Friday, November 22, 2013

Bhutan back on 6035 kHz breaking the silence !

On November 20th, heard Bhutan Broadcasting Service (BBS) in english on 6035 kHz from 0847 UTC onwards with good reception with slight noise and  hum. Was surprised when I heard BBS in english on 6035 kHz after a long break and thought that BBS might have discontinued shortwave transmission and there is no possiblity of resumption of its shortwave analog transmission in future. Anyway, let me monitor in coming days whether it is a regular comeback or something else. The English Transmission was noted on air well beyond 1000 UTC (1028 UTC infact my last checked time). In the transmission there was discussion on "Salt Business", announcements etc, english songs aired, listeners calls with music requests, dedications and music mostly english songs aired as per my monitoring .

Please check my blog for more detail report plus links to audio files ....

Today i.e. on November 21st, also heard BBS-Nepali Service with songs in Nepali at 0603 UTC on 6035 kHz, english programs with listeners calling show, music requests etc during afternoon 0830 UTC upto 0950 UTC upto my latest monitoring period.

(Gautam Kumar Sharma, Abhayapuri, Assam)

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