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AD-828P Portable DRM/AM/FM receiver available to order form Antriksh Digital Solution, Mumbai

Good news for DRM enthusiasts, AD-828P Portable DRM/AM/FM receiver will be available with Antriksh Digital Solution, Mumbai with effect from 6th Oct' 21.

Suggested price is : INR 10,500 + 18% GST

One can send their orders/enquiries to : or on 9676015678

All India Radio's special transmission for "Mahalaya 2021"

All India Radio's special transmission for "Mahalaya 2021"
Date : 6th October, 2021 (Wednesday)
Time : 0350 - 0545 IST, 2220 UTC (5th Oct 2021) to 0015 UTC* (6th Oct, 2021)
* some stations have late sign in & may continue past 0100 UTC

All India Radio, Delhi will broadcast the special dawn programme "Mahishasur Mardini" on the ocassion of Mahalaya in following languages  :

- Hindi/Sanskrit - on its Indraprastha & FM Gold channels. This will be relayed by all FM Gold channels and selected SW & MW stations.

- Bengali/Sanskrit - at same time on AIR Delhi Rajdhani & FM Rainbow channels and selected SW & MW stations.

All India Radio, Kolkata will also originate the special Mahalaya programme in Bengali/Sanskrit at same time which will be relayed by selected SW & MW stations .
This programme may also be relayed over concerned DRM channels,YouTube channel AIR Live News 24X7 & DTH.

"Mahishasuramardini" is a special two hour transmission consisting of Sanskrit & Bengali recitation & music orated by Late Shri.Birendra Krishna Bhadra. All India Radio has been broadcasting this program since early 1930's. The sheer nostalgia is what makes the dawn of Mahalaya special as one of the most looked forward to Radio broadcasts. Countdown of Indian festival of Durga Puja starts from the day of Mahalaya.

Frequencies observed during past years :

4835 - Gangtok - Off air ?


531 - Jodhpur
549 - Ranchi
603 - Ajmer
621 - Patna A
648 - Indore A
657 - Kolkata A
666 - New Delhi B
675 - Chattarpur
684 - Port Blair
711 - Siliguri
729 - Guwahati A
747 - Lucknow A
756 - Jagdalpur
774 - Shimla
792 - Pune (Also try 783 DRM)
801 - Jabalpur
810 - Rajkot A
819 - New Delhi A
828 - Silchar
846 - Ahmedabad A
891 - Rampur
909 - Gorakhpur
918 - Suratgarh
954 - Nazibabad
981 - Raipur
990 - Jammu
1008 - Kolkata B (Pure DRM)
1026 - Allahabad A
1044 - Mumbai A (Pure DRM)
1125 - Tezpur
1179 - Rewa
1242 - Varanasi
1260 - Ambikapur
1296 - Darbhanga
1314 - Bhuj
1386 - Gwalior
1395 - Bikaner
1404 - Gangtok
1458 - Bhagalpur
1530 - Agra
1593 - Bhopal A

Please email your observations & receptions reports to :


Director (Spectrum Management & Synergy)
All India Radio,
Room No. 204
Akashvani Bhawan,
Parliament Street
New Delhi 110001, India

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Eight Decades Later, the Original Mahalaya Still Unites  

Come Mahalaya, Birendra Krishna Bhadra's recitation still default choice for All India Radio

(Alokesh Gupta, New Delhi)

Friday, September 24, 2021

Encore - Classical Music on Shortwave - Times, Frequencies, Information

Regular Broadcast times of Encore are:
10:00 - 11:00 UTC Saturday 6070 kHz Channel 292 to Europe - Simulcast on 9670 kHz

22:00 - 23:00 UTC Saturday 5950 kHz WRMI to the US and Canada
01:00 - 02:00 UTC Sunday 7780 & 5850 kHz WRMI to Europe US and Canada
16:00 – 17:00 UTC Sunday 9670 kHz Channel 292 to Europe
21:00 - 22:00 UTC Sunday 3955 kHz Channel 292 to Europe
02:00 - 03:00 UTC Monday 5950 kHz WRMI to the US and Canada
13:00 - 14:00 UTC Tuesday 15770 kHz WRMI to Europe, east coast of US and Iceland.
22:00 – 23:00 UTC Thursday 5950 kHz WRMI to the US and Canada
19:00 – 20:00 UTC Friday 6070 kHz Channel 292 to Europe
Our email is Informal reception reports as well as those requesting eQSL welcome.

The website is where we show transmission times and frequencies, the playlist for the most recent programmes, more information about Radio Tumbril, and the email link.
This week's Programme - First broadcast this coming Saturday by Channel 292 - begins with some of the suite for the ballet Swan Lake by Tchaikovsky, part of one of Bach's Brandenburg Concertos, and then two interpretations of other people's work by contemporary US composer Caroline Shaw. After that we'll listen to a cello sonata from Claude Debussy and the Octet in E Flat Major by Beethoven.
Channel 292 can be pulled live off the internet if the reception is poor in your location. Easy to find their site with a google search.
A very good site for online SDR receivers all over the world is:  Click the 'Map' button in the top left of the screen.
Brice Avery - Encore - Radio Tumbril - Scotland

WHRI for sale

Family Broadcasting Corporation, owner of WHRI shortwave in Cypress Creek, South Carolina, has informed us that WHRI is for sale. The station has two ABB 500-kilowatt transmitters and one Harris SW-100B 100-kilowatt transmitter, as well as six curtain array antennas.

Here are the technical details:

(2) ABB SK-55 500 kW
(1) Harris SW-100B 100 kW

TCI 4/4/1 High/Low Band Curtains 152 degrees, slews -30/-15/0/+15/+30
TCI 2/2/.5 High/Low Band Curtains 188 degrees, slews -15/0/+15
TCI 2/2/.5 High/Low Band Curtains 245 degrees, slews -15/0/+15
TCI 2/2/.5 High/Low Band Curtains 315 degrees
TCI 2/2/.5 High/Low Band Curtains 25 degrees
Thomcast 4/4/1 High/Low Band Curtains 72 degrees, slews -25/-13/0/+13/+25
Split Feeds (One transmitter feeding two antennas):
Split 1: 25 degree and 188 antenna
Split 2: 315 degree and 245 antenna

The asking price is $1.5 million, which includes the 380 acres of land at the site. For more information, contact:

Tony Agostino
Family Broadcasting Corporation (FBC)
Fax: (574) 299-4050
Office: (574) 291-8200

(National Association of Shortwave Broadcasters on Facebook)

Friday, September 17, 2021

KTWR announces expansion of India DRM block

KTWR will stop its computer-generated Tamil experimental broadcasts on 15200kHz on 26th Sept'21 (last Sunday of September). 

Starting in October '21, the 15200kHz Sunday broadcasts will start at 0957 UTC. KTWR will air programs in Tamil and other Indian languages, they have not nailed down exactly how the other languages will be scheduled, but it is likely that Tamil will start each week. Likely other languages include Malayalam, Kannada, and maybe Hindi. All programs will be human-generated instead of the current AI-generated audio.

The existing English block on 15200kHz will continue as before. Both blocks will be on 13800 kHz in B21.

(Via Mike Sabin)



Friday, September 10, 2021


Deutsche Welle A21
Valid from 13th Sept to 30th Oct'21 
Language Time/UTC Frequency Txer Site Target Area Weekday 
AMHARIC 1600-1700 15275 kHz ISSOUDUN Ethiopia      daily
AMHARIC 1600-1700 17800 kHz ISSOUDUN Ethiopia      daily (Valid upto 24 Oct 21)
DARI    1400-1430 15320 kHz NAUEN    Afghanistan   daily 
DARI    1400-1430 15390 kHz DHABAYYA Afghanistan   daily 
PASHTO  1430-1500 15230 kHz NAUEN    Afghanistan   daily 
PASHTO  1430-1500 15390 kHz DHABAYYA Afghanistan   daily 
HAUSA   0630-0700 09830 kHz SAO TOME Africa (west) daily 
HAUSA   0630-0700 11850 kHz ISSOUDUN Africa (west) daily 
HAUSA   0630-0700 15215 kHz ISSOUDUN Africa (west) daily 
HAUSA   1300-1400 09830 kHz SAO TOME Africa (west) daily 
HAUSA   1300-1400 11850 kHz SAO TOME Africa (west) daily 
HAUSA   1300-1400 15215 kHz ISSOUDUN Africa (west) daily 
HAUSA   1800-1900 09830 kHz SAO TOME Africa (west) daily 
HAUSA   1800-1900 11850 kHz ISSOUDUN Africa (west) daily 
HAUSA   1800-1900 15215 kHz ISSOUDUN Africa (west) daily 
HAUSA   1325-1530 15195 kHz ISSOUDUN Africa (west) Saturday 14.08.21-28.08.21 
HAUSA   1325-1530 15350 kHz ISSOUDUN Africa (west) Saturday 14.08.21-28.08.21 
HAUSA   1325-1530 15195 kHz ISSOUDUN Africa (west) Saturday 11.09.21-02.10.21 
HAUSA   1325-1530 15350 kHz ISSOUDUN Africa (west) Saturday 11.09.21-02.10.21 
HAUSA   1325-1530 15195 kHz ISSOUDUN Africa (west) Saturday 16.10.21-30.10.21 (
HAUSA   1325-1530 15350 kHz ISSOUDUN Africa (west) Saturday 16.10.21-30.10.21 (Football)

Reception reports to :

(Alokesh Gupta)

NBC-PNG installs new AM transmitter

Papua New Guinea's national broadcaster, NBC-PNG, has installed an AM transmitter to improve radio services in the country's highlands provinces.

The transmitter, built by Nautel, a Canadian-based company, was installed in Goroka, capital of the Eastern Highlands Province. It was inaugurated on 15 July.

Thursday, September 09, 2021

Amritsar AIR station in the works for 15 years; tower issue grounds progress

The stand-out feature of the facility is a 300-meter (nearly 1,000 feet) high broadcasting tower with a range of 100km. This was completed in 2013, but Prasar Bharati authorities inspected it and found that it was bent in its upper portion, effectively putting a full-stop on the project.

Full report at : 

AIR FM radio station launched in Narkatiaganj, West Champaran Dist., Bihar (102.9 MHz 10 kW)

The people of Bihar settled on the Indo-Nepal border area will now be able to listen to FM radio and through this they will also be acquainted about the country and the world. The people of Nepal including Narkatiaganj located on the Indo-Nepal border will be able to enjoy their FM. 

The FM channel was inaugurated at the headquarters of Narkatiaganj SSB 44th Battalion on 31st August '21. 

People can also enjoy Vividh Bharati & they will be able to listen to news and entertainment programs through this FM station. This FM channel will be available on 102.9 megahertz.

It was inaugurated by Sunil Kumar Dhyani, Deputy Inspector General, Regional Headquarters Sashastra Seema Bal Bettiah and Anil Kumar Singh II Commanding Officer, Acting Commandant 44 Vahini Sashastra Seema Bal. Keshav Mukherjee, Assistant Director, All India Radio Patna said that now people will be able to enjoy FM channel in 25 km radius. After a few days people will enjoy it even in 70 km radius. The main purpose of opening FM channel in Narkatiaganj is to entertain the people of India-Nepal border.

On this occasion, officers and jawans of SSB 44th Battalion including Assistant Director RK Mishra, Keshav Mukherjee, Istiaq Ahmed, Shambhu Rai, Inderjit Bhattacharya were present. The people of both Bihar and Nepal are very excited with the opening of FM radio channel.

(© News 18 Hindi, 01 September 2021 via Jhavendra Kumar Dhruv)

Saturday, August 21, 2021

Exile Govt in Myanmar launches 'Radio NUG'

The  National League for Democracy in Myanmar,  ousted by the military junta earlier this year,  launched 'Radio NUG' to stay connected with the people. 

Test transmission began on Friday, 20 Aug 2021  on 17710 kHz and  initially  will air twice daily for 30 minutes at 8 am (0130 UTC) and 8 pm (1330 UTC), Myanmar local time in Burmese. Radio NUG  provides updates on junta abuses, Covid -19 news and self-defense updates.

Myanmar has been in turmoil since the civilian administration of Aung San Suu Kyi was deposed in a February coup, sparking huge pro-democracy protests and a bloody military crackdown.  Dissident lawmakers from her party, the National Unity Government (NUG), in hiding or in exile, are behind this radio broadcast.

(Sarath Weerakoon)

World Music Radio 15790 back on the air

As of 21st August'21 World Music Radio (WMR) is back on 15790 kHz (Saturday-Sunday 07-20 UTC) but with 10 Watts only.

The 927 outlet in Hvidovre, Copenhagen, went off the air on August 16th and is expected back on the air on September 2nd.

The two other frequencies of WMR - 5930 kHz (200W) and 25800 kHz (100W) continuous transmitting round the clock. Also Radio208 is on the air continuously on 1440 kHz (currently half power: 250W) and 5970 kHz (100W)

Something`s always wrong at WMR/Radio208 - but still keeping SW and MW alive.

Reception reports to :

WMR - PO Box 112 - DK-8960 Randers SØ - Denmark
Web :

(Stig Hartvig Nielsen)

* WMR logo courtesy

Thursday, August 19, 2021

Pacific Asian Log (PAL) MW Guide updated

The August 2021 edition of  the Pacific Asian Log (PAL) is now available.  It can be downloaded from the Radioheritage websites:  (Go to the "Radio Guides" drop down menu)  (The link for the PDF version is at the top center of the site's main page.)

As usual, many changes and updates have been incorporated into this latest edition.The biggest change was the addition of the SENZ network in New Zealand.
Comments and updates from users are welcome and encouraged.  They can be sent to

First issued in 2001, The PAL lists medium wave and domestic shortwave broadcasting stations in southern and eastern Asia and the Pacific.   It lists nearly 5000 stations in over 50 countries, with frequencies, call signs, locations, power, networks, schedules, languages, formats, networks and other information.

(Bruce Portzer)

KTWR DRM test broadcasts in Tamil language

KTWR (Trans World Radio) from Guam is going to air some short test DRM broadcasts in the Tamil language each Sunday for the next six weeks. This will be just before KTWR's regular DRM block for India. It will be on 15200 kHz at 1014-1026 UTC at 90 kW. The beam heading will be at 285 degrees from Guam, so Sri Lanka and the southern half of India will get the strongest signals in South Asia.

1014-1026 UTC on 15200 kHz DRM 90 kW to South India (Sundays only for next 6 weeks)

Dates of transmission :
22 Aug '21
29 Aug '21
5 Sept '21
12 Sept '21
19 Sept '21
26 Sept '21

(Via Mike Sabin, NH2MS, KTWR) 

Thursday, August 12, 2021

Special broadcasts by AIR for Independence Day (15 Aug 2021)

India is celebrating its 75th Independence Day on 15 August 2021.

Details of special programs by All India Radio for the occasion is as follows:

14th August 2021 (Saturday)  1330 UTC (7.00 pm IST) onwards "Address to the Nation" on the eve of Independence Day in Hindi and English by  Shri.Ram Nath Kovind, Hon'ble President of India.

All stations of All India Radio will relay this on MW, SW & FM.

Look out on the following Home Service SW frequencies :

kHz     kW       Station

4760    2.5     Leh          
4835    10      Gangtok?            
4950    30      Srinagar    
5040    30      Jeypore                
5050    4.5     Aizawl ?
6030    250    Delhi        

Also on DTH Channels/ airlivenews 24x7

15th August 2021 (Sunday) 0135-0240 UTC (0705-0810 hrs IST)

All India Radio will live broadcast the running commentary in English and Hindi on the Flag Hoisting and Prime Minister's address to the nation to be held at Red Fort, New Delhi between 0135-0240 UTC (0705-0810 hrs IST) on 15th August, 2021 on the following SW frequencies.

13710 Bengaluru 500 kW

9950   New Delhi 100 kW
11560 New Delhi 100 kW

The Regional SW Stations will start using their day time frequencies about 1 hour or more earlier than usual on 15th August as follows to relay the Commentary. This may provide enhanced reception of stations than on normal days.

Other frequencies operating as usual at that time but carrying the commentary is as follows :

kHz     kW       Station
4760    2.5      Leh          
4835    10       Gangtok ?          
4950    30       Srinagar    
5040    30       Jeypore                
5050    4.5      Aizawl ?

All stations of AIR on MW, FM & 'Akashvani AIR' YouTube Channel will relay the running commentary.

Live streaming of the above programs is available in:

Reception Reports to :
Please send your reception reports on line at:


Director ( Spectrum Management & Synergy)
All India Radio,
Room No. 204, Akashvani Bhawan,
Parliament Street
New Delhi110001, India

Watch the events live on Doordarshan TV  on all their channels .Try the following links:

Thanks to Nirmal Kumar.

(Alokesh Gupta & Jose Jacob)

Thursday, July 29, 2021

Digital Radio awareness initiative launched by Indian DRM enthusiast

Dr Thaminana KR, an Indian enthusiast and pioneer in promoting DRM in his city Vizag (Andhra Pradesh state), has launched a DRM nationwide initiative of popularising the audio and advanced services available from the 35 MW DRM transmitters broadcasting all over India in pure DRM (some) and simulcast (all).

The aim of the video conferences and practical services in the car is to create awareness and demonstrate the advantages of DRM car radios to car showroom executives, sales managers, and their customers. According to estimations, there are about 3 million new Indian cars with incorporated DRM radio receivers on the roads. The sessions are also intended to gather feedback from car showroom sales managers and DRM car radio owners.

Dr Thaminana visited several car showrooms in in his native Vizag and gave live DRM car radio demonstrations to sales managers and customers. This was followed from June 22nd by virtual conferences and presentations and actual demos in Ranchi, Hyderabad, and Chennai. His plan includes over 30 more DRM car radio demos video conferences and practical car demos to be conducted in 34 more DRM transmission coverage areas by the beginning of December.

Convinced by the power of DRM, Dr Thaminana proves what an individual initiative can achieve even in a country the size of India.

"We salute this initiative", said Ruxandra Obreja, DRM chairman, "thought out and executed by one individual who is convinced of the superiority of the standard in all environments and for a large number of Indians, whether at home but mainly in cars. He is addressing the showroom staff and directly the car owners. Unlike other expensive marketing campaign this is a down up initiative, authentic and impactful."

Please check the dedicated India page on the DRM website:

To subscribe to the special India Noticeboard with all the latest DRM news go to:

Picture Credit: Dr T K Rao