Thursday, August 27, 2015

Vatican Radio Transmission for HFCC

Vatican Radio DRM broadcast to Australia on occasion of the HFCC-ASBU B15 Coordination Conference (24-28 August 2015):

TX site:Santa Maria di Galeria (SMG) 42 03 N, 012 19 E
Frequency 11890 kHz
Time 22:30-23:00 UTC
Power 250 kW (average)
Robustness mode: C
Interleaver Long
MSC Mode 16 QAM
SDC Mode 16 QAM
Protection Level 0,50
Bitrate 9100
Audio Coding AAC
Audio Mono
SBR Disabled
Sampling Rate 12 kHz

Thanks to Alan for the tip!

(Via drmna list)

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