Saturday, December 29, 2007

Gulbarga to get 10-kW FM station

The long-felt need of the region for the expansion of
the existing FM station of All India Radio (AIR) to
bring more areas under its coverage will soon be a
reality with the setting up of a 10-kW station in
Chief Engineer of Akashvani Directorate R.K. Singh,
who was here on a regular inspection tour, said that
the existing 1-kW FM station covered only a 15- to
20-km radius around Gulbarga, and that the
10-kWstation would increase the coverage to around 80
Mr. Singh said that purchase of the equipment required
for the setting up of the FM station was in the final
stage and soon the dream of the people of the Gulbarga
district for an FM station with a wider range would
become a reality.
Deputy Commissioner Pankajkumar Pandey pointed out
that Gulbarga district was poised for major growth in
important sectors of development with the setting up
of more number of cement and sugar factories and
construction of an airport on 700 acres of land on the
Gulbaga-Sedam inter-State highway.
Other languages
Apart from Kannada programmes, other language
programmes such as Urdu, Marathi and Telugu should
also be broadcast, Mr Pandey said and added that if
the FM station had facilities to produce its own
programmes, the district administration would be in a
position to give necessary publicity to government
Later, Mr. Singh visited the Doordarshan Kendra office
in the outskirts.


Thursday, December 27, 2007

All India Radio covers India - Australia Cricket Test Series 2007-08

All India Radio will broadcast live commentary off-tube from
the studios of AIR Delhi alternately in Hindi & English of
the forthcoming India-Australia Cricket Test Series 2007-08
as per following schedule :

Live Commentary on Medium Wave, FM-Gold & Shortwave Channels:
26th - 30th Dec, 2007 2315-0630 UTC - 1st Cricket Test at Melbourne
2nd - 6th Jan, 2008 2315-0630 UTC - 2nd Cricket Test at Sydney
16th - 20th Jan, 2008 0215-0930 UTC - 3rd Cricket Test at Perth
24th - 28th Jan, 2008 2345-0700 UTC - 4th Cricket Test at Adelaide, Oval

There will be hourly updates on FM-Rainbow Channels.
At 0300 UTC foll SW channels were noted carrying running commentary :
4860 - Delhi
4880 - Lucknow
4910 - Jaipur
5040 - Jeypore
7290 - Thiru'puram
7360 - Chennai

Bangladesh Betaar - on going projects

Establishment 1000 KW MW Equal Power Transmitter as an alternative
of old 1000KW MW Transmitter at Dhamrai, Dhaka.
- To strengthen the MW radio broadcasting of Bangladesh Betar,
Dhaka by replacing the 36 year-worn out valve type 1000 KW
Medium Wave(MW)transmitter by a new solid-state 1000 KW MW
- Efficiency of the new transmitter will be much better than
the existing one. 95% area of the country will be covered
by this high quality transmitter.
- The new transmitter has the energy saving provisions which
will be helpful to avoid huge electricity consumption.
- The new modern solid -state transmitter is compatible for
future DRM (Digital Radio Mondiale) broadcast
- A generator of 1500KVA is included to meet power failures.
- Project Cost: Tk. 620 million
- Expected date of complettion : June,2008.

BMRE Project of Different Stations of Bangladesh Betar
- Under this project different station's (Broadcasting house
and transmitter) audio equipments and existing Radio link
will be replaced by modern digital system.
- Replacement of 2(two) 100KW MW transmitters located in
Nowapara, Jessore and Kahalu, Bogra.
- Setup of 1(one) 10KW FM transmitter in Dhaka.
- Set up of 6(six) FM transmitters of power 5KW each for
different regional stations.
- Set up of 6 (six) digital STL for the purpose of linking
studio to transmitter for different regional stations.
- Provide portable, profession CD recorders for different
broadcasting houses.
- Set-up server with LAN accessories and radio automation
- Set up professional audio work stations with digital mixer.
- Integration of digital audio console, computerized audio
editing, storing and processing software.
- Project Cost: Tk. 240 million
- Expected date of complettion: June, 2008.

Future Development Plan of the B'desh Betaar Engineering Department:
i) Establishment of a Country-wide FM Network
ii) Replacement of 1 (one) 250KW Short wave (SW) transmitter located
in Kabirpur, Dhaka.

Source : B'desh Betaar

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

FM Radio to be on air in Rajahmundry

Rajahmundry, December 26: `Vinandi.Vinandi.Ullasamga.Utsahamga'-
these words you might have heard in Visakha FM and also in
Now it is the turn of Rajahmundry. Sun Network is going to
launch its FM Radio programmes as New Year gift to people
of Rajahmundry. On Tuesday, the network started trial run.
According to Sun Network sources, they have taken a well-
furnished office on Tilak Road with sophisticated technology,
high frequency towers and other installations. "We have
completed all arrangements. We started trail run today.
We are chalking out programmes based on local customs,
culture and tradition to air programmes round the clock,"
said a senior executive of the Network. Trained jockeys
are ready to exhibit their talent to attract local
audience. On Tuesday, a large number of youths started
switching on their mobile sets and tuning FM Radio in
their sets with the help of cordless equipment. "One
of my friends said that FM is coming in our area. I was
thrilled. It is a new experience. We are listening songs
uninterruptedly from last night," said Vineet, an
undergraduate studying in VT College.
"When I heard only words-Vinandi.Vinandi.Ullasamga and
Utsahamga.I thought it is Visakha FM. Then some one told
me that is Rajahmundry FM. I was so thrilled. From now
my mobile will be dedicated to FM station," said
Madhulatha, studying in GIET College.
Two big companies -- Reliance and Sun Network -- have
announced that they will keep Rajahmundry people
enjoying with FM Radio. Sun Network is all set to air
its programmes officially from January 1. From now,
every auto rickshaw will be buzzing with FM tunes
and we have to wait, what would be the response of
RTC and hotels, restaurants and other establishments.

Future Media geared up to extend to Future Radio

Noor Fathima Warsia
December 26 2007
Future Media has decided to have a more direct
presence in the radio medium.Even as no official
comments were available at the time of filing the
report, it is understood that Future Media is in
the process of identifying a model, which would
form the premise of Future Radio.
Future Media has floated different models and has
invited entities in the radio space like stations,
content providers and so on, to bid for the model.
The bidding process ends in the first week of
January 2008. The outcome might see Future Media
getting into a joint content deal or joint selling
deal, based on the results of the bidding process.
Sources familiar with the situation even informed
that post the bidding a decision would be taken
on whether Future Radio would be a co-branded
initiative or a completely Future branded deal.
In the present state, Future Media has a few
tie-ups in the radio space. For instance, Big FM
is its partner in Big Bazaar, while Red FM is its
partner in Pantaloons. These are advertising tie-ups.
The objective for having a radio channel in malls
like Future Group properties like Big Bazaar and
Pantaloons or its acquired media spaces, is largely
due to the fact that the stations played are
exclusive and hence, can claim captive audience in
these malls.
Future Media already has a presence of this kind
in the television space with Future TV. The company
has the option to change the content that is
played in its various platforms, depending on the
ambience and other similar factors. Sources informed
that even in the case of radio, a change in content
could be expected depending on the outlet.

Sun TV launches radio station in Vijayawada

Wednesday - Dec 26, 2007 Correspondent | Vijayawada
Sun TV Network has announced that its FM radio station at
Vijayawada was launched on December 25 through its subsidiary,
Kal Radio Ltd. This station, under the brand S FM can be heard
on 93.5 MHz frequency.
Vijayawada already has on air two FM channels, Radio Mirchi
on 98.3 MHz and All India Radio's Rainbow Krishnaveni on
102.2 MHz.
Sun FM already operates in Hyderabad, Visakhapatnam and
Tirupati, and would soon be going on air in Rajahmundry
and Warangal. With a total of six stations in Andhra
Pradesh, 93.5 SFM would be able to boast of having the
largest FM Radio network in the State.
With the launch of this station, the total number of
FM stations of the company goes up to 17 as it already
operates FM stations at Chennai, Coimbatore, Tirunelveli,
Visakhapatnam, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Bhubaneshwar,
Tirupati, Madurai, Tuticorin, Lucknow, Bhopal, Pondicherry,
Kozhikode and Indore.
Sun TV hold licences for 45 FM Radio Stations across
India, and will be one of the largest radio broadcasters
in India, when all the remaining 28 stations becomes

Monday, December 24, 2007

BEST FM 95 launched in Thrissur

Thrissur: The Thrissur station of BEST FM 95,
a radio service launched by Asianet, was
inaugurated on Sunday. Staging of programmes
by participants of Idea Star Singer contest,
comedy skits and dance shows marked the
inauguration. — Staff Reporter

New FM Stations in Thrissur,Kerala

New FM Stations in my Town

My town Thrissur is the Cultural capital of Southernmost
Indian state Kerala. We had only one AIR medium wave
station in the district "AIR Thrissur" broadcasting
on 630 kHz medium wave. Due to the Government's new
policy of allowing private broadcasting on FM bands
several media groups got licenses for operating on
the FM band. Reception on FM band used to be poor
and rarely we used to hear more than a couple of
stations. The AIR owned commercial FM stations FM
Rainbow (formerly Vivid Bharati) in neighbouring
district Kochi 107.5, Kozhikode 103.6 and Coiambatore
103 used to provide occasional enjoyment. Further
few other AIR FM stations used to broadcast their
usual broadcasts.
On Dec 14 two new private stations inaugurated their
broadcasts in Thrissur. Radio Mango 91.9 with RDS
stereo and Club FM 94.3 Stereo owned by two leading
newspaper group(Manorama and Mathrubhoomi group Inc.)
in Kerala.Their news papers covered daily colourful
articles on activates and trends of FM broadcasting.
Five vehicles of each group started circling through
various parts of district offering prizes and interviews.
All these were the part of their advertisements and
popularity and it clicked. A new FM station "Best FM"
owned by Asianet India group a leading Malayalam channel
and having private MW and FM stations in Middle East
also started test broadcasts.
The FM broadcasts created enthusiasm among youth and
the old.The selling of FM radios reached its peak.
Radio repairing shops became active after many years.
Mobile phones with FM radio became a new trend and a
purchaser of mobile now search for such sets! Talent
hunts are conducted in College campus for Radio
Jockeys and offer better remuneration. Now music can
be heard from visiting rooms and Kitchens in Thrissur!
The new FM stations offer music programmes and rarely
have discussion or knowledge shows which can be heard
on AIR stations. But the youth look for music which is
offered by the FM in best sound quality.The arrival of
private FM is the rebirth of radio on whatever the band
may be. At least radio lovers can relax, the medium is
active now again. On Scanning the FM bans I caught more
than 15 stations yesterday an increase of many fold
compared with the past and I believe it is not so far
that the FM band crowded with plenty of programmes
and channels.

Kerala, India

Sunday, December 23, 2007

All India Radio Kolkata

During my recent visit to Kolkata had a chance to visit All
India Radio station,met some the station engineers at 4th Floor.

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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Sun TV launches FM station at Indore

Posted online: Monday , December 10, 2007 at 1417 hrs IST
Mumbai, December 10: Kalanidhi Maran-promoted media group
Sun TV Network said it has launched its FM radio station at
Indore.The radio station commenced operations under the brand
'S' FM through South Asia FM Ltd -- a subsidiary of Sun TV,
the company informed the Bombay Stock Exchange.
The station would cater to the audience of all age groups and
can be heard at 93.5 MHz frequency at Indore, it added.
With this, the company operates a total of 16 FM stations,
including those in Chennai, Coimbatore, Tirunelveli,
Visakhapatnam, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Bhubaneswar,
Tirupati, Madurai, Tuticorin, Lucknow, Bhopal, Puducherry
and Kozhikode.
Sun TV Network holds license for 45 FM radio stations across
India and when all the remaining 29 stations become operational
the company would become one of the largest radio broadcasters
in the country, it said.
On December 7 the company launched its radio station in
Kozhikode being operated under the brand 'S' FM through Kal
Radio Ltd -- a subsidiary of Sun TV, the company added.
Shares of Sun TV were trading at Rs 386, up 3.29 per cent
in the afternoon trade on BSE.

NMC's health prog on FM soon

15 Dec 2007, 0248 hrs IST,TNN
NAGPUR: The Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) is reportedly
in talks with one of the three FM radio channels in the city
to air a daily one-hour programme in which people will call
in with their health related queries.
"The project will be implemented within one month," said Atul
Patne, NMC additional commissioner. However, he did not
divulge the name of the radio station because talks were
still in progress.Speaking to TOI Patne said, "The programme
will be in a phone-in format, and everyday we will discuss
on various issues. The radio announcement for one-hour daily
counselling on the health line is already in place, but the
counselling session is not aired on radio."
Once the project is implemented, the counselling on Mondays
will be dedicated to health disorders in women, Tuesdays to
ENT and environmental illnesses and ailments, Wednesday to
long term diseases, Thursday to children's ailments, Friday
to geriatric problems and disorders, Saturday to marriage
counselling and mental illnesses, and Sunday to epidemics.
Meanwhile, Patne said that the citizen's healthline was
receiving a good response from the citizens.
"The most popular service is the one where people are able
to obtain the names of specialist doctors in their area.
The ambulance service and the mobile hospital service are
also receiving a good response," he said.

France's RFI radio launches Hausa service in Nigeria

Dec 9, 2007
LAGOS (AFP) — The public Radio France Internationale has
launched in Nigeria this weekend a news service in Hausa,
the official language of northern Nigeria that is widely
spoken in other parts of West Africa.
Financed by RFI and with collaboration from the
international Voice of Nigeria, the Hausa programs will
be broadcast two hours daily -- the same amount of time
as British rival, BBC, broadcasts in the same language.
"It's the first time in the history of the international
French radio that the editorial staff is completely
relocated overseas," said Jean Claude Kuentz, RFI's
deputy general development director, speaking of the
launch which took place Saturday.
Five journalists and three technicians will make up
the radio's Hausa team, which Kuentz said has triggered
interest by Tanzania's radio and television broadcasting
service for a similar collaboration in Swahili.
The Hausa service will allow the station to offer "the
diversity of French opinions and not just the official
position of France" worldwide, France's ambassador to
Nigeria Yves Gaudeul said.
English is Nigeria's official language.

BBC unveils new-look home page

Leigh Holmwood
Guardian Unlimited,
Friday December 14 2007
BBC home page: features an analogue clock as an 'homage
to the golden days'The BBC has unveiled its new-look website home page, promising users a greater
level of customisation and other new features.
Launched in a beta format today to coincide with the
10th anniversary of the website, the new-look front
can be accessed via a link on the current homepage.
The redesign marks the first stage of the rollout of
new features aimed at what the BBC said was its plan
to deliver a "reinvented" providing a
"world-class on-demand user experience".It will allow
users to customise the range and detail of content,
and is made up of moveable widgets to determine the
layout of the page.Each widget is also customisable
so with the entertainment widget, users will be able
to chose from the latest news from programmes including
EastEnders and Doctor Who.
Users can also receive feeds from blogs produced across
the BBC, ranging from Newsnight to BBC Radio 1's Chris
Moyles, as well as localising news and weather feeds
and dictating the number of headlines that appear.
For the first time, users will also be able to listen
to BBC Radio live directly from the homepage and browse
BBC TV schedules.
The BBC said the beta page marked the beginning of work
that would culminate with all its online content being
accessible from the homepage.
The BBC internet controller, Tony Ageh, said: "These
exciting developments mark an important stage in the
work the BBC is doing to aggregate content more
effectively and give users more control over how
they experience
"Enabling users to organise components of the homepage
around the subjects that are most important to them
increases its value and relevance, while still
remaining a powerful expression of the BBC on the
internet."In a blog on the new homepage, BBC acting
head of user experience and design, Richard Titus,
described the new look as a "lick of paint" which he
said was "simple, clean and beautiful".
The new home page also features a "BBC1 analogue
clock" in the top right-hand corner.
Titus added that this was originally punted as a
"bit of fun", but which feedback found was seen
as an "homage to the 'golden days' of analogue
programming" and "bizarrely reassuring".He said
that by taking a "collaborative and flexible approach",
it had taken just three months for the new home
page to come to fruition.
Most comments on the blog were positive, although
criticisms included the widget headings being "too

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

TG39 Wooden Indoor MW Loop Antenna from ebay seller Tao Qu

Great news! We have the new item - TG39 wooden indoor MW loop antenna available in our eBay Store (the eBay item number are 370000079325 and 370000079240)!
This TG39 antenna is special designed by the designer of DE1103 radio. It has the very good quality and performance for the broadcasting MW band reception use. This TG39 antenna is sold for couple months in China domestic market and get the confirmation by many Chinese radioer already, now we introduce it for worldwide radioer via eBay!
Welcome to visit the item lists in following for more detailed information about this new model, and welcome to contact us for any questions.
The item we are selling in this list is the TG39 wooden indoor mediumwave loop antenna which designed for the broadcasting mediumwave band signal reception using. This TG39 antenna has the frequency coverage on mediumwave broadcasting band, it has the good performance to improve the signal reception when working in the space which has the bad EMI noise impact or strong shielding conditions.
This TG39 antenna is designed and manufactured by a Chinese radio manufacturer located in Shenzhen, Southern China.
Item Description
Working frequency coverage on mediumwave broadcasting band: 530KHz to 1710KHz.
No battery or the external power supply required, green design.
Dedicated tuning knob for the frequency tuning.
No connection cable required to work with the radio which has the inside ferrite mediumwave antenna.
Built-in output socket to output the signal directly for using with the radio which has the external mediumwave antenna input socket (we don't provide the connection cable for this application).
The dimension of the loop (side length) is 280 x 280 mm / 11 x 11 inch.
Easy to setup and use with the radios which has the inside ferrite mediumwave antenna or has the external mediumwave antenna input socket (we don't provide the connection cable for this application).

Have a look at this antenna at :

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3rd Wellenforum Christmas Contest

Hi friends,
Here are the rules about the 3rd wellenforum Christmas Contest:
1. Contest Period:
The contest runs from Saturday, 22.12.2007 (00.00 UTC) to Sunday,
06.01.2008 (23.59 UTC).
2. BC Stations
During the contest period participants can score by listening to
LW - and MW - BC-stations from the regions listed below. Valid
contest frequencies are between 150 kHz and 1700 kHz.
Europe (18):
Azores, Baleares, Faroe Is., Guernsey, Jersey, Ireland, Iceland,
Isle of Man, Crete, Corse, Rhodos, Sardegna, Sicilia, UK & Northern
Ireland (Specialty: one BC-station from England, Wales, Scotland
and Northern Ireland each)
Africa (4):
Ascension, Madeira, Canary Islands, Sao Tome & Principe
Asia (4):
Japan, Philippines, Thailand, Taiwan
America (12):
Antigua, Bahamas, Dominica, Dominican Republic, Grenada,
Greenland, Isle of Newfoundland, Cuba, Netherlands Antilles,
St. Kitts-Nevis, Turks & Caicos Islands, Virgin Island
3. Conditions of Participation
The contest is free of charge and open to all DXers regardless
of their membership in any DX club and their knowledge.
Logs have to be made through the wellenforum-Online-Log facility
which will be available at in due course.
Please note, that a registration is necessary to be granted access
to the Log-facility.
Every station has to be heard at least for 10 minutes. Notes on the
programme heard have to be logged as detailed as possible to really
identify the station (no empty phrases like “music”, “news” etc.).
4. Scoring
Each broadcast region (please note the specialty for UK) will score
only once.
Each broadcast region receives a basic score of 500 points divided
by the number of logs for this region.
This individual score will be round up to the nearest full number.
There will be a maximum score of 50 points per log.
Ambiguous logs without a definite identification will receive only
1/3 of the full score.
Example: Faroe Is. was logged 20 times = 500 / 20 = 25 points per
participant Madeira was logged 2 times = 500 / 2 = 250 points = 50
points per participant

5. Awards
Every participant will receive a participation certificate prompt
after the contest has finished showing individual score and ranking.
In addition every participant will receive a special diploma listing
those individually logged broadcast regions that have been confirmed
by the contest management.

We wish you good listening!
73, Friedhelm Wittlieb
QTH: Lünen / NRW (near Dortmund)
Grundig Satellit 700 with regenerative loop antenna
member of the addx and medium wave circle uk

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Kerala gets first private FM radio station

Submitted by Mudassir Rizwan on Thu, 11/29/2007 - 12:13.
India News
Kozhikode (Kerala) : Kerala's first private FM radio
station started functioning from here Thursday.
Radio Mango 91.9 is a venture of Malayala Manorama,
one of state's leading media groups.
The government has given a nod to the launch of 17
new FM radio stations in Kerala.
Five more companies, Mathrubhumi newspaper with its
Club FM, Times of India with Radio Mirchi, Asianet,
Big FM of Adlabs and Kalanidhi Maran's Sun, will
be soon vying for airwaves in this southern state.
Radio Mango will soon set up three more radio
stations at Kochi, Kannur and Thrissur. "Radio Mango
will launch the other three stations in two to three
months," said Ravi Nair, the programme director of
the radio.
"Our channel will be positioned as a total
entertainment channel, with music dominating the
programmes. Private FM stations are not allowed
to air news programmes. However, we will be
providing information on traffic conditions,
exchange rates and weather, which are useful to
The transmission from Radio Mango will cover an
area within 50 km. The All India Radio is already
operating an FM station here.


Malayala Manorama launches FM 'Radio-Mango 91.9'
Kozhikode | Thursday, Nov 29 2007 IST

Malayala Manorama today launched an FM radio,
the first such venture in Kerala here.
Branded as 'Radio-Mango 91.9', the station was
formally launched by an inmate of Vellimadukunnu
Juvenile Home.
Malayala Manorama Editor and Managing Director
Mammen Mathew, Managing Editor Philip Mathew
and Station Content Head Ravi Nair were among
those present on the occasion.
The publication was planning to launch three
more similar FM radio from Kochi, Thrissur
and Kannur in the state, the sources said.
-- (UNI) --

Check out :

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Some selected comments.......

Some selected comments .....................

Hi, I was surfing and searching for some info on radio
stations and noticed your site. Your post this post
sounded interesting so I took a look. Even though my
main interest is radio stations I was glad to stop by
and view your interesting comments. I will come back.

Posted by voice broadcasting to R A D I O A C T I V I T Y
at 1/01/2006 12:29:58 PM

"Nice to know this. I thought radio had become
completely obsolete."

Hiren Shah, India.
Posted by Hiren Shah to R A D I O A C T I V I T Y
at 10/27/2005 12:10:47 PM

I visited your website today and its really nice
with interesting regional radio information. Great
to learn about latest updates.
Keep up the good work

Rajeesh, Kerala, India.
Posted by T.R.Rajeesh to R A D I O A C T I V I T Y
at 4/18/2006 07:36:27 PM

I think its very good that finally government is
going to give FM transmitter to Jallandhar but it
would have been better if it is to be setup in
Amritsar since this historic town does not have
its FM channel, a city with population of over
20 lakh is not having a single radio channel,
though private players are going to start
operations sooner or later, government should
also do something good for the people of
Amritsar...Anyway its good initiative...i hope
all the transmitters are sterophonic.

Posted by Harpal Dhillon to R A D I O A C T I
V I T Y at 5/04/2006 10:55:24 AM
BBC Hindi is facing tough competition from
Cable and DTH...BBC has always been an exellent
source of information...i have been listening
to BBC Hindi since my childhood...tested by
times it has always appeared as winner...its
good that it has awken and employing new
methods of advertising to add more people to
fold...its not only good for the BBC but the
indian youth since they can learn a lot from BBC.

Harpal Dhillon, TCS, Gurgaon, India.
Posted by Harpal Dhillon to R A D I O A C T I V I T Y
at 5/04/2006 11:01:32 AM

Comment on your post "All India Radio to start
DRM transmissions":

This is a Breaking News which first appeared
on your blog. Thanks.
Hope India will benefit from DRM technology.

Naleen Kumar, BBC Hindi Service, London, UK.
Posted to R A D I O A C T I V I T Y at 6:25 AM
I am new to the world of SW listening.I listen
primarily to BBC, VOA and CRI English on an old,
cheap Kchibo set (7 Band).
Imagine my joy on finding your site.
I was simply thrilled.

Raman R, Cochin,Kerala,India.
Dear Alokesh
I am Mohammad Oovais from Mangalore District of
Karnataka. Presently I am working in UAE .
I have seen you blog. Its fantastic.
73's and bye
Mohammad Oovais,UAE.
Hi Alokesh

I came across your Blog on radio and find
it very interesting....
We have recently launched a website, which focuses on
developments, news and features on both
these industries.
Do check it out and let me know your feedback.

Aparna Joshi

Radio Duniya magazine launched

Dear Friends,
It is with great pleasure that we announce the launch of Radio Duniya, a magazine that aims to deliver a total coverage and analysis of all the news, developments and events of the radio industry.
The radio revolution has begun in India, with the coming in of a plethora of FM channels, including the satellite radio broadcasting, and the governmental nod for community radio. The need of the hour is to develop a knowledge sharing platform that will allow an interface between the industry players, governmental agencies and the audiences.
It is with this vision that we have launched Radio Duniya, a magazine that presents all the relevant information from the radio industry and facilitates a dialogue between all the stakeholders. Our portal ( provides an insight into the happenings of the radio industry on daily basis, the policies affecting the radio scenario, and all the recent developments relating to the community radio movement.
The PDF of Radio Duniya November 2007 issue is available on our site.
Do send us your suggestions and comments on
Warm regards,
Sanjana Sharma
Editorial Team
Radio Duniya (

Without fanfare, AIR goes online

Statesman News Service
NEW DELHI, Nov. 10: Had it been one of the private broadcasters, there would have been spate of announcements and advertisements. For the All India Radio, the launch of the state-of-the-art multi-lingual website was a quiet one. Two government giants, AIR and the National Informatics Centre, have geared up to give a much more livelier and colourful website.
The website which came up earlier this week is more informative than the one All India Radio had so far been putting up on the net. The All India Radio and the National Informatics Centre appear to be keeping pace with modern technologies in face of stiff competition from the private parties. It was maintained by the IT unit of the news services division of the All India Radio. The AIR seems to have taken note of the new technology of news dissemination. The site at and with advanced features like 'Archiving and Search' with 'Feedback' was designed to meet the requirement of Internet users within the country and abroad. Visitors to the site can listen national bulletins in English, Hindi and in 11 regional languages, including Sanskrit and Nepali. Users can get all information concerning the News Services Division, broadcast details and regional units.

Malda may get a radio centre, says officer

Statesman News Service
MALDA, Nov 11: Two years ago when Mr PR Das Munshi was not the Union minister for information and broadcasting a team from All India Radio, Siliguri came to Malda and met district officials in search a plot of land in English Bazaar and Old Malda block areas for setting up of a FM radio station.
When Mr Munshi became the minister for I&B local people mainly the Congress workers and followers of former MP AB Ghani Khan Choudhury expected that the venture for setting up of a radio station would materialised soon. Though, the minister did not tell where the radio centre would be set up, a senior officer of the department recently hinted that the radio station would be set up in Raiganj in North Dinajpur.
This centre would cover Malda district, he added. Earlier it was learnt that the radio centre would be set up at Chanchal in northern part of Malda which is under the Raiganj parliamentary constituency from where Mr Das Munshi was elected.
A decade ago the former MP and Union minister had set up a relay centre for Doordarshan at Malda Rabindra Bhawan. After that there has been no development by the I&B ministry in Malda.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

BBC World Service Funding Increases

BBC World Service will receive £70 million of extra funding from the UK Government for the three year period from 2008/2009 to 2010/2011.
The announcement was made by Britain's Chancellor of the Exchequer Alistair Darling during his Comprehensive Spending Review announcement in Parliament on Tuesday, October 9.
The announcement formally confirmed £15m per annum funding for a BBC news and information television channel in the Farsi (Persian) language for Iran which will be launched next year.
BBC World Service also received funding to enhance its forthcoming Arabic language television news and information channel.
The services in Arabic and Farsi will be the first television news services to be launched by the BBC in a decade and they will be the first television services to be publicly funded by Grant-in-aid from the UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office.
The overall settlement also includes £1m per annum from 2009/10 to enhance BBC World Service’s multi-media operations in languages relevant to ethnic communities resident in the UK.
BBC World Service Director Nigel Chapman said: “As we mark the 75th birthday of the BBC’s service to the world this December, this settlement strengthens BBC World Service’s future as a multi-media provider of high quality independent and impartial news and information around the world."

(Source: CBA)

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

BBC World Service celebrates 75 years of broadcasting

This year the BBC World Service celebrates 75 years of
broadcasting. In this audio archive, each of those years
will be looked at in a special one-minute-long programme,
based on our vast radio archive.
Presented by Helen Boaden, the BBC's Director of News,
the series will look at how mass communications have
changed the world, and how the world has changed the
The series begins in 1932, with the rather downbeat
words of the BBC's founder, Lord Reith: "as to programmes
- don't expect too much in the early days... The programmes
will neither be very interesting nor very good."
It covers innovations in broadcasting and charts changing
styles in reporting.
But the highlights are those unforgettable moments from
radio and television that bring 20th century history to
life: the abdication speech of Edward VIII; the Hindenburg
airship going up in flames; the War of the Worlds panic
in the US; Charles de Gaulle speaking to the Free French
from the BBC in 1940; Churchill's famous speeches;
Hungarian Free Radio's last desperate call for help as
Russian tanks rolled into Budapest; the first man on the
And in amongst those well-known moments is some astonishing
radio, from propaganda jazz songs from World War II, to the
sound of Radio Mille Collines, the station whose hate-filled
broadcasts played such a key role in the horrific Rwandan
genocide in 1994.
This 75th anniversary has given the BBC World Service a
chance to look back at what has been achieved by
broadcasting over the years, to dig through its archives,
and to find some truly amazing gems.
Taken altogether, they provide an insight into not just
the history of broadcasting - but the history of the world.

More anniversary stuff can be found at :

News channel to go on All India Radio

Tuesday October 9 2007 12:09 IST
Samiran Sarangi

BHUBANESWAR: The battle for airwaves is beginning to get hotter.
For all the cut-throat competition between the TV news channels, the All India Radio is gearing up to set on air a dedicated news channel. The enthusiasm for the project is drawn from the report of the Audience Research Bureau under Prasar Bharati, which has termed the venture viable after carrying out an extensive survey across the country.
“Radio is still the most preferred medium for millions as far as news is concerned. We want to cash in on people’s trust and also propel the growing interest in radio,” Director-General (News) P K Bandopadhayaya said.
The channel is expected to go on air during the 11th Plan Period. He was speaking to this paper on sidelines of a ‘Reorientation programme for part-time correspondents’ here on Monday.
Figures state that there are about 35 crore radio listeners in the country at present. Bandopadhayaya said, localising news content would be the other focus area of the public broadcaster during the 11th Plan period.
“We have realised that people are more interested in local news and relate to them easily than what’s happening in distant lands. Hence the news programmes are being structured accordingly,” he said.
AIR might also increase the duration of news-based programmes after conducting a feasibility study. On improving reception quality, DRM technology would be introduced in all the centres to improve the quality of sound and avoid overlapping of sound waves.
The ‘news-on-phone’ service of AIR would also be extended to all the 44 regional news units, including Cuttack. The service has apparently gained immense popularity since it was launched four years back. In places like Kerala, the service receives 30,000 to 40,000 requests every day. Any one can dial 1258 (Hindi) or 1259 (English) to get the latest news over phone.
About allowing private FM stations to broadcast news content, he said quoting Information and Broadcasting Minister Priya Ranjan Dasmunsi that a monitoring mechanism needs to be set up first before considering such a move.


28 OCT 20007 - 30 MAR 2007



Albanian 9765 31 0700-0730 CAK 250
Albanian 11910 25 1230-1300 CAK 250
Bosnian 9525 31 1430-1500 CAK 500
Bosnian 6055 49 1900-1930 CAK 250
Bulgarian 7105 41 1200-1230 CAK 250
Croatian-Serbian 7155 41 1700-1730 EMR 500
English 6020 49 0400-0500 EMR 500
English 12035 25 1330-1430 EMR 500
English 6055 49 1930-2030 EMR 500
English 5960 49 2300-2400 EMR 500
French 7155 41 2030-2130 EMR 500
German 17700 16 1230-1330 EMR 500
German 7205 41 1830-1930 EMR 500
Greek 9840 31 1130-1200 CAK 250
Greek 6185 49 1530-1600 CAK 250
Hungarian1 3770 22 1100-1130 EMR 500
Italian 6185 49 1730-1800 EMR 500
Macedonian 11895 25 0900-0930 CAK 250
Rumanian 9560 31 1000-1030 CAK 250
Russian 7215 41 1400-1500 EMR 500
Russian 6135 49 1800-1900 EMR 500
Spanish 9865 31 0200-0300 EMR 500
Spanish 7160 41 1730-1830 EMR 500
Turkish 5980 49 1400-1630 EMR 500
Turkish 5980 49 1630-2200 EMR 500
Turkish 9700 31 0500-0800 EMR 500
Turkish 15350 19 0800-1400 CAK 500


English 6020 49 0400-0500 EMR 500
English 5960 49 2300-2400 EMR 500
Spanish 9865 31 0200-0300 EMR 500
Turkish 5980 49 1630-2200 EMR 500


English 11735 25 1330-1430 EMR 500
English 7180 41 2130-2230 EMR 500
Turkish 15475 19 1000-1400 EMR 500
Turkish 7190 41 1630-2000 EMR 500


Arabic 11910 25 1000-1200 EMR 500
Arabic 13690 22 1000-1200 EMR 500
Arabic 6175 49 1500-1700 EMR 500
Azerbaijani 11835 25 0800-0900 CAK 250
Azerbaijani 15160 19 0800-0900 EMR 500
Azerbaijani 5965 49 1500-1600 EMR 500
Chinese 12050 25 1200-1300 EMR 500
English 7240 41 0400-0500 EMR 500
English 11735 25 1330-1430 EMR 500
English 7180 41 2130-2230 EMR 500
Georgian 9840 31 0800-0900 EMR 500
Greek 7295 41 1130-1200 CAK 250
Kazakh 9785 31 1430-1500 EMR 500
Kyrgyz 9655 31 1430-1500 CAK 500
Persian 11795 25 0930-1100 EMR 500
Persian 17690 16 0930-1100 EMR 500
Persian 9585 31 1330-1430 EMR 500
Russian 7215 41 1400-1500 EMR 500
Russian 6135 49 1800-1900 EMR 500
Tatar 6140 49 1600-1630 CAK 500
Turkish 9820 31 0500-0800 EMR 500
Turkish 11925 25 0800-1000 EMR 500
Turkish 11955 25 0800-1400 CAK 500
Turkish 7180 41 0200-0400 EMR 500
Turkish 15475 19 1000-1400 EMR 500
Turkish 7190 41 1630-2000 EMR 500
Turkish 6165 49 1630-2200 EMR 500
Turkish 6120 49 1630-2200 CAK 500
Turkmen 6065 49 1500-1530 EMR 500
Urdu 11985 25 1300-1400 EMR 500
Uzbek 11830 25 1300-1330 EMR 500


Arabic 11910 25 1000-1200 EMR 500
Arabic 11945 25 1500-1700 EMR 500
Arabic 6175 49 1500-1700 EMR 500
English 7240 41 0400-0500 EMR 500
French 6050 49 2030-2130 EMR 500
Turkish 11955 25 0800-1400 CAK 500
Turkish 6120 49 1630-2200 CAK 500

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Adventist World Radio B07

AWR Broadcast Schedule B07
(2007-10-28 to 2008-03-30)

Version 01/2007-09-28/pub

Site Start Stop Language Target Area kHz m kW Days

SDA 0000 0200 Mandarin C/N-China 17880 16 100 1234567
SDA 0000 0030 Burmese Myanmar 17635 16 100 1234567
SDA 0000 0200 Mandarin NE-China 12035 25 100 1234567
SDA 0030 0100 Karen M'mar,Thai,China 17635 16 100 1234567
TAI 0100 0200 Vietnamese Vietnam 15445 19 100 7
SDA 0100 0200 Mandarin S-China 17635 16 100 1234567
MOS 0200 0230 Urdu Pakistan 5965 49 300 1234567
MDC 0230 0330 Malagasy Madagascar 3215 90 50 1234567
MOS 0230 0300 Pushto Pakistan 5965 49 300 12345
MOS 0230 0300 Panjabi Pakistan 5965 49 300 67
WER 0300 0330 Oromo S-Ethiopia 7185 41 250 1234567
SDA 0300 0330 Russian E-Russia 17645 16 100 1234567
WER 0300 0330 Tigrinya Eritrea 7315 41 250 1234567
MOS 0330 0400 Farsi Iran 6040 49 300 1234567
WER 0330 0400 Amharic Ethiopia 7315 41 250 1234567
MOS 0400 0430 Arabic Iraq,Arab 7210 41 300 1234567
MOS 0430 0500 French Morocco,Algeria 6045 49 300 1234567
WER 0500 0600 Bulgarian Bulgaria 6045 49 100 1234567
JUL 0700 0800 Arabic Morocco,Algeria 9595 31 100 1234567
JUL 0800 0830 Tachelhit Morocco,Algeria 11975 25 100 1234567
JUL 0800 0830 French Morocco,Algeria 12010 25 100 1234567
JUL 0830 0900 Tachelhit Morocco,Algeria 12010 25 100 1234567
SDA 1000 1100 Mandarin S-China 15260 19 100 1234567
SDA 1000 1100 Mandarin C/N-China 11995 25 100 1234567
JUL 1000 1100 Italian Italy 9610 31 100 1
SDA 1030 1100 Ilocano Philippines 11870 25 100 1
SDA 1030 1100 Ilonggo Philippines 11870 25 100 45
SDA 1030 1100 Tagalog Philippines 11870 25 100 23
SDA 1030 1100 Cebuano Philippines 11870 25 100 67
SDA 1030 1100 Mongolian N-China,Mongolia11730 25 100 1234567
SDA 1100 1200 Mandarin C/N-China 11825 25 100 1234567
SDA 1100 1130 Indonesian W-Indonesia 11840 25 100 1234567
SDA 1100 1200 Mandarin NE-China 11730 25 100 1234567
SDA 1100 1200 Mandarin S-China 12120 25 100 1234567
SDA 1130 1200 English Indonesia,Malaysia 15260 19 100 1234567
SDA 1200 1300 Korean Korea 9800 31 100 1234567
SDA 1200 1300 Mandarin S-China 12120 25 100 1234567
SDA 1200 1300 Mandarin C/N-China 11825 25 100 1234567
WER 1200 1230 English NE-India,B'desh 15495 19 250 1234567
SDA 1200 1300 Mandarin NE-China 9875 31 100 1234567
WER 1230 1300 Bangla NE-India,B'desh 15495 19 250 1234567
SDA 1300 1330 Japanese W-Japan 11755 25 100 1234567
MDC 1300 1400 Vietnamese Vietnam 17670 16 250 1234567
SDA 1300 1330 Bangla Bangladesh 15660 19 100 1234567
SDA 1300 1330 Japanese Japan 11980 25 100 1234567
SDA 1300 1400 Mandarin C/N-China 9615 31 100 1234567
WER 1300 1330 Mandarin W-China 11720 25 250 23456
WER 1300 1330 Uighur W-China 11720 25 250 17
SDA 1330 1400 English Bangladesh 15660 19 100 23567
WER 1330 1500 Mandarin W-China 11725 25 250 1234567
SDA 1330 1400 Khmer Cambod,Viet,Thai,Laos 11695 25 100 14
SDA 1330 1400 Assamese NE-India 15660 19 100 14
SDA 1330 1400 Russian E-Russia 9510 31 100 1234567
MOS 1400 1430 Urdu Pakistan 15440 19 300 1234567
SDA 1400 1500 Mandarin S-China 9635 31 100 1234567
SDA 1400 1430 Sinhalese Sri Lanka 15255 19 100 1234567
SDA 1400 1430 Chin Myanmar 11940 25 100 1234567
SDA 1400 1500 Mandarin C/N-China 9810 31 100 1234567
MOS 1430 1500 Afar Djibouti,NE-Ethiopia,Somalia 17610 16 300 1234567
SDA 1430 1500 Burmese Myanmar 11770 25 100 1234567
SDA 1430 1500 Karen M'mar,Thai,China 11940 25 100 1234567
SDA 1500 1530 Mizo NE-India 11610 25 100 1234567
SDA 1500 1530 Telugu S-India 9355 31 100 1234567
WER 1500 1530 Nepali Nepal 11675 25 250 1234567
SDA 1500 1530 English S-India 12105 25 100 1234567
SDA 1500 1530 Tamil S-India 11985 25 100 1234567
MOS 1500 1530 Turkish Turkey 15160 19 300 1234567
WER 1500 1530 Panjabi N-India 9855 31 250 1234567
SDA 1530 1600 Malayalam S-India 11985 25 100 1234567
SDA 1530 1600 Marathi C-India 11935 25 100 1234567
WER 1530 1600 Hindi N-India 9855 31 250 1234567
MDC 1530 1628 Malagasy Madagascar 3215 90 50 1234567
SDA 1530 1600 Kannada S-India 11690 25 100 1234567
WER 1530 1600 English Nepal, Tibet 11675 25 250 1234567
SDA 1530 1600 Hindi C-India 12105 25 100 1234567
MOS 1600 1630 Urdu Pakistan 11910 25 300 1234567
SDA 1600 1630 English S-India 11690 25 100 1234567
SDA 1600 1630 English C-India 9585 31 100 1234567
SDA 1600 1630 Urdu N-India 11980 25 100 1234567
WER 1630 1700 Somali Somalia 11905 25 250 1234567
MOS 1630 1700 Farsi Iran 9540 31 300 1234567
SDA 1630 1700 English N-India 11980 25 100 1234567
SDA 1700 1730 Hindi ME 11795 25 100 1234567
SDA 1700 1730 Ilocano ME 9980 31 100 1
SDA 1700 1730 Ilonggo ME 9980 31 100 45
SDA 1700 1730 Cebuano ME 9980 31 100 67
MEY 1700 1730 Kiswahili Tanzania,Kenya,Uganda 11915 25 250 1234567
MOS 1700 1730 Arabic Iraq,Arab Peninsula 9445 31 300 1234567
SDA 1700 1730 Tagalog ME 9980 31 100 23
SDA 1730 1800 English ME 9980 31 100 1234567
MEY 1730 1800 Masai Tanzania, Kenya 11915 25 250 1234567
WER 1730 1800 Oromo S-Ethiopia 11795 25 250 1234567
JUL 1730 1800 Kabyle Morocco,Algeria 9640 31 100 1234567
SDA 1730 1800 Tamil ME 11695 25 100 1234567
MOS 1800 1830 Col English S-Sudan 9825 31 300 4
MOS 1800 1830 Moru S-Sudan 9825 31 300 1
MOS 1800 1830 Dinka S-Sudan 9825 31 300 5
MOS 1800 1830 Bari S-Sudan 9825 31 300 2
MEY 1800 1830 English E-Africa 11830 25 250 1234567
MOS 1800 1830 Juba Arabic S-Sudan 9825 31 300 3
MOS 1800 1830 Acholi S-Sudan 9825 31 300 7
MOS 1800 1830 Zande S-Sudan 9825 31 300 6
MEY 1800 1830 English Botswana,S.Africa,Zim 3345 90 100 1234567
MEY 1800 1830 English SW-Africa 3215 90 100 1234567
MOS 1830 1900 Arabic Libya 9605 31 300 1234567
JUL 1900 2000 Arabic Morocco,Algeria 11955 25 100 1234567
MOS 1900 1930 Ibo E-Nigeria 9535 31 300 1234567
JUL 1900 1930 Arabic Morocco,Algeria 9880 31 100 1234567
MEY 1900 1930 Fulfulde Cameroon,Ghana,Senegal 15240 19 250 1234567
JUL 1930 2000 Tachelhit Morocco,Algeria 9880 31 100 1234567
MOS 1930 2000 French C-Africa 9535 31 100 1234567
MEY 1930 2000 Hausa Nigeria 11750 25 250 1234567
MEY 2000 2030 French Cameroon,Niger 11845 25 250 1234567
MOS 2000 2030 Dyula Burk.Faso,Ivory Coast,Mali 9770 31 300 1234567
JUL 2000 2030 French Morocco,Algeria 9805 31 100 1234567
WER 2000 2030 Farsi Iran 7110 41 250 1234567
MEY 2000 2030 English C-Africa 9655 31 250 1234567
MEY 2030 2100 Yoruba Nigeria 11845 25 250 1234567
MOS 2030 2100 French W-Africa 9805 31 300 1234567
JUL 2030 2100 Mandarin Morocco, Algeria 9505 31 100 1234567
SDA 2100 2130 Japanese W-Japan 11960 25 100 1234567
MOS 2100 2130 English W-Africa 9830 31 300 1234567
SDA 2100 2200 Mandarin C/N-China 5985 49 100 1234567
SDA 2100 2200 Korean Korea 6000 49 100 1234567
SDA 2100 2130 Japanese Japan 11980 25 100 1234567
SDA 2130 2200 English W-Japan,S-China 9720 31 100 1234567
SDA 2200 2300 Mandarin C/N-China 11895 25 100 1234567
SDA 2200 2230 Indonesian W-Indonesia 11965 25 100 1234567
SDA 2200 2300 Mandarin NE-China 11685 25 100 1234567
SDA 2200 2230 Indonesian W-Indonesia 11850 25 100 1234567
SDA 2230 2300 English W-Indonesia 15320 19 100 1234567
SDA 2300 2400 Mandarin NE-China 11700 25 100 1234567
SDA 2300 2400 Mandarin C/N-China 15370 19 100 1234567
SDA 2300 2400 Vietnamese S-Vietnam 15320 19 100 1234567

JUL = Jülich
MDC = Madagascar
MEY = Meyerton
MOS = Moosbrunn
SDA = Agat
TAI = Taipei
WER = Wertachtal

1 = Sunday
2 = Monday
3 = Tuesday
4 = Wednesday
5 = Thursday
6 = Friday
7 = Saturday

AWR Frequency Management Office
Sandwiesenstr. 35, 64665 Alsbach,
Phone: +49 6257 9440969
Fax: +49 6257 9440985

Radio TV Malaysia B07

(28 Oct,2007 - 30 March,2008)


3385 2200 1500 54NE MIR 10 DAILY LOCAL
4845 0000 2400 54NW KAJ 100 DAILY TAMIL
4895 2200 0100 54NE STA 10 DAILY LOCAL
4895 0800 1500 54NE STA 10 DAILY LOCAL
4970 2100 1800 54NE TUA 10 DAILY LOCAL
5005 2200 1500 54NE SIB 10 DAILY LOCAL
5030 2200 2400 54NE STA 10 DAILY LOCAL
5965 0000 2400 54NW KAJ 100 DAILY MALAY
5980 2200 1500 54NE TUA 10 DAILY LOCAL
6050 0200 1700 54NW KAJ 50 DAILY LOCAL/MALAY
6050 0200 1500 54NE SIB 10 DAILY LOCAL
6060 0400 1500 54NE MIR 10 DAILY LOCAL
6100 1300 1530 49N,49SW KAJ 100 DAILY THAI/BUR
6175 0300 0830 54W KAJ 100 DAILY ENGLISH
6175 1000 1900 54W KAJ 100 DAILY INDOMALAY
7130 0400 0600 54NE STA 10 DAILY LOCAL
7270 0800 1500 54NE STA 100 DAILY LOCAL
7295 0000 2400 54NW KAJ 100 DAILY ENGLISH
9750 0300 0830 54SE KAJ 100 DAILY ENGLISH
9750 1000 1900 54SE KAJ 100 DAILY INDOMALAY
11885 1030 1230 44N,45NW KAJ 100 DAILY CHINESE
15295 0300 1230 55,58-60 KAJ 250 DAILY ENG/CHINES
15295 1530 1900 39 KAJ 250 DAILY ARAB/MALAY

Updated: 24 Sept,2007

Corrections/updates at :

Radio Taiwan Intl B07 Schdule

Radio Taiwan International B07
(Oct 28,2007 - March 30,2008)

UTC Days Tgt Freq Site Pwr

0000-0500 daily CHN 11885 TWN 100
0000-0500 daily CHN 11640 TWN 100
0000-0400 daily CHN 15245 TWN 100
0000-0300 daily CHN 9660 TWN 100
0200-0500 daily CHN 15290 TWN 250
0400-0500 daily CHN 1008 TWN 600
0400-0500 daily SeA 15320 TWN 100
0400-0500 daily NwAm 5950 WYFR 100
0400-0500 daily CAm 9680 WYFR 100
0400-0600 daily CHN 15270 TWN 100
0900-1000 daily SeA 11635,15525,11520 TWN 100
0900-1100 daily CHN 9415 TWN 100
0900-1400 daily CHN 6150 TWN 100
0900-1500 daily CHN 6085 TWN 300
0900-1100 daily CHN 1422 TWN 50
0900-1600 daily CHN 11665 TWN 300
0900-1600 daily CHN 603 TWN 1000
0900-1800 daily CHN 7185 TWN 100
0900-1800 daily CHN 1008 TWN 600
1000-1200 daily CHN 1503 TWN 600
1000-1400 daily CHN 9780 TWN 100
1100-1800 daily CHN 9680 TWN 100
1100-1300 daily CHN 11710 TWN 100
1200-1300 daily SeA 15465 TWN 100
1300-1330 daily CHN 1503 TWN 600
1300-1400 daily SeA 15265 TWN 250
1300-1500 daily SeA 7445 TWN 100
1300-1800 daily CHN 1098 TWN 300
1400-1800 daily CHN 6145/7130 TWN 100
1600-1700 daily CHN 1503 TWN 600
1600-1800 daily CHN 7365 TWN 300
2200-2400 daily CHN 11710 TWN 300
2200-2400 daily CHN 11885 TWN 100
2200-2400 daily CHN 6105 TWN 100
2200-2400 daily SeA 11635 TWN 100
2200-2400 daily NeAm 5950 WYFR 100
2200-2400 daily NwAm 15440 WYFR 100
2200-2400 daily CHN 6150 TWN 100
2200-2300 daily EU 3965 Issoudun 250
2300-2400 daily CHN 15245 TWN 100

0000-0100 daily SeA 11875 TWN 250
0500-0600 daily CHN 1008,1422 TWN 600/50
1100-1200 daily CHN 1206 TWN 100
1200-1300 daily NeA 11715 TWN 100
1300-1400 daily SeA 15465 TWN 100
1300-1400 daily SeA 11635 TWN 100
2100-2200 daily NeAm 5950 WYFR 100

0100-0200 daily SeA 15290 TWN 250
0100-0200 daily NeAm 5950 WYFR 100
0100-0200 daily NwAm 15440 WYFR 100
0200-0300 dialySeA 15610 TWN 100
0500-0600 daily SeA 15320 TWN 100
0500-0600 daily cNAm 9680 WYFR 100
0500-0600 daily NwAm 5950 WYFR 100
1000-1100 daily SeA 15525 TWN 100
1000-1100 daily SeA 11635 TWN 100
1000-1100 daily SeA 15270 TWN 100
1200-1300 daily CHN 1206 TWN 100
1200-1300 daily SeA 11915 TWN 250
1200-1300 daily CHN 6105 TWN 100

0000-0100 daily NeAm 5950 WYFR 100
0200-0300 daily NwAm 15440 WYFR 100
0300-0400 daily SeA 15610 TWN 100
1100-1200 daily CHN 6105 TWN 100
1100-1200 daily SeA 11635 TWN 100
1100-1200 daily SeA 15465 TWN 100
1300-1400 daily SeA 15175 TWN 100
1300-1400 daily SeA 11915 TWN 250
1500-1600 daily SeA 11550 TWN 250

0100-0200 daily SeA 11875 TWN 250
0200-0300 daily cNAm 9680 WYFR 100
0200-0300 daily NeAm 5950 WYFR 100
0300-0400 daily SeA 15320 TWN 100
0300-0400 daily SAm 15215 WYFR 100
0300-0400 daily NwAm 5950 WYFR 100
0700-0800 daily NwAm 5950 WYFR 100
1100-1200 daily SeA 7445 TWN 100
1100-1200 Thurs CHN 747 TWN 250
1100-1200 Thurs CHN 1422 TWN 50
1200-1300 Fri WEU 9750 Rampisham 35 (DRM)
1600-1700 daily SeA ??? Issoudun 500 (details awtd)
1600-1700 daily CHN,SAs 11550 TWN 100
1700-1800 daily Af 15690 Issoudun 500
1800-1900 daily WEU 3965 Issoudun 250
2200-2300 daily EU 9355 WYFR 100

0700-0800 daily Eu 5745 WYFR 100
1900-2000 daily wEu 3985 Skelton 250
2000-2100 daily Eu 11665 WYFR 100
2000-2100 daily NeAm 13695 WYFR 100
1900-2000 daily Af 3965 Issoudun 500

0200-0300 daily SAm 15215,11825 WYFR 100
0400-0500 daily CAm 11740 WYFR 100
0600-0700 daily CAm 5950 WYFR 100
2000-2100 daily Eu 3965 Issoudum 500
2300-2400 daily SAm 9690,11720 WYFR 100

0600-0700 daily Eu 7780 WYFR 100
1900-2000 daily Eu 3955 Skelton 250
2000-2100 daily Eu 11565 WYFR 100
2100-2200 daily WEU 3965 Issoudun 250

1100-1200 daily WRUS 11985 TWN 100
1400-1500 daily CRUS 15225 Issoudan 500
1700-1800 daily WRUS 11705 Issoudan 500

0800-0930 daily NeA 11605 TWN 250
1100-1400 daily NeA 9735 TWN 250
1100-1200 daily NeA 7130 TWN 50

0900-1000 daily SeA 15270 TWN 100
1300-1400 daily CHN 1206/1422 TWN 100
1400-1500 daily SeA 11550 TWN 250
2300-2400 daily SeA 15465 TWN 100

1400-1500 daily CHN 747 TWN 250
1400-1500 daily SeA 11635 TWN 100
1500-1600 daily SeA 7445 TWN 100
1500-1600 daily SeA 1503 TWN 600
2200-2300 daily SeA 1503 TWN 600
2200-2400 daily SeA 1422 TWN 100

0300-0400 daily CHN 1422 TWN 50
1000-1100 daily SeA 11520 TWN 250
1000-1100 daily SeA 11550 TWN 250
1200-1300 daily SeA 1422 TWN 100
1400-1500 daily SeA 11875 TWN 250

Code for Tgt Area and Countries
CAm-Central America
NAm-North America
NEm-North East America
ME-Middle East
SAm-South America
SAs-South Asia
SeA- South East Asia

KEBAR AM 1210 kHz, Sacramento CA, USA
Mandarin: 2000-2300, Cantonese: 2300-2400, local time
DRM English stream: 9750kHz, Friday UTC 1500-1600 via Rampisham, UK

Reports to :
Postal Address :RTI,55 Pei- An Rd. TAIPEI, TAIWAN, ROC
RTI Web Site :
Telephone :886-2-2885-6168 ext. 387 or 385
Fax : 886-2-2886-7088

Updates/corrections welcome at :

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Hungarian Radio B07

HUNGARY Winter B-07 schedule of Hungarian Radio in Hungarian:
0100-0158 on 5980 JBR 250 kW / 306 deg to NoAm Radio Budapest
0200-0258 on 6145 JBR 250 kW / 306 deg to NoAm Radio Budapest
0400-0800 on 3975 JBR 250 kW / non-dir to WeEu "Koshut Radio" Mon-Sat
0400-1100 on 6025 JBR 100 kW / non-dir to WeEu "Koshut Radio" Mon-Sat
0500-0830 on 3975 JBR 250 kW / non-dir to WeEu "Koshut Radio" Sun
0500-0830 on 6145 JBR 250 kW / 288 deg to WeEu "Koshut Radio" Sun
0500-1100 on 6025 JBR 100 kW / non-dir to WeEu "Koshut Radio" Sun
1100-1200 on 3975 JBR 250 kW / non-dir to WeEu "Koshut Radio"
1100-2200 on 6025 JBR 100 kW / non-dir to WeEu "Koshut Radio"
1200-1258 on 17690 JBR 250 kW / 075 deg to AUS Radio Budapest
1500-1800 on 3975 JBR 250 kW / non-dir to WeEu "Koshut Radio"
1900-1958 on 3975 JBR 250 kW / non-dir to WeEu Radio Budapest
1900-1958 on 9845 JBR 250 kW / 075 deg to AUS Radio Budapest
2000-2100 on 3975 JBR 250 kW / non-dir to WeEu "Koshut Radio"
2100-2158 on 3975 JBR 250 kW / non-dir to WeEu Radio Budapest
2100-2158 on 5970 JBR 250 kW / 306 deg to NoAm Radio Budapest
2200-2300 on 3975 JBR 250 kW / non-dir to WeEu "Koshut Radio"
2200-2300 on 5980 JBR 250 kW / non-dir to WeEu "Koshut Radio"
2200-2300 on 6025 JBR 100 kW / non-dir to WeEu "Koshut Radio"
2300-2358 on 9665 JBR 250 kW / 245 deg to SoAm Radio Budapest
2300-2400 on 6025 JBR 100 kW / non-dir to WeEu "Koshut Radio" Sat/Sun

Source : Ivo Ivanov, DX MIX NEWS # 488, 03 October 2007

Radio Tirana B07

ALBANIA Winter B-07 schedule of Radio Tirana
0000-0130 on 6110 SHI 100 kW / 300 deg to NoAm
0000-0130 on 7425 SHI 100 kW / 310 deg to NoAm
0730-0900 on 1458 FLA 500 kW / 338 deg to WeEu
0730-0900 on 7105 SHI 100 kW / non-dir to WeEu
0901-1000 on 1395 FLA 500 kW / 033 deg to WeEu
0901-1000 on 7105 SHI 100 kW / non-dir to WeEu
1500-1630 on 1458 FLA 500 kW / non-dir to WeEu
2130-2300 on 6005 SHI 100 kW / non-dir to WeEu
2130-2300 on 7430 SHI 100 kW / 310 deg to WeEu

0245-0300 on 6110 SHI 100 kW / 300 deg to NoAm
0245-0300 on 7425 SHI 100 kW / 310 deg to NoAm
0330-0400 on 6110 SHI 100 kW / 300 deg to NoAm
0330-0400 on 7425 SHI 100 kW / 310 deg to NoAm
1500-1530 on 13640 SHI 100 kW / 310 deg to NoAm
1945-2000 on 6135 SHI 100 kW / non-dir to U.K.
1945-2000 on 7465 SHI 100 kW / 310 deg to U.K.
2100-2130 on 7430 SHI 100 kW / 310 deg to U.K.
2100-2130 on 9915 SHI 100 kW / 310 deg to NoAm

1900-1930 on 1458 FLA 500 kW / 338 deg to Germany
2031-2100 on 7465 SHI 100 kW / non-dir to Germany

1645-1700 on 1458 FLA 500 kW / non-dir to Greece

1830-1900 on 7430 SHI 100 kW / 310 deg to France
2001-2030 on 7465 SHI 100 kW / 310 deg to France

1830-1900 on 7500 SHI 100 kW / non-dir to Italy
2001-2030 on 6035 SHI 100 kW / non-dir to Italy

1900-1915 on 6125 SHI 100 kW / non-dir to Serbia
2115-2130 on 1458 FLA 500 kW / 004 deg to Serbia

1630-1645 on 1458 FLA 500 kW / non-dir to Turkey

Source : Ivo Ivanov,DX MIX NEWS # 488, 03 October 2007

Govt. bans Red FM for seven days

New Delhi, Oct. 3 (PTI): Terming the remarks of Red FM
radio jockey against the Gorkha community as "derogatory",
the Government has banned the radio channel for seven days.
"The remarks indeed hurt the sentiments of the Gorkha
(Nepali) community and the steps taken by them did not
help as the violence continued even after that. So we
decided to impose a ban of seven days on the channel," a
senior Information and Broadcasting ministry official said,
adding the order would be subject to the outcome of Telecom
Disputes Settlement and Appellate Tribunal's hearing.
The ban would be subject to the outcome of the channel's
appeal against the showcause notice by the Ministry in the
TDSAT, which will take up the matter tomorrow.
The alleged derogatory remarks made by a radio jockey of
the channel on the winner of Indian Idol, Prashant Tamang,
had triggered clashes and violence in Siliguri last week.

All India Radio Vividh Bharati Service celebrates Golden Jubilee

All India Radio Vividh Bharati Service

The popular Vividh Bharati Service of All India Radio was
conceptualized to combat 'Radio Ceylon' in 1957. Within no time it
proved to be a popular channel of every household. The service
provides entertainment for nearly 15 to 17 hours a day. It presents a
mix of film music, skits, short plays and interactive programmes, Some
of the old popular programmes of Vividh Bharati are 'SANGEET SARITA',
GEET' ETC., are still distinctly recongnised by the listeners. From
time to time new programmes were introduced like 'BISCOPE KE BATEIN',

All these programmes are produced centrally at Vividh Bharati
Service,Borivili, Mumbai and up-linked to the satellite. 40 Vividh
Bharati stations across the country down-linked these programmes
through captive earth stations provided at each of these AIR stations.
Some local programme windows are also provided at these stations to
give regional flavour to the listeners. These 40 Vividh Bharati
stations are known as Commercial Broadcasting Service Stations and are
located at all major and commercially vibrant cities covering 97% of
the Indian population. In 1999 Vividh Bharati Service proved its
success connecting Indian Soliders posted on remote border areas to
their family members through a special programme entitled "Hello
Kargil", through which not only the family members of the soliders ,
but even a layman including young and old conveyed their best wishes
to the soliders to keep up their morale. Eminent actors, play back
singers, renowned writers, lyricists, directors and music directors
have found way to express their experience and opinion through the
Vividh Bharati Platform . A special programme entitled "Ujaale Unki
Yaadon Ke" takes the listeners into the world of nostalgia dipping
into the memories of the artists of the yester years. With the advent
of new technology the transmission of programmes gradually migrated
from earlier medium wave transmission to high quality digital stereo
FM. Commercials were introduced initially in the Vividh Bharati
Service in the year 1967 on an experimental basis. Realising the role
of advertising in accelerating the social and material progress of the
country, commercials were extended to Primary channels including FM &
Local Radio Stations in a phased manner. Advertsing on Radio is not
only cost effective to the advertisers but also has the potential to
reach far flung areas where no other mass media has succeeded in
making any tangible dent.

Some of the popular programmes of Vividh Bharat can also be heard on
our National Channel from 2300 hrs. to 0600 hrs. This service now
enjoys global listenership through Direct to Home Service (DTH)
besides other 11 channels of All India Radio.

Source : All India Radio

Vividh Bharati: Connecting a nation with music and memories for 50 yrs

Lekha Agarwal
Posted online: Wednesday, October 03, 2007 at 12:00:00

Mumbai, October 2 From the Jaisalmer border, soldiers have written to
us…they brave the scorching sun and hot winds to protect our borders.
In those trying climatic conditions, there is something else they
protect just as fiercely—their transistors. They will bake in the sun,
but keep their transistors in the shade because if that heats up, they
can't tune in to Vividh Bharati," said a proud Assistant Station
Director Mahendra Modi.
That's not surprising—for in 1999, at the peak of the Kargil War, it
was Vividh Bharati that connected soldiers with their families across
the country, through a special programme "Hello Kargil".
And it's a proud moment for Modi—he has been with the All India Radio
for four decades now—and his team at the Vividh Bharati Service in
Borivili as they gear up to celebrate Wednesday, the day this very
popular service of AIR completes 50 years. For, it is from this
building opposite the Gorai bus depot that programmes synonymous with
the radio channel—like 'Bhule Bisre Geet', 'Sangeet Sarita', 'Hawa
Mahal', 'Jaimala' etc—are centrally produced and uplinked to
satellite, to be dished out to 40 Vividh Bharati stations across the
In Mumbai, a team led by Modi has been tirelessly working for the last
two months to ring in the golden jubilee celebrations. A string of
special programmes, each lasting two hours, has been planned through
the day. So, from 6 am on Wednesday, until 11 pm, listeners can get
nostalgic with legends like Sohrab Modi, Meena Kumari, Nargis, Raj
Kapoor, Dev Anand.
"We will be playing recorded excerpts from interviews conducted since
inception. Also, there will be four broad categories—rare film songs,
rare non-film songs, rare singers and legendary music directors," said
Yunus Khan from Modi's team. Congratulatory messages from a number of
celebrities—including Lata Mangeshkar, Javed Akhtar, Sunidhi Chauhan,
Abhijeet, Shaan, etc—will be aired.
"Esteemed veteran broadcasters like Madhup Sharma, Ramsingh Pawar and
Mona Thakur will also be invited," Modi added. Of course, the
festivities wouldn't be complete without Ameen Sayani's britone—he
will be hosting 'Star Jaimala' that day, which is being produced and
written by Lokendra Sharma.


Vividh Bharathi to celebrate golden jubilee
Saturday September 29 2007 07:31 IST
Express News Service

BANGALORE: All listeners of Vividh Bharathi and celebrities will come
under one roof to share their experiences with the radio station at
its golden jubilee celebrations on October 3.

Looking into the history of AIR's entertainment station and the kind
of responses it has received over the years, assistant station
director, Commercial Broadcasting Service, All India Radio, B V Padma
told this paper that Vividh Bharathi has been successful in building a
rapport between both listeners and advertisers.

According to her, this is one of the major milestones that the station
has crossed.

She proudly claims that the channel receives over 300 letters a day
and many SMSs and e-mails too. ''The respondents,'' she says, ''are of
varied age groups.'' Recollecting one incident, she said that an
85-year-old man, who was an ardent listener of Arpana, a devotional
songs' programme aired at 6.30 am, was chosen as the best listener
last year.

He had come with the help of his son to collect his award. He, along
with some others, had brought a large cake to celebrate the
anniversary of Vividh Bharathi and this was a very touching moment she

As a part of the 50th year celebrations, Vividh Bharathi Radio Clubs
will give opportunity to their members to express their views via
telephones. Celebrities like Upendra, Girish Karnad, Chandrashekhar
Khambar, Sudha Murthy, Shailendra Babu, K S L Swamy and even
politicians, who have been listening to Vividh Bharathi since
childhood, will also share their experiences. Padma pointed that
similar programmes aired from the Mumbai station will also be relayed.

Apart from this, various competitions will also be organised and
prizes will be given away to the winning listeners. The programmes
will begin from 8 am. Special importance will be given to Manchahe
Geeth, a relay programme from 12 noon, where listeners can enjoy their
requested programmes. One of them called 'Shopping Mall' will have an
anchor taking requests from public places.

However the highlight will be Suvarna Chitra Bharathi, between 9.15-
9.45 where classics from Karnataka will be played.

+ Started in 1957, the channel intends to create dynamic promotional
concepts, build a rapport between the audience and advertisers and
create dynamic promotional concepts. A recent survey reveals there are
over 52.96 million people tuning in to 102.9 FM every day.
+ Vividh Bharathi now has 40 radio stations across India.
+ Vividh Bharathi, the radio channel was launched in October 3, 1957.
It was in October 18, 1970 that Vividh Bharathi Bangalore came into
being. The Bangalore FM Channel went on air on December 9, 2000.
+ To mark the Golden Jubilee celebrations, All India Radio will sell
music collections of the golden era. These hits will be available in
the archives section. They are popularly heard on Bhoole Bisre Geet,
Chaya Geeth and Aapki Farmaish.


Sunday, September 30, 2007

Tuning in the shortwave radio

Roberto Carlos Alvarez-galloso
30 September 2007, Sunday

Before the advent of computers, shortwave radios were
the electronic tools for information. Even in today's
day and age, the Shortwave Radio has uses that the
computer does not. Some events of 1989 tell you the
SHORTWAVE RECEPTION was from good to poor in the late
1980's, depending on the radio stations that the person
was listening to and the amount of interference. I will
concentrate on the shortwave reception in 1989 during
certain historical moments.
During the withdrawal of Soviet troops from Afghanistan,
I managed to hear Radio Moscow, Radio Tashkent, Radio
Vilnius, Radio Yerevan and Radio Afghanistan on my
Panasonic RF B60 shortwave radio. The reception from the
radio stations inside what was then the USSR were
excellent compared to the poor reception from Radio
During the China incident, Radio Peking was transmitting
clearly. Of course, my shortwave radio was next to the
window and the antenna had been pushed out in the open.
During the events that lead to the collapse of Communism,
I was able to have a front row seat, while listening to
Radio Berlin International, BBC Radio, Radio Netherlands,
Radio Bucharest, Radio Budapest, Radio Polonia, Radio
Vilnius, Radio Moscow, Radio Prague, Deutsche Welle,
and Radio Prague.
Inspite of interference from Radio Habana Cuba and the
Voice of America, these stations were heard clearly.
To hear the contemporary history unfold before your
ears was pleasant.
Radio Bucharest was the station I was listening to when
eaucescu fell. I could still remember turning on the
shortwave radio and hearing Ceaucescu speak, while the
people were laughing at him. Afterwards, the station
interrupted Ceaucescu's speech to play music composed
by Bach. Radio Bucharest then resumed broadcasting the
news that Ceaucescu had fallen and that there was a
new Romanian radio station.
All in all, I was able to enjoy the quality and
quantity of my shortwave radio broadcasts with
minimum interference.

Time to cut radio's ride on airwaves?

Neha Seth / CNN-IBN
Published on Sunday , September 30, 2007 at 10:40 in Nation section
New Delhi: There's trouble in the airwaves and Red FM - the radio station
under fire for broadcasting allegedly derogatory remarks against Gurkhas and
the newly-crowned Indian Idol Prashant Tamang - is at the centre of it.
The Information and Broadcasting Ministry has issued a showcause notice to
the station for inciting protests and clashes in Siliguri on Friday.
The state machinery's efforts and an appeal for peace from Tamang have
diffused tension for now. But the question remains who should take
"It's the responsibility of the Radio Jockey that are derogatory or that can
inflame a community," says RJ with Radio One 94.3, Prince.
The I&B Ministry says Red FM seems to have violated the All India Radio
programme code.
The ministry takes action against radio stations when a complaint is bought
to its notice. But a regulatory code of any sort still doesn't exist. Some
say self-regulation is the answer.
"The answer is self-regulation," says media commentator, Akhila Shivdas.
Red FM has already issued an apology, saying: Our shows and RJ's use humour
and satire in their presentation. We have not intentionally caused hurt to
the sentiments of any person or any particular community, caste or creed. In
the event any offence has been caused, we tender our apology for the same.
There are over 250 radio stations in the country today, making it one of the
most powerful tools of mass communication.
One wrong word or a careless remark can have serious consequences. It's time
someone recognised the need to pay attention.

AIR Gangtok completes 25 years of broadcasting

The Gangtok All India Radio Completes 25 Years of Broadcasting

Gangtok,Sep29: The All India Radio Station of Gangtok has
completed 25 years of its first broadcast from Sikkim.To
mark the occassion,The Gangtok Station of All India Radio
will relay tomorrow a special programme to be aired
starting at 3.15p.m. on Sunday. The only radio in Sikkim
airs its programme on Frequency (mediumwave and shortwave
in kHz) at 1404 kHz, 4835 kHz,and 6085 kHz from Gangtok.
The national All India Radio is the only radio station
in the capital city of Sikkim although there are plans
to open 3 FM radio stations in Sikkim by I&B Ministry
of Government of India as per information released.
at 9:49 PM Posted by The Sikkim Times


Thursday, September 27, 2007

AIR Chennai Tamil Dx Prog "Vaanoli Ulagam" going to stop

Sakthi Vel from Chennai informs that AIR Chennai
Tamil Dx Prog "Vaanoli Ulagam" is going to stop
on 30th Sep 2007 in the 90th week.
Kindly listen the last programme and give your
If possible request you all to send the personal
letter/email to the station director to continue
the DX program.

Mr. Srinivasa Raghavan,
Station Director,
All India Radio,
Kamarajar Salai,
Tamil Nadu,

Monday, September 24, 2007

Tanzania: State broadcaster changes name

The name of the state broadcaster of Tanzania is now the Tanzania Broadcasting Corporation, TBC. The Managing Director of the organisation, Mr Tido Mhando, says the changes are aimed at making TBC more self-reliant in conducting its business as a state corporation. Mr Mhando said the changes had been made by the corporation's board, which met recently and closed the position of assistant executive secretary and created four new senior management positions.
In the reforms, Ms Edah Sanga was appointed senior manager in charge of radio, Mr Joseph Rugarabamu appointed senior manager in charge of business and administration and the former technical director of TUT, Mr Harold Limo, was appointed acting technical director, TBC. Other appointments were Mr Clement Mshana who has been appointed director of programmes and acting general manager in charge of television. TBC got a new director in charge of news and features, Ms Susan Mungi, while Mr Ngalimecha Ngayoma becomes director of special programmes and public relations.

(Source : CBA)

Friday, September 21, 2007

All India Radio frequency changes wef 26th Sept

AIR has changed frequency for its Vividh Bharati Service from 10330
kHz to9870 kHz and txer site to SPT,Bangalore 500 kW from HPT,
Khampur(Delhi),250 kW.Consequently,following changes have been made
in the A07 Schedule:

Vividh Bharati Service 0025-0435 UTC 9870 B'lore(ex 10330 Delhi)
Vividh Bharati Service 0900-1200 UTC 9870 B'lore(ex 10330 Delhi)
Vividh Bharati Service 1245-1740 UTC 9870 B'lore(ex 10330 Delhi)
Russian 1615-1715 UTC 10330 Delhi (ex 9875 Delhi)
Chinese 1145-1315 UTC 11840 Delhi (ex 11840 B'lore)
Swahili/Hindi 1515-1730 UTC 9950 D15 Delhi(ex 9950 D16 Delhi)
Hindi 1615-1730 UTC 15075 Delhi (ex 15075 B'lore)
GOS-I 2245-0045 UTC 11645 Delhi (ex 11645 B'lore)

HP seeks community radio stations for tribal areas

Shimla, Sep 20: Himachal Pradesh has requested the Centre to set up community radio stations in the remote, inaccessible and tribal areas of the state to ensure fast and equitable communication.
Information and Public Relations Director Dinesh Malhotra, while speaking in the Information and Broadcasting Ministers' Conference at New Delhi yesterday said that traditional media like newspapers, magazines, television channels have limited reach for the difficult geographical and topographical parts of the hill-state.
He stressed that as the tribal areas like Pangi, Lahaul Spiti remained cut off from rest of world for six months in a year, the community stations could play pivotal role in emotional unity of the people of state besides information, education and communication in these sensitive border areas.
Mr Malhotra pleaded the Centre to sep up community stations for different communities and regions so as to cater to their local needs in local dialects and native language, which could prove to be much effective than present system of communication.
He, hoever, added that AIR and Doordarshan have wide reach in all parts of the state and were the fastest medium of communication to the Government as well as people of the state.
He demanded that news time of Shimla Doordarshan should be increased from present 15 minutes to 30 minutes daily while the news time of All India Radio Shimla should be extended from present 10 minutes to 15 minutes daily.
He also requested for strengthening of transmission system of All India Radio and Doordarshan Shimla in the state.
Mr Malhotra requested the Information and Broadcasting Ministry to start centrally sponsored schemes in the state and also pleaded for supply of 20,000 DTH receiver sets to the state for setting up in the sensitive border areas so as to ensure maximum reach of official media in these areas.
--- UNI

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

New Sangean Wi-Fi Internet Radio & Media Player

The Sangean WFR-20 Wi-Fi Internet Radio offers direct access to over 6000 Internet Radio stations (and 21242 on-demand streams) in 250 locations from 60 genres. This allows you to drill down your search quickly and conveniently from your radio or by using your favorite web browser and a computer you can search for specific stations with the convenience only the internet can provide and upload those stations to your radios “MY Stations” folder allowing for quick and easy access to only the most desired stations. Don’t find your favorite internet station on the list? Just submit the station to the website and it will be researched and added to the list, available for all of the current 14,000+ subscribers!
Don’t have a computer? Not a problem with the WFR-20. It still provides you access to the same internet radio stations and is designed to work as a completely independent stand alone unit anywhere in your home, office or dorm. All you need is a broadband internet connection and a wired or wireless router.
Used in conjunction with your wired/wireless networked computer and Windows™ Media Player™ you have full access to your digital media library using the UPnP Server, or simply your Microsoft™ Shared File Folder function in MP3, AAC, WMA, FLAC, Real Media™, and AIFF formats*.
*File formats utilizing DRM (Digital Rights Management) protection or other copy-protection features may not be supported. Use of a UPnP server may increase compatability, but is not a gurantee.
Microsoft®, Microsoft® Windows™, Windows™ Media Player™, and Internet Explorer™ and their respective logos are all registered trademarks of the Microsoft Corporation. RealAudio® and the Real Audio logo are registered trademarks of RealNetworks, Inc.

Listen to radio stations from around the country, from around the world
Play your music collection from your computer
Wired or wireless connection
High quality Full-range Stereo Speakers (2 x 5W)
Large, Easy-to-read 3-line display
Extra large Clock display
12 or 24 hour clock format
Full display brightness adjustment
Four Alarm timers (radio or buzzer)
Sleep timer with gentle fade
Auxiliary Input socket for iPod, MP3 player, etc
Line Output socket
Headphone socket
Intuitive Menu system
Operate from single rotary control or remote control
Compact, stylish remote control
High-gloss Piano-black finish
Acoustically tuned cabinet
WiFi (802.11g/b) and Wired Ethernet connections
(10/100 Mbps, RJ-45)
Connects to Windows Shares or UPNP servers
Dimensions (W X H X D): 290 x 115 X 215
Weight 2.98kg

TDP schedule changes

The TDP schedule website shows two changes:
- VO Meselna Delina to Eritrea (MF 1700-1730) moved to 7335 (ex11765).
- Moj Them Radio to Laos (0100-0130 on 15260) is now listed Mon/Wed/Fri
instead of Tue/Thu.

Bernd Trutenau,Lithuania via Cumbredx mailing list

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

KNLS B07 Freq Schedule

KNLS B07 Broadcast Schedule
Starting October 28, 2007

Time(UTC) Freq(khz) Meters Language
0800-0900 7355 41 English
0800-0900 9615 31 Mandarin
0900-1000 6150 49 Russian
0900-1000 7355 41 Mandarin
1000-1100 6150 49 English
1000-1100 7355 41 Mandarin
1100-1200 6150 49 Russian
1100-1200 7355 41 Mandarin
1200-1300 6150 49 English
1200-1300 6915 49 English
1300-1400 6890 49 Mandarin
1300-1400 7355 41 Mandarin
1400-1500 6150 49 English
1400-1500 7355 41 Mandarin
1500-1600 6150 49 Russian
1500-1600 6915 49 Mandarin
1600-1700 6150 49 Russian
1600-1700 6915 49 Mandarin
1700-1800 7355 41 Russian
1700-1800 9920 31 Mandarin

Reception Reports to :
Station KNLS, Anchor Point, Alaska - 99556 U. S. A.
Email :

Friday, September 14, 2007

TWR Puttalam Txer Photo's

Vels, Station Engineer from Trans World Radio, Puttalam, SriLanka
sent me photo's of their transmitter and tower system in response
to my reception report for 882 kHz. They have 2 x 200 KW (combined)
Nautel Solid State Transmitter operating in to 3 tower directional
array with an azimuth of 0 deg.

Tunisia: New religious radio station launched

Tunis, 13 Sept. (AKI) - Tunisia's first 24-hour religious radio station, Radio Zaytouna for the Noble Koran, went to air Thursday. It is the country's third privately-owned station and will broadcast around the clock.
Tunisian President Zayn al-Abidin Ben Ali late on Wednesday announced Radio Zaytouna ('olive tree)'s launch which has been timed to coincide with the start of the holy Muslim month of Ramadan.
Around 80 percent of Radio Zaytouna's programming will focus on the Koran. The remaining 20 percent will focus on the life and teachings of the Prophet Mohammed, as well as the lives of other prophets and preachers.
The station's licence to broadcast "confirms interest in nurturing the Muslim faith and those who are involved with it ," said Radio Zaytouna's owner Muhammad Sakhr al-Matiri.
"The aim is for Tunis to remain a beacon in the Islamo-Arab world and a symbol of dialogue and fruitful interaction between cultures and civilisations," al-Matiri added.
Radio Zaytouna's launch shows "constant attention to Islam and in interest in its revival and the wish to promote enlightened thought and true Muslim values, including tolerance, solidarity and moderation," said an unnamed Tunisian official.
Although freedom of opinion and expression is guaranteed by the Tunisian constitution, the government tightly controls the media. Until late 2003 the state had a monopoly on radio broadcasting.
The state-run Tunisian Radio and Television Establishment (ERTT) operates two national TV channels and several radio networks.
Egyptian and pan-Arab satellite TV stations command large audiences. Two London-based opposition TV channels can be received via satellite; Al Mustaqillah TV and Zaytouna TV.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Cuban Radio celebrates its 85th Anniversary

Celebrations for the 85th anniversary of the birth of Cuban radio began on Thursday with a pilgrimage to the final resting ground of Luis Casas Romero, known as the father of Cuban radio.
The national radio system boosts a large audience and is comprised of 87 radio stations across the island.
Among the activities to celebrate the anniversary will be an award ceremony to be held at the Museum of the Revolution in Havana recognizing outstanding workers in all areas of national radio broadcasting.
Celebrations will include the presentation of a cancellation stamp commemorating the anniversary and a interactive forum on the five Cuban antiterrorist fighters unjustly held in US prisons for more than eight years.
Cuban radio has made a significant contribution to the international campaign for the freedom of Gerardo Hernandez, Antonio Guerrero, Ramon Labañino, Rene Gonzalez and Fernando Gonzalez, known worldwide as the Cuban Five. The forum will open on Saturday at the Jose Marti International Institute of Journalism in Havana.
Cuba was one of the first Latin American countries to develop a radio broadcasting network. The first radio station was inaugurated on August 22, 1922.
Radio Rebelde, the Cuban revolution's radio station, broadcasted for the first time on February 24, 1958 opening a new period in the history of radio on the island.
The Cuban Radio and Television Institute was created on May 24, 1962 with the purpose of extending broadcasting to the whole territory.
(Source: Radio Rebelde)