Friday, January 01, 2010

BBC Bangla changes in transmission schedule from 1st January 2010

BBC Bangla changes its schedule to keep pace with Changes in Bangladesh Local time

BBC Bangla schedule from 1st January 2010

0030 - 0100 UTC 6065, 9510, 11750 kHz
0130 - 0200 UTC 9510, 11995 kHz
1330 - 1400 UTC 5835, 7550, 11850 kHz
1630 - 1700 UTC 6155, 7205, 9650 kHz

Sunday Special Broadcast 1400 - 1500 UTC on 7550, 11915 kHz

BBC Bangla website does not mention these changes. Its frequency page still displays one year old b08 schedules !

(Supratik Sanatani via Bangladx yg)


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