Wednesday, June 05, 2024

Revised schedule of "Voice of China" DRM test tranmission

"Voice of China"(CNR 1), 6030(Beijing), 7360(Qiqihar), 9420(Qiqihar), 9870(Qiqihar), 11695(Dongfang) kHz frequencies will be no longer used from June 1, 2024. After 1st June, 2024. 

3 irregular new frequencies 6180(Beijing 30kW 0deg), 15760(Qiqihar 30kW 225deg), 21530(Dongfang 30kW 341deg)kHz will be added.

The whole test schedule will be as follows. Power all 30kW.

Beijing      0100-0900 13825 175deg ID=0
                1000-1600(irregular)  6180 0deg noID

Dongfang  2200-1700(irregular) 21530 341deg noID
                  0100-0900 17770 16deg ID=27FA

Kunming   0100-0400 15180 32deg ID=2
                0400-1100 13810 32deg ID=2

Qiqihar    2100-1700(irregular) 15760 225deg noID

Urumqi   2200-0100 9655 98deg ID=3EC
               0100-0800 17830 98deg ID=3EC
               0800-1200 9655 98deg ID=3EC

Email id for reception reports   : <drmrtprc @>

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(Takahito Akabayashi, Tokyo, Japan via WOR List)


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