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Report on BES Expo 2010

The BES Expo 2010 - 16th International Conference & Exhibition on Terrestrial & Satellite Broadcasting was organized at New Delhi from 29th to 31st Jan 2010at halls 8,9 & 11A of Pragati Maidan expo centre. Broadcast Engineering Society (India), the society of broadcast professionals organises this International Conference and Exhibition on Terrestrial & Satellite broadcasting every year. All the previous expo's had a large participation of major broadcast equipment manufacturers and service providers. Over 75 highly reputed organizations, service providers and major broadcast equipment manufacturers from all over the world displayed their
latest state-of-art technologies and services. The event is approved by the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Government of India & India Trade Promotion Organisation and supported by Ministry of Communications & Information Technology, Govt of India, Prasar Bharati, The Society of Broadcast Engineers,USA & Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union and endorsed by International Association of Broadcasting Manufacturers.

The event was inaugrated by Ms. Ambika Soni, Hon'ble Minister of Information & Broadcasting, Govt of India on 29th Jan, 2010. Guest of honour were Mr.Raghu Menon, Secretary, Ministry of Information & Broadcasting & Mr.B.S.Lalli, CEO,Prasar Bharati.The key note address was delivered by Mr.Sharad Sadhu, Director Technical, ABU.

A workshop on "Use of Innovative Technologies for coverage of games" was organized in which presentations were made by Mr. Peter Kepreotes, Vice-President Technology International, Broadcast Australia & Mr. Nicholas Bourdon, Director Marketing & Communications, EVS.

International players showcased their products, facilities and services. On display were whole range of products like Amplifiers, Antenna Systems(Broadcast, FM & TV), Attenuators, conductors, Antenna testers, Audio measuring & test equipments, Audio mixers, Audio processors, Automation systems & softwares, Broadcast equipments & softwares, Broadband access products, Cables & accessories, Channel automation systems, Compact & digital disc production systems, DTH Systems, DAB Systems, Digital Audio & Video recording systems, Digital storage,archival & retrieval systems, DVB-T Transmitters, Earth stations/systems, Fibre optic solutions/services, Filters & splitters, Frequency monitoring systems, FM Exciters, HD Radio, HDTV, Headphones, Microphones, Mixers, Network management systems, Radio data systems, Radio automation softwares, Scheduling softwares, Satellite receivers, Switchers, Transmitters (AM,FM,TV), Test & Measuring equipments, Virtual Studio, VSAT systems, Wireless systems.

Prasar Bharati ( Broadcasting Corp. of India ) put up a huge stall (1-4) in which latest technical innovations from All India radio & Doordarshan were exhibited.

Among the systems displayed by AIR & DD were :
a) Multichannel DRM Broadcast & comparision with AM
b) SMS Based Remote Monitoring System for Unmanned VLPTs.
c) Glimpse of forthcoming AIR Webcasting & Podcasting services
d) Coverage plans for Commonwealth Games 2010 by AIR/DD
e) Doordarshan's HDTV Plans

Screen shots of AIR Multichannel DRM txn on 6100 KHz

All India Radio Research Department conducted following studies during last year :

· NVIS Propagation measurements in day & night carried out at Delhi, Mathura, Gwalior, Karnal, Patna, Kurukshetra, Lucknow & Aligarh.
· Long distance SW measurements carried out at Kolkata, Bangalore, Chennai etc.
· MW DRM simulcast measurements were carried out at Delhi & Moradabad.
· Details survey of DRM transmission in NVIS mode at 6 MHz in under progress.

DRM Future Plans :

All India Radio - Road to digitalization by 2017

During the BES Expo 2010, All India Radio DRM had test transmissions at 0330-1200 UTC for 3 days with multichannel DRM broadcast, 1st channel carried VBS & 2nd channel news/commentary on single freq 6100 kHz.
All India radio plans to introduce wescasting/podcasting services in future
26 MhHz DRM demo Txn by Digidia

Transmitter manufacturer & provider of technology,services & systems, Thomson also participated in this years expo like last year, they displayed their latest DRM solution equipments. Among some of the prominent exhibitors were AGIV, Autodesk, BECIL(Broadcast Engineering Consultants India Ltd.), Broadcast Electronics USA, Broadcast & Cablesat, CAT-5 Broadcast, CDG Broadcast, Digital Broadcast, Eiden Japan, Falcon Technologies, Harris, Masstech Canada, Qualcomm India Pvt. Ltd., Radio Frequency System, Radio Systems Inc., Royal Broadcasting, Sennheiser India, Sony, Rohde & Schwarz, Shaf Broadcast & Winmedia,Singapore.

A conference was also held for which theme was "Broadcasters & New Media Technologies" at Pragati Maidan,New Delhi. Some of the prominent speakers were - Peter Kepreotes, Vice-President Technology International, Broadcast Australia, Nicholas Bourdon, Director Marketing & Communications, EVS, Philip Nottle, Sony, Nils Ahrens, Rohde & Schwartz, Martyn Horspool, Harris, S.R.Aggarwal, Engr-In-Chief, AIR, Vineeta Dwivedi,Project Director, DRM, Lindsay Cornell, Principal System Architect,BBC,Joseph Troxler, MD, Thomson,T.V.B.Subramanyam, Sr.Programme Manager, Analog Devices, John Abdnour,Nautel, Jean Frncois Kipp, Transradio. Vikas Singhal, Venera Technologies etc........

All India Radio - Road to digitalization by 2017


- To improve quality of radio reception in AM (MW & SW) & FM bands.
- Multiple programme from same transmitter
- Digital programme production
- Revenue generation through
i) Value added services
ii) Leasing of spare channels

Road Map

i) Digitalization of 98 studio's by 2012
ii) Digitalization of remaining studios by 2017


i) Digitalization of 76 MW transmitters by 2013 & remaining by 2017
ii) Digitalization of 9 SW transmitters by 2013 & remaining by 2017
iii) Digitalization of 64 FM transmitters by 2013 & remaining by 2017


i) All connectivity to be digitalized by 2012

11th Plan provisions

1. MW DRM Transmitters

Replacement - 36 Nos.
Upgradation - 4 Nos.
Conversion in DRM - 36 Nos.

2. SW DRM Transmitters

Replacement - 5 Nos.
Conversion in DRM - 4 Nos.

3. FM DRM+ Compatible Transmitters

New Procurement - 24 Nos.
Replacement - 33 Nos.
Replacement of MW by FM - 6 Nos.
Upgradation - 1 Nos.

4. Digitalization of 98 existing studios & its networking.

5. Digitalization of Archival Material

- Regional srchive (new) at Hyderabad, CBS Mumbai, Chennai & Kolkata.
- Upgradation of central archive at Delhi.

6. RNU (regional News Unit)

Automation of RNU - 44 Places
New RNU - 7 Places
New news on phone facilities - 16 Places
Upgradation of news on phone facilities - 11 Places

7. Digital Connectivity

Replacement of existing STL - 115 Places
New LES - 3 Places
L-Band RNT - 44 Places

8. Strengthening of Research & development activities

(Alokesh Gupta)

AIR multichannel DRM test for BES Expo 2010

All India Radio DRM test transmission for BES Expo 2010. 0330-1200 UTC for 3 days.... 29-31 Jan 2010, multichannel DRM broadcast. 1st channel carrying VBS & 2nd channel news/commentary on single freq 6100 kHz. Another innovation from AIR Research & Development.

AIR upgrades its MW network

On Dec 3rd, 2009 AIR has placed contract for 2 x 1000 kW MW transmitters to BECIL (Broadcast Engineering Consultants India Ltd). BECIL & Thomspn were awarded to supply the 2 x 1000 kW MW transmitters including auxiliaries, commissioning & testing.

The new 1000 kW transmitters will replace old existing transmitters of same capacity at Chinsurah & Rajkot. The Rajkot transmitter is located about 450 km north-west of Mumbai. The transmitter at Chinsurah, 35 kms north of Kolkata will be a dual frequency transmitter with automatic frequency change. Both transmitters are equipped with DRM & can operate on analog, on simulcast or on full power digital with automatic change over between the 3 operation modes.

Details of S7HP LW/MW (300 kW to 1200 kW) Radio Transmitters

Data Sheet

Friday, January 29, 2010

BES Expo 2010 inaugrated at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi

BES Expo 2010, 16th International Conference & Exhibition on Terrestrial & Satellite Broadcasting started at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi on Friday 29th Jan,2010. Organised by Broadcast Engineering Society (India), the theme thie year is ‘Broadcasters & New Media Technologies’. This 3 day exhibition being India’s biggest Broadcasting Technology show will continue till 31st of this month. The exhibition was inaugurated by Ms. Ambika Soni, Minister of Information and Broadcasting India as a Chief Guest. Whereas other respected guests were B.S. Lalli, CEO Prasar Bharati, Uday Varma, Special Secretary (I&B). Director of Asia Pacific Broadcasting Union (ABU), Mr. Sharad Sadhu delivered his lecture concentrating on different issues of broadcasting as the keynote speaker of the programme.
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Shortwave radio group holds seminar

A shortwave radio might appear to be old fashioned to some, but its use is still very important at critical times.The Inland Empire's Salvation Army Team Emergency Radio Network (SATERN) is a group of 90-100 amateur/shortwave radio operators & they will be holding its 14th annual Introduction Seminar on Saturdayat the Salvation Army San Bernardino Corps.

More at :

CVC Darwin ceases Shortwave Broadcasting

CVC Darwin site will end its shortwave transmissions on 31st Jan, 2010 and will be dismantled, their lease expires in June 2010.

Here's the current schedule for CVC Darwin for those who want to tune in for the elusive "last day" QSL card.

CVC Australia via Darwin site :

Chinese to China
0400-0600 15250 DRW 250 kW/340 deg
0600-1200 17635 DRW 250 kW/340 deg
1200-1800 13685 DRW 250 kW/340 deg
2200-2300 9585 DRW 250 kW/340 deg
2300-0200 15170 DRW 250 kW/340 deg

English to India
0930-1230 15535 DRW 250 kW/303 deg
1230-1830 13635 DRW 250 kW/303 deg

Indonesian to Indonesia
2300-0200 15250 DRW 250 kW/290 deg
0400-1000 17820 DRW 250 kW/290 deg
1000-1300 9890 DRW 250 kW/290 deg
1300-1700 11925 DRW 250 kW/290 deg

0700-0800 17755 DRW 125 kW/317 deg DRM of TDP Music Belgium.

U.S.-funded Pashto radio a new weapon in war against Taliban

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Arbitron and Etón Donate 1,000 Radios to Haitians

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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Community Radio Station to start at Ghaziabad, U.P.

Ministry of Information & Broadcasting, Government of India has signed a Grant of Permission Agreement for establishing, maintaining and operating a Community Radio Station at Hint Institute of Mass Communication. Letter of Intent had been issued to the Institute after recommendations of Inter Ministerial Committee (IMC). The Community Radio Station is expected to be operational within three months as per the agreement. With this, the number of CRS will increase to 64 in the country.

Hint Institute of Mass Communication is a project of the "Hint Group of Publication and Electronic Media", located in Ghaziabad, U.P. The main objectives of the CRS is to focus on health, education, agriculture & agriculture related education & information, sports & entertainment and debates on related issues.

The Ministry encourages setting up of the Community Radio Stations so as to provide an opportunity to the local communities to express themselves, share their views and particularly help empower women, youth and the marginalized groups to take part in local self governance and overall socio, economic and cultural development in the area.

Station was noted on air during 1st week of May 2010 & id's itself as "Radio Hint - Its all about Ghaziabad".

Here's the website of HINT group :

Audio file of Statio ID :

Liberty Satellite Radio wraps up Worldspace purchase

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Broadcasting Innovative Programmes through KVK Pravara Community Radio

Krishi Vigyan Kendra (KVK) Babhaleshwar which is located in the Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra State is one of the leading KVK in the country due to implementation of various innovative concepts and models. This KVK started in 1992 and received National Best KVK Award during the year 1998-99. The major mandate of the KVK is technology, assessment, refinement and dissemination as per location specific situation in the district. KVK is having very limited infrastructure and manpower with which it is working in different Agro Ecological Situation (AES) and Agriculture Farming Systems (AFS) of the district.
KVK, Babhaleshwar has adopted different concepts like use of applied biotechnology in agriculture to reduce agro chemicals like fertilizers and pesticides. Use of group dynamics for faster technology assessment, refinement and dissemination by involving rural youths and farmwomen which are mostly neglected by the system. This KVK is the working on use of Information Communication Technology (ICT) for development of agriculture from last ten years. Video conferencing, online advisory services, market information, weather information, events in agriculture, different schemes of Government are some of the important services provided through the ICT. Similarly from last five years, this KVK has initiated mobile alert system on daily basis to give the messages to farmers about the weather, market and practices to do in his farm. All these concepts and models have been appreciated by the community.Knowledge is the power without which development will not achieve. It is observed that knowledgeable community has achieved the progress. However, this knowledge has to be provided through different channels and media. Therefore, KVK, Babhaleshwar has also started own radio station i.e. 90.8 FM KVK PRAVARA Community Radio (CRS) on 2nd October 2009.

The mission of integrated rural development by empowering the rural masses by providing the information through radio and developing the strong relation with the soul of the soil has been started through this radio.KVK has developed the on air studio, production studio, RJ room, transmitter room as well as administration office. Facilities are developed for production and online relay of more interaction and live programmes for which advanced equipments and machineries are purchased. For the development of the content as well as daily relay of the programme, local rural youths were identified and conducted one month training programme for 44 youths. From these youths, 8 to 9 youths were selected to run the activities of CRS. These youths are developing the content as well as broadcasting the programmes. Daily four hour programme is being broadcasted through CRS of which evening (18.00 to 20.00 hrs) programme is regular programme and next day morning programme is rebroadcast. Out of two hours, one hour programme is on agriculture and one hour programme is equally distributed for health, education, rural development and local culture. While designing the format of the programme all the class and members of the rural community is considered so that the programme will be benefiting to maximum rural population. While development of the programme, need assessment survey was conducted. Similarly, regular feedback of the community is also taken so that the programme will be developed based on their needs. As this CRS is run by KVK, more focus is given on agriculture programme. Out of 60 min. programme, 30 min. programme is Krishi Vani programme where agriculture technology and success stories developed by KVK and other line departments are the focus area. Another 30 min. programme is reserved for live interactive and dramatic programme on agriculture. Special programme of 30 min is being developed like Hallo Yashwant (successful farmers), Hallo Scientist, serial discussion on particular theme/concepts; give correct answers to test their agriculture knowledge, panel discussion on recent / current burning issues, weekly review of the agriculture activities and agriculture technology dissemination through local culture. All these formats help to develop the programme more interesting and the listeners are giving very good response to these programmes.
The CRS is covering about 214 villages from 5 tehsils in the district. Total 8.56 lakh population is covered in the radius of 20-25 km. from KVK. It is expected that at least 10 to 15 per cent population are the listeners of CRS programmes through which KVK is reaching more than one lakh population directly. CRS helped to disseminate the technology, inputs and services like weather information, market information, disease forecasting and other advanced services among the community. KVK PRAVARA Community Radio has become the important tool and media to serve for the people. In all the process, KVK is doing the role of catalyst. The actual programme development and broadcast is being done by separate human resource development from the local community. The actual concept of CRS i.e. development of the local programmes by the local people for the local community by involving and increasing the participation of the local people is being achieved. Slowly this CRS is being owned by the local people. This CRS will help to develop the rural community by sharing their knowledge and information among themselves and will help to self sustain for their livelihood security. There is need to develop more CRS and interlink these CRS for development of the nation which will be bottom up and sustainable development.
(Dr.Bhaskar Gaikwad, Chief Scientist, Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Babhaleshwar, Tal. Rahata, Dist. Ahmednagar )

What does the iPad mean for radio?

Live VOA creole call-in show links Haitians with medical professionals

Washington, D.C., January 27, 2010 – Haitians questioned medical professionals today in a live Voice of America (VOA) Creole Service program that was anchored from outside the ruined presidential palace in Port-au-Prince and heard by millions of people. Jean Robert Philippe, a VOA broadcaster, was surrounded by Haitians in the capital city seeking to pose questions to the medical team after the devastating Jan. 12 earthquake. Callers from across Haiti dialed into the program from cell phones.
Mode Silver, a psychologist based in Miami, Fla., told callers the effects of the earthquake will be felt for generations of Haitians. Also participating was Dr. Marie-Josee Fransoi, a specialist in community and public health from Orlando, Florida.
"Our goal was to give listeners a chance to get answers directly from medical professionals," said Ronald Cesar, chief of VOA's Creole Service. "Living through the earthquake has left many of them both physically and emotionally scarred, and we want to try to ease their suffering any way that we can."
VOA Creole-language broadcasts have expanded to 10.5 hours a day on weekdays, and 9.5 hours on weekends since the Jan. 12 earthquake. VOA's Creole Service reaches more than 50 percent of adult Haitians on a weekly basis. Up-to-date information is also available around the clock on
The Voice of America, which first went on the air in 1942, is a multimedia international broadcasting service funded by the U.S. Government through the Broadcasting Board of Governors. VOA broadcasts more than 1,500 hours of news, information, educational, and cultural programming every week to an estimated worldwide audience of more than 125 million people. Programs are produced in 45 languages and are intended exclusively for audiences outside of the United States.

(VOA Press Release)

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Radio gives airtime to N. Koreans

By Kim So-hyun
A Seoul-based internet radio station that broadcasts to North Korea said it will air actual voices of North Korean residents for the first time in a feature program this week. The Free North Korea Radio, run by North Korean defectors, began shortwave broadcasts across the border in 2004 and now transmits programs for five hours a day.

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VOA'S Swahili service launches new full service mobile web site

Washington, D.C., January 25, 2010 – The Voice of America (VOA) launched a web-based service for its Swahili audience that allows users to access video, audio and graphic news content on their mobile devices.

Users around the world can now receive VOA's Swahili content supported by their mobile devices by simply going to

"VOA understands its listeners lead busy lives," said Gwen Dillard, director of VOA's Africa Division. "We know that when news breaks our listeners want to know about it wherever they are. Swahili mobile gives them news on demand and goes where they go," she said.

VOA teamed up with Mobiletech, a European company, to improve the ability of mobile device users to access VOA Swahili's content. There are an estimated 50 million Swahili speakers in the world, primarily in East Africa.

Plans are under way to provide mobile device users VOA content in French, Hausa and Somali, allowing them to find accurate news and information with the click of a button.

As one of the world's largest international broadcasters, VOA has been on the forefront of making its content easily available to mobile users with audio newscasts, short messaging alerts and applications that allow users to send content to VOA.

The Swahili Service broadcasts 9.5 hours of radio programming weekly, reaching audiences in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Burundi, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The Service is also available 24 hours a day on the Internet at

(VOA Press Release)

Radio programme for soldiers going strong since WW II

A radio programme started during World War II for Indian soldiers posted in Afghanistan has not only gone from strength to strength but has also got its first woman announcer.

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Bangladesh Betar Home Service (Bengali) new schedule

Bangladesh Betar Home Service (Bengali) new schedule wef 1st Jan 2010 :

0645 - 1500 UTC on 4750 kHz (ex 0545 - 1400 UTC)

On 22nd Jan in an Executive Committee of the National Economic Council (Ecnec) meeting chaired by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina 60 Crore Taka was allocated for development ( read ....replacement) of Bangladesh Betar Kabirpur 250-kilowatt short wave centre under the Information Ministry .

FM Logs from Kolkata

The following FM stations loggings are with my Degen DE1121 Receiver with built-in telescopic antenna.


26-1-2010 -0330-88.0 - Radio Foorti(Dhaka) - Bengali song- 34333
26-1-2010 -0333-88.4 - Aamar FM(Dhaka)- Talk in Beng by YL - 33333
26-1-2010 -0338-88.7 - ? Unid - Hindi song "Mera Moula"- 33333
26-1-2010 -0341- 89.6-Radio Today(Dhaka)-Good Mor Dhaka Beng - 33333
26-1-2010 -0343-90.8 -Jadavpur University - Test trial transmission - 33333
26-1-2010 -0345-91.9 - Friends FM (Kolkata)- song "I love my India" - 55555
26-1-2010 -0348-92.7 - Big FM (Kolkata) - HDFC home loan ad -55555
26-1-2010 -0349-93.5 - Red FM (Kolkata) - IDEA phone ad -55555
26-1-2010 -0350-94.3 - Radio One (Kolkata) - Hindi tune -45444
26-1-2010 -0352-97.0 - AIR Kolkata Republic Day programme - 33333
26-1-2010 -0354 -98.3- Radio Mirchi (Kolkata) - Talk in Beng by YL - 55555
26-1-2010 -0355 -100.2 -AIR Kolkata - Republic Day Prog - 44444
26-1-2010 -0356 -102.7 -AIR Kolkata - Republic Day Prog - 32322
26-1-2010 -0358 -103.0 -AIR Kolkata - Cricket Commentary - 33333
26-1-2010 -0400 -104.0 -Fever 104 FM (Kolkata) - Beng song -55555
26-1-2010 -0402 -104.8 -Radio Meow (Kolkata) - Hindi song -54544
26-1-2010 -0404 -105.4 -Gyan Vani (Kolkata) - Beng talk by YL & OM - 44444
26-1-2010 -0406 -106.2 -Aamar FM(Kolkata)-R. Chowdhury Ad- 55555
26-1-2010 -0407 -107.0 -AIR Kolkata - Hindi - 44444
26-1-2010 -0409 -107.8 -Power FM (Kolkata) - Beng song -55555

( Babul Gupta, Kolkata via bangladx yg)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Flying radio station broadcasts help to Haiti

By Mike Ahlers, CNN
January 26, 2010 10:05 a.m. EST
San Juan, Puerto Rico (CNN) -- Sixty miles west of Port-au-Prince, Haiti, an Air Force C-130 makes slow and lazy ovals over the Golfe de la Gonzave, a 264-foot weighted wire dangling from its belly like a plumb line. This is Commando Solo, a radio station in the sky. The long wire, kept vertical by a 500-pound lead weight, is helping transmit an AM radio signal to the people of Haiti. Four other antenna on the wings and fuselage are sending FM signals.

Read the full story here :

RadioAsia 2010 Conference

Are you Radioactive?

Haiti Quake frequencies returned to normal use

From the WRO Newsroom...

We are advised that the frequencies of 3720 and 7045 kHz are once again available for regular amateur use.

The following is from Ramon, XE1KK, via ARRL:

Considering that the amateur radio stations on the air from Haiti are operating in more regular patterns Dr. Cesar Pio Santos, HR2P, IARU Region 2 EMCOR has released the use of 7.045 MHz and 3.720 MHz. We thank the world radio amateur community for their support in keeping these frequencies clear during the past days.

(Worldradio-l )

Bulgarian National Radio Celebrates 75th Anniversary

Bulgarian President Georgi Parvanov bestowed the Bulgarian National Radio with the President's Badge of Honour. This happened at an official ceremony in the Coat of Arms Hall in the Presidency on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the radio. The prize was given to the radio's director general Valeri Todorov. President Parvanov explained that the radio deserved this distinction due to its leading position in the Bulgarian radio air in covering the social, political and cultural life of Bulgaria and its extreme speed in informing its audience. The President underlined the important role of the BNR in maintaining the connection with Bulgarian emigrants abroad. He also stated that the radio was an important factor for consolidating the reputation of Bulgaria worldwide with its broadcasts in 11 languages that could be heard far beyond Bulgarian national borders. The 75th anniversary of the Bulgarian National Radio was marked with a festive concert at Ivan Vazov National Theatre and a ceremony for granting its traditional annual awards named after the radio's first director Sirak Skitnik. Earlier today, a special postal stamp was validated, dedicated to the radio's anniversary.

(Source : Radio Bulgaria)

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Monday, January 25, 2010

RNZI is 20 years old !

RNZI celebrates its 20 year anniversary on January 24 2010. On that date in 1990 Radio New Zealand re-launched the short-wave service with a new 100kw transmitter and a dedicated team of RNZI staff. The name used for the short-wave service was Radio New Zealand International (RNZI).

On Sunday 24 January a special programme marking the last 20 years can be heard after the news at 0600, 0900, 1500 and 1900. This programme will be repeated during the breakfast session on Monday morning and will also be available on the website from next week.

(Source : Radio Newzealand Intl.)

BBC Arabic radio to launch live phone broadcasts in USA

BBC Arabic has entered a partnership with AudioNow that will see its broadcasts available live across the United States via any mobile or fixed-line phone.

AudioNow uses proprietary technology to enable people to listen to live broadcasts and streams from a number of internet and terrestrial broadcasters, simply by dialling a number.

From this week, BBC Arabic radio listeners can access the station via AudioNow 24 hours a day, seven days a week, by dialling 202 481 6881.

The service itself is free to callers in the United States, although listeners may be charged by their individual mobile or fixed-line service providers for their calls, depending on their contract agreements or payment plans.

Simon Kendall, Head of Business Development, Africa & Middle East, BBC World Service, says: "This is a really interesting partnership for BBC Arabic.

"The ability for our radio listeners to access our content by simply dialling a phone number makes it incredibly simple for people to listen, wherever they are.

"It's a great addition to our online, radio and TV services, and demonstrably increases our reach to Arabic speakers in the United States."

Elan Blutinger, Managing Director, Alpine Audionow LLC, adds: "BBC Arabic is an unrivalled source of unbiased news and other content for Arabic-speaking communities around the world. It will add a first class resource to the content available on AudioNow."

For details of BBC Arabic programming, where to find it, and to watch online, visit the BBC Arabic network's website,

(BBC World Service International Publicity)

Radioactivity featured in RadioUser mag

Thanks to Chrissy Brand for featuring this blog in the "Radio Websites" column in the Feb 2010 issue of 'RadioUser' magazine published from UK.

Here's the link from mag's blog ..

Website of magazine ...

Chrissy Brand writes 2 monthly columns 'Radio Websites' and 'Broadcast Matters: Long, Medium and Shortwave' for this mag.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Chennai's 3rd & Highest Point VHF Repeater at Yelagiri Hills re-activated

Very happy to inform that due to the untiring efforts & committment of a team of Chennai Hams , the third and highest point repeater in Chennai range has been re-activated at Yelagiri Hills . Yelagiri is a hill-station on midway between Chennai and Bangalore located at an altitude of 1,050 metres (3,500 ft). Distance : 258+ km from Chennai, 150 km from Bangalore.

Yelagiri Repeater Frequency: 145.475(-600)

Approximate Geographic GPS Coordinates:

Latitude : 12.572827
Longitude : 78.649235

This repeater has been non operational for a longtime now due to various technical reasons, today a dedicated team of HAMS made the visit and the tedious climb up the top of the hill and carried out basic repairs. It was tested from Chennai with good signal report usng beam as well as Omni directional antennas . In further weeks it needs to be tested to see how much this repeater could cover, but this repeater should pave way for reliable amateur VHF link between Chennai & Bangalore as well as all other towns and cities within 150-200-250 Kms of the Yelagiri repeater.

With this Chennai has three VHF repeaters operational, the other two repeaters are 145.775(-600) & 145.675(-600). There is also a UHF repeater under test , Tx-435.800/Rx-434.100.

Detailed update with photos would be posted on the Chennai HAMS blogspot, pls visit and provide any feedback.

Thanks and Regards

( G.Vipin Shankar)

(Via vuhams yg)

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Delhi HAM on CNN/IBN

Watch the video ...

HAM radio lady completed 30 years of service, still rocking Jaimon Joseph / CNN-IBN

VU2MGS, Manorita Singh, has been featured in a CNN IBN show called "Spirited at 60". It's about seniors who have managed to keep their hobbies and interests alive even at their advanced age. The show airs on 23rd Jan (Saturday) at 10 pm, on 24th Jan (Sunday) at 11.30 am and 9.30 pm and again on 26th Jan,Republic Day. Do watch if you get time.

Mrinal Pande is Prasar Bharti chairperson

Signaling an overhaul of the controversial Prasar Bharti ahead of the Commonwealth Games, the UPA government on Friday approved famous journalist and author Mrinal Pande's name as its new chairperson.

More at :

Friday, January 22, 2010

New Creole programme from BBC World Service for Haiti

BBC World Service will launch a special lifeline programme in the Haitian Creole language from Saturday 23 January 2010. This will be the first time the BBC has broadcast in the Haitian national language. This follows other special BBC programming for listeners affected by the Haitian disaster in the French, Spanish and English languages. The new 20-minute daily programme in Creole will contain the latest information about aid and rescue operations, plus messages from people trying to locate family members and other useful, practical information for the survivors of the earthquake.

The new programme will be broadcast between 9.10 and 9.30 Haiti time (14.10 to 14.30 GMT). It will also be available on the Canal Satellite Antilles Caribbean-wide radio and TV satellite network and on The daily programme will be rebroadcast on six FM relays on the island: Port-au-Prince 89.3 FM; Cap-Haïtien 105.5 FM; Gonaïves 90.5 FM; Las Cayes 106.9 FM; Jacmel 96.9 FM; and Jérémie 92.7 FM. It will also be available on shortwave.

BBC World Service Director, Peter Horrocks, says: "We believe our new service in the Creole language will be a vital source of trusted information to Haitians at this time of crisis, as well as to the rescue and aid teams who are working so hard on the ground. "We have had lots of positive feedback that our broadcasts in English, French and Spanish have been appreciated on the ground." BBC World Service continues to offer special programmes about the crisis in Spanish and English, between 12.00 and 13.00 GMT on shortwave on 11860 kHz (25 MB) and 9410 kHz (31 MB).

The BBC is expecting all the programmes will also be available on the local FM network via the BBC's partner station, Radio Lumiere, when it returns to air. BBC Caribbean - the English-language service for the region - is also supporting audiences in Haiti and the wider region with crucial information. The service's Twitter updates (@bbccaribbean), dedicated to Haiti, as well as coverage of the wider Caribbean and Haitian diaspora reaction to the tragedy, run on the website, Updates also continue in the regular programme, Caribbean Report.

(BBC World Service International Publicity)

Additional info ....

From this Saturday, 23 January 2010, a BBC Global News multimedia and multilingual team will be based in Miami providing a daily helpline broadcast to the whole of Haiti in Creole. The plan is to broadcast the 20 minute long programme until at least Sunday 7 February. The team will be able to produce output related to Haiti to all other BBC outlets, in radio, TV and online, as needed. We can produce the content in English, French, Creole and Spanish. The daily programme will be rebroadcast on FM by the six relays that Radio France International has in the island. TX time is 09:10 to 09:30 Miami and Haiti time (14:10 to 14:30 GMT). We will be sending the pre-recorded programme to RFI by FTP.

The show will be presented by Carline Faustin and Simone Degraff, who host a Creole language programme in Miami's public radio, WLRN. BBC editorial team comprises producers and reporters from WS radio news, international facing online and BBC Caribbean. Marie-Claire Williams , from BBC Caribbean is a Creole speaker and will provide editorial oversight of the transmission. Henri Astier , from BBC News website will be Editor in Charge. Nick Miles , and Emilio San Pedro from WSNCA will edit the programme. Lisa Robinson , from BBC World Service Trust, will also be working in this project, bringing the WS Trust's experience in broadcasting lifeline programmes to audiences around the world.

The aim is to provide a programme that makes the best information available to the people of Haiti and draws on the material being provided by the UN, the US and others, but also makes a point of drawing on the experience and expertise of the Haitian population.

Americo Martins, Regional Executive Editor, WS Americas, has been instrumental in pulling together all the aspects of the new Creole language programming for Haiti, including building the team.

Happy Station Show Haitian Relief Special

The special edition of Happy Station focusing on the HAM radio operators who were the first to send and receive information from Haiti.

To listen goto and then click on archive.

(Keith Perron)

Sweden resumes DAB interest

by Mirza Zametica, 01.21.2010

STOCKHOLM, Sweden - The Swedish government halted digital radio investments in 2005 due to low consumer response. However, interest in digital radio remains.Network operator Teracom has been conducting tests of DAB, DAB+ and T-DMB. The tests include programming from commercial, community and public service broadcasters.

Read the Radio World story here ...

Thursday, January 21, 2010

VOA Reaches Out to Haiti

Read the VOA blog post here :

TWR-Asia renews contract with SLBC

14 months, seven meetings, and many hours of hard work later, the new contract between TWR and SLBC (Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation) was officially signed on 12 January 2010 at SLBC's headquarters in Colombo.

"TWR has had a good partnership with SLBC for the last 33 years," says Sebastian Chan, International Director of TWR-Asia. "The signing of the new contract is a testament to those years of cooperation, collaboration and trust. It is a privilege to be working with SLBC. We look forward to more years of working together, and are excited to see what possibilities the future brings for both TWR and SLBC."

Led by Werner Kroemer, TWR's Vice President of Global Operations, the five-man, multinational team concluded the negotiations after months of intense discussion and signed the contract in front of television cameras.

"Through the entire process, we saw God's hand at work in many ways – both big and small," says David Butler, TWR-Asia's Director of Ministry Operations. "We rejoice in these things, that they all came together. We continue to believe that God is moving in our ministry to South Asia, and we have another three years to reach the people of South Asia."

The new contract takes effect on 1 Feb 2010, and will run for the next three years with an option to extend it for a further two years. TWR-Asia currently broadcasts a total of 77 programs in 24 languages via SLBC's MW station in Puttalam.

"Radio is still the best way to reach the masses, but we look forward to augmenting the radio broadcasts by connecting with the listeners through the internet, mobile phones, and other means of communication," added David Butler. "Christ is transforming lives in South Asia through His word, and causing these lives to bear fruit. We rejoice that God has blessed us and allowed us to be a part of this."

(Source : TWR Asia)

Special broadcasts by AIR for Republic Day 2010

Special broadcasts by AIR on 25 & 26 Jan 2010

All India Radio will broadcast the following special programs in connection with the Republic Day celebrations on 26th January.

25 January 2010: 1330 UTC: President Mrs. Pratibha Devisingh Patil's address to the nation. This will be broadcast by all stations of AIR. Delhi frequencies are 5015 6030 6085 9575 & 9835. Regional stations on SW are using 60 MB frequencies at that time. Look out especially
Kohima 4850 (1000 to 1630 UTC).

26 January 2010: Running Commentary of Republic Day parade from 0350 UTC

Hindi: 6155(Bengaluru 500 kW); 11620(Aligarh 250 kW); 15135(Delhi 50 kW).
English: 5990(Delhi 250 kW); 9810 (Delhi 50 kW); 11830 (Delhi 50 kW);15050 (Bengaluru 500 kW)

The following Regional stations will change from their Morning frequencies on 60 Meters (4 & 5 MHz frequencies ) to their day time frequencies between-0335-0350 UTC as follows:

5965 Jammu?
5985 Ranchi ?
6000 Leh
6040 Jeypore
6065 Kohima?
6085 Gangtok
6150 Itanagar?
6190 Delhi
7230 Kurseong
7240 Mumbai
7280 Guwahati
7295 Aizawl
7315 Shillong
7325 Jaipur
7440 Lucknow

(? = Normally off air)

So some unusual reception of AIR stations shall be observed.

The other following stations are already scheduled to be on air daily at this time and will also relay the running commentry.

6020 Shimla
6110 Srinagar
7210 Kolkata
7290 Thiruvanthapuram
7335 Imphal
7380 Chennai
7390 Port Blair
7420 Hyderabad
7430 Bhopal

Reception Reports to

(Jose Jacob, VU2JOS , National Institute of Amateur Radio , Hyderabad )
Telefax: 91-40-2331 0287 Cell:94416 96043 ,

Via Dx_india yg, specialises exclusively on Broadcasting in India!

The latest B-2009 SW schedules of All India Radio is available at:

Complete SW in kHz order

External Services in Language order

External Services in Time order

Complete SW Stations order

Update on HCJB Global in Haiti

Aftershock Rattles Haiti as HCJB Global/Samaritan's Purse Team Continues Work

Sources: HCJB Global, Baptist Haiti Mission, World Gospel Mission, Associated Press, BBC (written by Ralph Kurtenbach and Harold Goerzen)

A 5.9-strength aftershock early Wednesday, collapsing already-damaged buildings, but the HCJB Global Hands emergency medical team working at the Baptist Haiti Mission (BHM) hospital in Port-au-Prince reported they're all fine.

The seven-member team continues working 12-hour surgical shifts, treating those injured in the Jan. 12 quake that devastated Haiti's capital.

The powerful aftershock, centered about 35 miles southwest of Port-au-Prince, sent Haitians screaming into the streets, collapsing buildings, cracking roads and adding to the trauma of a nation stunned by an apocalyptic quake eight days ago. At least one woman, traumatized by the aftershock, died of a heart attack in Port-au-Prince. The jolt matched the strongest of the tremors since the original 7.0-magnitude quake.

The multi-specialty team, working in conjunction with Samaritan's Purse, a North Carolina-based Christian aid group, arrived Friday, Jan. 15, from Ecuador. While two surgeons, an anesthesiologist, a nurse and two family physicians have worked at the hospital with the BHM staff, water engineer Martin Harrison set up a Water Missions International (WMI) filtration plant that is now chlorinating pond water for use at the hospital compound.

"Supplies are now improving as the WMI unit produces 10,000 gallons of drinking water per day at full output," Harrison said. "We are taking water from a fishpond of all places, passing this through the WMI water filter and filling a cistern beneath the hospital."

Family physician Steve Nelson said the team is giving priority to the most severe cases. "We non-surgical types were out on the floors trying to triage which cases were most likely to get complicated if left longer," he explained. "Sepsis, infected compound fractures and little kids made up our priority list." With more complicated cases, the surgical workers totaled 15 operations in one day, finishing after midnight.

"They are not seeing any simple breaks or fractures," Krys Baker, the hospital administrator, said of the surgical teams. "Many bones are crushed, making surgeries very difficult. They are also seeing a lot of infections. Many people have waited to come to the hospital and as a result they are having to do amputations." Infectious diseases have not shown up yet, according to a BBC report, but tetanus and gangrene are a threat to the injured.

Several days after HCJB Global's team arrived, another 17 physicians and nurses arrived from Samaritan's Purse. Upon staffing a second operating room, the 100-bed hospital can now treat more injured Haitians.

In spite of limitations on fuel, water and Internet connection, the team members' contact with their families in Ecuador has been constant. Missionary Kim Barton said from Shell, Ecuador, that her husband, Paul, "mentioned the aftershock because it woke him up. He was calling to try to find more tetanus [vaccine]." The Bartons serve at HCJB Global's jungle hospital in Shell where Paul is an anesthesiologist and his wife, Kim, is a pediatrician.

Also from the Shell hospital, German surgeon Eckehart Wolff lay on a surgery table to donate his own blood to a patient named Alexis who was suffering from severe internal abdominal bleeding. "The lady was stable this morning; however, sadly, she died this afternoon. She must have been crushed by something in the quake," said Harrison.

There is joy amid such suffering, Nelson said, recounting how family physician Marcos Nelson's patient, a young girl, began to sing even as the physician cleaned her wound. Anesthetized from pain but still conscious, the girl had a wound that revealed something serious enough for her to be placed first on the list for the next morning.

"Then we all heard her start singing," Steve Nelson related, "first in sort of a low voice and later stronger ... and it seemed happier! It was in Creole, so of course none of the Spanish and English speakers could know what she was saying ... but a translator brightened up nearby and said she is singing, 'I am saved, I am saved, I am saved!'"

The aftershock also rattled the nerves of people at partner ministry Radio Lumière, which only suffered minor damage in the original quake, although three of the staff members were killed while they were away from the station.

"Everyone there was OK [following the aftershock]," said Timothy Rickel, vice president of communication at World Gospel Mission (WGM). "Most people are sleeping outdoors anyway."

WGM engineer Paul Shingledecker helped put the station back on the air Sunday, Jan. 17, enabling the Radio Lumière to aid in communications and send out a message of hope to beleaguered Haitians.

"There is no city power, and it will be some time before there will be any," Shingledecker added. "I've seen lines down all over the city, including major high-tension lines. The station is entirely dependent on back-up generators. Some diesel is available, though not a lot yet. But money to buy it is the major factor."

A call to Radio Lumière's satellite service produced wider bandwidth for the station to stream audio on the Internet. "This is a major praise," said Rickel.

An HCJB Global engineer and others working at Radio Lumière when the Jan. 12 quake struck decided to "ride out the earthquake in the building," according to David Russell who heads the HCJB Global Technology Center in Indiana.

Alan Good had traveled to Haiti on Jan. 6 to work on the station's FM, Stereo 92. "He spent two nights there following the quake, awaiting news from his Haitian host family," Russell said. "It turned out that they also escaped injury."

With help from a Mission Aviation Fellowship pilot, Good re-established contact with Russell and was flown back to the U.S. on Sunday.

Low-tech radios connect Haitians

By John D. Sutter, CNN
January 20, 2010 8:27 a.m. EST

When cell phone coverage and Internet failed, some Haitians turned to amateur radio to communicate.


- Amateur radio provides a back-up link between Haiti and the world

- Proponents say radio signals are often the only way to communicate after a disaster

- A Haitian man says amateur radio helped him contact family in the U.S.

- After initial outages, mobile phone service has been returning to Haiti

Read the story here :

Radio stations getting back on the air in Port-au-Prince

Source: Reporters sans Frontières
Date: 20 Jan 2010

Read the report here :

In Haiti, UN radio station resumes broadcasts with French support

20 January 2010 - One week after the devastating earthquake that struck Haiti, the United Nations radio station in Port-au-Prince, MINUSTAH FM, is back on air with material and technical assistance from Radio France and Télédiffusion de France.
Read the full story here :

TDP/ DRM test transmissions from TDF Montsinery (French Guiana) to Florida

TDP Radio will perform DRM test transmissions from TDF Montsinery (French Guiana) to Florida on January 21 and 22 2010 17755 kHz 1900 - 2100 UTC; may be a possibility of regular transmissions to Florida as of February 1st if test results are OK.

Frequency: 17755 kHz,
Power: 100 kW RMS,
Antenna: 4/4, azimuth 311°

DRM parameters:
- B mode,
- MSC = 64 QAM
- CR = 0,6
- Audio encoding : AAC + SBR,
- Language: English.

Wishing you successfull listenings, reports appreciated
at !

Regards / 73.


(Via DRMNA yg)

Radio Netherlands partners AIR for co-production

By: RnM Team 20 Jan 10 18:08 IST

MUMBAI: Radio Netherlands Worldwide (RNW) has entered into a new partnership with All India Radio (AIR) for co-production of a show - Earth Beat. Both organisations will work together in the co production called Earth Beat India. The programme will be broadcast nationally by AIR in English and Hindi every two weeks.

Read the full story here :

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

End of the road for shortwave?

North India's First Doppler Radar To Debut Soon

Interesting development ....

North India's First Doppler Radar To Debut Soon

Mfr's catalogue shows this doppler weather radar ....

CINRAD/XD (M) X Band Doppler Weather Radar

So, assuming this will be working on the x-band 8-12 GHz, hoping no threat on HF bands.

About Doppler Radar

Related stories :

Palam village to host North India's first Doppler radar

Interesting story how a radar from Australia was causing interference on Amateur HF bands

Monday, January 18, 2010

NHK Radio Japan Urdu Frequency Change

NHK Radio Japan Urdu Frequency Change wef 18th Jan 2010 :

1430-1515 UTC on 6200 (ex 9795) via UZB

(Gautam Sharma, Assam)

FM Logs

Heavy fog on 2nd Jan, 2010 in northern India paralysed the road, train & air traffic, caused 3 train & numerous road accidents & tripped the regional electricity grid resulting in no electricity for the large parts in northern India for 6 to 7 hours but it also produced some excellent VHF conditions, listed below are some of my logs. Meanwhile foggy conditions continues in Northern India & its time to take your FM receivers out !!

New FM stations logged :

91.9 Radio Mantra, Agra
94.0 Krisnasar FM, Nepalgunj,Nepal (Not listed in WRTH 2010)
98.6 Radio Bheri, Surkhet, Nepal
100.2 AIR Shivpuri, Madhya Pradesh

Here are few stn's logged on 2nd & 3rd Jan 2010 :

91.9 Radio Mantra, Agra
94.0 Krisnasar FM, Nepalgunj, Nepal
98.6 Radio Bheri, Surkhet, Nepal
99.4 Shuklafanta FM,Mahendranagar, Nepal (Listed on 94.4 in WRTH 2010)
100.2 AIR Patiala,Punjab
100.2 AIR Shivpuri, Madhya Pradesh
100.4 AIR Bareilly
100.7 AIR Lucknow
101.3 AIR Aligarh
101.5 AIR Sawai Madhopur
102.1 AIR Mussourie
102.3 AIR Hissar
103.0 Radio Nepal, Buditola
103.1 AIR Chandigarh VBS
107.2 AIR Kasauli

Audio Files (Mostly ID's) :

Krishnasar FM,Nepal ID 1 94.0 2 Jan 2010

Krishnasar FM, Nepal ID 2 94.0 0349 UTC 2 Jan 2010

Radio Bheri FM, Surkhet, Nepal (500 watts) 98.6

AIR Shivpuri, Madhya Pradesh 100.2 0140 UTC 2 Jan 2010

AIR Sawai Madhopur 101.5 1740 UTC 2 Jan 2010

AIR Hissar 102.3 1512 UTC

AIR Bareilly 100.4 0659 UTC 2 Jan 2010

AIR Bareilly 100.4 0201 UTC 3 Jan 2010

Voice of Vietnam announces new contest

"What do you know about Vietnam?"

2010 will see numerous celebrations held across Vietnam. These include the country's 65th national day, the 80th anniversary of the Communist Party of Vietnam, the 120th anniversary of President Ho Chi Minh's birthday, the 35th anniversary of the liberation of southern Vietnam and national reunification and the 1,000th anniversary of Thang Long-Hanoi. This year Radio the Voice of Vietnam (VOV) will also mark its 65th anniversary. To mark the occasion, VOV will launch a writing contest called "What do you know about Vietnam?" for all its listeners overseas and the Vietnamese community abroad.

- First prize will be a free week-long trip to Vietnam

- Second prize is a free 5-day trip to Vietnam

- Third prize is a free 4-day trip to Vietnam

There will also be 10 consolation prizes, each equivalent to VND1 million or US$60.

The 5 questions will be:

01. Name Vietnam's outstanding achievements in 2009 in areas such as economics, diplomacy, social welfare and poverty reduction.

02. When Vietnam took up its position as a non-permanent member of the UN Security Council during the 2008-2009 term, what contributions did it make to the UN Security Council, especially during the two months the country chaired the council?

03. How many sites and art forms in Vietnam have been recognized by UNESCO as tangible and intangible heritages of humanity and what are they?

04. In 2010, Hanoi will celebrate its 1000th anniversary and the 11 years since UNESCO recognized it as a city for peace. What do you know about Hanoi and what do you think are the factors that helped Hanoi to win the title "the city for peace"?

05. What have been the new features and developments at Voice of Vietnam Radio over the last few years?

Please include your full name, age, address including email if any and occupation in your entry.

The time for receiving entries will be from March 1st to June 30th, 2010. You will find the answers in our radio programs. Voice of Vietnam Radio wishes you every success.

(Gautam Sharma, Assam)

VOA Creole broadcasts to Haiti now on multiple radio frequencies

Washington D.C., January 17, 2010 – Voice of America (VOA) Creole-language broadcasts to earthquake-stricken Haiti are now being heard throughout that country on multiple radio frequencies, many delivered by transmitters aboard a U.S. Defense Department-sponsored aircraft that began flying Saturday. The added service features a five-hour afternoon FM program providing news and disaster relief information for the Haitian people, struggling to cope
with that country's worst natural disaster in over 200 years.

Since the January 12 earthquake, VOA has increased its Creole programming from 1.5 hours to 10.5 hours Monday through Friday and from 1 hour to 9.5 hours Saturday and Sunday.
"We are very gratified to have the direct FM transmission to complement our shortwave and AM broadcasts in response to the crisis in Haiti," said Danforth W. Austin, VOA director. "These broadcasts demonstrate how U.S. Government agencies can work together when disaster strikes."
VOA Creole is covering the relief efforts in Haiti with VOA correspondents and Haitian stringer reporters on the ground, as VOA Washington headquarters and Miami bureau staffs work the crisis around the clock. Public service announcements are airing hourly to provide information about public safety and availability of water and food and other disaster assistance. VOA has also set up a call-in line to broadcast messages from family members and friends to Haiti, along with Twitter and Facebook accounts.
VOA Creole has long been a trusted source of news and information in Haiti and is the most popular international broadcaster in the country with a weekly audience reach of just over 50% of the adult population, according to independent survey research. Stories, audio reports, photos, video and survival information are posted on VOA's main website,

(VOA Press Release)

Sunday, January 17, 2010

RTÉ Launches Two New Services for International Audiences

RTÉ Player International

RTÉ has become one of the first broadcasters in the world to launch a comprehensive international online TV catch-up service (RTÉ Player) for those with an Irish connection living abroad. The RTÉ Player was originally launched in Ireland in April 2009. Worldwide audiences can now catch-up on RTÉ Television programmes for up to 21 days through an integrated online media player. The international version of the RTÉ Player carries a range of programmes that have been cleared for international audiences. Content available includes all RTÉ News and Current Affairs programming (eg: Prime Time, The Frontline, Nationwide), flagship entertainment programming (eg: The Late Late Show), documentaries and a range of arts and music programming, including The View. Subject to rights clearance in 2010, sports content available for catch-up will include League of Ireland matches and Monday Night Soccer in March. Rugby Extra, which gives extended post-match analysis of Ireland's RBS 6-Nations matches will be available in February. As the GAA season returns in May, The Sunday Game will be available on RTÉ Player. There will also be basketball, boxing, greyhound racing, the RDS Dublin Horse Show and a host of special events available throughout the year. In addition to the catch-up services, News Now, RTÉ's 24 hour live and looped online news service will be also available to global audiences.

RTÉ News Now and RTÉ Radio iPhone Apps

RTÉ has launched an international iPhone application version of RTÉ News Now. This enables international iPhone and iPod Touch users to watch a video feed of live or looped RTÉ Television News anywhere in the world [subject to network availability], as well as reading the latest news, business, sport and entertainment stories from RTÉ.

RTÉ Radio 1 and RTÉ 2fm have also launched iPhone Apps.
Speaking on the launch of the international service Director-General Cathal Goan said: "RTÉ has always been very conscious of the role it plays in providing an important link to home for Irish people living abroad. In the last year this has of course become all the more important as emigration has increased, particularly among younger people. With the addition of this new service to our already globally accessible radio and online services I think it is clear that RTÉ's commitment to those with an Irish connection either living or traveling abroad is very strong. "
Múirne Laffan, Executive Director of RTÉ Publishing says: "RTÉ delivers content to over 2.9 million unique users each month through RTÉ.ie of which 1.1 million are overseas. The development of the international version of RTÉ Player offers an enhanced and more engaging service to these audiences. This is part of an exciting roadmap for RTÉ Publishing, as the projected growth of mobile, smart phones and IPTV offers us more opportunities to extend RTÉ's reach. We aim to grow our audiences by optimising international availability of our services and targeting new products to both Irish Communities and cohorts with an interest in Irish Television, News, Sport and Entertainment".

About RTÉ Player
The RTÉ Player was launched for domestic use in April 2009. Since its launch 5.4 million programmes have been viewed and by December 2009, up to 1 million programmes were viewed on the RTÉ Player per month with 288,000 unique users. RTÉ Player has been developed using the latest MPEG 4 video compression technology and Flash media player. This ensures the best user experience with fast access and high audio-visual quality. For viewers with
a broadband connection, access is free, simple and instant.

(RTE press release)

BBC Hindi Prog Changes

BBC Hindi has re-vamped its programme line up, some programmes have been re-named & some new programmes announced, details at :

ARRL Board Elects 15th President: Kay Craigie, N3KN

More at :

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Venting sorrow, seeking hope, Haitians here turn to radio

Read the article here :

HCJB Global Physicians Arrive in Haiti for Relief Work with Samaritan’s Purse

Sources: HCJB Global, Samaritan's Purse, World Gospel Mission (written by Ralph Kurtenbach and Harold Goerzen)

As relief teams attempt to reach earthquake-ravaged Port-au-Prince, a multinational medical and water sanitation team from HCJB Global Hands in Ecuador is praising God for its arrival in the Haitian capital Friday, Jan. 15.

"The situation is really desperate, and safety is an increasing problem as people get more frantic for water, food and medical help," said Martin Harrison, a British water engineer on the seven-member emergency medical response team in Florida, on Thursday. "We want to get on with the job, but we're daunted by the very serious nature of the situation. Please pray for the team and that God would protect us and get us there in his perfect way and timing."

"We are certain that the medical people we are slated to relieve are so very tired after this now 48-hour marathon in the hospital," said family physician Steve Nelson on Thursday as the team waited to catch an emergency flight at the airport in West Palm Beach, Fla. The team arrived in Port-au-Prince Friday morning.

Another ministry, Samaritan's Purse (SP), is sponsoring the HCJB Global team in Haiti and handling its logistics. SP is centering its medical relief efforts at a 100-bed hospital in Port-au-Prince operated by a local partner, Baptist Haiti Mission. The hospital, 20 miles from the quake's epicenter, suffered only minor damage and has electricity from back-up generators.

Members of the HCJB Global team include Ecuadorian surgeon Leonardo Febres, German surgeon Eckehart Wolff, U.S. anesthesiologist Paul Barton, U.S. family physicians Steve Nelson and Marcos Nelson, Harrison and International Healthcare Director Sheila Leech, a British nurse who heads the group. Most have assisted after previous disasters elsewhere such as in quake zones of Indonesia and Pakistan, Lebanon after war, and flooded areas of Mexico and Ecuador.

Likewise, the SP team consists of veterans of many disaster responses, but even they were shocked by what they encountered upon their arrival. "The streets are full of people who have no homes to go back to," said Dr. David Gettle, a medical adviser. "They're running out of food, fuel and water. The situation is desperate and tense, and there is tremendous suffering."

A cargo plane chartered by SP has made several flights to Port-au-Prince since Wednesday, transporting 11 members of its own disaster team along with rolls of plastic for temporary shelters, blankets, hygiene kits, jerry cans, flashlights, water purification sachets, water purification kits and two community water filters.

The primary goal of HCJB Global's team is to bring medical aid and clean water to the injured while also addressing the spiritual needs of the Haitian earthquake victims. "This is an opportunity to show God's love in a tangible way," said HCJB Global President Wayne Pederson. "We feel privileged to play a small part in this emergency operation."

The 7.0-magnitude quake struck on Tuesday, Jan. 12, even as an HCJB Global Voice engineer was in Port-au-Prince to do technical work for partner ministry Radio Lumière. The engineer and three others (two from the U.S.) escaped injury.

World Gospel Mission (WGM) is sending Paul Shingledecker to Haiti on Saturday to assess the damage at Radio Lumière, get it back on the air and meet with church and radio leaders to begin building a long-term strategy for assisting Haiti. Shingledecker, who served as a missionary in Haiti for 23 years, will also be checking on radio staff members, some of whom are feared dead.

"The station is still standing," said Tim Rickel, WGM's vice president for communication. "It is structurally sound, although many things have fallen off the shelves. All of the radio towers are also standing." He said the station has back-up generators to supply electricity, but they are dependent on diesel fuel which is in short supply.

Radio Lumière, a WGM partner ministry operated by the Evangelical Baptist Mission of South Haiti, consists of nine radio stations and a television station. It covers 90 percent of Haiti with the message of Christ's love.

Another HCJB Global cooperating ministry, radio station 4VEH, operated by One Mission Society (formerly OMS International) in Cap-Haitien, was undamaged.

"We want to be able to show the face of Jesus as we work with our hands. We trust the name of Jesus will be lifted up in all that we do," said Steve Nelson.

Support of HCJB Global's efforts will help provide medical supplies and basic necessities such as sleeping bags, flashlights, tents and emergency water filters. Plans are under way to send additional teams in the weeks to come.

The most recent news can be found at In order to donate to the relief efforts, please visit

Since 1931, HCJB Global's passion has been to make disciples of Jesus Christ. Using mass media, healthcare and education, and working with partners around the world, HCJB Global has ministries in more than 100 countries. Together with local partners, the ministry airs the gospel
in more than 120 languages and dialects. Thousands of listeners and healthcare patients are meeting Jesus. Local believers are being trained as missionaries, pastors, broadcasters and healthcare providers.

BBC World Service broadcasts special lifeline programming for Haiti

BBC World Service will be broadcasting special lifeline programming for listeners in Haiti in the French, Spanish and English languages from tomorrow, Saturday 16 January.

Special programmes about the crisis will be broadcast this weekend between 12.00 and 13.00 GMT on shortwave on 11860 kHz (25 MB) and 9410 kHz (31 MB).

The BBC is expecting the programmes will also be available on the local FM network via the BBC's partner station, Radio Lumiere.

The special programmes will come from the BBC Afrique (French for Africa) and BBC Mundo (Spanish language) networks, as well as BBC World Service's flagship English-language news programme, Newshour.

Special programmes in Spanish and English were also broadcast today.

BBC World Service Director, Peter Horrocks, says: "This is a humanitarian crisis on a huge scale, and good quality information is a vital but scarce commodity there.

"So far, we've had lots of information from the country by Skype and Twitter. So we'll be using the same tools to inform people that we are broadcasting these special services as well as the NGOs on the ground, websites and any other means possible."

BBC Caribbean in English is also supporting its audiences in Haiti and the region with crucial information. The website will be running a Twitter site dedicated to Haiti, as well as its ongoing coverage of the wider Caribbean and Haitian diaspora reaction to the tragedy. Updates will also continue in its regular Caribbean Report.

(BBC World Service Publicity)

TWR Haiti Earthquake Response

It's difficlt to quell the emotions when viewing the images of or reading about the devastation that has hit the people of Haiti.

The outpouring of support from countless individuals, organizations, churches and governments has been tremendous. Many emergency reponse teams are either on the ground already or are en route to bring much needed releif in the form of clean water, food, medical supplies and treatment for the survivors.

To address the spiritual and emotional needs of the people of Haiti, TWR has partnered with Haiti's Radio 4VEH to rebroadcast it's local Christian programming over our 100,000-watt AM station on the Caribbean island of Bonaire.

Since Radio 4VEH is located in the northern part of Haiti it was not severely impacted by the earthquake. But because its broadcasts do not effectively reach listeners in Port-au-Prince, Radio 4VEH has agreed to allow TWR to rebroadcast its live Internet audio stream, in the local language of Creole, into Port-au-Prince.

(Trans World Radio)

Friday, January 15, 2010

Observations during Solar Eclipse

Monitoring Observations at Hyderabad of 49 & 41 Meters during partial Solar Eclipse

Partial solar eclipse was there at my location in Hyderabad today 15 January 2009 at 0600-0945 UTC (10.30 am to 3.15 pm IST). During the time of solar eclipse, it was like cloudy weather here and I monitored the broadcast bands. Enhanced reception was noted on 49 and 41 Meter bands and stations not heard usually at the time were also heard.

Here are some monitoring observations of 49 Meters :

Freq(kHz) -- Station -- SIO

5770 Myanmar 151
5915 Myanmar 252
5935 Unid 151
5965 Unid 151
5970 Unid 151
5990 Unid 151
6020 AIR Shimla 252
6035 Bhutan 151
6040 AIR Jeypore 555 (off air till 0823)
6100 AIR Delhi DRM
6110 Chinese 444
6130 Chinese 151
6175 Unid 151
6190 AIR Delhi Hum 251
6200 Chinese 151

Important observations of today on 7 MHz are as follows:

7230.4 242 Voice of Jammu & Kashmir Freedom Movement (with lot of hum) Pakistan sign off at 0841 after Allahoo Akbar (from tune in at 0753). It is scheduled at 0745-0850 as per WRTH 2010 but not heard lately.

7230 AIR Kurseong is not heard for many days now. After they left Chinese station was heard on 7230.

7250 0800 Koran recital, Dhaka? after AIR Gorakhpur left air at 0800.

Live commentary of Total Solar Eclipse was noted on 7290 Thiruvanthapuram in Malayalam & 7380 Chennai in Tamil.

AIR Port Blair was also not heard on 7390.

AIR Guwahati was noted testing with Hindi Film Tunes on 7420 from 0930 when my local station AIR Hyderabad left the same frequency.

Other air Channels were noted as usual on the usual 7 MHz frequencies but with a little better reception as was Malaysia on 7295.

(Jose Jacob, Hyderabad via dx_india yg)

Radio Netherlands Worldwide partners Web18

Read the story here :

RFE/RL Launches Radio Station in Pakistan's Pashtun Heartland

(PRAGUE, Czech Republic) On January 15, RFE/RL will begin broadcasting in the local Pashto dialects to Pakistan and the border regions between Afghanistan and Pakistan. The new station - called Radio Mashaal ("Torch" in Pashto) - will offer an alternative to the growing number of Islamic extremist radio stations in the region.

"There is an urgent need for accurate, objective news and information in Pakistan's tribal areas," says U.S. Special Representative to Afghanistan and Pakistan Richard Holbrooke. "Radio Mashaal's commitment to professional journalism in the local language will be an important contribution toward peace, reconciliation and democracy in the region."

Veteran Pakistani journalist and author Ahmed Rashid says he hopes Radio Mashaal "will provide people the kind of information they need to make the right decisions about their lives."

One surprise in store for listeners will be the reappearance of Haroon Bacha, a popular Pashtun singer who fled the region last year amid death threats from the Taliban. The 36-year-old recording artist - whose dozens of albums, music videos and television appearances made him one of the most famous entertainers in the region - will be hosting a cultural affairs show for Radio Mashaal. [see The New York Times: "U.S. Refuge for Singer Fleeing the Taliban," 10/12/08] There is an urgent need for accurate, objective news and information in Pakistan's tribal areas

The first broadcast will air live on January 15 at 4pm local time. Radio Mashaal's correspondents will be covering local and international news with in-depth reports on terrorism, politics, women's issues, and health care (with an emphasis on preventive medicine). The station will feature roundtable discussions and interviews with tribal leaders and local policymakers in addition to regular call-in programs aimed at giving listeners the opporturnity to be heard.

Radio Mashaal will operate out of a new bureau in Pakistan and broadcast from RFE/RL's Prague headquarters. The station will share a frequency with VOA's Radio Deewa and transmit via FM and shortwave. Online, Radio Mashaal's website will provide a live stream of its broadcasts.

(RFE/RL Press Release)

VOA’S Creole service expands hours, adds AM frequency to reach quake victims

Washington, D.C., January 14, 2010 – The Voice of America's (VOA) Creole Service, reaching out to Haitian earthquake victims in their language, is ramping up the strength and frequency of emergency broadcasts to Haiti. With Haiti's communications infrastructure badly damaged, the VOA, the largest international broadcaster in Haiti, is providing listeners with news and information via a combination of shortwave, AM and satellite broadcasts. "We're doing everything we possibly can to reach people in Haiti who have a desperate need for information," said Alberto Mascaro, chief of VOA's Latin America Division.
He said Creole Service programming on shortwave and satellite radio has expanded from 1.5 hours daily to 5 hours. Programs now air at 7:30-8:30 am EST (1230-0130 UTC); 12:30-2:30 pm EST (1730-1930 UTC); 5:00-6:00 pm EST (2200-2300 UTC) and 8:00-9:00 pm EST (0100-0200 UTC). The evening programs can also be heard on 1180 AM from a transmitter and tower in Marathon, Florida, pre-empting Radio Marti at those times. VOA is playing a leading role to help Haitians reach out to one another. A special call-in number – 1-202-205-9942, mailbox 42 – has been established for people to leave messages that will be broadcast to Haiti. Facebook and Twitter accounts have also been created in Creole.

VOA reporters are on the ground in Haiti, covering the international response to the disaster. Basic survival information, statements by President Obama and messages from Haitians living in the United States have been broadcast back to those dealing with the disaster. Like other native Haitians living in the United States, VOA Creole staffers are still trying to confirm the status of their relatives on the island, according to Ronald Cesar, chief of the Creole Service. VOA's Creole Service reaches more than 50 percent of adult Haitians on a weekly basis. Up-to-date information is also available around the clock on

(VOA Press Release)

Thursday, January 14, 2010

DRM Newsletter 01/10

Jan 2010 issue of DRM Newsletter :

Radio Prague's QSL cards for 2010

Ghana targets 2012 for Digital Broadcasting Migration

Read the report here :

Monitoring Info for Traffic on the Haiti Earthquake

ARLX002 IARU Region 2 Requests Frequencies Be Kept Clear After Massive Earthquake Strikes Haiti

Special Bulletin 2 ARLX002
From ARRL Headquarters
Newington CT January 13, 2010
To all radio amateurs

On Tuesday, January 12 at 4:53 PM Haiti time (2153 UTC), a magnitude 7.0 earthquake hit 10 miles (15 kilometers) west of Port-au-Prince, the island nation's capital. Communications in and out of Haiti have been disrupted. No word has been received as of yet from any of Haitian Amateur Radio operators. The ARRL encourages US amateurs to be aware of the emergency operations on the following frequencies: 7.045 and 3.720 MHz (IARU Region 2 nets), 14.265, 7.265 and 3.977

MHz (SATERN nets), and 14.300 MHz (Intercontinental Assistance and Traffic Net). The International Radio Emergency Support Coalition (IRESC) is also active on EchoLink node 278173.

IARU Region 2 Area C Emergency Coordinator, Arnie Coro, CO2KK, is coordinating a multi-national response by hams. There are organized nets on 7.045 and 3.720 MHz; amateurs are asked to monitor the frequencies, but to also keep them clear of non-essential traffic. Amateur Radio operators should also be aware that emergency traffic pertaining to the Haitian earthquake is expected on the SATERN frequencies of 14.265 MHz, 7.265 MHz and 3977 MHz, according to SATERN's leader, Major Pat McPherson. The Salvation Army is accepting health and welfare traffic requests on its Web site.

"As late as 9:45 PM local time (0245 UTC), we have not been able to contact any amateur or emergency services stations in Haiti," Coro said in an e-mail. "Amateurs from Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico and Venezuela are monitoring the 40 meter band frequency. We are still keeping watch on 7.045 MHz, hoping that someone in Haiti may have access to a transceiver and at least a car battery to run it," but so far. no HH stations have checked in.

Tuesday's quake was felt in the Dominican Republic, which shares the island of Hispaniola with Haiti, and in Eastern Cuba, but no major damage was reported in either place.

The January 13 edition of The Daily DX reported that the Rev John Henault, HH6JH, made contact late Wednesday morning with the Intercontinental Assistance and Traffic Net (IATN) on 14.300 MHz; this is the IARU Global Center of Activity frequency for emergency communications. He said that he was safe, but had no power and no phone service. He was operating on battery power and hoping to get a generator running later in the day. The edition also noted that Pierre Petry, HH2/HB9AMO -- who was in Cap Haitien (about 140 km north of Port-au-Prince) is "okay"; Petry is in Haiti working for the United Nations World Food Program. Later today, he will be traveling to the capital.

The UN's 9000 peacekeepers in Haiti -- many of whom are from Brazil -- were distracted from aid efforts by their own tragedy: Many spent the night hunting for survivors in the ruins of their headquarters. "It would appear that everyone who was in the building, including my friend Hedi Annabi, the United Nations' Secretary General's special envoy, and everyone with him and around him, are dead," French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner said Wednesday, speaking on French radio. UN peacekeeping chief Alain Le Roy would not confirm that Annabi was dead, but said he was among more than 100 people missing in the rubble of its headquarters. He said only about 10 people had been pulled out, many of them badly injured. Fewer than five bodies had been pulled from the rubble, he said.

The United Nations said the capital's main airport was "fully operational" and that relief flights would begin on Wednesday, January 13.

The situation in Haiti is still chaotic. More information will be posted as soon as possible. Information is being validated and shared between many amateur groups and news sources as it unfolds.

SOURCE: American Radio Relay League

73 and Good DX from Eric Bueneman
Amateur Radio Station NØUIH
Registered Monitor KDXØSTL, KMOØCN
Hazelwood, MO-Grid Square EM48ts

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