Sunday, September 30, 2012

AIH17 DXpedition to Aihkiniemi

Discovering Iranian and African AM stations
AIH17 DXpedition to Aihkiniemi
Sept 15-23 2012
by Mika Mäkeläinen

Saturday, September 29, 2012

India's heaviest satellite GSAT-10 launched successfully

BANGALORE: India's advanced communication satellite GSAT-10 that would augment telecommunication, direct-to-home broadcasting and radio navigation services was successfully launched early today on board Ariane-5 rocket from Europe's spaceport in French Guiana in South America.
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Thursday, September 27, 2012

South African DXpedition by SWL's

Seefontein 12 DXpedition
August 20-23, 2012

John Plimmer
As usual, it’s lovely to get away and do some DXing with DX pals. Vashek Korinek joined us from his home QTH in Johannesburg, 1400 km away and says its worth the airfare and car hire as Seefontein is a grand DX location. Vince Stevens was there as usual and I was accompanied by my dear wife Dawn.
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Radio takes voice of Tibetans across the world

McLEODGANJ: The Tibetan community living in exile here may not have a broadcast network. But, the voice of the Tibetans gathered here for a special convention on self-immolations in Tibet to protest Chinese occupation is reaching out to those living in Lhasa and other parts of Tibet with the help of web TV and various radio stations that have Tibetan language sections.
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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Additional RTE special on 30th Sept

RTÉ Radio will broadcast the GAA All-Ireland Hurling repeat final on Sunday 30th September 2012 as the Galway - Kilkenny final match on 9th Sept ended in a tie.

Shortwave Frequencies :

Southern Africa - 17685 kHz 1300-1700 UTC
East Africa - 17540 kHz 1300-1600 UTC
East Africa - 11915 kHz 1600-1700 UTC
West Africa - 7505 kHz 1300-1700 UTC
RTÉ Radio will broadcast the GAA All-Ireland Football Final today, Sunday 23 September at above times & frequencies.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

The changing face of Phillips in India

After abandoning the business of making televisions, Philips is trying to reposition itself as a master of youth-centric products

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JSWC 60th Anni special via NHK Radio Japan

Radio Japan will air an interview with Toshi Ohtake of Japan SW Club on September 30th 2012, Sunday and will be repeated on October 6, Saturday in the English program called "Fiends around the World" hosted by Ms. Kay Fujimoto and Mr. Mick Corlis. Duration: 20 min.
You can hear on inernet at :

Or you can also listen by radio :
at 0500 UTC on 6110 (Canada), 5975UK, 11970(France)
at 1000 UTC on 9695 SNG, 9625 Yamata,
at 1200 UTC on 9695 SNG, 6120 Canada,
at 1300 UTC on 15735 UZB,
at 1400 UTC on 15735 UZB
at 1800 UTC on 15720 MDG

Please send your report to Radio Japan after you listen to the program. Listeners response is very important.

JSWC will issue a special 60th anniversary QSL. Please send your report to : for eQSL.
For printed QSL please send your report to
JSWC, P.O.Box 44, Kamakura 248-8691, Japan
This may take some time.
Enclosure of 1IRC or 2 US dollar is requested for return postage.

(Thanks to Toshi Ohtake, JSWC for this info)

Thursday, September 20, 2012

BBC must deliver world-class creativity, says new Director-General

BBC Director-General George Entwistle said he would put outstanding, world class creativity at the heart of the BBC. Unveiling his plans to staff a day after taking over as Director-General, he asked everyone in the BBC to challenge themselves to deliver more creative and distinctive output for licence fee payers. And he announced a series of management changes to turn the BBC into "a more creative organisation, led and managed in a radically simplified way".

George Entwistle's speech to BBC staff from Broadcasting House, London on 18 September 2012

German armed forces station Radio Andernach testing in DRM mode via Issoudun

German armed forces station Radio Andernach testing in DRM mode via Issoudun, navy ships to equip with DRM receivers in future.

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Radio Andernach

Why the internet won't replace radio broadcasting any time soon

As one mobile phone company admits it has problems coping with the amount of mobile data we use, the benefits of broadcast are ever clearer ....

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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Aung San Suu Kyi Visits VOA

Burmese opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi told Voice of America Tuesday that communal tensions involving the country's minority Muslim population will be "difficult to dissipate in a short period of time."

"Human rights must be protected by the rule of law and there can never be occasions where human rights can be neglected or ignored," the Nobel Peace Prize winner said.

The pro-democracy leader made the comments during an exclusive interview at VOA's headquarters in Washington, where she also met with top U.S. international broadcasting officials and journalists from the Burmese language service .

"It is an extraordinary honor to have such a distinguished guest visit us," said VOA Director David Ensor, who assured the Nobel laureate "that VOA will continue to provide the kind of quality journalism that has made the station the most popular international broadcaster in Burma."

During her English language interview, Aung San Suu Kyi said her country needs to continue on the path of political and economic reform. "We need to find out what we have to do in order to keep the democratization process on track," she said. "Economic reforms have to be taken one by one. You see, it's not just speed that's important, it's sequencing as well."

The Burmese opposition leader said, "I always listen to VOA in the morning at 5:30. VOA world news is very useful for me especially, and I like the media roundup, Burma in the News ."

In addition to VOA Director Ensor, the opposition leader also met with BBG Governors Victor Ashe nd Michael Meehan, and International Broadcasting Bureau Director Richard Lobo.

Earlier this year, VOA and the long-isolated Burmese government reached a breakthrough agreement that allows VOA English teaching programs to air on state run radio and TV.

Burma, which was renamed Myanmar by military rulers following the suppression of pro-democracy protests in 1988, has been liberalizing since late last year, and has recently moved to ease restrictions on the media.

VOA's Burmese Service, which provides news and information on radio, television, the Internet and on mobile, began airing a half-hour TV program earlier this year, and has a wide variety of English language teaching programs available as podcasts.

VOA broadcasts approximately 1,500 hours of news, information, educational, and cultural programming every week to an estimated worldwide audience of about 141 million people.

(VOA Press Release)

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Myanmar democracy leader: Keep Radio Free Asia on air

Monday, September 17, 2012


Adventist World Radio - - - - Annual DX Contest 2012
"Listen to AWR" - AWR 41st Year Annual DX Contest


This is what you have been waiting for, the results of our big AWR 2012 "Listen to AWR" DX Contest. Here are the details. You will remember that you were invited to participate in 5 different areas:-

Part A. Listen to as many shortwave locations in use by Adventist World Radio as possible during the month of July 2012.
Part B. Prepare just one reception report for any AWR transmission from each AWR transmitter site in any country that you were able to log during the month of July 2012.
Part C. Provide a photocopy of a QSL that you already hold in your collection from any of the AWR shortwave stations that you have heard, during the past five years only.
Part D. Submit three radio cards for the Indianapolis Heritage Collection.
Part E. Post your entry with all items to Adventist World Radio in Indianapolis.

We are very grateful for the large number of entries that were submitted for this year's 2012 contest, and the awards for this year are similar as in all previous contests. All entries from all countries were sorted into continental areas, and from each continental area, the top list of entries were chosen. Here is the list of Continental Winners:-

South America Pedro Salamanca Zipaquira Colombia
Europe E. J. Zylstra Welsum Holland
North America Ken Godfrey Beaumont CA USA
Asia Tony Ashar Depok Indonesia
South Pacific Bruce White Karoonda SA Australia

As is usual each year, there were many outstanding entries for the contest this year, and from these we have chosen the following for the Award of Merit:-

Jonathan Short Changshu China
William Patalon Fallston MD USA
Prithwiraj Purkayastha Jorhat India
Gunter Jacob Passau Germany
Jai Sakthivel Tirunelveli India
Motokazu Katoh Niihama Japan
Joaquin Ruiz Badia Spain

And now, the name of the World Winner in the AWR 2012 "Listen to AWR" DX Contest! Such a delightful entry, with all of the various aspects of the contest assembled and presented in compendium style with a pretty folkloric cover. The International Radio Monitor whose entry is awarded top honors in this year's contest is:-

Julio Rolando Pineda Cordon Guatemala City Guatemala Central America

In due course, Julio will receive a copy of one of the Jerry Berg radio history books. The Continental Winners will receive a copy of the World Radio TV Handbook for 2013 early in the New Year. Those participants who have earned the Award of Merit will also receive their award in due course.

All AWR reception reports will be verified with specially endorsed AWR QSL cards. Please remember that it will take a period of many months, well into the new year 2013, to process all of the contest entries and the multi-hundreds of reception reports currently on hand in Indianapolis.

Once again, we would like to thank all of those International Radio Monitors who submitted entries for the 2012 AWR annual DX contest. Our contest for next year will be presented under the title, "Focus on Africa".

Dr. Adrian M. Peterson
Co-ordinator - International Relations & DX Editor
Adventist World Radio

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Murphy Radio in news ...

Many may have forgotten about the British manufacturer Murphy Radio or the Murphy baby who featured in the print advertisements of the company in 1960s and 70s India. Until of course, the title song from Ranbir Kapoor's next film Barfi ! - A La Barfi, reminded us of them.

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Remember the Murphy Baby ?

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Cooperation between RTI and RRI

Radio Taiwan International (RTI) signed an MOU on cooperation with Indonesia’s national radio station Radio Republik Indonesia (RRI) on cooperation in news, programs and information exchanges.

Read more on the RTI blog .....

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NewStar DR-111 Review by George Ross

George Ross, Frequency Manager at KTWR Guam, Trans World Radio writes about his recent experiences of using the NewStar DR-111

BBC estimates internet distribution of content takes three times the power of broadcast transmitters

This is interesting .....
BBC estimates internet distribution of content takes three times the power of broadcast transmitters

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Radio: Can all-digital band rescue AM radio?

Digital radio broadcasts were once floated by supporters as a way to "save" traditional radio from competing technologies such as iPods and the like. Whether radio needs saving - and whether technology rather than programming can save it - is up for debate.

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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Radio Reunited, a global simulcast curated by Damon Albarn to mark 90 years of BBC radio

The BBC today announced plans for an unprecedented global simulcast across its radio networks – including every UK station (local, network and national) and many World Service outlets – curated by Damon Albarn to mark 90 years of radio.

The simultaneous broadcast, called Radio Reunited, will take place on November 14 at 17:33 GMT – 90 years since the first broadcast from the British Broadcasting Company in 1922 - to a potential global audience of 120 million people across every inhabited continent which includes BBC World Service outlets, including Arabic, Swahili, Hausa, English Language services.

Listeners can find out more about the project and how to get involved at The website will also showcase the best of the messages contributed by members of the public once the project is completed. Listeners will be encouraged to use the hash tag #bbc90 if tweeting their message.

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Monday, September 10, 2012

New MW txer commissioned by Radio Nigeria at Enugu Ngwo

According to a report published in a new medium wave transmitter was commissioned by Radio Nigeria in Enugu Ngwo, Enugu State on 6th Sept, 2012.
The new Medium Wave transmitter is Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria (FRCN) project executed in collaboration with Japanese Government Agency for International Cooperation (JICA).
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Sunday, September 09, 2012


                                                             .....................JSWC MEMBERS AT TOKYO HAM FAIR 2012

                                   ........................... JSWC MEMBERS AT 60TH ANNIVERSARY PARTY
Tokyo HAM Fair 2012.

This annual event is to be held on 25th and 26th of August at Tokyo Big Site. JSWC will open our own booth to promote short wave radio listening. Our booth number is J-45. We will have a special lecture during the Fair. The topic to be presented is radio world topics in the past 10 years by Mr. Akabayashi, an administrator of Gekkan Tampa, a popular monthly short wave news on the web.

This year is our club's 60th anniversary, so we will have a big celebration party at Hotel Sun Route Ariake in the evening of 25th during the HAM Fair. We anticipate many club members and foreign broadcasters to join the party.

We are also planning to print the booklet titled JSWC's 60th Years in Japanese to cover 10-year activities of the club and various radio topics in the past 10 years, as we did for our 50th anniversary book, which covered 50-year activities. Both 50th anniversary and 60th anniversary books will also be published in CD format at this occasion. These are only in Japanese.

Special radio programs celebrating 60th anniversary are in progress. During the month of July, HCJB Japanese Service aired 3 special programs, and KBS World Radio aired a special program on 17th of July. All of these programs were in Japanese. We are planning to broadcast a special English program sometime this fall, and the schedule will be announced when the detail is defined. A special QSL card will be issued.

Toshi Ohtake
Japan Short Wave Club
JSWC, P.O.Box 44, Kamakura 248-8691, Japan.
(Photo's courtesy Mr.Toshi Ohtake)

Radio Hargeisa expected to be on air by next week ?

Radio Hargeisha's new 100 kW shortwave transmitter which was observed on air on 27th August 2012, was missing since last heard on air 31st Aug 2012, at 1500-1830 UTC, however this press report indicates they might be on air agian by next week.
excerpt ....
The technical director of the ministry of information Mr. Ahmed Suleiman who concurred with Mr. Jensen attributed the absence of transmissions to ongoing plans that involved moving from the testing phase to a full operational one. "The transmissions have been ceased temporarily thus facilitate shifting from the testing face to full operations" Said Mr. Suleiman
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ISRO's 100th Mission

The Japanese amateur radio satellite PROITERES will be one of the payloads of today's PSLV C21 launch and will be the 100th mission of ISRO.

PROITERES was built by a team of students and faculty members of Osaka Institute of Technology (OIT) and the spacecraft aims to demonstrate powered flight using a Pulsed Plasma Thruster (PPT) engine. Its amateur radio callsign is JL3YZK.
PROITERES stands for PRoject of OIT Electric-Rocket-Engine Onboard Small Space Ship and will transmit on 437.485 MHz FM/AFSK. The spacecraft carries a camera and the two CPU's run the Linux operating system.

Mani, VU2WMY
Secretary & Station-In-Charge
Upagrah Amateur Radio Club VU2URC
ISRO Satellite Centre
HAL Airport Road, Bangalore-560 017.
Mobile: 91-80-98803 41456
E-mail ID:

(Via vuhams yg)

Saturday, September 08, 2012

The new breed of radio at IBC

Visitors to IBC 2012 will have a chance to catch up with the latest developments in Hybrid Radio on the EBU stand (10.F20). Besides showing some applications that are already on air, we'll also be demonstrating new tools that have the potential to revolutionize the radio experience in future. Once again we're pleased to be joined by colleagues from RadioDNS to show how radio can be enhanced through combining the best of broadcast and broadband.

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BBG that runs Voice of America is structural mess, says former chair Glassman

"The Broadcasting Board of Governors is structurally a mess," a former chair of the governmental organization that runs the premier Voice of America and Radio Free Europe told a panel discussion on countering Islamist Extremism at the Hudson Institute Wednesday afternoon.

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Radio Free Asia announces 16th Anniversary QSL Card

Radio Free Asia (RFA) announces the release of our 16th anniversary QSL card. RFA's first broadcast was in Mandarin on September 29, 1996 at 2100 UTC. Acting as a substitute for indigenous free media, RFA concentrates its coverage on events occurring in and/or affecting the countries to which it broadcasts. Those countries are: Burma, Cambodia, Laos, North Korea, Peoples Republic of China, and Vietnam.
The design was chosen the favorite over four others posted on our Facebook page, RFA QSL. The microphone and flag is typical of what our broadcasters use in our Washington DC studios. This card will be used to confirm all valid reception reports from September 1 – December 31, 2012.

RFA is a private, nonprofit corporation that broadcasts news and information to listeners in Asian countries where full, accurate, and timely news reports are unavailable. Created by Congress in 1994 and incorporated in 1996, RFA currently broadcasts in Burmese, Cantonese, Khmer, Korean to North Korea, Lao, Mandarin, the Wu dialect, Vietnamese, Tibetan (Uke, Amdo, and Kham), and Uyghur. RFA strives for accuracy, balance, and fairness in its editorial content. As a 'surrogate' broadcaster, RFA provides news and commentary specific to each of its target countries, acting as the free press these countries lack. RFA broadcasts only in local languages and dialects, and most of its broadcasts comprise news of specific local interest. More information about Radio Free Asia, including our current broadcast frequency schedule, is available at

RFA encourages listeners to submit reception reports. Reception reports are valuable to RFA as they help us evaluate the signal strength and quality of our transmissions. RFA confirms all accurate reception reports by mailing a QSL card to the listener. RFA welcomes all reception report submissions at (follow the QSL REPORTS link) not only from DX'ers, but also from its general listening audience. If you have a smart phone, feel free to use the QR code below to access the automated reception report system and submit your reception reports to the web site.

You also have the option of using the following Microsoft Tag from your smartphone. The free mobile app for your smartphone is available at

Reception reports are also accepted by email at, and for anyone without Internet access, reception reports can be mailed to:
Reception Reports
Radio Free Asia
2025 M. Street NW, Suite 300
Washington DC 20036
United States of America.

Upon request, RFA will also send a copy of the current broadcast schedule and a station sticker.
(A.J.Janitschek, RFA)

TDP RADIO DRM 15775 -7th Sept 2012

2012-09-07 1611Z 0h19m 28N/77E 15775kHz #TheDiscoPalace_DRM #DR111 23.0 dB avg SNR 100.0%audio - xclnt reception !!

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Friday, September 07, 2012

All we need is radio ga ga

Online radio platforms offer both hope and excitement for anyone looking beyond mainstream film music
Music Matters | Shubha Mudgal

excerpt ...
Despite its many shortcomings and flaws, All India Radio (AIR) remains the one radio network that has supported diverse forms of music through the decades. It is worth remembering that AIR has always been a subscription-free service for listeners.

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Tuesday, September 04, 2012

All-Ireland Finals coverage on RTÉ Radio


RTÉ Radio will broadcast the GAA All-Ireland Hurling Final on Sunday 9 September and the All-Ireland Football Final on Sunday 23 September on all wavelengths and via the internet to Irish people and communities around the world.

RTÉ is asking on those with relatives or friends abroad to let them know that this coverage is available and to invite them to the biggest party in Ireland's sporting calendar.

Ireland: At home, audiences can listen as usual to the GAA finals on RTÉ Radio 1 FM, RTÉ.ie and on Longwave 252.
Britain: Across most of Britain, listeners can receive our coverage on Long Wave 252. In addition  RTÉ Radio 1 is available on the UK free to air satellite platform Freesat on channel 750.
Worldwide: Across the world, the match commentaries will be available online at and
Shortwave to Africa: In Africa, where many Irish people live and work, often in relative isolation with poor communications, RTÉ is providing special transmissions on shortwave radio. See details below.

Note: For those living in Ireland, who wish to get details of the shortwave frequencies to friends or family living abroad, RTÉ is providing a special phone text service. Listeners text the word "shortwave" to 51101 and they will receive a short text message with the shortwave frequencies. These texts are charged at standard rates.

Both Finals throw in at 3.30pm Irish Time (1430 UTC)
Coverage area Frequencies Irish Time (UTC Time )

Southern Africa - 17685 kHz (2pm to 6pm) 1300-1700 UTC
East Africa - 17540 kHz (2pm to 5pm) 1300-1600 UTC
East Africa -11915 kHz (5pm to 6pm) 1600-1700 UTC
West Africa - 7505 kHz (2pm to 6pm) 1300-1700 UTC

These services are part of RTÉ's continued commitment to Irish people overseas and, over the years, has proven especially popular with those in geographically or technically isolated areas.
In addition to RTÉ Radio broadcasts, RTÉ will also broadcast the All Ireland Finals on RTÉ One Television. Don't forget also the extensive and dynamic online offering from

For further details of RTÉ coverage abroad please see


Monday, September 03, 2012

Radio St.Helena to be shut off !

Paul B. Walker, Jr. says about Radio St. Helena:
I have been in touch with the staff down there. They have an Interim Station Manager as Gary Walters went back home to the United Kingdom. Radio Saint Helena will be shutting down, according to Ralph. He says "Our Final Broadcast will be on the 25 December to coincide with our opening on the 25 December ’67. This will make us 45 years of broadcasting."
The AM signal on 1548Khz with 1KW will be shut off for good. As I understand it, at some point, a government funded radio station, operating on FM will launch. Ralph tells me that the Shortwave broadcasting mast has been dismantled by Cable & Wireless, but he's talking to local ham operators to see if they can lash up something for their final broadcast so they can get on Shortwave. NO promises though. That being said, if the Shortwave makes it on December 25th at all, it is likely to last time it will ever make it on air.
My voice was featured on the last Radio Saint Helena shortwave broadcast and even if they don't make it on SW this time, I will likely have my voice used on the local MW broadcasts. I just thought I'd pass the word. Feel free to pass this to other DX lists and other folks who might be interested.
Paul Walker
Ridgway, Pennsylvania, USA
(via IRCA Mailing List)
(Sudipta Ghose via IDXCI FB Group)

Sunday, September 02, 2012

DRM Logs 2nd Sept 2012 - AIR & VOR

‎2 Hours 33 Minutes log of All India Radio

2012-09-02 0925Z 2h33m 28N/77E 6100 kHz #VIVIDHBHARTI_DRM #DR111 19.9 dB avg SNR 99.4% audio

‎1 Hour 53 minutes log of Voice of Russia

2012-09-02 1205Z 1h53m 28N/77E 9445 kHz #DRMRUVR2A_DRM #DR111 20.8 dB avg SNR 99.6% audio

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Saturday, September 01, 2012

QSL from Radio Hargeisha

Response from Radio Hargeisa ....for a RR & short query about today's missing txn

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Idaacada Radio Hargaysa
Date: Sat, Sep 1, 2012 at 11:15 PM
Subject: RE: Radio Hargeisa
To: alokeshgupta

Thank you for your messege we are very glad to get from you to inform us to heard our radio transmission, so that I inform you we didn't to change Our frequency and please we wanna to that send us How can you heard our transmission.

Thanks A lot
Safia Ali
Hargeisa Somaliland
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