Sunday, January 24, 2010

Chennai's 3rd & Highest Point VHF Repeater at Yelagiri Hills re-activated

Very happy to inform that due to the untiring efforts & committment of a team of Chennai Hams , the third and highest point repeater in Chennai range has been re-activated at Yelagiri Hills . Yelagiri is a hill-station on midway between Chennai and Bangalore located at an altitude of 1,050 metres (3,500 ft). Distance : 258+ km from Chennai, 150 km from Bangalore.

Yelagiri Repeater Frequency: 145.475(-600)

Approximate Geographic GPS Coordinates:

Latitude : 12.572827
Longitude : 78.649235

This repeater has been non operational for a longtime now due to various technical reasons, today a dedicated team of HAMS made the visit and the tedious climb up the top of the hill and carried out basic repairs. It was tested from Chennai with good signal report usng beam as well as Omni directional antennas . In further weeks it needs to be tested to see how much this repeater could cover, but this repeater should pave way for reliable amateur VHF link between Chennai & Bangalore as well as all other towns and cities within 150-200-250 Kms of the Yelagiri repeater.

With this Chennai has three VHF repeaters operational, the other two repeaters are 145.775(-600) & 145.675(-600). There is also a UHF repeater under test , Tx-435.800/Rx-434.100.

Detailed update with photos would be posted on the Chennai HAMS blogspot, pls visit and provide any feedback.

Thanks and Regards

( G.Vipin Shankar)

(Via vuhams yg)

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