Wednesday, December 27, 2023

Ageing problem of the transmitters in Kimjae site (Korea)

Japanese Service of KBS World Radio announced on December 26 2023 on their HP ( ) that they will change the time and frequencies on January 1 2024, due to the aging problem of the transmitters. 7275kHz at 0800-0900UT will be no longer used, 9580kHz at 0100-0200UT will be replaced by 11810kHz, will add new transmission at 0900-1000 on 6155kHz instead.

The whole schedule will be the following. Transmitter site: Kimjae.

0900-0900 6155 100kW (no longer on 7275 250kW ) to East Asia
0900-1000 6155 100kW (newly added) to East Asia
1100-1200 1170 500kW (unchanged) to East Asia
0100-0200 11810 250kW 81deg (replacing 9580 250kW 81deg) to East Asia
0200-0300 11810 250kW 81deg (unchanged) to East Asia and Latin America
According to, in Kimjae transmitter site there are 4 250kW and 4 100kW SW transmitters. 3 250kW and 3 100kW SW transmitters were installed in 1970-80's. Other 1 250kW and 1 100kW transmitters in 1990's.
7275kHz is also used for 0900-1000 1100-1200 Korean to East Asia/South East Asia, 9580kHz for 0200-0300 English (81deg for Latin America). There may be also some affection to these services.
(Takahito Akabayashi, Tokyo, Japan via World of Radio List)

KBS English Service Changes :

Due to a technical issue, KBS WORLD Radio's English Service will make an inevitable adjustment in the shortwave frequency and time as follows as of January 1, 2024. Please send your listener feedback to English Service via email, snail mail, website and social media as always. Thank you.

Frequency (kHz) : 9580  9570
Time (UTC) :  02:00-03:00
Target Area South America

Wef January 1st, 2024 :

Frequency (kHz) : 9570
Time (UTC) :   11:00-12:00
Target Area :  Southeast Asia

(Alokesh Gupta)

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