Wednesday, December 27, 2023

Ageing problem of the transmitters in Kimjae site (Korea)

Japanese Service of KBS World Radio announced on December 26 2023 on their HP ( ) that they will change the time and frequencies on January 1 2024, due to the aging problem of the transmitters. 7275kHz at 0800-0900UT will be no longer used, 9580kHz at 0100-0200UT will be replaced by 11810kHz, will add new transmission at 0900-1000 on 6155kHz instead.

The whole schedule will be the following. Transmitter site: Kimjae.

0900-0900 6155 100kW (no longer on 7275 250kW ) to East Asia
0900-1000 6155 100kW (newly added) to East Asia
1100-1200 1170 500kW (unchanged) to East Asia
0100-0200 11810 250kW 81deg (replacing 9580 250kW 81deg) to East Asia
0200-0300 11810 250kW 81deg (unchanged) to East Asia and Latin America
According to, in Kimjae transmitter site there are 4 250kW and 4 100kW SW transmitters. 3 250kW and 3 100kW SW transmitters were installed in 1970-80's. Other 1 250kW and 1 100kW transmitters in 1990's.
7275kHz is also used for 0900-1000 1100-1200 Korean to East Asia/South East Asia, 9580kHz for 0200-0300 English (81deg for Latin America). There may be also some affection to these services.
(Takahito Akabayashi, Tokyo, Japan via World of Radio List)

KBS English Service Changes :

Due to a technical issue, KBS WORLD Radio's English Service will make an inevitable adjustment in the shortwave frequency and time as follows as of January 1, 2024. Please send your listener feedback to English Service via email, snail mail, website and social media as always. Thank you.

Frequency (kHz) : 9580  9570
Time (UTC) :  02:00-03:00
Target Area South America

Wef January 1st, 2024 :

Frequency (kHz) : 9570
Time (UTC) :   11:00-12:00
Target Area :  Southeast Asia

(Alokesh Gupta)

Thursday, December 21, 2023

Christmas and post-Christmas "listening treat" from SE-TA 2

As a Christmas and post-Christmas "listening treat" I would like to announce broadcasts from SE-TA 2, Christoph Gerber:

"Musikalischer Frühschoppen"

25.12.2023 from 10-12:00 CET [0900-1100 UTC] via Nauen on 6095 KHz AM

27.12.2023 from 11:00 CET [1000 UTC] on 6195 KHz in DRM

31.12.2023 from 10-12:00 CET [0900-1100 UTC] on 6115 KHz AM

"Let's Go Rock'n Roll"

06.01.2024 from 12:00 CET [1100 UTC] via Nauen 6095 KHz AM
07.01.2024 from 12:00 CET [1100 UTC] on 6115 KHz AM
08.01.2024 from 11:00 CET [1000 UTC] on 6195 KHz in DRM

With kind regards
Detlef Pagel
Chairman German DRM Forum

(BDXC via Glenn Hauser, WOR)

The radio station SE-TA 2 welcomes comments, suggestions, as well as reception reports using: which will be confirmed by an electronic QSL card.

NDR Christmas Special special transmissions via Media Broadcast on 24th Dec'23

NDR Christmas Special special transmissions via Media Broadcast on 24th Dec'23

NDR Christmas Gruss an Bord -  "Greetings on board" via shortwave

Transmission Date : 24th December 2023 (Sunday)
Language : German

1800-2100 UTC on  6030 kHz ISS 250 kW / 251 deg to North East Atlantic
1800-2100 UTC on  6080 kHz TAC 100 kW / 301 deg to Europe
1800-2100 UTC on  9635 kHz NAU 250 kW / 130 deg to Indian Ocean
1800-2100 UTC on 11650 kHz ISS 250 kW / 148 deg to Atlantic/Indian Ocean( S.Af )
1800-2100 UTC on 13725 kHz NAU 250 kW / 205 deg to Southern  Atlantic
1800-2100 UTC on 15770 kHz RMI 100 kW / 044 deg to North West Atlantic

Please send your reception reports to : ,

On Christmas Eve, Norddeutsche Rundfunndr broadcasts messages to sailors all over the world in the radio broadcast "Gruss an Bord" or "Greeting aboard" - greetings to the ship's crew in their home country. The greetings to the sailors were recorded at two "greeting on board" events in the Adventszeit: on 4 December in the  Cultural memory in Wilhelmine gear in neutral and on December 11 in the Hamburg Seemannsmission "Duckdalben". Relatives and friends had the opportunity to wish their loved ones at sea a happy holiday and a good new year. The show "Greeting aboard" was heard for Christmas 1953 for the first time on the radio. It is thus one of the oldest existing radio broadcasts in the world.

More about program "Gruss an Bord" :

(Alokesh Gupta)


Monday, December 11, 2023

Announcement of VORW Radio International

Announcement of VORW Radio International:  

Hello shortwave listeners!
I wanted to share an exciting update about a new high power broadcast I'll be doing for listeners in Africa, Europe and beyond!

Beginning Monday the 11th of December, 2023 and continuing every Monday – this radio program will now be heard across Africa, Europe & Beyond from a high power transmitter in Issoudun, France.

The broadcast is 1 hour in length and I always consider it to be a light entertainment program. The aim of this radio show is to provide good music and occasional news commentary to listeners worldwide. Oftentimes, listener music requests are taken and played and all are invited to participate.

Here is the broadcast schedule for this additional airing:

Mondays 1900 UTC  – 11920 kHz – Issoudun 100 kW – Africa, Europe, Middle East

For this airing I will resume QSL verification of reception reports, there will be a new QSL every month!
Reception reports and feedback are most welcome at
That's all for today, I just wanted to let you all know that there's a new airing out there if you'd like something to listen to!

John (VORW Radio International.)

RNZ Pacific's shortwave service turns 75

Radio New Zealand Pacific's shortwave service turns 75

It has been 75 years since Radio New Zealand started broadcasting on short-wave into the Pacific region.
Using two 7.5 kilowatt transmitters in Titahi Bay, near Wellington, Radio New Zealand began short-wave broadcasts to Australia and the Pacific in 1948.

RNZ Pacific's Moera Tuilaepa-Taylor has this audio report :

English segments in Akashvani External Services B23

15 minute segments in English has been monitored in various External Services of Akashvani  lately as follows;

1240 UTC  Swahili  15400 kHz
1400 UTC Dari         9950 kHz
2200 UTC French     9620 kHz

The program is called "Spotlight" and originally broadcast in Home Service Network at 1545 UTC. Its a current affairs program with discussions etc.

(Jose Jacob, VU2JOS)