Thursday, December 30, 2010

Radio Heritage - 150 Donors Needed

Just imagine the loss if someone didn't take care of the stuff connected to radio broadcasting..the stories, tape recordings, photos, memorabilia and all the bits and pieces that continue to daily help shape our popular culture....and if you couldn't share and enjoy these things for free.

Here at the Radio Heritage Foundation we've done this out of our own pockets for over 5 years, but our bank manager says no more, operational costs have to come from elsewhere in 2011. We want to keep the site free and add much more from the boxes of tapes, directories, old radio programs, photos and other stuff that keeps stacking up on a daily basis.

Please visit now and use the donation button in the feature '150 Sponsors Underwrite Operating Costs in 2011'. When 150 people donate US$100 each, we can cover 85% of our overheads for the year, even US$40 will sponsor one day so you can see that you can personally make a big difference right now.

Former DJ Keith Richardson has entrusted us with a lifetime collection of recordings, read his story at Your donation will help us catalog and digitize his many hours of tapes, so we can share a rare insight into 1960's pop culture.

Your donation helps cover the costs of storing and researching nearly 100,000 tapes, cassettes, QSL cards, and other radio memorabilia items; office expenses like printer cartridges, postage, paper, travelling to protect and save materials from destruction, and all the other expenses that add up over a year so that we can continue sharing material through our website.

Governments are slashing budgets and radio stations themselves are focussed on financial survival and see no reason to meet these costs. That leaves it up to people like you and I and we know it's been a tough year for many people.

When we know our 2011 operational costs are covered, we can also go ahead with plans to relaunch the website so that our volunteer editors can start adding a massive backlog of features, stories, research papers, photos and audio as well as a digitized catalog of thousands of QSL cards and other memorabilia.

Please go to and donate now, with 150 donations of US$100 we will meet 85% of the annual running costs, and even US$40 will cover one day. That's just 27 cents a day.

Radio moves our hearts and minds, informs and entertains us and is part of the fabric of our daily lives. Hundreds of people like you have helped us with donations, buying books and CDs and contributing to our library and collections. Help us honor this trust again in 2011.

This holiday season we hear of earthquakes, wild storms, floods, snow blizzards and civil unrest across the world, and keeping a radio by your side has never been more vital to our safety. Our radio guides can help save lives and with your help we'll expand them in 2011.

A donation of US$100 from 150 people supporters like you will meet most of our operating costs in 2011, US$40 will sponsor a complete day. and you can do this today by going to and using our donation button there.

Thank you for joining us in 2011 and making it possible for us to continue to keep this website free to use for everyone, and to keep bringing together our radio heritage, popular culture and nostalgia for all to enjoy. Please ask your friends and colleagues to visit as well.

David Ricquish, Chairman, Radio Heritage Foundation PO Box 20024, Newtown, Wellington 6242, New Zealand.

PS.....Our annual report and accounts are available through the Charities Commission link at the bottom of every page at Unsubscribe by emailing with 'Unsubscribe' in the subject header. We're registered as a non-profit organization [charity] and New Zealand residents can get a one-third tax refund for donations. For example, a NZ$150 donation qualifies for a NZ$50 refund.

Please make an online donation here today -

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