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2008 “QSL Alphabet DX Contest” 2008
April 2008
In response to numerous requests from a multitude of listeners in many different countries throughout the world, Adventist World Radio is pleased to announce the re-introduction of our popular DX contests in association with our DX program, “Wavescan”. It is planned that the DX contest for this year will be conducted during the month of April and it will be staged under the title, “QSL Alphabet DX Contest”.
In our 2008 DX contest, listeners are invited to search their own personal QSL collections and to choose 26 QSLs, one for each letter in the English alphabet. Listeners are also invited to submit at least 3 reception reports on AWR transmissions, and to provide at least 3 radio cards. Here are the full details for the four parts in this year’s big DX contest.

* PART A: Alphabet QSL List
Search your own personal collection of QSL cards and identify 26 QSLs, (preferably QSL cards, though QSL letters will also qualify), with each QSL representing the 26 consecutive letters in the English alphabet. These QSLs, all in your own personal collection, should confirm the reception of broadcasts from radio stations on shortwave, mediumwave, longwave, FM, TV and utility communications, but not amateur nor CB. For example, you can choose one QSL to represent the letter A, and it could be a QSL from Austria, or Australia, or Argentina, or Ahmedabad in India, or ABC Radio, etc, etc. Representing the letter B, you could choose for example, BBC, or Belgium, or Berlin, or 2BL, or Radio Butterworth, etc. And so on down through each letter of the alphabet. For the letter X for example, you could choose, CFRX, or XEW, or 3XY, etc; and for the letter Z, you could choose Zambia, or Zimbabwe, or 2ZB, or Zed Radio, etc. You should then make up a tabulated list of the 26 QSLs that qualify, giving the letters of the alphabet, the radio station, the station location, the year of the QSL, and a brief description. (Remember, in Part A, it is not necessary for you to send the QSLs to the AWR office, just your tabulated list.) Here is a sample for the tabulated list of QSLs:-


Letter QSL Station Location Year Description
A Austria ORF Vienna 1995 Color picture of Vienna palace
B Bonaire RN Bonaire 1996 Photo of studio building
C Canada RCI Sackville 1997 Old anniversary card
D and all subsequent letters down to
X CFRX Toronto Canada 1994 White card with large red letters
Y YVTO Caracas Venezuela 1968 Light green card, black print
Z 2ZB Wellington NZ 1956 Old gray card, red flash
* PART B: Copy 5 QSLs
Where possible, photo copy what you consider are the 5 best cards in your list, preferably in color, though black & white from some countries is acceptable, and enclose these copies with your contest entry.

* PART C: Submit 3 Reception Reports
Submit at least 3 reception reports on any AWR transmissions from any location in any mode.

* PART D: Submit 3 Radio Cards
Where possible submit at least 3 radio related postcards for the Indianapolis Historic Collection, old or new, and these can be picture cards, text cards, QSL cards, etc. (Not valid are amateur QSL cards nor CB QSL cards.)

Things to Remember

*1. All entries must be sent by post and they should be postmarked during the month of April and received in Indianapolis by the end of May. In some cases, early entries will be accepted. Late entries will not qualify for the awards, but the reception reports will be verified with the special contest endorsement. Entries by email will not qualify for the awards, but the reception reports will be verified with the contest endorsement.

*2. Where possible, please provide a strong self addressed envelope.

*3. Where possible, please provide return postage, preferably in an acceptable form of international currency notes, though mint postage stamps or IRC coupons will also be appreciated.

*4. The only valid address for contest entries is:-
Alphabet DX Contest
Adventist World Radio
Box 29235
Indiana 46229
QSL Alphabet DX Contest Awards

*1.The world winner in our “QSL Alphabet DX Contest” will receive a copy of Jerry Berg’s very interesting volume, “On the Short Waves”.
* 2. Additional continental winners will be awarded a copy of their choice, “Passport to World Band Radio” or “World Radio TV Handbook”, 2008 or 2009.
*3. Additional awards will be sent to qualifying entries and these will include AWR souvenirs and other similar items.

AWR DX Contests – Previous World Winners
Year World Winner Country City Name of Contest
2008 Who? Which? Where? QSL Alphabet
2004 Guntur Jacob Germany Passau QSLs with a Theme
2003 Guntur Jacob Germany Passau Unique QSLs
2002 Peter Boeck Germany Offenbach My First QSL
2001 Achraf Chaabane Tunisia Sfax Most Beautiful QSL Cards
2000 Jose Jacob India Hyderabad AWR QSL Stamps
Thomas Drescher Germany Rosrath AWR QSL Stamps
1999 Ron Killick New Zealand Christchurch Largest QSL Collections
1998 Hans Gosdschan Germany Cottbus World’s Largest QSL Cards
1997 John Wilkins USA Denver World’s Smallest QSL Cards
1996 William Matthews USA Columbus AWR QSL Collections
1995 Arthur Cushen New Zealand Invercargill Five Best QSLs
1984 Salvatore Placanica Italy Cairo RMI DX Program Content
Johannes Weidlein Germany Schorndorff RMI DX Program Content
1983 Andrew Ellwell Australia Sydney DX Club Programs
1982 Andrew Ellwell Australia Sydney Logging DX Programs
1981 Bryan Marsh New Zealand Auckland Answer Ten Questions
1980 Bryan Marsh New Zealand Auckland Identify Shortwave Stations
Gordon Darling England Caversham Identify Shortwave Stations
1979 Ashok Kumar Bose India Kolkata Spot the Mistake
1978 Douglas Doull New Zealand Auckland Identify ID Signals
Victor Goonetilleke Sri Lanka Colombo Identify ID Signals
1977 Victor Goonetilleke Sri Lanka Colombo AWR Program Outlets
2008 “QSL Alphabet DX Contest” 2008
Summary of Contest Rules
Part A: List 26 of the QSLs in your own collection, representing each letter of the English alphabet.
Part B: Copy the 5 best QSL cards in this list.
Part C: Submit 3 reception reports on AWR transmissions.
Part D: Submit 3 radio cards.

Dr Adrian Peterson
DX Editor
Adventist World Radio

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Indian Government to Strengthen Radio TV Network

16:4 IST
Lok Sabha
The Government has proposed to set up 93 AIR transmitters and 41 Doordarshan transmitters in the country during 2007-2008 and 2008-2009. in addition, 100 Low Power Transmitters (LPTs) will also be set up in the North Eastern States.The total estimated cost in respect of All India Radio is Rupees 182 crores. The same in respect of Doordarshan is Rupees 198.37 crores.The criteria followed by the Government for establishment of Radio and TV transmitters include factors such as extent of resultant coverage to urban and rural population; provision of coverage to tribal, hilly, remote and border areas; terrain conditions etc., and it has no linkage to the number of cities.This information was given by Minister of Information & Broadcasting and Parliamentary Affairs, Shri P. R. Dasmunsi in written reply to a question in parliament today.
(Press Information Bureau, Govt. of India)

A Radio Listeners’ Club

MANGALORE: It was an article in a newspaper about Radio Abhimani Sangha of Bangalore in 2005 which caught U. Rama Rao’s attention.
An avid radio listener himself, Mr. Rao, has ventured to set up a “Radio Listeners’ Club” here with support from his wife Savithri Rama Rao and a few like-minded people. The club will be inaugurated at a function here on Saturday.

Full story at :

Radio Okapi Celebrates Its Sixth Birthday

United Nations Mission in the Democratic Republic of Congo (Kinshasa)
25 February 2008
Nina Yacoubian
On the occasion of the sixth birthday of Radio Okapi, the radio sponsored by the United Nations, MONUC head Alan Doss addressed its listeners on a special programme on February 25 2008, where he encouraged them to serve "themselves," because it's "a national radio, in the service of all the voices of the nation."The Special Representative of the UN Secretary General in the RDC exhorted the Congolese to continue to listen to Radio Okapi."It's there for you. It's not a station of the United Nations. Of course it covers some information on the UN, but it is more than that. It is indeed a national radio and I hope that all voices of the nation use it, the authorities, but also the Congolese people," he said.Over the years, Radio Okapi has seen a remarkable progression with a diversification of its broadcasting networks from FM, to shortwave and the internet. Today it's the only media that covers and broadcasts to the entire territory of the DRC.With 200 employees, the majority of which are Congolese, it's considered as the most popular and most believable radio in the country, with an audience of nearly 30% of the Congolese population.Radio Okapi remains "a reference" and "important for the country," according to Alan Doss, because, it "continues to inform the Congolese people in the five national languages of the country, through a set of programmes addressed to all strata of society."However the role of Radio Okapi doesn't stop with the dissemination of information. The United Nations, and MONUC in particular, through its radio continue to accompany the Congolese on the path of peace and democracy.Radio Okapi covered the first transparent, free and democratic elections in the country, inviting the political actors onto their airwaves to explain their policies and their ideas, as well as sensitizing the voters on the whole electoral process.Radio Okapi continues to uphold its policy of impartiality, to bring its contribution to the consolidation of peace, and to the restoration of a state of law.The radio gives the opportunity to the political actors to communicate their messages, to inform the people of the laws, so that they can understand the stakes and participate in the reconstruction and economic recovery of their country, explained Mr. Doss.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Bhutan radio goes online

The Bhutan Broadcasting Service (BBS), the country's national broadcaster, has launched an online radio service.BBS Radio introduced the Internet service yesterday to mark the 28th birthday of King Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck.The audio service is available for 15 hours a day, from 0000 to 1500 GMT (6am to 9pm local time). It can be accessed via the BBS website:
BBS Radio broadcasts on FM and shortwave in the national language, Dzongkha, as well as Sharchop, Lhotsham and English. Its shortwave service can be heard as far afield as Europe and New Zealand.BBS also runs a television service, introduced in 1999, which broadcasts for five hours each evening in Dzongkha and English in the capital, Thimphu. The programmes are rebroadcast the following morning.BBS has been a member of the ABU's daily news exchange, Asiavision, since January 2006.
(Source : Asia Pacific Broadcasting Union)

FM poised for major growth, says President Patil Team (25 February 2008 6:30 pm) NEW DELHI:
The number of FM channels in the country is expected to go up to 266 from the present 152, President Pratibha Devisingh Patil said. In her address to the joint sitting of the two houses of the Parliament on the opening day of the Budget session, President Patil also said that community radio has been given a major boost through a new policy.In her first address from the Central Hall since she became the First Citizen last year, she said the Indian entertainment and media industry - including sectors like print, television, radio, film and entertainment - is witnessing a huge growth, conducing to numerous employment opportunities.She said that the government was focusing on strengthening All India Radio and Doordarshan services in Jammu and Kashmir and the north-east regions. The Urdu channel of Doordarshan had already started beaming round-the-clock.Noting that the Indian telecom sector had emerged as the fastest growing in the world with the addition of over seven million subscribers per month, Patil said that a scheme had been launched to provide support for setting up and managing telecom infrastructure in rural areas to affordably and quickly expand mobile telecom services. Identifying growth of electronics and IT hardware manufacturing as a thrust area, a special scheme had been announced to encourage semiconductor fabrication and other micro and nano technology manufacturing industries. The National e-Governance Plan, to make government transparent and citizen-friendly, was at an advanced stage of implementation all over the country. Use of information technology in about 13,000 district and subordinate courts across the country has been initiated. An integrated national knowledge network to provide gigabit broadband connectivity was being set up to connect all institutions of higher learning and research in the country. From 2005 till the end of 2007, the target for telephone connectivity to all villages had almost been met, with only 14,000 villages remaining to be connected as of December 2007. Rural tele-density had improved dramaticallyReferring to the northeast, Patil said broadband and wireless connectivity was being further enhanced to improve communications networks.Referring to the Indian space programme, she said this had enabled the nation to extend tele-medicine, tele-education, tele-communications and other services both at home and abroad. A new Indian Institute of Space Technology has been established to build upon these successes. India's first unmanned lunar mission "Chandrayan-I" is scheduled for launch later this year.


18:5 IST
Thirty-one new RM radio channels were commissioned during January, 2008. With this, the total number of operational FM channels in India has gone up to 187. The Government also received a sum of Rs. 9,94,21,745/- as licence fee from the private FM radio broadcasters during the period. The newly commissioned FM radio channels are, ‘Oolala’ by Positive Radio for Agartala and Shillong; ‘S.FM’ by Kal Radio for Pondicherry, Rajahmundry, Trishur, Trichi, Varanasi and Vijaywada; ‘BIG FM’ by Adlabs Films for Jodhpur, Mangalore, Pondicherry and Rourkela; ‘My FM’ by Synergy Media for Jodhpur and Raipur, ‘Best FM 95’ by Asianet Communications for Kannur and Trishur; ‘Mango FM’ by Malayala Manorama for Kannur; ‘Club FM’ by Mathrabhumi for Kannur; ‘Tomoto FM’ by Pudhari Publications for Kolhapur; ‘Hello FM’ by Malar Publications for Pondicherry and Trichy; ‘Radio Dhamaal’ by B.A.G. Infotainment for Ranchi; ‘Mantra FM’ by Shri Puran Multimedia for Ranchi; ‘Radio Mirchi’ by ENIL for Raipur and Thiruvananthapuram’ ‘Radio City’ by MBPL for Sangli; Kushal Global for Ajmer; Muthoot Finance for Chennai; PCM Cemments for Siliguri and Syntech for Siliguri. RS/AS
(Press Information Bureau, Govt of India)

Saturday, February 23, 2008

All India Radio DRM tests on 6100 kHz

All India Radio tests are again scheduled in DRM mode on 6100 kHz from 0430 - 1130 UTC from 23rd Feb till 25th Feb 2008 during demo at the BES Expo 2008 – 14th International Conference & Exhibition on Terrestrial & Satellite Broadcasting was held here in New Delhi
at halls 12 & 12A, Pragati Maidan.

Radio Taiwan Intl. listener meet at Delhi

Radio Taiwan International will hold Listeners' Club Meetings in India
Scheduled meeting date :March 1, 2008 (Saturday) - limited to 35 listeners
Time: 11:00 AM-14:30, New Delhi
Attire: casual, but proper as requested by the management of the venue.
VENUE :Vikram Hotel, Near Moolchand Flyove, Ring Road, Lajpat Nagar,
New Delhi- 110 024 INDIA
For further info contact Alokesh Gupta at : 09818449395

Location Map :

Friday, February 22, 2008

All India Radio Old Broadcasting House

This pic of All India Radio old broadcasting house was shot by Russian dxer Igor Sannikov during his visit to Delhi.

Radio Gloria International this Sunday

Date 24th of February 2008
Time 1300 to 1400 UTC
Channel 6140 KHz
The transmissions of Radio Gloria will be broadcast over
the transmitting station Wertachtal in Germany.
The transmitter power will be 100 000 Watts, and we will
be using a non-directional antenna system (Quadrant antenna).
Radio Gloria Internation in teamwork with MV Baltic Radio

Good listening 73s
Tom Taylor

Allow FM radio channels to broadcast news: TRAI

Posted online: Friday , February 22, 2008 at 1601 hrs IST
New Delhi, February 22: Broadcast regulator TRAI recommended that FM radio operators should be allowed to broadcast news and suggested increase in Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) to up to 49 per cent.At present, there is a 20 per cent ceiling on FDI in FM radio space and TRAI recommended that 26 per cent foreign investment can be allowed in radio channels that want to broadcast news and 49 per cent in non-news FM stations.The FDI cap will also include funds received from Foreign Institutional Investors, TRAI said in its recommendation.It suggested that FM radio broadcasters may be permitted to broadcast news using content from AIR, Doordarshan, authorised news channels, PTI, UNI and any other authorised news agency, the recommendation on third phase of private FM radio broadcasting said.With this move, a large section of the population, which hitherto lack access to information, would be able to keep themselves abreast without any costs that are attached to internet and TV services, it said.It also recommended lowering of annual fees by 50 per cent from the existing permission holders for private FM radio broadcasters in North East and Jammu and Kashmir region for an initial period of three years.

Digital radio: reasons to be cheerful

There has been much talk in recent weeks about digital radio's problems. But don't write it off just yet.February 22, 2008 11:10 AM Rumours of digital radio's death have been greatly exaggerated. Yes, there was the closure of Capital Disney. And One Word. And Core. And perhaps Planet Rock and the Jazz. Yes, there's to be no Virgin Radio Viva or Sky Radio News, writes Paul Smith.

Full story at :

EMWG 10th anniversary contest

Dear all,
The EMWG 10th anniversary contest will start *one week from now*. On Friday 29 February around 1930 utc the quiz will be published on the EMWG contest web site ( in the following ways:
* as an online form
* as a Word file (both .doc and .docx)
* as an file
* as a PDF file
The quiz will contain 20 radio related questions (some easy, some hard) and 1 elimination question.
The first ten participants will already get prizes (thanks to PlayDX). As participating is more important than winning, some EMWG PDFs will also be awarded to random participants. Everybody can only enter the competition once and all address and contact details need to be mentioned. Should you have any interesting items that could be a nice prize for one or more contestants, just drop me a line!
73- Herman -

Thursday, February 21, 2008

CBA Guide to Performance Measurement

The CBA has published a new guide book on Performance Measurement. It is apractical guide to Key Performance Indicators and benchmarking in publicbroadcasting.Written by Fulvio Barbuio of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, it isavailable for purchase here

or to be viewed as a PDF here.

At the recent CBA General Conference, Fulvio also gave a speech on thesubject which can be veiwed here.

Signals strong for radio industry, Astral and Corus

Posted: February 19, 2008, 9:02 AM by Jonathan Ratner Media, Market CallDespite an “old media” label, radio continues to command more advertising dollars each year, which should help the stock prices of publicly-traded radio broadcasters, says Carl Bayard, a media analyst at Genuity Capital Markets. He has a “buy” recommendation on Canada’s two biggest radio operators Astral Media Inc. and Corus Entertainment Inc.

Full story at :

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Entertainment Network starts broadcasting from Jabalpur

Entertainment Network India (ENIL) announced today that with effect from 9.30 a.m. on Feb. 16, 2008, the company commenced broadcast from its radio station at Jabalpur. With launch of this station, the company has achieved one more important milestone in its operations. The company has operationalized all the stations for licenses granted to it under the FM Radio Broadcasting Phase II through Private Agencies (Phase II policy) of the Ministry of Information & Broadcasting.The company posted a 35.05% decline in net profit at Rs 80.54 million for the quarter end December 2007 as compared to Rs 124.00 million for the quarter ended December 2006. ENIL is the largest private FM radio broadcaster in India, based on the number of operating stations and listeners.It operates FM radio broadcasting stations through the brand `Radio Mirchi` in seven Indian cities. It is the only company with private FM radio stations in all four metropolitan cities of Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkatta.

Don't Close Shortwaves, Improve Them

Instead of Closing Valuable Stations Like Kavala, BBG's Engineers Should Recommend ImprovementsBy Jack Quinn and Nick OlguinU.S. International Broadcasting is dysfunctional and it is time to initiate vast changes. The Broadcast Board of Governors (BBG) has done enough damage to the U.S. Public Diplomacy.
Full story at :

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

BBC Urdu Special Election News

Mon, 18 Feb 2008
BBC Urdu service noted on 18-FEB-2008 with a special election news b'cast at 1600-1700 hrs on 9500 and 7475 kHz - this is in addition to their regular b'cast at 1500-1600 and 1730-1800 hrs.
(Alok Dasgupta via

Noted today also on both freq's at 1600 utc onwards.
Alokesh Gupta
New Delhi

Iran launches Islamic radio service in English

Tehran Times Culture DeskTEHRAN -- The English language department of Iran's Islamic Education radiostation was launched here on Sunday.Expediency Council member Seyyed Ahmad Khatami, manager of the IslamicEducation radio station Mohammad-Hossein Mohammadzadeh, IRIB deputy managerAli Darabi and several officials from the Qom Seminary attended thelaunching ceremony.Khatami made an opening address, in which he said, "It is no exaggeration tosay that our two radio stations, one of which is dedicated exclusively tothe Holy Quran and the other to Islamic teachings, are the pride of thiscountry and I must acknowledge that the great scholars of the Seminary atQom have always praised them."Ali Darabi also spoke at the ceremony, saying, "The Islamic Republic of IranBroadcasting (IRIB) airs programs in 31 languages with the assistance of agreat number of professional personnel. The countries with which we havesigned contracts of bilateral collaboration also draw on the experience ofthese people."Radio deputy manager Hassan Khojasteh, expressing his pleasure over thelaunching of the English department explained, "The world is in dire need ofIslamic teachings to help people find the right path in life, so we mustmake use of this channel as a source of guidance."He continued that the department commenced its work with three hours ofprograms in English covering various issues, adding, "Although digitaltechnology is not yet being used in the production of programs in ourPersian section, the programs in English are all being produced digitally."Khojasteh concluded that the radio station is making use of local expertsfor writing and supervising the programs.RM/MA END MN

Radio Mirchi to go on air in Kerala capital

19 Jan, 2008, 2009 hrs IST, PTITHIRUVANANTHAPURAM:
Radio listeners in the Kerala capital will be treated with chartbuster Malayalam music and wacky RJ talk with the imminent launch of Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM,the first radio station to go on air from here.The programmes on Radio Mirchi include `Morning Raagam,' breakfast show `Hello Thiruvananthapuram,' `Ladies Colony,' filmy gossip `Mollywood Matinee,' evening programme `Bumper 2 Bumper,' `Bellbottoms' for nostalgic music and `Dr Love' for love dedications, a press release here said.The programmes are also packed with news useful to the public on traffic, weather, stocks and updates on local eventsRahul Balyan, Cluster Head of Radio Mirchi for Karnataka and Kerala, said that the style of programming of the station would revitalise the city and its listeners just as it could win loyalties in Chennai, Bangalore and other cities.The release did not specify the exact date of the launch, but Mirchi sources said Radio Mirchi would go on air later this month.
(Source : The Economic Times)

Shortwave radio can be a lifetime interest

By Bill Husted
Monday, February 18, 2008
Follow today's tips and you could aggravate your spouse by spending money onout-of-date technology. You might even annoy your neighbors.Sound good? I thought so.I'm talking shortwave radio. I'm also talking about becoming a shortwavehobbyist the old-fashioned way, as opposed to over the Internet. That meansbuying a shortwave receiver and, in extreme cases, stringing up some wirebetween trees in your backyard. Just think how that wire in the sky willbother fussy neighbors.
Full story at :

WORLDSPACE® Satellite Radio Returns to London for Third Annual WORLDSPACE

Four Days of Exclusive Performances and Live Recording Sessions From 30 of Today's Hottest Global Pop Artists
SILVER SPRING, Md.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--WORLDSPACE Satellite Radio(NASDAQ:WRSP), one of the leaders in satellite-based digital radio services,announced today that it is hosting the third annual WORLDSPACE Sessions@Abbey Road on Feb. 18-21, 2008, from Abbey Road's infamous Studio2, the legendary recording studio of The Beatles. WORLDSPACE will alsobroadcast the BRIT AWARDS 2008 on Feb. 20, featuring exclusive backstage andred carpet interviews and performances by Leona Lewis, Rihanna, PaulMcCartney, Kaiser Chiefs, Kylie Minogue, Mark Ronson, and Mika.WORLDSPACE will carry the BRIT AWARDS 2008 live on its premier global popchannel, UPop 29, beginning at 1900 GMT. A full rebroadcast will take placethe following day, Feb. 21, at 1200 GMT.The WORLDSPACE Sessions@Abbey Road will feature four days of exclusiveperformances and live recording sessions by 30 of the hottest global popartists including: Japan's Pistol Valve, the U.K.'s Pama International,Mattafix, dan le sac Vs. Scroobius Pip, The Hours, America's The Wrens,along with legendary performers Teenage Fanclub, Electric Six, HughCromwell."We are pleased to welcome over 30 of the world's hottest up-and-coming andestablished global pop talent to our third annual WORLDSPACE Sessions@AbbeyRoad," said William Sabatini, WORLDSPACE vice president of globalprogramming. "We created the WORLDSPACE Sessions@Abbey Road to showcase abroad variety of musical genres and talent, giving our subscribers anincredible, diverse range of unique, exclusive and compelling content."The event will be hosted by UPop 29's Ted Kelly and Mark Daley. UPop 29 isthe world's premier global pop music channel created by WORLDSPACE SatelliteRadio. Subscribers can tune it to hear the WORLDSPACE Sessions@Abbey Road inits entirety from March 10-13, on UPop 29 which is also available in theUnited States on XM Satellite Radio, online and via DIRECTV Channel 824.Additionally, WORLDSPACE Satellite Radio's subscribers from around the worldcan tune in to hear performances from all three years of the WORLDSPACESessions@Abbey Road as well as other exclusive performances captured live inthe WORLDSPACE Studios. This exclusive programming will be available on thenewly-created channel, "WORLDSPACE Live," which will be broadcast from March17 to April 6.Visit to check out the full archive of pastWORLDSPACE Sesssions@Abbey Road interviews, performances, photos and videos.
About WORLDSPACE® Satellite RadioBased in the Washington, DC metropolitan area, WorldSpace, Inc.(NASDAQ:WRSP) is the world's only global media and entertainment companypositioned to offer a satellite radio experience to consumers in more than130 countries with five billion people, driving 300 million cars.WORLDSPACE® delivers the latest tunes, trends and information from aroundthe world and around the corner. WORLDSPACE subscribers benefit from aunique combination of local programming, original WORLDSPACE content andcontent from leading brands around the globe including the BBC, CNNInternational, RFI and Virgin Radio UK.WORLDSPACE has two satellites covering two-thirds of the earth's populationwith six beams. Each beam is capable of delivering up to 80 channels of highquality digital audio and multimedia programming directly to WORLDSPACE Satellite Radios anytime and virtually anywhere in its coverage areas.WORLDSPACE is a pioneer of satellite-based digital radio services (DARS) andwas instrumental in the development of the technology infrastructure usedtoday by XM Satellite Radio. For more info, visit and the WORLDSPACE logo are registered trademarks of WorldSpace,Inc.
BRIT AWARDS 2008 is a Somethin' Else Production.
(Press Release)

Radio needs to tune in to new thinking

by Glenn GamboaNewsday (MCT)18 February 2008Radio - like its symbiotic partner, the music industry, and its mainstreambrethren, broadcast television and newspapers - is in serious need of newideas.After years of reaping the benefits of consolidation and cost-cutting, radiois in desperate straits.
Full story at :

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Malaysia's Astro reportedly bids for Virgin Radio

KUALA LUMPUR (Reuters) - Malaysian pay-TV operator Astro All Asia Networks (AAAN.KL: Quote, Profile, Research) has joined the bidding to buy radio broadcaster Virgin Radio from media group SMG (SCSMG.L: Quote, Profile, Research), the Telegraph reported on Sunday.

Full story at :

BES Review - Special issue on 80 years of broadcasting in India

BES Review Jul - Dec 2007
The July-December issue is dedicated to '80 years of Broadcastingin India'. Articles by some of the veterans in the field ofBroadcasting narrate the history of eighty years of broadcastingin India.
Some of the articles from this issue include :
80 Years of Broadcasting in India - R.K. Sinha
Planning of Broadcast Services in India in Earlier Days - Dr. C.S.R. Rao
How Colour Television came to India - M.Y. Thote
Acoustics Research in All India Radio - N.K. Trivedi & Deepak Mehrotra
Evolution of various techniques for PAPR reduction in OFDM - K. Kannan & P. Rajeshwari
IPTV - Wilson Francis P
International Workshop on New Media Platform
National Public Service Broadcasting Day
Digital Cinema Revolution
Workshop on HDTV

BES Review Jul - Dec 2007 is available for free download from this link :
BES Review is a quarterly publication containing articles on latest development in the field of broadcasting and related science. The journal isprovided free to members of BES. Others can obtain a copy of the journal at a subsidized rate of Rs 50/per copy or Rs 150 for four copies published in ayear. The request for BES Reviews should be sent to the Executive officer, Broadcast Engineering Society (India).
Broadcast Engineering Society (India)
912, Surya Kiran Building,19,
K.G. Marg, New Delhi-110001
Tel. : + 91-11- 43520895, 43520896
Fax : + 91-11- 43520897

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Voice of Russia world service in English celebrating its 30th Anniversary

This year marks the 30th anniversary of Voice of Russia World Service in English as part of English Service since beginning of Voice of Russia's first broadcast in 1929. On October 3rd, 1978 Voice of Russia World Service in English began its round the clock broadcast to different regions of World. To mark this occasion, Voice of Russia wants you to share your thoughts,memories & your impressions of Voice of Russia World Service in English with them. Please write your comments etc via e-mail to
Best entries will be included in their programmes & also be posted on their website.

(Gautam Sharma, Assam)

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Intl. conference on communications convergence

Convergence has been the key telecom trend of recent years. We have seen the convergence of service offerings across different types and operators have had to revisit their business models in order to bolster the competitive advantages they wield. This scenario increasingly applies to the Indian market. Keeping this in mind the sixth international conference in the series Communications Convergence is being organized by the Indian Merchants' Chamber, to bring together stalwarts of Industry in India and Overseas on a single platform to discuss and debate issues relating to Wireless Communications in Today's Age so as to kick-start a thought provoking process on the subject which would be of great interest to all the stakeholders - - to business in particular and people of India in general –who would be affected by the progress in the industry.

Details at :

Radio Duniya 2008: Phase III FM radio licensing to see FDI, news broadcasting, genre based channels

exchange4media News Service
February 12 2008
The Information and Broadcasting Ministry is mulling allowing FM radio operators to air news in the Phase III licensing, which is in the formulating stage. The Ministry is also planning to allow foreign direct investment (FDI) with a cap of 26 per cent, besides contemplating in terms of providing licenses based on genre to different FM players. Speaking on the first session of Radio Duniya Conference

Full story at :

The end for digital radio - or the start of a listening revolution?

Owen Gibson and Katie Allen The Guardian, Tuesday February 12 2008 Millions of people who have invested in new digital radios were yesterday wondering whether they would be left with little more than expensive ornaments after Britain's biggest commercial radio group all but abandoned the medium. The owner of Capital Radio, Classic FM and Xfm was an enthusiastic champion of digital audio broadcasting (DAB) under its previous management, spending an estimated £80m on new transmitters and stations. But GCap's new chief executive, Fru Hazlitt, yesterday axed digital-only stations theJazz and Planet Rock as well as selling its majority stake in Digital One, the owner of the national DAB network.

Full story at :

Radio stations stay on air

Ary Hermawan, The Jakarta Post, Jakarta

The television, Internet and perhaps even the smartest cellular phone today were evidently not invented to make the radio obsolete. The audio broadcasting industry has survived amid the declining and diverging listenership, finding clever ways to cope with new kids on the block -- the iPod, mobile phone multi-services and web log. British historians Asa Briggs and Peter Burke, who researched the social history of the media, describe the phenomenon. "As new media were introduced, older ones were not abandoned but coexisted and interacted with the new arrivals".
In the same way that the e-book will never replace, but complement, its print predecessor, the same is happening between radio and its new digital rivals. Radio, like its elder brother, print media, is still loved and honored by die-hard loyalists.

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Nothing reaches out like radio

Deepa Kurup
Policy on community radio criticised
People are recognising radio as a key medium
Steve Buckley Bangalore: It is easy to get carried away by the policies formulated by the Indian Government which favour the growth of community radio. However, it takes some level of objectivity to realise its limitations and point out the existing anomalies. Even as civil society organisations celebrate and pontificate over new strategies to adopt, Steve Buckley of the World Association of Community Radio Broadcasters (AMARC) points out that the policy itself leaves much to be desired. Speaking to The Hindu on his visit to India to assess and understand the community radio scene here, Mr. Buckley says that the policy is restrictive in nature. "The fact that any organisation starting .......

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BBC - Shortwave changes for Europe

February 2008
The remaining BBC World Service shortwave transmissions to Europe will close on 18th February 2008. This change is being made in line with listener trends in radio. Increasing numbers of people around the world are choosing to listen to radio on a range of other platforms including FM, satellite and online, with fewer listening on shortwave.Alternatives This is particularly the case in Europe, where the majority of shortwave transmissions ceased in March 2007. The current closures affect the remaining transmissions heard in southern Europe.This will be a loss to some listeners, but there are alternative ways of hearing BBC programmes. For more information about other ways to listen, please follow the link below:

BBC and 4 Digital Group confirm their commitment to develop digital radio

Date: 11.02.2008 Joint press release from BBC Radio and 4 Digital GroupBBC Radio and the 4 Digital Group today confirmed their commitment to develop digital radio in the UK.The two parties said they intended to look at ways of encouraging more rapid consumer take-up of digital radio and developing the available technology to secure a successful future for DAB.Signalling their joint commitment to continue to develop DAB as a key platform for the future of digital radio, Jenny Abramsky, Director of BBC Audio & Music, and Nathalie Schwarz, Chair of 4 Digital Group, issued the following joint statement:"RAJAR's figures last week showed that listening to digital radio grew for the fourth quarter running and that DAB listening has topped 100 million hours. The DRDB also reported a substantial increase in sales of DAB sets before Christmas and forecast that household penetration would grow to 30% in 2008."It is clear to us that DAB has an exciting future in a fast converging UK media industry. The BBC and 4 Digital Group are committed to digital radio long term and both believe that working together, and with the rest of the radio industry, is vital if we are to secure the UK's position in the forefront of digital radio development. "We want to work together to make the very best of UK radio available to everyone, while continuing to compete to provide the very best audio content that will be the primary means of ensuring the success of digital radio in the years to come."In the first instance, the BBC and 4 Digital Group are exploring the technological innovations made possible by DAB, from interactive exchange between listener and broadcaster and EPG-based services, including programme storage, to text and image-based services that offer programme information, pictures, sports results and local news and weather.
4 Digital Group is the consortium that won the licence from Ofcom to run the second national commercial DAB multiplex in June last year. Led by Channel 4 Radio, it brings together a formidable multi-media alliance comprising some of the biggest names in radio, television, publishing, retail, technical expertise and data innovation. The 4 Digital Group Shareholders are Channel 4 Radio, H Bauer (formerly EMAP Digital Radio Limited), UTV Radio (GB) Limited, BSkyB, The Carphone Warehouse Group plc and UBC Media Group plc.
(BBC Press Release)

BBC reiterates commitment to DAB Digital Radio

Date: 11.02.2008
The BBC issued a statement today from Jenny Abramsky, Director, BBC Audio & Music, about DAB Digital Radio.Jenny Abramsky said: "The BBC has been at the forefront of digital radio for more than ten years and remains fully committed to DAB and the other digital delivery platforms. There's an exciting future for radio. It is central to the lives of huge numbers of people who listen every week. "It is important not to confuse GCap's current strategy with success or failure of DAB. DAB is a success story – two million sets were sold in 2007 – and is part of the digital future of radio. More than 22% of UK adults now claim to have DAB at home and it makes up 10% of all radio listening. "Recent RAJAR listening figures show that nearly 5.6 million people tune into BBC Radio via DAB each week and the BBC's digital-only networks continue to grow, with two networks – 6 Music and BBC 7 – recently posting record listening figures. "The BBC also offers digital radio through digital television and the internet, but DAB plays a central role in maintaining radio's popularity in the digital world, being easy to use and portable while giving listeners more choice and a range of additional features such as programme related information and storage. "The BBC will continue to collaborate with the rest of the radio industry – including the 4 Digital Group – to ensure DAB's continuing success."
(BBC Press Release)

Sri Lankan radar threatens shortwave listening

Jan 29, 2008 (LBO) – Sri Lanka is installing a hi-tech radar capableof detecting small boats of the type used by the Sea Tiger rebels aswell as small aircraft, a media report said.The high-frequency (HF) surface wave radar, developed at a cost of 39million Canadian dollars by Ottawa defence scientists and RaytheonCanada Limited, had been hailed as a major boost for maritimesecurity, Canada's National Post newspaper said.Standard radar which use microwaves can usually only 'see' on a lightof sight but HF or shortwave radio waves can travel over thecurvature of the earth hugging the surface.Surface wave radar (SWR) uses the 'ground wave' of a short wave radio signal to detect objects on the sea.Over the horizon radar that uses the sky wave of a shortwave radio signal which bounces off the ionosphere is used to detect aerialobjects thousands of miles away and can also be used over ground.Canada's federal government planned to build and operate eight radarsites on the country's east and west coasts as part of its push toimprove security in the aftermath of the September. 11, 2001 terrorattacks on the U.S."But the government has shut down the existing experimental radarsites in Newfoundland and the program has been cancelled," thenewspaper said."The project was derailed after one complaint was received that theradar interfered with civilian communications. The experimentalradars had been operating for 10 years without a complaint."Raytheon Canada, which builds the high-frequency surface wave radar,is pushing ahead with marketing the system to other nations and hassold the radar to Sri Lanka with the help of the Canadian CommercialCorporation, a Crown agency that helps firms market their productsoverseas.Sri Lanka has been looking for ways to improve its maritimesurveillance to prevent Tiger arms smuggling ships.Last year the navy sank several Tiger arms ships in the Indian Oceanafter weeks of deep-sea surveillance.Other international customers are being lined up for the Canadianradar, the National Post quoted Raytheon Canada vice president DennyRoberts as saying."The technology works," said Roberts. "Other countries don't seem tohave a problem with it."Roberts said the U.S. State Department informed the company onJanuary 15 that the high-frequency radar is not subject to U.S.government regulations since it is designed to track vessels within anation's own waters and because of that is not considered militaryequipment.The radar is said to be unique as it can track ships at much greaterdistances than regular surveillance systems, being able to detectobjects as far away as 200 nautical miles (370 kilometres) fromCanada's coasts.The system transmits high-frequency waves that follow the curvatureof the Earth to detect and track objects hundreds of kilometres overthe horizon.Regular radars are restricted to objects in their line of sight onthe horizon.To gain its advantage, the high-frequency surface wave radar uses theocean as a conducting surface to increase its range, the newspapersaid.The Canadian navy had been hoping the radars would cut down onsurveillance costs, in particular the flying time of Aurora maritimepatrol planes.The radar could be used to pinpoint suspicious ships, after whichAurora aircraft could be directed to those vessels to conduct furthersurveillance.
(via Kevin Redding, ABDX via DXLD)
Does anyone know what frequencies will be affected? (Kevin Redding,ABDX)
I bet it`s bad news for the SWLs of Asia. Geez, you mean thishas defense applications, not just studying ocean waves???Unfortunately, the ``ground wave`` signals propagate widely viaskywave, the nature of the SW medium
(Glenn Hauser, DXLD)
Re 8-114: Well, there was more to it than just one complaint. This issomething I was involved with in my Radio Amateurs of Canada (RAC)IARU Monitoring capacity. I am assuming this is the Raytheon HF SWR-503 OTH radar that was installed in the Grand Banks region ofNewfoundland and caused a great deal of interference to 80 m amateurband signals in the fall/winter of 1999, often centered near the DXwindow of 3790-3800 kHz. The signal was strong in both Europe and theeast coast of the Americas, and many complaints were made.At the time, we didn't know who to blame so these complaints were madewithin amateur circles, to the ARRL, RAC and FCC etc. It quicklybecame apparent it was coming from our Canadian east coast and thruthe RAC channels our concerns fell on the right ears and theinterference ceased. They may have regarded this as one complaint, butit was a significant one, made up of many. Obviously someone erred inallowing the radar to transmit in the 80m amateur band, but in hindsight this error brought it worldwide attention it didn't want andperhaps it's eventual downfall. I am unaware of it operating in any ofthe amateur exclusive frequencies since that time period.This radar didn't have the sweeper sound of the 60m CODAR, butoperated at a higher rate, and was dubbed as a buzz saw radar, andcovered about 20 kHz. The sound is not unlike the Chinese radar Ioften hear in or around the 7 MHz 40m ham band.As far as the comment on some of these radars being intelligent inthat they avoid frequency where they detect activity - in my opinion,when they can detect my (and others`) receiver's local oscillator(s)and frequency division scheme, and hence establish the frequency I'mtrying to listen to, and avoid that - then I will say they areintelligent. 73
[but, we wouldn`t want Big Brother doing that, would we? -- gh]
Some information at:
WATERLOO, Ontario, Canada, (Dec. 23, 1999) -- Raytheon Systems CanadaLtd., a subsidiary of Raytheon Company (NYSE: RTNA, RTNB), hasdeveloped and successfully demonstrated a shore-based, long-rangeHigh-Frequency (HF) Surface Wave Radar in collaboration with theCanadian Department of National Defence.Designated HF SWR-503, Raytheon's surface wave radar is an oceanicsurveillance system for monitoring such illegal activities as drugtrafficking, smuggling, piracy, illicit fishing and illegalimmigration. In addition, it may be used for tracking icebergs,environmental protection, search and rescue, resource protection,sovereignty monitoring and remote sensing of ocean surface currentsand winds. Because of its long-range capability, Raytheon's HF SWR-503allows a coastal nation to monitor surface and low-level airbornetargets up to and beyond its 200-nautical-mile (nm) Exclusive EconomicZone (EEZ).Lionel Leveille, president and general manager of Raytheon SystemsCanada Ltd., said, "Raytheon is the first to have successfullydemonstrated the long-range detection and tracking capability of thissystem at ranges beyond 200 nautical miles."The Canadian system consists of two land-based, long-range radars andan Operations Control Center (OCC). The two unmanned radars providecoverage of the Grand Banks region of Newfoundland renowned for itsoffshore resources, particularly fisheries and oil fields.
Extensive performance testing of the system was conducted using twofully functional radars in conjunction with alternate surveillancesensors, such as airborne radar, spotter aircraft and surface patrolcraft, which provided target verification. Raytheon's HF SWR-503successfully detected and tracked all targets observed by these othersensors, marking the world's first successful demonstration of HFsurface wave radar technology for EEZ monitoring activity.One hundred six coastal states currently have economic jurisdiction upto the 200-nm limit under the terms of the United Nations Conventionon the Law of the Sea. It is to the benefit of these coastal nationsto establish and maintain administration, law enforcement andenvironmental protection over this maritime zone.Raytheon's long-range HF radar is the first land-based sensor that canprovide continuous, all-weather and real-time surveillance of EEZwaters. Leveille added, "Raytheon's HF Surface Wave Radar is a majorbreakthrough providing greatly improved oceanic surveillance at afraction of the cost of traditional methods. It complements existingsurveillance assets and will dramatically increase the effectivenessof air and surface patrol missions by vectoring them directly totargets of interest."Raytheon Company, based in Lexington, Mass., is a global technologyleader that provides products and services in the areas of commercialand defense electronics, engineering and construction, and businessand special mission aircraft. Raytheon has operations throughout theUnited States and serves customers in more than 80 countries aroundthe world.
Corporate Communications (via Moman,ibid.)
(Glen Hauser via dx-india e-group)

All India Radio DRM Tests

Test transmissions from All India Radio in DRM mode scheduled on 11th, 12th & 13th Feb between 0530 UTC - 1130 UTC on 15050 kHz ( Via Khampur, Delhi)

Symposium on DRM in Long Wave

TRANSRADIO is holding a symposium to discuss DRM on Long Wave
The conference will be held in Berlin, Germany, on the 14/15 February 2008 and focus on long wave DRM broadcasting. Come to the TRANSRADIO Long Wave Symposium to learn more about the advantages of DRM transmissions on long wave. Find out more about the new capabilities of the TRAM family of LW-Transmitters and TRANSRADIO’s DRM solution. Gain insights into the first DRM installation on long wave, including a visit to the T-Systems broadcasting site in Zehlendorf near Berlin. Get questions answered about your specific problems and share ideas with other users!

Friday, February 08, 2008

QSL's in mailbox

Found couple of qsl's in my mailbox today .

Received in 155 days for a snail mailed report to their UK address.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Kenya lifts ban on live broadcast

The government in Kenya has lifted a ban on live broadcasts that was imposed in December last year.
A statement issued by the information and communications ministry said the ban was lifted following improved security situation in the country.

CRI - Special new year programs

Chinese Spring Festival - Year of the Rat

Rat Years: 1912, 1924, 1936, 1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996, 2008, 2020,The Year of Rat:- People born in the Year of the Rat are noted for their charm and attraction for the opposite sex. They work hard to achieve their goals, acquire possessions, and are likely to be perfectionists. They are basically thrifty with money. Rat people are easily angered and love to gossip. Their ambitions are big, and they are usually very successful. They are most compatible with people born in the years of the Dragon, Monkey, and Ox.
Being born a Rat is nothing to be ashamed of. In China, the Rat is respected and considered a courageous, enterprising person. It is deemed an honor to be born in the Year of the Rat and it is considered a privilege to be associated with a Rat. Rats know exactly where to find solutions and can take care of themselves and others without problems. They use their instinctive sense of observation to help others in times of need and are among the most fit of all the Animal signs to survive most any situation.
Years of the Rat
First in the cycle, Rat Years begin the sequence and recur every twelfth year. The Chinese New Year does not fall on a specific date, so it is essential to check the calendar to find the exact date on which each Rat year actually begins.
The Sign of the Rat
Being born under this sign determines many talents, as well as other characteristics that may not be so commendable. Rats are very lively and need a lot of mental and physical stimulation. They can be calm and perceptive, but sometimes their brains can cause a mental restlessness, tempting them to take on too much, only to discover they are unable to meet their commitments. Rats are blessed with one of the best intellects going. Add to their intelligence a curiosity and a bright imagination, and they seem as sharp as a needle.
The sign of the Rat is the first sign in the cycle giving Rat people exude great leadership qualities and are good at taking the lead. They don't mind a lot of responsibility and they demonstrate a strong presence that other people respect. For those with the Rat nature, status and monetary satisfaction are the greatest motivation.
During the Spring Festival, CRI will surely broadcast special programs on it, and the website will open special feature about it. If you were interested in the relevant information, don't miss them.
As usual, if you have any questions or comments, don't hesitate to tell us.
(YingLian, English Service, China Radio International)

RTI Groove Zone Contest

Radio Taiwan Intl - Groove Zone Contest

9th International Radio Festival of Iran.

Radio, The Voice of Cultures - 9th International Radio Festival of Iran.

Details at :

RNZI Txer off air due to maintainance work

Radio New Zealand International

Maintenance - Transmitters OFF AIR
06 Feb, 2008 22:12 UTC
Thursday 7 February between 1145 - 1700 NZDT Maintainance work at our transmitter site may cause interuptions to our short-wave broadcasts.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Trans World Radio Reaching the Unreached from New Transmitting Site in West Africa

Cary, NC, February 5, 2008—Following years of prayer, groundwork and intense spiritual warfare, international Christian broadcaster Trans World Radio (TWR) is now airing the good news of Jesus Christ into spiritually needy West Africa. Broadcasts in 14 languages began February 1 from a powerful 100,000-watt AM transmitter located in the country of Benin, the birthplace of voodoo.The new broadcasting outlet marks TWR’s 14th major international transmitting site, and it fortifies the Mission’s 33-year-old evangelical outreach in Africa. The facility has the potential to reach some 63 million people, many of whom belong to another major world religion.“We need to pray for those who are going to hear the gospel perhaps for the very first time,” says TWR-Africa Director of Operations Ray Alary. “Pray that they will be receptive, and that their hearts will be changed for the Lord Jesus Christ.”According to Operation World (21st Century Edition), most West African nations have numerous unreached people groups without an established indigenous evangelical church. Radio, then, is one of the most relevant and cost-effective ways to share Christ’s love with people in this vast region.TWR’s broadcasts to West Africa provide messages of hope and salvation not evidenced on a large scale since a civil war resulted in the destruction of Radio ELWA in 1990. The Benin station broadcasts evangelical and discipleship programs produced by pastors, Christian organizations and church leaders in West Africa. Furthermore, broadcasts are airing for children, nonreaders and those affected by HIV/AIDS.Broadcasts from Benin include the following diverse languages and dialects: Bariba, Dendi, Ditammari, English, Fon, French, Hausa, Ifè, Kanuri, Lukpa, Pulaar, Songhai, Twi and Yoruba.To read more about TWR’s ministry from Benin, visit
(TWR News Release)

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

RTI Chinese New Year Specials

Radio Taiwan International will broadcast Chinese New Year specials in place of the news on February 6-8, 2008. Join the hosts of RTI to find out how they will be celebrating the Year of the Rat, and for a look at some delicious holiday foods! Also, tune in on February 8 for a radio play : The Mouse Bride.
And, of course, happy Chinese New Year from RTI English!

Schedule for English lang transmission :
0100-0200 daily SeA 11875
0200-0300 daily cNAm 9680
0200-0300 daily NeAm 5950
0300-0400 daily SeA 15320
0300-0400 daily SAm 15215
0300-0400 daily NwAm 5950
0700-0800 daily NwAm 5950
1100-1200 daily SeA 7445
1100-1200 daily SeA 11715
1100-1200 Thurs CHN 747
1100-1200 Thurs CHN 1422
1200-1300 Fri WEU 9750 Rampisham 35 (DRM)
1600-1700 daily SeA 9785 Issoudun 500
1600-1700 daily CHN,SAs 11550
1700-1800 daily Af 11850 Issoudun 500
1800-1900 daily WEU 3965 Issoudun 250
2200-2300 daily EU 9355

Alokesh Gupta
New Delhi , India.

Radio Sweden stops German broadcasts

After 69 years Radio Sweden will stop its German program on short and medium wave. Thus the last German program will be broadcasted on 30th March 2008. The number of the short wave hours however in the past years was dramatically reduced.
Radio Sweden web page
The Swedish broadcast sees itself confronted with the fact that the incomes always are under the expenditures. This development has the management with its decision to stop the transmissions also considered. SR international will maintain a German language service however from Monday to Friday in the form of messages in the InterNet and as Podcast.

Monday, February 04, 2008

Nepal gets its first all women private radio

Kathmandu (PTI): A private FM radio fully operated by women has been established in the industrial town of Biratnagar in eastern Nepal.
Purvanchal FM station is the first community-run radio in Nepal that has started broadcasting an eight-hour daily transmission with all women employees, officials said.
A total of 24 women, working in the ranks ranging from guards to station manager, have put in serious hardwork to make the FM channel a reality.

Full story at :

New FM stations launched across India over the past week :

New FM stations launched across India over the past week :

Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala - Big FM went on air ( Big FM’s 44th station in the country)

Kota, Rajasthan - My FM went on air (My FM has 16 stations nationally & this is the fifth for Rajasthan after Jaipur, Udaipur, Ajmer and Jodhpur)

Rourkela, Orissa - Radio Choklate commenced its operations (Radio Choklate is the radio initiative of Oriya daily ‘Sambad’ from Eastern Media Pvt Ltd.)

Rourkela, Orissa - Adlabs-owned Big FM launched its 43rd station in Rourkela.

Mumbai, Maharashtra - Radio Today’s Meow FM announced the official launch of their third station in Mumbai. Meow FM has been on air for the past couple of months in Mumbai, the Radio Today Group has finally decided to officially announce the launch.

WRTH winter (B07) updates file

WRTH is pleased to announce that a file containing updates to the winter schedules of international broadcasters is now available to download from the WRTH website at:

The file is in pdf format and runs to 9 pages with a file size of 81kB. Youwill need the free Adobe Acrobat reader (version 5 or above) in order toview the file. We hope you find this file a useful accompaniment to the printed WRTH.

WRTH Editorial Team.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Ivorian authorities suspend French state radio broadcasting

Ivory Coast has suspended broadcasts by the French state broadcaster RadioFrance Internationale (RFI) because of the lack of a correspondent there,officials told AFP Friday."All FM and satellite broadcasts by Radio France Internationale (RFI) havebeen suspended as of midnight on January 31 (0000 GMT)," said a statement bythe national broadcasting advisory council.

Full story at :

Rebels put Chad radio off air

3 hours ago
Chad state radio went off the air as rebels advanced into the capital,opposition leader Ibni Oumar Mahamat Saleh said.He made the claims in a telephone call from the central African nation'sembattled capital, N'Djamena.Saleh said rebels had entered the city and shooting that had erupted in themorning appeared to have died down.

Full story at :

Saturday, February 02, 2008

New receiver from Tecsun - PL-450

Newest receiver from Tecsun PL-450 has appeared on ebay, listing can be seen at :

This is a stylish looking radio with very good sensitivity on all bands. The sound quality is good and loud. This radio is New In Box, 100% Brand New from Tecsun's distributor in China, NOT Used, NOT Refurbished. This radio is manufactured by Tecsun Radio Company in China, Tecsun is the OEM company for many Grundig radio models including Satellit 800, PL-550, S-350, FR200 SOS Emergency Radio, etc.
FM : 76 -108 MHz
MW 522 -1620 KHz or 520 - 1710 KHz. (with 9 KHz or 10 KHz steps switch)
SW : 1711 -- 29999 kHz
Digital display of frequency or time. 600 Memory Presets (options for 10 pages x 60 presets, or 20 pages x 30 presets, or 25 pages x 24 presets, or 50 pages x 12 presets) (Will not lose memory even without battery inside radio)
ATS system for FM and MW bands AM Dual Conversions / With Wide or Narrow Filter 3 Sensitivity Modes: High / Normal / Low Six Different Tuning Methods Automatic turn on of radio by setting the timer, The Sleepy function allows you to sleep more before getting up! Very sensitive on all bands, Narrow and Wide bandwidths, With Antenna Fine Tune Knob for Better SW Reception, The best sound quality for radio of the same size; With earphone socket, for private stereo FM listening!
This PL-450 model is the enhanced and improved version of the Tecsun PL-350 (production discontinued)If you wish to use the smart draining charge of rechargeable batteries function of the radio with the 220 V. AC adaptor, you will need to have a 110V. input 220V. output step-up power transformer if you are living in USA or Canada with 110V. AC mains. We offer a suitable transformer to do this job at $11.80 including shipping cost. If you place the order for both the PL-350 radio and the transformer together for combined shipment, we offer FREE SHIPMENT for the transformer, i.e. you save $3.90 and pay only $7.90 for the transformer.

Friday, February 01, 2008


For more details please contact:
Mr.Inarappan, VU2INA Cell No.94440 83804 (For Accomodation)Mr. Iqubal, VU3MII, Chennai. Cell Nos. 98400 17129, 94440-23876 (For food arrangements)Mr.Vittal, VU2VIT, Chennai. Tel. 040-2231 2420
Jose Jacob, VU2JOS
National Institute of Amateur Radio Raj Bhavan Road, Hyderabad 500082, IndiaTel: 91-40-6516 7388 Telefax: 91-40-2331 0287 Cell: 94416

Relays this weekend on 9290 khz

February 2nd
Radio Joystick 09.00 -10.00UTC
Radio Nord Evergreen 10.00 -11.00UTC
Latvia Today 11.00 -12.00UTC
Radio Casablanca 12.00 -13.00UTC

February 3rd
Latvia Today 14.00 -15.00UTC

Good Listening 73s Tom

MV Baltic Radio is on this Sunday

On the 3rd of February 2008
At 1300 UTC on the new channel of 6140 KHz
MV Baltic Radio is on the air from the transmitting station in Wertachtal.
We will be using a non-directional antenna system (Quadrant antenna).

More transmissions in February 2008:
10th Feb on 6140 KHz at 13-14 UTC Radio Joystick in teamwork with MV Baltic Radio
17th Feb on 6140 KHz at 13-14 UTC European Music Radio in teamwork with MV Baltic Radio
24th Feb on 6140 KHz at 13-14 UTC Radio Gloria Int. in teamwork with MV Baltic Radio

Good Listening 73s Tom