Sunday, February 28, 2021

UMS Technologies launches 2 port antenna selector switch

UMS Technologies Pvt Ltd, a company based in Coimbatore, India has launched another product for radio enthusiasts with high international quality standard & low cost.

UMS has launched a 2 port antenna selector switch, UMS G-Antenna Selector Switch. They are planning to manufacture 3 port antenna selector switches in future.

Cost of UMS G-Antenna Selector Switch ( 2 Port )  is Rs 2490*+18% GST

For ordering contact : Mr. Arun, Engineer, UMS Technologies  at  77084 29050
Or at : UMS Technologies Pvt Ltd , Gopal Bagh 1062, Avinashi Road, Coimbatore 641018, Tamilnadu, India
Tel : +914222243439, Email :

UMS Technologies also manufactures a wide range of products related to amateur radio :

- Wide space variable capacitor 30-250pf/3kv - Rs 1700*+185 GST
- Wide space variable capacitor 30-500pf/3kv - Rs 2700*+18% GST
- Double 5/8 Colinear 2n antenna - Rs 3400* + 18% GST
- Morse Key 3D printed - Rs 520* + GST

* Prices are subject to change, please contact UMS for pricing before ordering.  

More details available on their website :

Thursday, February 25, 2021

DRM in FM-Band Live On-Air in Delhi for Comprehensive Trial by All India Radio (AIR)

As of mid-February 2021, a full-featured DRM digital radio transmission with 3 audio services and Journaline advanced text information is live on-air in Delhi in the FM band, alongside the existing analogue FM radio transmissions.

The transmission is part of an extensive trial and demonstration of DRM conducted by Prasar Bharati and its radio arm, All India Radio (AIR), with the help of the DRM Consortium and its local and international members.

The test was officially launched on February 24th and 25th at the Headquarters of All India Radio in New Delhi.

The test was requested by the regulator TRAI and the Ministry of Information & Broadcasting as part of their deliberations that will lead to the recommendation of the most suitable radio standard to digitise the FM band in India.

DRM for FM is part of the ITU recommended all band DRM standard and was introduced in 2011 after sophisticated and successful trials (like the one in Edinburgh, UK) all over the world.  

DRM for FM is now part of official policies in Russia, Pakistan, and South Africa and is recommended by the Southern African Development Community (SADC) for its sixteen Southern African countries.

The current Indian trial is to be carried out in two locations. The first phase, in Delhi, will demonstrate and test the key features of DRM, its efficient coverage potential and flexible on-air signal configurations.  The second phase will be taking place in Jaipur and is designed to prove the compatibility with the FM band channelization in India, where DRM fills the gaps between existing analogue FM services that are not otherwise usable, as well as the existing CTI (shared FM transmitter infrastructure).

A whole set of receiver brands have made their DRM receiver solutions available for this trial, ensuring full support for DRM in all broadcast bands – from the regular DRM services on-air all over India, in the former AM bands by All India Radio, to now including DRM services in the FM band. Receiver models to be showcased during the trial include desktop and portable radio sets, automotive line-fit head-units with software upgrades to extend DRM support to the FM band, automotive after-market models and upgrade kits to enable DRM reception on virtually any Android based mobile phone available to Indian consumers today.

All India Radio and Prasar Bharati specialists and other Indian industry experts will experience, examine, and record DRM coverage potential. The various DRM features which can be showcased and experienced include:

- High-quality stereo and 5.1 surround sound, with up to 3 audio services plus multimedia per DRM 

- Multi-lingual Journaline text services such as Mann Ki Baat (the regular Prime Minister Modi
  broadcasts), travel information and news 

- Journaline-based applications such as Distance-Learning/Radio Schooling and Public Signage 

- EWF Emergency Warning Functionality with full CAP compliance

- Flexible multi-DRM transmission of up to 6 DRM signals - providing up to 24 DRM services (18 
  audio programmes plus 6 stand-alone Journaline services) from a single FM-band transmitter

- Simulcast of an analogue FM and a digital DRM signal side-by-side from a single transmitter.

- Interference-free insertion of digital DRM signals in the otherwise unavailable gaps between the 
  existing analogue FM services, which remain undisturbed.

Yogendra Pal, Hon. Chairman of the DRM India Chapter, explains: "This demonstration of DRM services in the FM band will be a feast of "firsts" for digital radio services and features in India, including the multi-DRM transmissions on a single transmitter or the distance learning enabled by the non-proprietary, open-to-all DRM radio standard."

Alexander Zink, Vice-Chairman of the DRM Consortium, highlights the extraordinary collaboration in these exceptional times between international DRM Consortium members and those present in India such as All India Radio and Technomedia.  "Technomedia, an Indian cornerstone of the radio industry, has been essential in providing the local logistics and carrying out sophisticated signal measurement campaigns. Gospell and StarWaves are providing consumer receiver solutions, while Fraunhofer IIS, Nautel, and RFmondial took care of the content, transmission side and professional monitoring receivers. NXP with industry partners Hyundai Mobis and Harman are supporting the DRM showcase with the latest FM-band upgrades to their existing automotive DRM receivers."

Ruxandra Obreja, DRM Chairman emphasizes the potential and impact of this trial for India's future digital radio environment: "We hope for good results at the end of this test where DRM has to be judged on its own merits and unmatched capabilities; we hope that the expected good results will convince the Indian authorities that DRM is the right standard to upgrade All India Radio's already established country-wide DRM services in the AM bands to the FM band. This will allow private broadcasters to finally benefit from the innovative services and revenue potential of DRM digital radio, while establishing a simple upgrade path for the automotive industry, with technology designed and made in India."

Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Upcoming frequency changes of Radio France International and DRM schedule

Upcoming frequency changes of Radio France International:

0700-0800 on 15300 ISS 500 kW / 155 deg to CeAf French till Feb.27
0700-0800 NF 17850 ISS 500 kW / 155 deg to CeAf French from Feb.28
1800-1900 on  9660 ISS 500 kW / 160 deg to CeAf French till Feb.27
1800-1900 NF 11995 ISS 500 kW / 160 deg to CeAf French from Feb.28
1800-1900 on 11995 ISS 500 kW / 150 deg to CeAf French till Feb.27
1800-1900 NF 13740 ISS 500 kW / 150 deg to CeAf French from Feb.28

B20 DRM schedule of Radio France International IS ONLY on 3965 kHz

0000-2400 on  3965 ISS 010 kW / non-dir to WeEu French in B20 HFCC
0900-1200 on  6175 ISS 100 kW / 153 deg to SEEu French is inactive
0900-1200 on  6175 ISS 100 kW / 267 deg to SWEu French is inactive
1200-1500 on  6175 ISS 150 kW / non-dir to WeEu French is inactive

All other registered frequencies are NOT ON AIR, from February 21:

0830-0900 on 21620 ISS 150 kW / 105 deg to SoAs French addit.txion
1130-1200 on 21620 ISS 150 kW / 105 deg to SoAs French addit.txion
1300-1330 on 21620 ISS 150 kW / 105 deg to SoAs French x 11735 kHz
1500-1530 on 15310 ISS 150 kW / 105 deg to SoAs French ex 9905 kHz
1730-1800 on 11630 ISS 150 kW / 105 deg to SoAs French ex 9905 kHz
2100-2130 on  9580 ISS 150 kW / 105 deg to SoAs French addit.txion
2330-2400 on  9885 ISS 150 kW / 105 deg to SoAs French ex 5875 kHz

(Via Ivo Ivanov)

Sunday, February 21, 2021

Radio Öömrang annual transmission

Radio Öömrang annual transmission

21st Feb, 2021 (Sunday) 

1600-1659 UTC on 15215 kHz via Issoudun 500 kW /300 deg to E/NAm Frisian dialect, German and  English.

Radio Oomrang broadcasts once in a year on shortwave in lower German language via facilities of Media Broadcast in Germany. Radio Oomrang announces as "The Free Voice of Frisian People from Amrum island in Germany". Station ID is in english.

About Oomrang :

Reception reports to :

Friday, February 19, 2021

Updated B20 DRM test schedule of Radio France International

FRANCE   Updated B20 DRM test schedule of Radio France International

-changes from February 16
1130-1200 UTC on 21620 ISS 150 kW / 105 deg to SoAs French, addit. txion
1300-1330 UTC  NF 21620 ISS 150 kW / 105 deg to SoAs French, ex 11735 kHz
1500-1530 UTC  NF 15310 ISS 150 kW / 105 deg to SoAs French, ex  9905 kHz
1730-1800 UTC  NF 11630 ISS 150 kW / 105 deg to SoAs French, ex  9905 kHz
2100-2130 UTC  on  9580 ISS 150 kW / 105 deg to SoAs French, addit. txn

-changes from February 21
0830-0900 UTC on 21620 ISS 150 kW / 105 deg to SoAs French, addit. txion
2330-2400 UTC  NF  9885 ISS 150 kW / 105 deg to SoAs French, ex  5875 kHz

(Ivo Ivanov)

Thursday, February 18, 2021

Frequency changes of Radio Romania International

Frequency changes of Radio Romania International

0000-0056 UTC NF 11830 TIG  300 kW / 247 deg to SoAm Spanish, ex 11800
0300-0356 UTC NF 11830 TIG  300 kW / 247 deg to SoAm Spanish, ex 11800
0400-0456 UTC NF 13720 TIG  090 kW / 097 deg to SoAs English DRM, ex  9820
0500-0526 UTC NF 13720 TIG  090 kW / 067 deg to EaAs Chinese DRM, ex 13730
0800-0856 UTC NF 17750 GAL 300 kW / 110 deg to WeAs Romanian Sun, ex 17640
0900-0956 UTC NF 17750 GAL 300 kW / 175 deg to EaAf Romanian Sun, ex 17640
2200-2256 UTC NF 11790 TIG   300 kW / 247 deg to SoAm Spanish, ex 11800
2300-2356 UTC NF   9620 TIG   300 kW / 067 deg to EaAs English, ex 6090 / 52 deg

(Ivo Ivanov)

Radio Bulgaria turns 85

On 25 January, 1935 Tsar Boris III signed a decree making radio broadcasting state-owned, and the idea for Radio Sofia to broadcast in different languages came into being several months later. So it came about that on 16 February, 1936 the first transmissions targeted at other countries were launched – in the Bulgarian language, plus news bulletins in Esperanto. And even though the BNR's foreign-language programmes were only named "Radio Bulgaria" in 1992, it is the year in which the first broadcasts were launched that is considered to be its birthdate.

"From the very outset the engineers, technicians and editors of the radio, with first director Sirak Skitnik regarded it as a means of communication connecting Bulgarians around the world and bringing foreigners information about the country," says Antoaneta Radoslavova-Doycheva, curator of the Museum of History of Radio in Bulgaria.

On 31 January, 2012, Radio Bulgaria terminated its shortwave broadcasts and migrated to the Internet. "Still, I am happy the radio's foreign-language programmes have continued, albeit online, because the policy regarding Bulgarians abroad should be continued," Antoaneta Radoslavova says.

More info at :

Friday, February 12, 2021

World Radio Day message from Deutsche Welle

Happy World Radio Day!

Tomorrow, February 13, we celebrate the 10th UNESCO World Radio Day and with it more than 110 years of radio reception.

World Radio Day was launched in 2012 to commemorate the founding of United Nations Radio on February 13, 1946.

As it reads on the UNESCO's website: „Radio is a powerful medium for celebrating humanity in all its diversity and constitutes a platform for democratic discourse. At the global level, radio remains the most widely consumed medium."

On May 3rd, 1953, Deutsche Welle went on air for the first time with a shortwave broadcast.

Tell us your story, how long you have been listening to DW Radio and how you came to Deutsche Welle. We are raffling an iPodShuffle among all submissions.

Click here for the website:

We wish you good luck and look forward to your correspondence!

Your Customer Service

World Radio Day Celebration by Indian DX Club International, Kolkata

World Radio Day was proclaimed in the year 2011 by the member states of UNESCO. It was adopted by the United Nations General Assembly in 2012 as an International Day. Since then February 13 came to know as World Radio Day.

On the occasion of World Radio Day 2021, Indian DX Club International of Kolkata, as in the past years, will celebrate World Radio Day 2021 with a Webinar in view of the raging pandemic, to be attended by various radio hobbyist and institutions from across different continents.

Webinar is based on the official World Radio Day 2021 theme "New World, New Radio" which highlights resilience of the radio, to its sustainability, radio has had to adapt to new technologies to remain the go-to medium of mobility, accessible everywhere and to everyone. And last but not the least radio's services to our society—natural disasters, socio-economic crises, epidemics, etc.

On this occasion, Pradip Chandra Kundu, a veteran radio hobbyist from Tripura and Indian Record Holder in collecting maximum QSL cards from radio stations across the globe, will be among the other dignitaries' from across the globe presenting his views on the World Day theme.

In addition to Webinar, the club is organising a conference of radio hobbyist at Barasat in the North 24 Parganas District of West Bengal, hosted by another eminent DXer Babul Gupta, who was been recently been appraised and certified by a scientific expedition team (LRA-36) from their base camp at Antarctica when Babul Gupta intercepted their radio test transmission from his hometown at Barasat.

In a recent survey in UK by a radio station has suggested that the benefits of radio in these troubled times are increasingly being appreciated by a younger audience, with 62 per cent of 18-34s suggesting they are listening more than pre-pandemic.

UNESCO Director-General Audrey Azoulay on his message on World Radio Day 2021 said "wherever you are, radio is with you. Confined, radio opens up to the world, to health information, to education, to the arts, to cultural diversity. Radio is an invaluable tool for the transmission of information, a common good of humanity."

Radio is a very powerful medium to celebrate humanity in all its diversity. It is the most widely consumed medium at a global level. The unique ability of radio to reach out the widest audience has paved way for radio to shape a society's experience of diversity, stand as an arena for all voices to speak out, be represented and heard and also give voice to the voiceless. Therefore World Radio Day significance holds great value all over the world.

Indian DX Club International of Kolkata is an association of radio hobbyist, which brings out Asian DX Review, a DX bulleting and distributed free. It is also active in organising DXpeditions, and promoting the scientific hobby of radio DXing in general.

Indian DX Club International, GPO Box 646, Kolkata 700001.

DRM Consortium announces DRM for education e-book and initiative on 10th World Radio Day

The Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM) Consortium is celebrating the 10th World Radio Day (WRD), adopted by the UN General Assembly as an international day in 2012, by supporting the three main themes of the WRD 2021: evolution, innovation, and connection in a very practical way.

To mark the day, February 13th,  the DRM Consortium will be launching its first DRM for Education e-book, as well as the DRM Delivers Education for All initiative, which is a project you may want to learn about, support, get involved in and implement. (If so, please get in touch with:

Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM) was developed as an innovative substitute for large and, later, local audio coverage. DRM offers excellent audio quality in all frequency bands (SW, AM and VHF) doubled by new data carriage opportunities that can be used now for a purpose in great demand, distance education.

The DRM e-book makes a strong case for using DRM for distance learning. As a "one-to many" platform, digital radio can deliver audio and text over vast areas and, therefore, to all the schools and students in villages far away or in busy cities, with the same content and quality and without any discrimination. With the advantages of DRM, the content in audio and text can be listened to and accessed live or they can be stored and replayed. as many times as necessary, later.

This is a great advantage of digital radio over analogue (not sufficiently showcased and used until now) that needs to be exploited fully to bridge the educational gap that exists in most countries of the world and which the pandemic has made so much worse or more visible.

Ruxandra Obreja, DRM Chairman, said: "This first virtual education book by the DRM is also an invitation to participate in an exciting adventure, our DRM Delivers Education for All initiative, which by using innovation and creativity will allow partners to introduce radio as the new friend, the trusted guide and teacher to a whole new generation of listeners and to millions of students left out of the education process just now."

Download the pdf version of DRM e-book here :   DRM e-book pdf download

Thursday, February 11, 2021

Nautel Strengthens Digital Radio Portfolio with Digidia Acquisition

France based Digital Radio Innovator, Digidia, joins the Nautel family of companies and adds significant DAB+, DRM, and Synchronous FM products and technology.

Hackett's Cove, Nova Scotia (February 10th, 2021) – Nautel today announced that it acquired ownership of France based technology company Digidia. The addition expands Nautel's existing Digital Radio offerings to broadcast customers.

The acquisition expands Nautel's core product lines, enhancing the company's extensive expertise in high-power electronics design and digital signal processing. Digidia, founded in 2005, has developed rare design knowledge related to DAB+ and DRM. In addition, the company has created specialized solutions that address synchronization of radio transmissions for highway projects or to allow radio reception within Europe's numerous mountain tunnels. Digidia will continue as a separate entity, serving its customers out of its fully integrated design and manufacturing facility in Rennes, France.

Former shareholders Hermann Zensen, Manuel Billot and Damien Bernard will remain as executives for the two companies.

"We are absolutely excited to welcome the talented Digidia team to the Nautel family," said Kevin Rodgers, Nautel President and CEO. "Nautel has long demonstrated its passion for digital radio with its leadership in HD Radio transmission solutions. With the addition of the Digidia's design capabilities, DAB+ and DRM solutions, Nautel is underlining its commitment to all major digital radio transmission standards. By adding Digidia's offerings together with Nautel's existing transmission products we will be able to better serve an even larger base of customers worldwide."

"Nautel has achieved exceptional customer acceptance for its line of broadcast transmitters and innovative digital radio," said Hermann Zensen, Sales Manager, on behalf of the Digidia management team. "We believe this is a perfect partnership that makes more resources and opportunities available for our Digidia team and allows us to better serve our customers."

About Nautel
Nautel is one of the world's largest manufacturers of AM and FM radio broadcast transmitters with key contributions in the field of digital broadcasting. Focused on making transmission worry-free for users worldwide, Nautel transmitters employ advanced control, monitoring and instrumentation tools which simplify management of transmitter sites, both locally and remotely via Web access. More than 16,000 Nautel transmitters have been deployed in over 177 countries since 1970. For more information visit

About Digidia
Digidia has emerged as one of the leading companies for digital radio transmission equipment with more than 300 digital radio deployments all over the world in three technologies: Synchronous FM, DAB/DAB+/DMB (Eureka147) and DRM30/DRM+, all covered with a broad and complete product line including multiplexers, content servers, modulators, IP gateways, monitoring equipment, professional receivers, encoders, decoders and tunnel break-in products. For more information visit

(Press Release)

FTIOM & UBMP, February 14-20

From the Isle of Music, February 14-20:

This week, we present Cuban music related to Valentine's Day and Mardi Gras.
The broadcasts take place:

1. For Eastern Europe but audible well beyond the target area in most of the Eastern Hemisphere (including parts of East Asia and Oceania) with 100Kw, Sunday 1500-1600 UTC on SpaceLine, 9400 KHz, from Sofia, Bulgaria (1800-1900 MSK)

2. For the Americas and parts of Europe, Tuesday 0100-0200 on WBCQ, 7490 kHz from Monticello, ME, USA (Monday 8-9PM EST in the US).

3 & 4. For Europe and sometimes beyond, Tuesday 1900-2000 UTC and Saturday 1300-1400 UTC on Channel 292, 6070 kHz from Rohrbach, Germany.

Our V-Kontakte page is

Uncle Bill's Melting Pot, February 14-20:

In episode 204, we "honor" Valentines Day with music about love for those who are not feeling particularly romantic and recognize Mardi Gras with music for that occasion.

The transmissions take place:
1.Sunday 2300-0000 (6:00PM -7:00PM EST) on WBCQ The Planet 7490 kHz from the US to the Americas and parts of Europe

2. Tuesday 2000-2100 UTC on Channel 292, 6070 kHz from Rohrbach, Germany for Europe.

3. Saturday 0800-0900 UTC on Channel 292, 9670 kHz from Rohrbach, Germany for Europe with a directional booster aimed eastward.

Our V-Kontakte page is

The transmissions from Germany and Bulgaria are listenable in parts of Russia, especially western and central...

Vatican Radio turns 90

Vatican Radio turns 90: Carrying the Pope's voice to the whole world

The Holy See's radio station, commissioned by Pope Pius XI and designed and built by Guglielmo Marconi, turns 90 years old, and now speaks in 41 languages. The Director of Vatican Radio says this anniversary is being celebrated by inaugurating a new internet page and adding a web radio station.

More at :

Monday, February 08, 2021

Updated B20 DRM test schedule of Radio France International

Updated B20 DRM test schedule of Radio France International:

-additional airings

0830-0900 UTC on 21620 ISS 150 kW / 105 deg to SoAs French from February 21
1000-1030 UTC on 21620 ISS 150 kW / 105 deg to SoAs French from February 16
2100-2130 UTC on  9580 ISS 150 kW / 105 deg to SoAs French from February 16

-frequency changes

1300-1330 UTC on 11735 ISS 150 kW / 070 deg to SEAs French till February 15
1300-1330 UTC NF 21620 ISS 150 kW / 105 deg to SoAs French from February 16
1500-1530 UTC on  9905 ISS 150 kW / 070 deg to SEAs French till February 20
1500-1530 UTC NF 15310 ISS 150 kW / 105 deg to SoAs French from February 21
1730-1800 UTC on  9905 ISS 150 kW / 070 deg to SEAs French till February 20
1730-1800 UTC NF 11630 ISS 150 kW / 105 deg to SoAs French from February 21
2330-2400 UTC on  5875 ISS 150 kW / 105 deg to SoAs French till February 20
2330-2400 UTC NF  9885 ISS 150 kW / 105 deg to SoAs French from February 21

(Ivo Ivanov)

More AIR External services broadcasts back on air

More All India radio External Service broadcasts expected to be back on air by 7th Feb'21, actual monitoring needed.

2345-0115 0515-0645 CHINESE   WS I  13695  BENGALURU
0300-0400 0830-0930 BALUCHI   NS I  9950   KINGSWAY,DELHI
0245-0345 0815-0915 BURMESE   NS II 15030  KINGSWAY,DELHI
0500-0600 1030-1130 ARABIC(1) WS I  15030  BENGALURU
1045-1200 1615-1730 TIBETAN   WS I  11560  KINGSWAY,DELHI
1215-1315 1745-1845 SWAHILI   WS I  15030  BENGALURU
1930-2030 0100-0200 FRENCH    WS II 9620   BENGALURU (DRM)

AIR Baluchi Service back on air

AIR External Service  has reactivated it Baluchi Service to Pakistan at 0300-0400 UTC on 9950 kHz.

AIR External Service noted with live streaming in Burmese at 0245-0345 UTC. However there are reports that the Internet is cut in Myanmar. Hope AIR will resume soon on SW 15030 kHz at that time

(Jose Jacob, VU2JOS)

Thursday, February 04, 2021

Texas Radio Shortwave announces February 2021 Programs to North America

Texas Radio Shortwave, broadcasting from somewhere in the Gulf of Mexico, is pleased to announce the schedule of its February 2021 broadcasts to North America.

This month we feature music by Texas artists known as Country Music Outlaws because their music didn't follow the Nashville style of country.  Featured artists include Waylon Jennings, Gary Clark, Jimmie Dale Gilmore, Mickey Newbury, and Scott H. Biram.

The first airing is via WRMI, 5950 kHz, at 0200 UTC on Sunday, February 7 (Saturday, February 6 in N. America).  The program is repeated each Sunday at the same time through month's end.

On February 28 at 0300 UTC (Saturday, February 27 in N. America), WBCQ will air the program on 6160 kHz.

There's a special limited edition eQSL for correct, detailed reception reports to

BRB Denge Welat is again on 11530 kHz, February 4

*KURDISTAN(non)   BRB Denge Welat is again on 11530 kHz:*

0600-1300 UTC on 11530 KCH 300 kW / 130 deg to WeAs Kurdish
1300-1500 UTC on 11530 KCH 300 kW / 116 deg to WeAs Kurdish
1500-1600 UTC on 11530 ISS 250 kW / 090 deg to WeAs Kurdish*Very good via
SDR Tambov Russia from 1500UTC February 4
TRT Radio Erdogan at same time is on previous 11540 kHz*

(Ivo Ivanov)

Wednesday, February 03, 2021

Frequency change of VOA Radio Ashna via Woofferton

Frequency change of VOA Radio Ashna via Woofferton:

1430-1500 UTC NF  9835 WOF 300 kW / 075 deg to WeAs Pashto, ex 13860
1500-1630 UTC NF  9835 WOF 300 kW / 075 deg to WeAs Dari, ex 13860
// frequency 12075 KWT 250 kW / 070 deg to WeAs Pashto/Dari
// frequency 12140 KWT 250 kW / 070 deg to WeAs Pashto/Dari

(Via Ivo Ivanov)

New WINB DRM broadcast

Unique Radio, home ot 60's, 70's, 80's & the best classic Hits
DRM  -  Beamed to Europe  VIA  WINB from Feb 1

Mondays 1000 - 1100 hours UTC 9265 kHz

WINB is testing digital broadcasting using the DRM standard.  Here is a link describing the use of the on-line Kiwi SDR to listen to DRM: 

WINB is a religious broadcaster who sells time on the station located at Red Lion, PA  17356 USA WINB transmits from the town of Red Lion in Southeastern Pennsylvania.  Our main transmitter is a Continental 417B designed and built in Dallas, Texas. It has a rated maximum output power of 50kW.

A new DRM transmitter, an ASI CE-50000WS, was installed in April 2018. The transmitter is rated at 15 kW and is using the Rhombic antenna at 062 degrees. The authorized schedule for this transmitter is: Monday-Friday 0700-1000 on 7315 kHz, 1000-1200 on 9265 kHz, 1200-1700 UTC on 13690 kHz.

At times when the ASI transmitter is not being tested, WINB will occasionally test in DRM using its existing Continental 417B transmitter on 9265 kHz beamed 242 degrees.  Programming on the DRM is from WINB's Internet audio stream and is in English and Spanish.

(Alan via DRMNA)

Monday, February 01, 2021

All India Radio Maitree schedule extended

All India Radio Maitree new schedule from today 1st Feb 2021  :

In Bengali to Bangladesh :

0025 - 0900 UTC on 594 kHz (1000 kW) AM Mode
1000 - 1830 UTC on 594 kHz (1000 kW) AM Mode

Reception reports to : 

(Via Jose Jacob, VU2JOS)

Voice of America Marks 79th Anniversary

Voice of America is 79 years old today. Its 1942 debut was unpretentious -- a live, 15-minute shortwave radio broadcast transmitted into Germany from a small studio in New York City.

Now, the U.S.-funded but independent VOA reaches more than 280 million people across the globe each week in more than 40 languages.

Its stories, covering the range of the human existence in the Unites States and countries throughout the world, appear on digital, television and radio platforms and can be accessed on mobile phones and social media. VOA stories are carried on a network of more than 2,500 affiliate stations.

More at : 

Military coup in Myanmar, MRTV off air

Local Myanmar military TV Myawaddy has announced the military has taken over control of the country. That the VP, Myint Swe, a former military general is now the temporary president & he has given authority to the military chief. This will reportedly be for a 1 year period.

Burma's state-run MRTV television said in a Facebook post that it was unable to broadcast due to technical issues.