Saturday, January 16, 2010

TWR Haiti Earthquake Response

It's difficlt to quell the emotions when viewing the images of or reading about the devastation that has hit the people of Haiti.

The outpouring of support from countless individuals, organizations, churches and governments has been tremendous. Many emergency reponse teams are either on the ground already or are en route to bring much needed releif in the form of clean water, food, medical supplies and treatment for the survivors.

To address the spiritual and emotional needs of the people of Haiti, TWR has partnered with Haiti's Radio 4VEH to rebroadcast it's local Christian programming over our 100,000-watt AM station on the Caribbean island of Bonaire.

Since Radio 4VEH is located in the northern part of Haiti it was not severely impacted by the earthquake. But because its broadcasts do not effectively reach listeners in Port-au-Prince, Radio 4VEH has agreed to allow TWR to rebroadcast its live Internet audio stream, in the local language of Creole, into Port-au-Prince.

(Trans World Radio)

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