Friday, May 24, 2024


Saluting Our Brave Soldiers : KARGIL VIJAY DIWAS RAJAT JAYANTI MAHOTSAV Ham Radio Operation. 

As we prepare to commemorate the KARGIL VIJAY DIWAS RAJAT JAYANTI MAHOTSAV, we are honoured to announce that we have received permission from the Indian Army and the Ministry of Communication, WPC Wing, Government of India with a special callsign AT25KAR to operate a Ham Radio station from Kargil (Jammu & Kashmir). Under the banner of "Forever in Operations," we will be paying tribute to the indomitable spirit and sacrifice of our brave soldiers who dedicated their lives to our nation. This special Ham Radio operation under the Special callsign AT25KAR serves as a platform for us to express our deepest gratitude and salute the unwavering courage of our soldiers. It is an opportunity for us, as Hams, to come together and honor their valor and sacrifice. IIH team under Dr. Shankar Sathyapal (Handle Dr. Sp) with nine Hams including three YLs will be operating from 10th – 14th June 2024. IIH has provided opportunities for youngster's, new comers and specially for 03 YLs. List of Ham Operators are furnished below:

SN   Name    Callsign

We invite all Hams to join us in this noble endeavour in establishing HF Radio contact as we remember and pay homage to our heroes who fought fearlessly for our country's pride and honor. Let us unite in spirit and broadcast our heartfelt tribute across the airwaves, ensuring that their legacy lives on in our hearts forever. We will keep you posted bands / frequencies we will be operating between 10th – 14th June 2024. You will be honoured with paper QSL card for all VU Hams. 

(Dr. Shankar Sathyapal, VU2FI (IIH team head) Ham Operations - Kargil)

Test transmission by new shortwave station from Finland

A new shortwave station broadcasting from Asikkala, Finland, is planning for a launch on Saturday June 1st 2024. The name of the station is Radio Piko. Frequencies to be used are 3990, 5980, and 9770 kHz – and the station will be active Saturdays and Sundays until August 15th. Power is 10 Watts, and the format will be big band music.

According to the webpage at , it is described as an "infamous Triple L low power, low antenna, low budget operation".  

The station has licensed power of 10 watts & the target area is Finland and Finnish radio hobbyists. Transmitters are Icom IC-735 or Kenwood TS-430, antenna is simple half wave dipole and a wire.
eQSL to listeners who sends a correct reception report. Station will mainly broadcast music made before 1950, also old time radio shows, American Forces Radio swing bands from wartime broadcasts, interviews, etc.

Reports by email to :

Test Transmissions :

From Asikkala in Finland with 10 Watts to:

1600-1700 UTC 9770 (Norway, Denmark)
1800-1900 UTC 5980 (Finland)
1900-2000 UTC 3990 (Finland, Sweden, Estonia)
Random tests on 3990, 5980 or 9770 at random times.

(Source : Stig Hartvig Nielsen & Station Website)

Saturday, May 18, 2024

Radio Afghanistan International (Afghanistan International TV) 7600 kHz off air ?

Radio Afghanistan International (Afghanistan International TV) seems to be off air since the new A24 kicked in. Not heard after 1st April'24 during random checks.

Radio Afghanistan International used to broadcast audio feed from Afghanistan International TV run by Volant Media, UK which was launched prematurely on 16/17 August '21 due to events unfolding in Afghanistan & was heard 24x7 on shortwave 7600 kHz.

On May 9, '24, the Ministry of Information and Culture (MoIC) , Afghanistan asked journalists and experts to refrain from participating in the programs of Afghanistan International Radio Television and banned its broadcasting in public places, according to a statement.

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Thursday, May 16, 2024

Atlantic 2000 on the air this Friday, May 17 '24

Atlantic 2000 will be on the air this Friday, 17th of May 2024 from 19:00 to 20:00 UTC (21:00 to 22:00 CEST) on 3955 and 6070 kHz courtesy of Channel 292. Streams will be available at the same time at :

You can listen 24/7 webstream or podcasts on website of Atlantic 2000:

Good listening!

Thursday, May 09, 2024

Pop Shop Radio 250 kw from Woofferton

Pop Shop Radio will be doing another 250 kilowatt transmission from Woofferton,UK on 18th May, 2024 at 0300 UTC on 11990 kHz, directed to North America. It will be an all 50s show and different from the show airing on Channel 292, SW Gold and WRMI that week.

(Tony Pavick, Pop Shop Radio, Hope BC Canada Via WOR List)

CNR-1 “Voice of China” DRM A24

A24 DRM Test Transmission schedule of CNR-1 "Voice of China"(revised on March 31 2024) is as follows;

Beijing(BEI)  Azimuth ID:3ED

2025-1805 6030kHz 30 kW 0deg (off at Tue 0600-0900)
0100-0900 13825kHz 30kW 175deg

Dongfang(DOF)  Azimuth ID:3ED

0100-0900 11695kHz 30kW 41deg  17770kHz 30kW 16deg

Kunming(KUN)  Azimuth ID:2

0100-0400 15180kHz 30kW 32deg
0400-1100 13810kHz 30kW 32deg

Qiqihar(QIQ)  Azimuth ID:1

0000-0400 9420kHz 30kW 203deg
0400-1000 7360kHz 30kW 203deg
1000-1200 9870kHz 30kW 203deg

Urumqi(URU)  Azimuth ID:3EC

2200-0100 9655 30kW 98deg
0100-0800 17830 30kW 98deg
0800-1200 9655 30kW 98deg

Original article is at

(Takahito Akabayashi, Tokyo, Japan via WOR List)