Sunday, September 09, 2012


                                                             .....................JSWC MEMBERS AT TOKYO HAM FAIR 2012

                                   ........................... JSWC MEMBERS AT 60TH ANNIVERSARY PARTY
Tokyo HAM Fair 2012.

This annual event is to be held on 25th and 26th of August at Tokyo Big Site. JSWC will open our own booth to promote short wave radio listening. Our booth number is J-45. We will have a special lecture during the Fair. The topic to be presented is radio world topics in the past 10 years by Mr. Akabayashi, an administrator of Gekkan Tampa, a popular monthly short wave news on the web.

This year is our club's 60th anniversary, so we will have a big celebration party at Hotel Sun Route Ariake in the evening of 25th during the HAM Fair. We anticipate many club members and foreign broadcasters to join the party.

We are also planning to print the booklet titled JSWC's 60th Years in Japanese to cover 10-year activities of the club and various radio topics in the past 10 years, as we did for our 50th anniversary book, which covered 50-year activities. Both 50th anniversary and 60th anniversary books will also be published in CD format at this occasion. These are only in Japanese.

Special radio programs celebrating 60th anniversary are in progress. During the month of July, HCJB Japanese Service aired 3 special programs, and KBS World Radio aired a special program on 17th of July. All of these programs were in Japanese. We are planning to broadcast a special English program sometime this fall, and the schedule will be announced when the detail is defined. A special QSL card will be issued.

Toshi Ohtake
Japan Short Wave Club
JSWC, P.O.Box 44, Kamakura 248-8691, Japan.
(Photo's courtesy Mr.Toshi Ohtake)

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