Thursday, November 15, 2018

FTIOM & UBMP, November 18-24

From the Isle of Music, November 18-24 :

This week, we listen to music from the winners of the Academic Music (concert music) categories of Cubadisco 2018 and some related Special Prize winners.

The transmissions take place:

1. For Eastern Europe but audible well beyond the target area in most of the Eastern Hemisphere (including parts of East Asia and Oceania) with 100Kw, Sunday 1500-1600 UTC on SpaceLine, 9400 KHz, from Kostinbrod, Bulgaria (1800-1900 MSK)

2. For the Americas and parts of Europe, Tuesday 0100-0200 UTC (New UTC) on WBCQ, 7490 KHz from Monticello, ME, USA (Monday 8-9PM EST in the US).

3 & 4. For Europe and sometimes beyond, Tuesday 1900-2000 UTC and Saturday 1200-1300 UTC (New CETs) on Channel 292, 6070 KHz from Rohrbach, Germany.

Uncle Bill's Melting Pot, November 18 and 20:

Episode 88, South Africa and Sudan, features some new music from South Africa and some vintage music from Sudan.

The transmissions take place:

1. Sunday 2300-2330 UTC (NEW UTC) (6:00PM -6:30PM Eastern US) on WBCQ The Planet 7490 KHz from the US to the Americas and parts of Europe

2. Tuesday 2000-2030 UTC (NEW CET) on Channel 292, 6070 KHz from Rohrbach, Germany for Europe.

Also recommended:
Marion's Attic, a unique program produced and hosted by Marion Webster featuring early 20th Century records, Edison cylinders etc played on the original equipment, comes on immediately before UBMP on Sundays from 2200-2300 UTC on WBCQ 7490 Khz.

Wednesday, November 14, 2018


AOKI B18 Frequency schedule is avaialble at :

VOA Begins Broadcasting in Lingala Language

Voice of America's Africa division launched newscasts in Lingala on November 12, 2018, bringing to 46 the total number of languages in which the agency broadcasts around the world. Lingala is spoken in the Democratic Republic of Congo, as well as parts of Central Africa Republic and Angola.

For 64 million people who speak Lingala, VOA will be the first international broadcaster to reach them in their own language. Lingala is understood by 80 percent of the DRC population, twice the number of people who understand French.

The new broadcasts will be added to the French to Africa language service offerings and will include 15 minutes of radio content (Monday through Friday) focusing on news from Africa division reporting and from Lingala reporters on the ground, as well as on public health-related issues like Ebola and HIV/AIDS.

The launch of the Lingala broadcasts is designed to boost efforts to promote democracy, transparency, and the rule of law ahead of December presidential elections in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

About Voice of America
VOA reaches a weekly global audience of 237 million people in more than 40 languages in nearly 100 countries. VOA programs are delivered on multiple platforms, including radio, television, web and mobile via a network of more than 2,200 media outlets worldwide. VOA's seasoned journalists are experts on topics trending in the United States and around the world. The Voice of America is funded by the U.S. Congress through the U.S. Agency for Global Media, an independent federal agency.

(Press Release)


WINB Fall DRM schedule :
Mon-Fri only:
7315 kHz 062 deg. 0700-0900 UTC
9265 kHz 062 deg. 0900-1100 UTC
13690 kHz 062 deg. 1100-1700 UTC
On weekdays, time between 1700 and first scheduled AM broadcast is occasionally used for transmitter testing on 9265 kHz, often DRM.

(WINB @SWWINB on twitter)

Saturday, October 27, 2018

Unique Radio changes wef November 10th, 2018

Unique Radio Upcoming changes to schedule from November 10th 2018 via WINB 9265KHz Red Lion Pennsylvania USA

1000 HRS UTC - 1100 HRS UTC - Sounds of your life hosted by Aussie Tim (Oldies,obscure,Australian,Artist features 3 in a row)
1100 HRS UTC - 1130 HRS UTC - Hobart Radio International hosted by Bob Wise (Music and radio features from Tasmania Australia)
1130 HRS UTC - 1200 HRS UTC - International Radio Report  Co Hosted by Sheldon Harvey & David Asselin & with special features from Gilles Letourneau
1200 HRS UTC - 1230 HRS UTC - World of Radio hosted by Glenn Hauser (International shortwave radio and radio information with loggings)

(Aussie Tim, Unique Radio, Gunnedah NSW, Australia )

Via WOR List

Jay Allen reviews XHTATA D-808 AM/FM/SW/SSB/Airband Portable Radio

The XHDATA D-808 was born as a result of the sometimes strange state of affairs in Chinese manufacturing today. The story goes that it was derived from the Redsun-designed C. Crane Skywave SSB. 

It is based on the same Silicon labs DSP Chip as the Skywave yet has several differences. It omits the NOAA Weather Band of the Skywave but adds FM RDS. It also is built into a slightly larger cabinet which allows improved sound quality and a larger AM ferrite rod antenna.

Friday, October 26, 2018

Status Of Digital Radio Broadcasting In India

An article titled 'Status of Digital Radio Broadcasting in India' authored by DRM India chapter Chair Mr.Yogendra Pal has been published in the July - Sept 2018 issue of the 'Broadcast and CableSat' journal.

Here's the link to the article :

Tuesday, October 23, 2018



Language   UTC       Days     Frequency Program (earliest to latest)
Cantonese 1400-1430 Mon - Fri   9975  Thru the Bible 
Mandarin  1030-1100 Mon - Fri   12120 Thru the Bible
Mandarin  1030-1100 Saturday    12120 The Word Today 
Mandarin  1030-1100 Saturday    12120 Hope for Today, Macedonian Call
Mandarin  1315-1345 Mon - Fri   9975  Thru the Bible
Mandarin  1030-1100 Sunday      12120 The Word Today, Hope for Today
Mandarin  1130-1200 Sunday      9910  The Lord's Challenge,Macedonian Call
Mandarin  1100-1200 Mon - Fri   9910  Self Confrontation, DTA
Mongolian 1100-1115 Sun - Sat   9975  Son-Lift-Do You Know
Cantonese 1350-1400 Mon - Fri   9975  Son-Lift-Do You Know   
Cantonese 1115-1130 Mon - Sun   9975  Son-Lift-Do You Know 
Hakka     1130-1145 Mon - Sun   9975  Son-Lift-Do You Know
Mandarin  1145-1200 Mon - Sun   9975  Son-Lift-Do You Know  
Nosu Yi   1200-1215 Sun - Sat   9975  Son-Lift-Do You Know
Mandarin  1200-1215 Sun - Fri   9910  God Remembers Them
Mandarin  1315-1330 Saturday    9975  The Word Today  
Mandarin  1315-1345 Mon - Fri   9975  Thru the Bible, A Word with You
Mandarin  1345-1350 Mon - Fri   9975  A Word with You
English   1100-1130 Sunday      9910  Unlimited Grace

Korean    1345-1500 Mon - Fri   7510  YQFG,BR,TWR Seminary(LTS-Thu,WOH-Friday)
Korean    1500-1515 Wed - Fri   7510  Light and Life
Korean    1315-1345 Mon - Fri   7510  With You
Korean    1345-1515 Saturday    7510  Teachers Institute,Pray school,BSB & TTT
Korean    1345-1515 Sunday      7510  Sunday Service,TGT, HOD & CF
English   1315-1345 Saturday    7510  Unlimited Grace

Japanese  1215-1245 Sunday      7500  B Japan-Friendship Radio 
Japanese  1130-1200 Saturday    9900  Leading the Way

South East Asia 
English    1100-1105 Mon-Fri    11965 Reachng Your World
English    1105-1120 Mon-Fri    11965 Running to Win
English    1120-1135 Tues-Fri   11965 Grace Notes-Tue,SFT-Wed,BOL-Thur,HFT-Fri,RYW,RTW
English    1030-1100 Sunday     11965 Heart of Harvest
English    1100-1130 Sunday     11965 Unlimited Grace

South Pacific 
English    1000-1015 Saturday   11995 Bread of Life
English    1000-1025 Mon - Fri  11995 Running to Win, RYW 
English    1015-1045 Saturday   11995 Unlimited Grace 

Madurese   1000-1030 Mon - Fri  11965 Thru the Bible
Sundanese  1030-1100 Mon - Fri  11965 Thru the Bible
English    1000-1030 Sunday     11965 Unlimited Grace 
Indonesian 1030-1100 Sunday     11965 Women of Hope
Indonesian 1045-1100 Saturay    11965 News of Truth 

Burmese     1145-1215 Mon - Fri 12040 Thru the Bible
Burmese     1145-1215 Saturday  12040 Macedonian Call,The Word Today
Burmese     1200-1215 Sunday    12040 Lifeword
S'gaw Karen 1215-1245 Mon-Fri   12040 Thru the Bible
S'gaw Karen 1215-1230 Sunday    12040 The Word Today

Vietnamese 1245-1315 Mon-Fri    9975 Thru the Bible
Vietnamese 1245-1300 Sunday     9975 The Word Today 

South Asia
Kok Borok  1245-1315 Mon-Fri    9910  Thru the Bible
Kok Borok  1245-1300 Sunday     9910  Discipleship Hour *ending 5 Jan,2019
Dzongkha   1230-1245 Sat-Sun    11580 Words of Hope
Manipuri   1300-1315 Sunday     9910  The Word Today
Nepali     1300-1315 Saturday   9910  Jiwan ko Roti
Assamese   1215-1245 Mon-Fri    9910  Thru the Bible
English    1230-1300 Saturday   9910  Heart of Harvest

Progs :
YQFG = Your Quest for God
DTA  = Discipleship Training on the Air
TLC  = The Lords Challenge
RYW  = Reaching Your World
SFT  = Search for Truth
BOL  = Bread of Life
HFT  = Hope for Tomorrow
WWL  = Wonderful Words of Life
LTS  = Lets talk about something
WOH  = Women of Hope
RTW  = Running to Win
DTA  = Discipleship Training on the Air
BSB  = Bible School Basics 
TTT  = Truth in a Test Tube
TGT  = The Gospel Train
HOD  = History of Doctrine
CF   = Christian Faith
BR   = Bible Reading

(Alokesh Gupta)

Vatican Radio B18 to South Asia/Asia

Vatican Radio B18

To South Asia

1130 1200 UTC MASS IN ENGLISH - 15595,17590 kHz (Fri)
1430 1450 UTC HINDI - 7250, 9505 kHz
1450 1510 UTC TAMIL - 7250, 9505 kHz
1510 1530 UTC MALAYALAM - 7250, 9505 kHz

To Asia

1230 1315 UTC MASS IN CHINESE - 6115,7485,9560 kHz (Sat)

1230 1315 UTC RUSSIAN - 6145, 7435 kHz
2200 2230 UTC CHINESE - 6185, 7410, 9580 kHz
2315 2359 UTC VIETNAMESE - 9580, 11900 kHz

Alokesh Gupta
New Delhi


28 Oct 2018 - 31 Mar 2019

0000-0358 15720 Pacific Daily
0359-0558 13730 Pacific Daily
0559-1058 9765  Pacific Daily
1059-1258 9700  Solomon Islands PNG Daily
1259-1650 7390  Pacific Sun-Fri
1259-1758 7390  Pacific Sat
1651-1750 5975  Cook Islands Samoa Tonga Sun-Fri DRM
1751-1834 7285  Cook Islands Samoa Tonga Sun-Fri DRM
1759-1858 9780  Pacific Sat
1835-1950 9780  Cook Islands Samoa Tonga Sun-Fri DRM
1859-1958 11725 Pacific Sat
1951-2050 13840 Tonga, Vanuatu, Solomon Islands Sun-Fri DRM
1958-2058 13840 Pacific Sat
2051-0000 15720 Pacific Sun-Fri
2059-0000 15720 Pacific Sat

RNZI is available on Satellite, courtesy of TVNZ Pacific Service.
The coverage area extends from Singapore, and eastward to the Cook Islands, which includes Fiji, Tonga, Niue and Samoa.
IS19/23 C Slot A
DL 4146.5 V
FEC 3/4
SR 5.6320

(Alokesh Gupta)

60 years of RAE Buenos Aires

RAE has put a video clip on YouTube on occasion of their 60th anniversary.

(Courtesy :  Volker Willschrey )

Saturday, October 20, 2018

CNR DRM TESTS ON 15580 & 11695

DRM shortwave digital broadcasting test broadcast information

According to the DRM short-wave digital broadcasting related work needs, the new DRM short-wave digital broadcasting test will be broadcasted on October 23, 2018. The specific information is as follows:

1. North China

Frequency: 15580 kHz
Time: 09:00 to 17:00 (BTC), 01:00 to 09:00 (UTC)
Program: CNR1
Launch point: Hainan
Power: 30 kW

2. East South of China

Frequency: 11695 kHz
Time: 09:00 to 17:00 (BTC), 01:00 to 09:00 (UTC)
Program: CNR1
Launch point: Hainan
Power: 30 kW

From October 18th to 21st, the signal will be tested from 09:00 to 17:00 (0100-0700 UTC) every day.

At different times, depending on the transmission conditions, the above two frequencies may have signals in most parts of central and eastern China.

During the test broadcast, it is necessary to stop from time to time according to equipment debugging or testing. The keyword "downtime" can be sent in the public number to know the shutdown information in real time.

Enthusiasts are welcome to take the test and please record the feedback details.

The feedback information may include, but is not limited to, detailed technical parameters such as time, location, equipment, antenna, software settings, environment, and field strength. The feedback form can be text, pictures, videos, and so on.

Welcome to consult and exchange, and make suggestions on the trial broadcast work.

In order to save and organize related information, please send the test record to the feedback mailbox.

Thank you!

Feedback Email:

Radio Exterior of Spain expands its broadcasts on Short Wave

Radio Exterior of Spain, the international channel of RNE,   It will broadcast eight hours a day from Monday to Sunday on Short Wave starting on October 28th . It supposes an increase of four hours in the transmission that was previously made from Monday to Friday.

With this increase, Radio Exterior of Spain begins a new stage that reinforces its programming with new spaces of its own production that will enhance the task of public service and promote and disseminate the culture and the Spanish language, in short, it contributes to place Spain in the global horizon of the time in which we live.

From a technical point of view, Radio Exterior de España will broadcast its programming from Monday to Friday, for West Africa and the South Atlantic, the Middle East, the Indian Ocean and Gran Sol, from 4 pm to 24 hours UTC (Coordinated Universal Time), say, from 17 to 01 official Spanish time.

The emission frequencies:

- West Africa and South Atlantic, 11,685 Khz., Band 25 meters .

- Middle East, Indian Ocean and Gran Sol, 12,030 Khz, 25 meter band .

Towards North and South America, Radio Exterior de España will broadcast short-wave, from Monday to Friday, from 19:00 to 03:00 UTC, that is, from 20:00 to 04:00, the official Spanish time.

The emission frequencies:

- South America, 11,940 Khz, band of 25 meters .

- North America and Greenland, 9,690 Khz, 31 meter band .

On Saturdays and Sundays, the RNE International Channel will transmit its signal from 15 to 23 hours UTC, that is, from 16 to 24 official Spanish hours. The emission frequencies and the coverage areas are the following:

- West Africa and South Atlantic, 11,685 Khz, band of 25 meters.

- South America, 11,940 Khz, band of 11,940 meters.

- North America and Greenland, 9,690 Khz, 31-meter band.

- Middle East, Indian Ocean and Gran Sol, 12,030 Khz, 25 meter band.

In addition to eight hours per day of shortwave transmission, Radio Exterior de España broadcasts its 24-hour uninterrupted programming through the Internet, DTT, mobile applications and satellite:

- Ses Astras 1M: frequency 11.626.5 MHz. Vertical polarization.

- Hispasat 1E: frequency 12,052 Mhz. Vertical polarization.

- Asiasat 5: frequency 3,700 Mhz. Vertical polarization.

- Eutelsat 5 West A: frequency 3,727 Mhz. Right circular polarization.

- Intelsat Galaxy-23: frequency 4,191.35 Mhz. Vertical polarization.

The changes in programming and frequencies are effective from October 28, 2018 to March 31, 2019.

Monday, October 01, 2018

All India Radio's special transmission for "Mahalaya 2018"

All India Radio's special transmission for "Mahalaya"

Date : 8th October, 2018 ( Monday)
Time : 2225 UTC (7th Oct 2018) to 0015 UTC (8th Oct 2018)
* some stations have late sign in and may continue past 0100 UTC
0355 - 0545 IST

"Mahalaya" is a special two hour transmission consisting of Sanskrit recitation and music orated by Late Shri.Birendra Krishna Bhadra. All India Radio has been broadcasting this program since early 1930's . Countdown of Indian festival of Durga Puja starts from the day of Mahalaya.

Frequencies observed during past years :


4760 - Port Blair
4810 - Bhopal
4835 - Gangtok (Irregular)
4895 - Kurseong (Off air now)
4910 - Jaipur
9380- Aligarh (National Channel)


531 - Jodhpur
549 - Ranchi
594 - Chinsurah (Kolkata)
603 - Ajmer
621 - Patna A
648 - Indore A
657 - Kolkata A
666 - New Delhi B
675 - Chattarpur
684 - Port Blair
711 - Siliguri
729 - Guwahati A
747 - Lucknow A
756 - Jagdalpur
774 - Shimla
801 - Jabalpur
810 - Rajkot A
819 - New Delhi A
828 - Silchar
846 - Ahmedabad A
891 - Rampur
909 - Gorakhpur
918 - Suratgarh
954 - Nazibabad
981 - Raipur
990 - Jammu
1008 - Kolkata B
1026 - Allahabad A
1044 - Mumbai A
1125 - Tezpur
1179 - Rewa
1215 - Delhi National Channel
1242 - Varanasi
1260 - Ambikapur
1296 - Darbhanga
1314 - Bhuj
1386 - Gwalior
1395 - Bikaner
1404 - Gangtok
1458 - Bhagalpur
1476 - Jaipur A
1530 - Agra
1566 - Nagpur (National Channel)
1584 - Mathura
1593 - Bhopal A

Sign on observed by Jose Jacob at different times as follows:

2225 UTC (3.55am IST) 4760,4910, 531, 603, 666, 675, 711, 747, 756, 774, 801, 819, 828, 891, 918, 956, 990, 1008, 1044, 1386, 1395, 1530.
2230 UTC (4.00 am IST) 4835, 1404.
2245 UTC (4.15 am IST) 4895
2250 UTC (4.20 am IST) 846, 1179
2255 UTC (4.25 am IST) 4810, 621, 648, 810, 909, 954, 981, 1026, 1242, 1260, 1296, 1593.

Please email your observations & receptions reports to :


Director (Spectrum Management & Synergy)
All India Radio,
Room No. 204
Akashvani Bhawan,
Parliament Street
New Delhi 110001, India


Related :

Come Mahalaya, Birendra Krishna Bhadra's recitation still default choice for All India Radio

(Alokesh Gupta, New Delhi)

Saturday, September 29, 2018

All India Radio's streaming services launched on Amazon Alexa smart devices

All India Radio has launched Amazon Echo dot Device on Alexa in 14 different Indian  languages. This is a voice service led by artificial intelligence capable of giving crystal clear audio quality of radio services to the desirous audiences irrespective of where they are in the world.  

The services of AIR available at the moment are Vividh Bharati/FM Gold/FM Rainbow/AIR Urdu/AIR Gujarati/AIR Marathi/AIR Marathi/AIR Punjabi/AIR Malayalam/AIR Tamil/AIR Telugu/AIR Kannada/AIR Bangla/AIR Raagam/AIR Odia/Radio Kashmir/AIR Assamese/North Eastern Service.

The launch was done by the Hon'ble Minister for Information & Broadcasting, Youth Affairs and Sports Col. Rajyavardhan Rathore today, the 28th September, 2018 at 3.00 P.M. in the Fielden Hall of Akashvani Bhawan on the Parliament Street, New Delhi.  Those who attended included Dr. A. Surya Prakash, Chairman Prasar Bharati, Shri Shashi Shekhar Vempati, Chief Executive Officer Prasar Bharati, Shri F. Sheheryar, Director General All India Radio, Ms. Supriya Sahu, Director General Doordarshan, Shri C.B.S. Maurya, Engineer-in-Chief All India Radio and Directors General of News for Doordarshan & All India Radio.  

On the occasion, Shri F. Sheheryar, Director General All India Radio outlined the need to have such services through Amazon Alexa in view of the country making fast strides in the direction of digital India.  Shri Rajiv Sawhney, Principal Business Development Manager, Amazon and Shri Dilip R.S., Country Manager, Alexa Skills in India made a Power Point Presentation on types of devices and impact thereof apart from services available, reach and functional instructions.  They also highlighted significance of voice in transforming people's lives.  

Col. Rajyavardhan Rathore, the Hon'ble Minister, congratulated Amazon and All India Radio for this unique partnership with the public service broadcaster and expressed his pleasure and happiness of seeing the lives of homes becoming easy through devices such as this.  All the dignitaries including the Hon'ble Minister, Chairman Prasar Bharati, Chief Executive Officer Prasar Bharati and Directors General apart from others gave voice commands to Alexa and thus the services were launched formally for the people in India and Indians abroad apart from PIOs and the larger Indian diaspora in different parts of the world.  Chairman Prasar Bharati highlighted the need to have availability of archival assets on the device to which Director General All India Radio said that exclusive news as originated by All India Radio and the archival assets of All India Radio will subsequently be brought on Alexa.

Brief information about Amazon Echo and Alexa

Amazon Echo Dot, Echo, Echo Plus and Echo Spot are voice-controlled speakers designed entirely around your voice-they are always ready, hands-free, and fast.   Alexa is the brain behind Echo-since Alexa runs in the cloud, the service is always getting smarter.  Just ask, and Alexa will answer questions, play music, read the news, set timers and alarms, check the calendar, provide sports scores, control lights at home, and much more.  With Echo's far-field voice control, you can do all this from across the room using just your voice.

Now you can listen to your favourite radio stations, All India Radio's 17 Services in 14 Indian Languages on Alexa.  This LIVE broadcast is available for Alexa users worldwide across India, United States, United Kingdom, Australia and Canada.

All you need is to say the following and Alexa shall play the corresponding LIVE broadcast station.
"Alexa Open All India Radio Vividh Bharati"
"Alexa Open All India Radio FM Gold"
"Alexa Open All India Radio Kannada"
"Alexa Open All India Radio Kashmir"
"Alexa Open All India Radio Raagam" and so on…

"Listening to music, news and utility messaging is one of the most popular capabilities on Alexa.  Customers love how convenient it is to simply ask Alexa to play songs based on their preferences in different personal and family moments", said Dilip R.S., Country Manager for Alexa Skills, Amazon India.  "I'm excited that customers can now listen music, news & utility, public service messages from All India Radio in 14 languages, with over 17 Alexa skills.  You can start with just asking 'Alexa, open All India Radio FM Gold' to relieve old melodies."

(Press Release)