Monday, September 03, 2012

Radio St.Helena to be shut off !

Paul B. Walker, Jr. says about Radio St. Helena:
I have been in touch with the staff down there. They have an Interim Station Manager as Gary Walters went back home to the United Kingdom. Radio Saint Helena will be shutting down, according to Ralph. He says "Our Final Broadcast will be on the 25 December to coincide with our opening on the 25 December ’67. This will make us 45 years of broadcasting."
The AM signal on 1548Khz with 1KW will be shut off for good. As I understand it, at some point, a government funded radio station, operating on FM will launch. Ralph tells me that the Shortwave broadcasting mast has been dismantled by Cable & Wireless, but he's talking to local ham operators to see if they can lash up something for their final broadcast so they can get on Shortwave. NO promises though. That being said, if the Shortwave makes it on December 25th at all, it is likely to last time it will ever make it on air.
My voice was featured on the last Radio Saint Helena shortwave broadcast and even if they don't make it on SW this time, I will likely have my voice used on the local MW broadcasts. I just thought I'd pass the word. Feel free to pass this to other DX lists and other folks who might be interested.
Paul Walker
Ridgway, Pennsylvania, USA
(via IRCA Mailing List)
(Sudipta Ghose via IDXCI FB Group)

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    The news by Paul B. Walker, Jr. about Radio St. Helena to be shut off, brings a moment of sorrow and unhappiness among radio lovers all over the world. Shortwave Broadcast Radio is dying slowly. Humans die due to natural cause, here radio is dying un-natural way. Created painstakingly over the decades, lived a full-fledged happy life with fans, Radio St. Helena, suddenly disappears with a decision, collectively signed in ink, by few Gentlemen, the very care takers of it.

    Be it AM or SW, Radio St. Helena, always rocked, especially with Hardcore Shortwave Listeners worldwide.

    I remember the day, when few Shortwave Listeners from India, i.e., VU3BSE (Alokesh Gupta) QTH-North India, VU2JOS (Jose Jacob) QTH-South India, VU3PIK (Rajeesh) QTH-South India, glued to their portables for the Golden Signal of Radio St. Helena and sent their reports within seconds of the start of the broadcast.

    It is evident, that the financial crunch, is demolishing the age-old creations of the 20th Century, like St. Helena, whereas the historical monuments like Pyramids of Egypt, Taj Mahal of India, Stonehenge of England, still look fresh and puzzles the mind of the generations to come.

    Lastly, I urge the Radio Hams associated with Radio St. Helena, not let it die, but revive it, with Speical Call Signs and many more activities, like picture post cards, QSL cards, penants, flags, pins/badge, T-shirts, Caps, flyers and so on. Let your son and daughter know about the passion of radio and the crave for radio broadcasts Stations like RADIO ST. HELENA.