Friday, September 17, 2021

KTWR announces expansion of India DRM block

KTWR will stop its computer-generated Tamil experimental broadcasts on 15200kHz on 26th Sept'21 (last Sunday of September). 

Starting in October '21, the 15200kHz Sunday broadcasts will start at 0957 UTC. KTWR will air programs in Tamil and other Indian languages, they have not nailed down exactly how the other languages will be scheduled, but it is likely that Tamil will start each week. Likely other languages include Malayalam, Kannada, and maybe Hindi. All programs will be human-generated instead of the current AI-generated audio.

The existing English block on 15200kHz will continue as before. Both blocks will be on 13800 kHz in B21.

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Friday, September 10, 2021


Deutsche Welle A21
Valid from 13th Sept to 30th Oct'21 
Language Time/UTC Frequency Txer Site Target Area Weekday 
AMHARIC 1600-1700 15275 kHz ISSOUDUN Ethiopia      daily
AMHARIC 1600-1700 17800 kHz ISSOUDUN Ethiopia      daily (Valid upto 24 Oct 21)
DARI    1400-1430 15320 kHz NAUEN    Afghanistan   daily 
DARI    1400-1430 15390 kHz DHABAYYA Afghanistan   daily 
PASHTO  1430-1500 15230 kHz NAUEN    Afghanistan   daily 
PASHTO  1430-1500 15390 kHz DHABAYYA Afghanistan   daily 
HAUSA   0630-0700 09830 kHz SAO TOME Africa (west) daily 
HAUSA   0630-0700 11850 kHz ISSOUDUN Africa (west) daily 
HAUSA   0630-0700 15215 kHz ISSOUDUN Africa (west) daily 
HAUSA   1300-1400 09830 kHz SAO TOME Africa (west) daily 
HAUSA   1300-1400 11850 kHz SAO TOME Africa (west) daily 
HAUSA   1300-1400 15215 kHz ISSOUDUN Africa (west) daily 
HAUSA   1800-1900 09830 kHz SAO TOME Africa (west) daily 
HAUSA   1800-1900 11850 kHz ISSOUDUN Africa (west) daily 
HAUSA   1800-1900 15215 kHz ISSOUDUN Africa (west) daily 
HAUSA   1325-1530 15195 kHz ISSOUDUN Africa (west) Saturday 14.08.21-28.08.21 
HAUSA   1325-1530 15350 kHz ISSOUDUN Africa (west) Saturday 14.08.21-28.08.21 
HAUSA   1325-1530 15195 kHz ISSOUDUN Africa (west) Saturday 11.09.21-02.10.21 
HAUSA   1325-1530 15350 kHz ISSOUDUN Africa (west) Saturday 11.09.21-02.10.21 
HAUSA   1325-1530 15195 kHz ISSOUDUN Africa (west) Saturday 16.10.21-30.10.21 (
HAUSA   1325-1530 15350 kHz ISSOUDUN Africa (west) Saturday 16.10.21-30.10.21 (Football)

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NBC-PNG installs new AM transmitter

Papua New Guinea's national broadcaster, NBC-PNG, has installed an AM transmitter to improve radio services in the country's highlands provinces.

The transmitter, built by Nautel, a Canadian-based company, was installed in Goroka, capital of the Eastern Highlands Province. It was inaugurated on 15 July.

Thursday, September 09, 2021

Amritsar AIR station in the works for 15 years; tower issue grounds progress

The stand-out feature of the facility is a 300-meter (nearly 1,000 feet) high broadcasting tower with a range of 100km. This was completed in 2013, but Prasar Bharati authorities inspected it and found that it was bent in its upper portion, effectively putting a full-stop on the project.

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AIR FM radio station launched in Narkatiaganj, West Champaran Dist., Bihar (102.9 MHz 10 kW)

The people of Bihar settled on the Indo-Nepal border area will now be able to listen to FM radio and through this they will also be acquainted about the country and the world. The people of Nepal including Narkatiaganj located on the Indo-Nepal border will be able to enjoy their FM. 

The FM channel was inaugurated at the headquarters of Narkatiaganj SSB 44th Battalion on 31st August '21. 

People can also enjoy Vividh Bharati & they will be able to listen to news and entertainment programs through this FM station. This FM channel will be available on 102.9 megahertz.

It was inaugurated by Sunil Kumar Dhyani, Deputy Inspector General, Regional Headquarters Sashastra Seema Bal Bettiah and Anil Kumar Singh II Commanding Officer, Acting Commandant 44 Vahini Sashastra Seema Bal. Keshav Mukherjee, Assistant Director, All India Radio Patna said that now people will be able to enjoy FM channel in 25 km radius. After a few days people will enjoy it even in 70 km radius. The main purpose of opening FM channel in Narkatiaganj is to entertain the people of India-Nepal border.

On this occasion, officers and jawans of SSB 44th Battalion including Assistant Director RK Mishra, Keshav Mukherjee, Istiaq Ahmed, Shambhu Rai, Inderjit Bhattacharya were present. The people of both Bihar and Nepal are very excited with the opening of FM radio channel.

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