Friday, December 02, 2022

World Music Radio on 25800 kHz

Good conditions are forecast for propagation on the 11 meter band in December. Currently there is only one radio station using the 11 meter band, World Music Radio (WMR). Best chances for receiving WMR on 25800 kHz (60 Watts only) in different parts of the world - acc. to the monthly 'Funkprognose' in Radio-Kurier Weltweit Hören (thanks to Hans Zekl):

West Africa: 08-16 UTC
Central Africa: 07-16 UTC
South Africa: 06-16 UTC
East Africa: 06-15 UTC
Middle East: 07-14 UTC
South Asia: 07-12 UTC
Indonesia: 06-10 & 13-14 UTC
East Asia: around 08 UTC
South East Asia & Philippines: 07-13 UTC
Southern North America: 14-16 UTC
Eastern North America, The Caribbean & Central America: 13-16 UTC
Northern South America: 12-17 UTC
South East South America: 09-17 UTC

You might like to enjoy this video clip, showing how World Music Radio can be received on 25800 kHz some 400 km East of Moscow: 

(Stig Hartvig Nielsen)

WRMI Begins Relays of the Voice of Indonesia

WRMI has begun testing relays of the daily English-language program of the Voice of Indonesia.  The one-hour program can currently be heard at 0800-0900 UTC on 7780 kHz.  

While beamed to Central America, this frequency can often be heard well in North America, Hawaii and Oceania at that hour.  

Reception reports from listeners would be most welcome.  It is possible that these relays could be expanded in the future to additional times and frequencies, as well as additional languages including Spanish.

Reception reports to :

Or, submit online at :

Tropical Bands Monitor Dec'22 version released

Updated version of 'Tropical Bands Monitor 2022', compiled by Anker Petersen has been issued on 1st Dec'22.

USAGM CEO Bennett condemns media restrictions in Afghanistan

December 1, 2022
WASHINGTON, D.C. — In response to orders from Taliban officials to stop broadcasting all USAGM-funded programming on FM and AM transmitters operated by Radio Television Afghanistan, CEO Amanda Bennett issued the following statement:

"This action by the Taliban will be seen for what it truly is — an effort to restrict Afghan citizens' access to uncensored information," said Bennett. "The people of Afghanistan have the right to know all of the facts, including the information the Taliban is hoping to censor in this flagrant attack on press freedom."

USAGM research in 2022 indicates that Voice of America and Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty content is reaching 66% of Afghan adults with access to a mobile phone on a weekly basis.  

"Afghan citizens are seeking out independent, fact-based journalism from Voice of America and Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, and this action by the Taliban is a reminder of the importance of press freedom," Bennett added. "Repressive governments around the world like this one clearly understand the power of independent media — that is why they spend so much time and effort fighting it. We are already exploring alternate transmissions, and we will not let this action deter us."
For more information, contact USAGM Office of Public Affairs at (202) 920-2000.

The United States Agency for Global Media (USAGM) is an independent federal agency, overseeing public service media networks that provide unbiased news and information in countries where the press is restricted. USAGM entities include the Voice of America, Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, the Office of Cuba Broadcasting (Radio and TV Marti), Radio Free Asia, the Middle East Broadcasting Networks (Alhurra TV and Radio Sawa) and Open Technology Fund. USAGM programming has a measured audience of 410 million in more than 100 countries and in 63 languages.

(‌Press Release)

RFE/RL Condemns Cutoff Of Its Broadcasts In 13 Afghan Cities

RFE/RL Condemns Cutoff Of Its Broadcasts In 13 Afghan Cities

RFE/RL has condemned a decision by the Taliban-led government in Afghanistan to cut off its broadcasts in 13 Afghan cities and said it will continue to broadcast from outside the country despite the move.

More at :

VOA Statement on Taliban Halting All VOA Radio Broadcasts in Afghanistan

VOA Statement on Taliban Halting All VOA Radio Broadcasts in Afghanistan

The takeover of VOA's FM and medium wave (AM) transmitters by the Taliban, breaking a multiyear contract, is a blow to the large audience that turns to Radio Ashna for uncensored news and information. VOA broadcasts provided the people of Afghanistan uncensored perspectives and hope. They gave ordinary Afghans a voice through call-in programs and discussion shows about subjects censored by domestic media. On VOA programs, topics ranged from the increasing isolation of Afghanistan's current government and the second-class status of women and girls as a result of the Taliban's policies to the persistent economic failures that have diminished the quality of life in Afghanistan since the Taliban takeover. "Many programs were anchored by women," said Acting VOA Director Yolanda López. "Removing VOA from the domestic airwaves will not silence us. It will only increase the importance of serving the captive audience inside Afghanistan."

VOA broadcasts currently reach 7.3 million adults per week in Afghanistan, about one-third of all Afghan adults. Nearly half of that audience is through radio, so these recent actions by the Taliban make our job more difficult. Fortunately, VOA has other means of serving its large audience in Afghanistan, including a 24/7 TV satellite channel (Yahsat channel 469), short wave radio, a medium wave radio station in Tajikistan at 972 khz, and our websites ( and and social media, including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. We are actively exploring additional ways to provide our content and fulfill our mission of serving our audience in Afghanistan.

(Press Release)

Radio Azadi FM Broadcasts Banned in 13 cities of Afghanistan

KABUL (BNA) The Ministry of Information and Culture has banned the broadcasting of Radio Azadi FM in 13 major cities of the country with effect from 1st Dec '22.

More at :

Last transmission of "Aqui Radio Andorra" on shortwave

Last transmission of "Aqui Radio Andorra" on shortwave will be coming up on Saturday, 3rd December from 1600-1830 UTC on 6180 kHz. Originally hosted in 1979 by the famous french singer Hervé Vilard and being accompanied by the author Guy des Cars. Broadcasted as usually via Moosbrunn with a power of 100kW on a directional LogPer Antenna towards 270°.

(Christian Milling)

WMR new broadcasting hours

As of 29th Nov'22 , World Music Radio (WMR) is now on the air as follows:

927 kHz (300W) from Hvidovre, Copenhagen        Daily 0000-2400 UTC
5930 kHz (100W) from Bramming           Saturday & Sundays 0900-1600 UTC (times are approx)
15700 kHz (10W*) from Randers           Saturday & Sundays 0900-1600 UTC (irregular at other times)
25800 kHz (60W) from Mårslet, Aarhus    Daily 0000-2400 UTC

As well as via online streaming from

*) A new 300W transmitter is due to be installed for 15700 kHz soon.

(Stig Hartvig Nielsen)

Sunday, November 27, 2022

EDXC Conference 2023

EDXC 2023 Conference will be held at Metz in Lorraine, France from 7 to 10 September, 2002.

The dates chosen are from September 7 to 10, 2023. The venue will be the Hotel Campanile near the train station in Metz in Lorraine, France. I suggest you arrive on Thursday September 7, on Friday we could visit Europa Sender in Felsberg in Saarland. Saturday and Sunday morning, the actual conference.

The traditional Banquet will be on Saturday evening, and of course a sightseeing tour of the city of Metz will be included during the stay.

Currently no reservations are made at the moment, I would just like to know how many people are interested. In these difficult times in Europe (Covid, Ukraine and recessions...) it is important to prepare your travel budget. So I present to you the proposed prices.

Accommodation: with breakfast included. Single room: 90 €uro. Double/Twin room: 99 €uro. Triple room: 129 €uro, per night. Banquet: 30 €uro. Conference fees & visit will depend on the number of participants: but we can think of around 50 €uro.

So before making reservations, I would like to know your opinions and your intentions. Of course nothing commits you, you can change your mind.
The goal is to know if there will be a sufficient number of participants. I therefore await your feedback.

(Christian Ghibaudo, Assistant Secretary-General, EDXC)

Saturday, November 26, 2022

59th ABU General Assembly 2022 being held from 25th to 30th November’ 2022 in New Delhi

Prasar Bharati, India's Public Service Broadcaster, which controls the premier electronic media organizations   All India Radio (AIR) and Doordarshan (DD) is hosting the 59th ABU General Assembly 2022. The theme of this year's assembly is "Serving the People: Media's Role in Times of Crisis". The Conference is being held from 25th to 30th November 2022 at the Hotel Pullman. The event also includes the TV Song festival being held on 27th November' 2002 in Siri Fort Auditorium.

The ABU (Asia Pacific Broadcasting Union) is a nonprofit, professional association of the broadcasting organizations of Asia and pacific region.
Around 300 international delegates from 40 countries representing 50 organizations are participating in the event.
The event coincides with the celebration of the 75th year of the India's independence "Azadi Ka Amrut Mahotsav".

Series of the international conferences are planned on the topics ranging from the Programming, Sports, Technical, Women's Contribution and Participation, Planning and Strategy.

CEO, Prasar Bharati, in his address to the press on 26-11-2022 during the conference at hotel Pullman highlighted the important role the electronic media played during the Covid crisis and the necessity of the Electronic media to keep themselves ready, updated and relevant for the future.  Prasar Bharati   is set to play a leading   role in shaping the policies for taking further the objectives of the ABU.

The Conference is first of its kind in the Broadcasting sector after Covid pandemic and is being held in the physical form. The participants are very excited and are enthusiastically participating in the event. Leading Broadcasting Equipment companies are also showcasing their latest products and services in the conference.

The Conference is expected to strengthen relations with Foreign Broadcasters, particularly from ASEAN countries, thus favoring the Act East Policy of the Government of India.

The Conference will provide opportunities for Broadcasters to interact with each other, discuss the challenges faced by Media industry in general and Public Service Broadcasters in particular.

The Conference will also provide opportunity to India to showcase its rich culture to visiting foreign dignitaries, thus promoting tourism and "Atma Nirbhar Bharat"on the International stage.

(Saurabh Singh, PIB,  Ministry of Information & Broadcasting)


Effective from 30th Oct to 26th March,2023

Lang     Time (UTC) Freq(kHz)
Korean 1   1600 1700 7275
Korean 1   1700 1800 9515
Korean 1   0700 0800 9870
Russian    1300 1400 9645
Russian    1800 1900 6040
English 2  1500 1700 9515
English 3  2200 2300 11810
English 4  2200 2230 WRN
English 4  1330 1400 WRN
French     2100 2200 3955
German     2000 2100 3955
Spanish    1700 1800 9740

North America
Korean 1   1400 1500 15575
English 3  1300 1400 15575
Spanish    0200 0300 15575

South America
Korean 2   0300 0400 11810
English 3  0200 0300 9580
Spanish    0100 0200 9870
Spanish    1100 1200 11795

Southeast Asia
Korean 1   0800 0900 9570

Korean 1   0900 1000 9570

Chinese    1130 1230 9770
English 1  0800 1030 9770
English 3  1300 1400 9570
English 3  1600 1700 9640
Indonesian 1200 1300 9570
Indonesian 1400 1500 9570
Vietnamese 1030 1100 9770
Vietnamese 1530 1600 9640

Middle East/Africa
Korean 1   1600 1700 9740
Korean 1   0900 1000 15160
Arabic     2000 2100 6090
Arabic     1700 1800 WRN
French     2000 2100 5950(Issoudun)

Chinese    1130 1230 6095
Chinese    2300 2400 7215
Chinese    1100 1200 1557 (AM)

English 2  1400 1600 9630

Japanese   0100 0200 9580
Japanese   0200 0300 11810

Indonesian 1200 1300 102.6 (FM)

Non Direction
Korean 1   0900 1000 7275
Korean 1   1000 1100 1170 (AM)
Korean 1   1100 1200 7275
Japanese   0800 0900 7275
Japanese   0800 0900 6155
Japanese   1100 1200 1170 (AM)
Russian    1200 1300 1170 (AM)
Chinese    1300 1400 1170 (AM)

Submit reception reports at :

(Alokesh Gupta)


(Wef 30.10.2022 - 26.03.2023)

Language         Freq  Start Stop(UTC)  Broadcast Regions
ARABIC           5985  1500 1600 Iraq,Syria,Iran,Arab peninsula 38E,39,40W
ARABIC           11955 1000 1100 Iraq,Syria,Jordan,Arab peninsula,North Africa 38,39N, 40W
ARABIC           17720 1500 1600 Morocco,Algeria,Tunusia,Libya,Mauritania,W.Egypt 37,38W,46
AZERBAIJANI      11710 0800 0900 Azerbaijan,Iran,Iraq,Turkmenistan 29SE,40NW
BULGARIAN        7245  1200 1230 Bulgaria 28S
CHINESE          13590 1200 1300 China 4,244
DARI/PASHT/UZBEK 9595  1600 1730 Afg,Pakistan,Tajikistan,Uzbekistan,Turkmenistan 30S, 40N
ENGLISH          6125  0400 0500 Europe,US,E.Canada,Cuba 3-5,7N,9N,17,18,27,28,8,11
ENGLISH          7285  0400 0500 Iraq, Syria, Jordan,Arab peninsula 38E,39,40W
ENGLISH          7285  2130 2230 South Asia, Australia 39-41, 49, 54, 55,58
ENGLISH          5960  2300 2400 Europe, Eastern US,Canada 5,8,9,11N,17,18,27,2 8W
ENGLISH          6050  1930 2030 Europe 27,28W
ENGLISH          9660  1730 1830 Afg,Pakistan,India,Uzbekistan,Turkmenistan 30S,40E,41N,49
ENGLISH          12035 1330 1430 Europe 18S,27,28W
FRENCH           9625  2030 2130 Northwest Africa 37, 38, 46
FRENCH           17715 1100 1200 France,Western Europe 27,28W
FRENCH           9620  1830 1930 Southeast Africa 3,84,748
GEORGIAN         9840  0900 0930 Georgia 29S
GERMAN           5945  1830 1930 Germany,Europe 27E,28W
GERMAN           15270 1230 1330 Germany,Europe 2,728
HAUSSA/SWAHİLİ   15235 0600 0800 Chad,Benin,Ghana,Niger,Nigeria,Sudan,Togo 38,46E,47
ITALIAN          11970 0930 1000 Italy 28S
KAZAKH           9505  1430 1500 Kazakhstan 29E,30,31, 42NW
MALAIAN          17530 0500 0600 Malaysia, Singapore 54
PERSIAN          6070  1600 1700 Iran, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, 30S, 40
PERSIAN          11795 0930 1100 Iran 40
RUSSIAN          9410  1400 1500 Russia 19-22,29,30N
SPANISH          7265  0200 0300 Spain, France, Central America 8S, 10SE,11,12,27S,37N
SPANISH          7280  0200 0300 Spain, Portugal, S. America, 12S,13-15,16N, 37
SPANISH          9495  1730 1830 Spain, Europe 27S,28,37N
TATAR            15360 1100 1130 Tatarstan,Western Russia 1,92,02,930
TURKISH          6120  1930 2200 Iraq, Syria,Iran,Arab peninsula 38E,39,40W
TURKISH          11660 0500 0700 Iraq, Syria,Jordan,Arab peninsula 39
TURKISH          6000  0100 0300 Xinjiang-Uygur region, China 3,04,042
TURKISH          9700  0400 0700 Europe 18S,27,28
TURKISH          5980  1700 2200 Europe 2,728
TURKISH          11815 1400 1700 Europe 2,728
TURKISH          15350 0700 1400 Europe 2,728
TURKMEN          17770 0900 0930 Tkm,Uzbekistan, Afghanistan,Azerbaijan,Iran 30S,40N
URDU             15390 1300 1400 Pakistan 40,41N
UYGHUR           7240  0300 0400 Xinjiang-Uygur region, China 42.43
UZBEK            13655 1130 1200 Uzb,Tkm, W.Afghanistan, W.Tajikistan 30

Source : VOT
(Alokesh Gupta)

Two Amateur satellites launched by India today

Two Amateur satellites launched by India today!  

Please see details here :

The below TLEs use dummy/ placeholder NORAD IDs and International Designators. These can be added to predict to determine passes at other ground stations wherever required

1 54464U 22088C   22330.34726505 -.00000000  00000-0 -00000-0 0 01113
2 54464  97.5631  65.2609 0010969 257.1226 307.6549 15.18801812111118
1 54465U 22089C   22330.34726505 -.00000000  00000-0 -00000-0 0 01115
2 54465  97.5631  65.2609 0010919 257.3986 307.3787 15.18818263111118

Thybolt -1  &  Thybolt-2
Beacon                                        :  435.360 MHz
Telemetry & Downlink                 :  436.175 MHz
Telecommand & Payload Uplink :  435.400 MHz
(Jose Jacob, VU2JOS)

Thursday, November 24, 2022

NDR Christmas Special special transmissions via Media Broadcast on 24th Dec'22

NDR Christmas Special special transmissions via Media Broadcast on 24th Dec'21

NDR Christmas Gruss an Bord -  "Greetings on board" via shortwave

Transmission Date : 24th December 2022 (Saturday)
Language : German

1800-2100 UTC on  6030 kHz ISS 250 kW / 251 deg to North East Atlantic
1800-2100 UTC on  6080 kHz TAC 100 kW / 301 deg to Europe
1800-2100 UTC on  9740 kHz NAU 250 kW / 130 deg to Indian Ocean
1800-2100 UTC on 11650 kHz ISS 250 kW / 148 deg to Atlantic/Indian Ocean( S.Af )
1800-2100 UTC on 13725 kHz NAU 250 kW / 205 deg to Southern  Atlantic
1800-2100 UTC on 15770 kHz RMI 100 kW / 044 deg to North West Atlantic

Please send your reception reports to : ,

On Christmas Eve, Norddeutsche Rundfunndr broadcasts messages to sailors all over the world in the radio broadcast "Gruss an Bord" or "Greeting aboard" - greetings to the ship's crew in their home country. The greetings to the sailors were recorded at two "greeting on board" events in the Adventszeit: on 4 December in the  Cultural memory in Wilhelmine gear in neutral and on December 11 in the Hamburg Seemannsmission "Duckdalben". Relatives and friends had the opportunity to wish their loved ones at sea a happy holiday and a good new year. The show "Greeting aboard" was heard for Christmas 1953 for the first time on the radio. It is thus one of the oldest existing radio broadcasts in the world.

More about program "Gruss an Bord" :,grussanbord306.html