its studio in Tansen Gallery, the music lab of the school, would broadcast a colourful blend of edu-infotainment programmes designed by the students.
Read the full story here :


Washington, D.C., September 8, 2008 - The Voice of America's (VOA) Creole service is providing vital news and information about relief efforts to people in Haiti, where deadly hurricanes have left hundreds dead and thousands without food, water and shelter. "We have loyal and dedicated listeners in Haiti, and we're doing our best to make sure they are kept informed about the humanitarian situation with interviews, news bulletins and call-in programs," said VOA Director Danforth Austin. VOA's stringers in the affected areas have filed on-the-ground reports on the devastating hurricanes that began when Gustav hit the Caribbean island August 26. Washington-based VOA staffers have kept abreast of developments with interviews of U.S. and Haitian officials, including key relief officials such as Haiti's Agriculture Minister Joanas Gue. "Our stringer in Gonaives is in a shelter, and he has described the situation. There is no food and water and everything is very expensive," said Ronald Cesar, chief of VOA's Creole service. Gonaives, a hard-hit town in the North, is one of the areas cut off from overland access because of storm damage. U.S. aid officials have pledged a total of $10 million in relief assistance, some of which will be delivered by helicopters based on the USS Kearsarge, now based off the coast of Haiti. VOA's Creole service broadcasts three 30-minute programs daily to Haiti. The programs are aired by 12 affiliate stations, including several with nationwide reach. Additionally, VOA broadcasts on shortwave. Surveys show more than half of all Haitians listen to VOA programs weekly. The Voice of America, which first went on the air in 1942, is a multimedia international broadcasting service funded by the U.S. Government through the Broadcasting Board of Governors. VOA broadcasts more than 1,250 hours of news, information, educational, and cultural programming every week to an estimated worldwide audience of more than 134 million people. Programs are produced in 45 languages.
(VOA Press Release)

Sunday, September 07, 2008

New website focusing Bangladeshi amateur radio operators and short wave listeners

We have recently launched a brand new website focusing Bangladeshi amateur radio operators and short wave listeners. We welcome you to visit us and give your openion and constructive ideas. You can access the site at http://www.s2dx.org/
Some of the features of the site is mentioned below:
1. Latest news and updates of radio world
2. Various forms and application sample for amateur radio licensing
3. Articles covering various dxpedition and events
4. User forum for discussion (coming soon)
5. Web gallery with rich contents
6. Registered user can upload content like article/story/pictures etc

Thank you in advance and hope to see your participation.
Fazlay Rabby

Aizawl gets first indpendent FM station

Posted By: Shabana Ali 06 Sep 08 13:08 IST
MUMBAI: Mizoram capital Aizawl got its first independent FM station on 15 August.Named 'Zoawi'(meaning celebrating Aizawl), the station, launched by Prasar Bharati, is positioned 'for the masses'. This is the second time Mizos get to sample FM, as AIR has been running Lunglei, which airs All India Radio content in the FM band in the city of Lunglei.'Zoawi' will operate only for five hours a day, from 5 pm to 10 pm. The FM station has been made operational using a 3x2 KW old transmitter which was lying unused, say sources. RJs from Mizoram's main AIR station have been roped in to service the new radio station as well. The AIR main station was set up on year 1966. Full story at :

Saturday, September 06, 2008

RTÉ Radio 1 to bring All Ireland Finals live commentary to GAA fans worldwide

RTÉ Radio 1 will bring live commentary of this weekend’s GAA All Ireland Hurling Final, when Waterford meets Kilkenny, and the GAA All Ireland Football Final on 21 September, when Kerry meets Tyrone, to GAA fans worldwide using various broadcast technologies. These services are part of RTÉ’s continued commitment to Irish people overseas, particularly in geographically or technically isolated areas. In addition to RTÉ Radio broadcasts, RTÉ will also broadcast the All Ireland Finals on RTÉ Television.

RTÉ Radio 1 will broadcast live commentary of the finals on LW 252, online at RTÉ.ie, via satellite (Europe, Hotbird and Eurobird), cable television and, available from Friday, 5 September, on Freesat.

GAA fans across Europe can hear RTÉ Radio 1’s live commentary via RTÉ.ie, LW 252, satellite and DRM frequencies as follows:
DRM (AM Digital Radio) trial service
Target Frequencies
Europe 11715 kHz until 3.30pm (1330 UTC)
9850 kHz from 3.30pm to 5pm (1330-1500 UTC)

In Africa, and as far as Southern Asia, RTÉ Radio 1 will broadcast live commentary from 3pm to 5pm Irish time (1300 - 1500 UTC) on both 7 and 21 September on the following shortwave frequencies:
Shortwave Frequencies for Africa
Target* Frequencies
West of Central Africa 11695 kHz
East of Central Africa 11960 kHz
Southern Africa 7295 kHz

*Note: These transmissions may be received a considerable distance outside the African continent (e.g. Southern Asia) depending on weather conditions.

GAA fans further a field in countries such as the United States, Canada and Australia can hear RTÉ Radio 1’s live commentary via RTÉ.ie and satellite.

RTÉ Radio Worldwide
RTÉ is Ireland's national Public Service Broadcaster, serving the public by telling the stories of Ireland's relationship with itself and with the rest of the world.

Updated Information
Internet Streaming Service
We are pleased to announce that our Internet streaming is now also available on Windows Media Player and also Real Player. We hope this will make our Internet broadcasts more easily available to a wider listenting audience. Please note all our MW services are closed. Only LW 252 kHz continues on the low frequeny bands.


Here's a RTE qsl received during 2007 special broadcast :

U.S. Broadcasting Board Plans to Cut American News Radio to Ukraine Where Vice President Cheney Visits Today

Read the story here :

Friday, September 05, 2008

Radio Kashmir Srinagar plays significant role for maintaining peace

News Agency of kashmir9/4/2008 11:16:37 PM
Srinagar, Sept 4 (NAK): Radio Kashmir Srinagar did a splendid work during the recent turmoil in Jammu and Kashmir, when the state was plunged into crisis over the land controversy and miscreants were busy in spreading rumours which flair-up communal violence in some areas of Jammu region.
Read the full report here :

DRM Unveils More Information and Equipment on DRM+ at IFA

The DRM Consortium was present again at one of the world´s biggest electronic consumer trade fairs, IFA in Berlin (29.08-3.09.). Among the receivers featured, visitors to the DRM booth could experience the DRM sound on the newly commercially available TechniSat Multyradio receiver. The first DRM-car receiver world-wide for the market (the Russian Sarapulsky Radiozavod SRZ RP – 229 DRM) was also available, it is a prototype ready to go in production.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

VOA Net P & C changes for Asia effective 04th Sept

Mon, 01 Sep 2008
Effective 4th September 2008 VOA is making some adjustments on their evening frequencies to South Asia :
With Net P Programs :
Add 7480 kHz 1400-1500 from THA
Add 9590 kHz 1500-1600 from THA instead of Net C
DEL 9345 kHz 1400-1500 from Philippines
Continue 9345 1500-1600 from Philippines
With Net C programs
Add 7480 kHz 1500-1600 from Philippines instead of Net P

(Alok Dasgupta via http://dxasia.info/news/20080901)

SLBC SW All Asia Service resurgence has began

Read the report here :

The world still needs the Voice of America

By Helle Dale
As Russian tanks rolled across his country, an exhausted, retreating Georgian soldier was overheard asking, "Where are our friends?" One thing's for sure: They weren't on the air. Only days before the conflict -- and for the first time in 60 years -- the Voice of America's Russian-language radio programming had fallen silent. Meanwhile, Kremlin-controlled media outlets filled the news and information void.
Read the full story here :

Radio Frequency Monitoring Stations comes up in Nepal

The much-awaited Radio Frequency Monitoring Stations (RFMSs) have come into operation in various parts of the Nepal starting mid-July. Officials at the Ministry of Information and Communication (MoIC) said the RFMSs, once brought fully into operation, will help address the problem of frequency disturbances, especially those connected with mushrooming FM radio. Four such stations -- one each at Pokhara (Kaski), Biratnagar (Morang), Chobhar (Kathmandu) and Lubhu (Lalitpur)--have already come into operation. Of these, the monitoring station at Chobhar is the central one and receives signals from all the other stations.
Read the full report here :

Photos of the celebrations to mark the 85th anniversary of Czech Radio

Photos of some of the celebrations to mark the 85th anniversary of Czech Radio

Serbian public broadcaster celebrates its 50th anniversary

The Serbian Broadcasting Corporation (RTS) is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. RTS broadcast its first television signal on August 23 1958. Today, RTS has two television and four radio channels, satellite channels, an archive and research centre; it has a large network of correspondents, a website (www.rts.rs), as well as a music production and publishing division.
Full report & photo at :

B08 Moscow Opening notes & Photos

Opening Notes B08 Conference - By HFCC Chairman Oldrich Cip

DRM on B08 Moscow Conference Agenda

B08 Moscow Reports
(Translated by babelfish)

Opening note - Speech by Boyarskov

Photographs from opening of conference

Work of conference - Photo report

Deutsche Welle relaunches Bengali website

Deutsche Welle (DW), Germany's international broadcaster, has announced the relaunch of its webpage in Bengali. Speaking at a meeting of Deutsche Welle listeners' clubs in Dhaka on 22 August, Grahame Lucas, Head of the DW South Asia Department, described the move as recognition of the growing importance of the internet in Bangladesh as a source of information and as a platform for radio and TV broadcasts.According to Grahame Lucas, the Deutsche Welle Bengali website offers a wide range of information ranging from news and current affairs to sport, culture, civil society, science, the environment, education and dialogue between the West and the Muslim world.There is also a special section containing reports on developments in Germany and Europe. Another feature of the site is the live stream facility for DW Radio and DW-TV programmes.Deutsche Welle's Bengali Service broadcasts two 30 minute radio programmes to Bangladesh and West Bengal every day. The initial user reaction to the site has been very positive with strong growth in the number of recorded visits, he said.Grahame Lucas said he was confident that this trend on dw-world.de/bengali would continue, especially after the introduction of new services such as podcasting and newsletters in the coming months.

Deutsche Welle QSLs

A few days ago I reported my 40th DW transmitter site verified. I’ve received some questions about the sites, so here is my list. All have been verified by DW cards.

Sierra Leone
Philippines (Radio Veritas)
WHRA, Cypress Creek, SC

And 2 early cards were simply marked “Germany”. These were probably Julich. Also I have a QSL for Deutschlandfunk via point-to-point DFF97 in Frankfurt on 6975. Based on club bulletins in the 1970s, as well as the Internet today, this was a DW transmitter. I was fortunate in getting a QSL for Sierra Leone as I don’t think DW used that site very long. My QSL is for a test broadcast logged on 5980 from 0612 to 0632 on January 28, 1975. The test was in English, included the transmitter site, and requested reception reports, giving DW address. There were also brief news items and music as well as ids in German and French. Did DW have any regular broadcasts from Sierra Leone? The 1975 WRTH lists only 10 kw for Sierra Leone; the ’76 edition shows 10/250 kw for 3316, 5980, & 9630 and states “Deutsche Welle irregularly testing via SLBS facilities”; while in ’78 (I can’t find my ’77 edition) it shows 10/250 on 5980 only and there is no mention of DW. I’m sure I’ve missed getting QSLs from some of the sites DW has used over the years. I’d be interested to learn of any additional sites anyone has verified—or that DW has used.

Wendel Craighead, Prairie Village, Kansas, USA

(Via Cumbre DX)

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

New President and CEO for KBS-Korea

Lee Byung Soon has been inaugurated as the new President and CEO of the Korean Broadcasting System (KBS) in a ceremony held at KBS in Seoul on Wednesday. Mr Lee's appointment to the position was made on Tuesday by President Lee Myung Bak following the recommendation of the KBS Board of Governors.
Read the full story here :

NSD Bihar helpline number started

Sep. 02
The News Services Division of All India Radio has established a
helpline for flood affected people of Bihar. The affected persons can
contact Toll Free Number - 1800 111 512 to inform about their
difficulties like the non-availability of relief material and
Please note down the Toll Free Number - 1800 111 512 .

Radio Botswana re-branding

By Kehumile Kgosisejo
GABORONE - Branding of the state-owned Radio Botswana is expected to commence on September 1, 2008. The branding is aimed at strengthening the station's programmes to put it in a better position to effectively compete with other radio stations. Speaking in an interview, Radio Botswana Station Manager, Mrs Margaret Modise said the station had enjoyed monopoly of the airwaves for several years and therefore there was need for branding to help it compete with upcoming stations.She said this was not the first time the station is branded, except that this time the branding would be applied to continuity programming to make the radio station more interesting. "At least if one has a presenter of his/her choice she/he will be able to listen or follow her at all times", she said. She said the changes include having one presenter per shift, phasing out the schools broadcast in the afternoon and changing slots for other programmes. She further said the change in slots was prompted by the mini programmes review that they have done.Despite the high demand by the business community to buy airtime, Mrs Modise said there was no way they could sell airtime because Radio Botswana is a public entity and its mandate is to serve the public for free. "RB 2 our sister station is available to sell airtime", she said. She said they have made the necessary preparations for this branding. She said they have selected their core presenters and producers to be in charge of the branding. She also said they have carried along their stakeholders so everyone was aware of such an arrangement.However, Mrs Modise said they were faced with several challenges such as shortage of staff and the upcoming general elections. "We also know we will be having some presenters going on leave and sick offs in between which is normal though and this might hamper our endeavor but it is our passion to maintain this branding for ever", she said.Radio Botswana started as Radio Bechuanaland in 1965 before it got its current name on September 30, 1966. RB 2 was introduced in April 1992 to cater for the youth and business sector.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

RADIO - The best is yet to come


Posted online: Tuesday , September 02, 2008 at 22:23 hrs Radio had made significant inroads into the lives of people as a medium closest to and most interactive with its audience. Little wonder it has definitely made a mark in a media environment dominated by print and television.

Read the full story here :


"Antarwani" - Community radio station approved

Special Correspondent
Centre to sanction Rs. 15 lakh for establishment of the station
GULBARGA: The Union Ministry of Information and Broadcasting has given final clearance for an FM community radio station, "Antarwani" to be set up by the Sharanabasaveshwar Vidya Vardak Sangha, which runs a chain of educational institutions in the region. The station has been allotted the frequency of 90.8 MHz. Poojya Sharanabasavappa Appa, sangha president and peetathipathi of the Sharanabasaveshwar Samasthan, told presspersons here on Friday that the Standing Advisory Committee for Frequency Allocation of the Ministry had cleared the proposal for the radio station in Gulbarga on August 27. Dr. Appa said he would be leaving for New Delhi soon to sign the agreement. The Union Government would sanction a grant of Rs. 15 lakh for the establishment of the community radio station, and the remaining amount would be provided by the sangha, he said. Dr. Appa said the estimated cost for setting up the radio station was Rs. 35 lakh. The station would have a broadcast range of 25 km and would operate 24 hours a day. Mainly educational, spiritual and cultural programmes would be broadcast, he said. The station had been allowed a commercial slot of five minutes an hour.

Virgin Radio UK rebranded as Absolute Radio

Posted By: RnM Team 02 Sep 08 10:11 IST
Virgin Radio will be relaunched as Absolute Radio later this autumn, say media reports in the UK. The new name will be supported a major campaign using the strapline "Discover real music". It claims the relaunch will involve "the largest multiplatform marketing campaign in commercial radio history". It has been developed by Albion, which won the £5m business in June. The station was acquired earlier this year for £53.2 by TIML Golden Square from SMG. The station has also outlined its plans to diversify outside of radio into areas included branded properties, music subscriptions, downloads and ticketing.
Read the full story here :

Logs from GK

Here is some of the stations that I logged recently.
I've used my Grundig YB 400Rx (Digitial) for all these monitorings....

On August 29......
Around 2045UTC, I heard perhaps R.Cairo on 9280kHz.There was Egyptian
style music for a while & then female voice talked for a while.I also
recorded a few moments of audio of it.The signal was not clear, but
could termed as fair, the audio was a little rough.
This is the first time I logged R.Cairo on 9280kHz . According to a
Japanese database A08, R.Cairo in French during that time on 9280kHz.
i.e. from 2030-2230UTC via Abis with 250kW.

I heard R.Prague-English on 11600kHz from 2000 to 2013UTC with SINPO 35444.

DW Radio-English was noted on 11865kHz (via Rampisham,UK with 500kW)
around 2016UTC with fair to poor signal.

RCI-English was noted also with weak signal on 11765kHz around 2018UTC.

Also heard around 2040 UTC on 9515kHz Radio Romania Intl-English with
fair signal.This was for the very first time that I heard RRI-English
trax. with fair signal after many months.RRI-English is on 9515kHz
during 2030-2056UTC via Galbeni with 250kW.

August 31,2008......:
I heard after a long break from 0346 to 0457UTC Radio Romania
International-English's Mailbag plus Olympic Profile Programme on
11895kHz (via 250kW with SINPO 34443.There was slight co-channel
interference perhaps Chinese Station.This was after so many months
that I've tuned to RRI-English on that frequency for this transmission
directed to our region perhaps.
However, the reception of 0530 to 0556 UTC transmission on 17770kHz
(via Tiqanesty with 250kW) is rather poor now-a-days here.This trax.
is directed to Pacific Areas i.e.Australia & New Zealand etc.

Amateur Radio Mirror International-English (SARL Relay via Sentech
facility) was very poor on 17570kHz (via Meyerton with 250kW) during
0800 to 0900UTC.

AIR-Portblair in a South Indian Language noted with fair to poor
signal during 1130 to 1200UTC on 4760kHz & then with Bengali Programme
with an introduction in Hindi etc from 1200UTC onwards with poor

I heard very poor signal of a Gospel station in English perhaps EWTN,
Alabama USA on 15855 kHz around 1414UTC.

Gautam Kr Sharma

68 years of BBC World Service radio ends in Bulgaria

12:17 Tue 02 Sep 2008 - Magdalena Rahn
As of September 2 2008, BBC World Service has stopped broadcasting in Bulgaria. The radio station, accessible at 91.0 FM in Sofia, started operations in the country in 1940.
From today, the BBC's English-language services will be available online at www.bbc.com/worldservice and via the Hotbird 2 direct to home satellite service.
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Monday, September 01, 2008

BBC postpones move from R&D headquarters Kingswood Warren

The relocation of the BBC's research and development centre at Kingswood Warren has been postponed "for an indeterminate time", the new BBC director of future media and technology told staff late on Friday.Speaking at celebrations for the 60th anniversary of the BBC R&D base in Surrey, Erik Huggers told staff that technology was more important than ever to the future of the corporation and fulfilling its priorities across all platforms."He said that Kingswood has made a massive contribution in the past 60 years but recognised that the staff have had a tough time," said a BBC spokeswoman.
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CVC India Roadshows

20th September 2008 - Jalandhar - Near Lali Complex, Kapurthala Road, Basti Bawa Khel

21st September 2008 - Ambala - Philadelphia Mission Hospital, Ambala City Pincode 134002, Haryana

22nd September 2008 - Amritsar - Alexandra School, Queens Road, Pincode 143001