Monday, October 31, 2016

ABU General Assembly 2016: New President and a new Vice President Elected

ABU General Assembly 2016: A New President and a new Vice President Elected to the Administrative Council

The 53rd ABU General Assembly in Bali, Indonesia concluded with the election of Mr Ko Dae-young, President and CEO of Korean Broadcasting System (KBS) as new President and Ms Supriya Sahu, Director General of Doordarshan-India as new Vice president of the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union.

AIR Siliguri DRM

Deputy Director General of All India Radio North East Zone has inaugurated the new MW DRM 200 kW transmitter on 711 kHz at 1055 UTC on 26th October, 2016. In his speech broadcast till 1115 UTC on 26th Oct' 16 today he informed that power of analogue transmission on 711 kHz is 194 kW while the DRM transmission on 720 kHz is 6 kW. 

AIR Siliguri has a website at :

(Alok Dasgupta, Kolkata via dx_india yahoogroup)


Effective from 30 Oct 2016 - 25 Mar 2017

UTC       KHZ       TARGET  DAYS

0000-0358 17675 AM  Pacific Daily
0359-0458 15720 AM  Pacific Daily
0459-0658 11725 AM  Pacific Daily
0659-1058 9765  AM  Pacific Daily
1059-1258 11610 AM  NW Pacific,PNG Daily
1259-1650 9700  AM  Pacific Sun-Fri
1259-1758 9700  AM  Pacific Sat
1651-1745 7330  DRM Cook Islands,Tonga,Samoa Sun - Fri
1746-2050 11690 DRM Cook Islands,Samoa,Tonga Sun - Fri
1759-2058 11725 AM  Pacific Sat
2051-2358 15720 AM  Pacific Daily

Alokesh Gupta
New Delhi


AOKI B16 winter schedules are now available at :

Download the zip file and extract the files, B16 schedule is available in excel and text formats.

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AIR VBS in B16

In B16 AIR Vividh Bharati will use 9865 kHz instead of 9870 kHz in all transmissions from Bengaluru (to avoid co-channel interference at 1300-1600 UTC).

(Alok Dasgupta, Kolkata via dx_india yahoogroup)

Project to modernize the studio complex of the SLBC commences

The project to modernize the studio complex of the Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation commenced on 21st Oct'16. It began at the auspicious time of 8.56 a.m. under the auspices of Chairman Attorney-at-Law Nanda Muruththettuwegama. The refurbishment activities are to be carried out at a cost of 200 million rupees.
The project is expected to be completed by 5th January next year which marks the 50th anniversary of national radio becoming a corporation.

Source and full story at :

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Digital Radio Mondiale Transmissions during ABU and CBU Conferences

Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM) to be demonstrated simultaneously from two continents

This year's annual General Assembly of the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union will be hosted by the Indonesian public broadcaster, RRI, in Bali. DRM will feature not only in the meetings of the specialised committees but also concretely with a live medium wave transmission on 20-24 October from one of the RRI MW transmitter in Denpasar, Bali on 1206 KHz. The DRM broadcasts will feature special messages for the ABU participants, presentations on RRI, DRM the emergency warning functionality, music, as well as the Journaline service accompanying the audio, allowing listeners to look-up the latest news on demand, free-to-air, on their receiver screens and in multiple languages simultaneously. The DRM demo run by RRI is actively supported by GatesAir, Transradio, Fraunhofer IIs and RFmondial key members of the Consortium.

In parallel, Babcock International (member of the DRM Consortium) will transmit BBC World Service content in DRM short wave from Singapore on 11995 kHz (25 metre band) at 0500-0700 UTC or 1300-1500 local time.

After last year's DRM medium wave trial, north of Jakarta, this is another chance to enjoy the audio qualities of DRM, and, as Mr Frederik Ndolu, member of the RRI Supervisory Board said:" to show RRI's commitment in understanding what is the most efficient solution for getting the best programmes, in the best quality to all our listeners, wherever they are in our vast country."

Almost at the same time with the big gathering on the tropical island of Bali, the General Assembly of the Caribbean Broadcasting Union (24-27 October) will convene in Havana, Cuba. It will mark a significant moment as the Digital Radio Mondiale Consortium has announced it will be bringing the first live digital radio signal transmission to Cuba, the Caribbean region and parts of northern Latin America, and even as far north as Florida. The broadcast facilitated by Babcock International will come from the BBC via its Atlantic Relay station.

The DRM transmission will be in the 13 meter-band on 21720 kHz and will carry BBC World Service programmes in English. Additional multimedia features of DRM will also be demonstrated on radio receiver screens. The DRM broadcast will be on air from 1600-1800 UTC, 1200-1400 local time on Oct. 24 and 25.

Ruxandra Obreja, DRM Chairman, feels that: "this is a great opportunity to introduce DRM to the Caribbean nations, to highlight some of its great benefits, like the emergency warning functionality, so much at the top of the agenda for the people in this region of the world."

(DRM Consortium Press Release)