Friday, November 08, 2013

Transradio & Ampegon to replace 1.5 MW longwave transmitter at Algeria

Télédiffusion d’Algérie awarded AM Radio Project to TRANSRADIO and Ampegon
Berlin, Germany and Turgi, Switzerland; November 5, 2013. Télédiffusion d’Algérie (TDA), the national broadcaster of Algeria, selected TRANSRADIO and Ampegon to replace the 1.5 MW longwave transmission system located close to the city of Tipaza in July this year. Meanwhile all administrative matters were settled and the contract is put into force. The project was offered in cooperation between Transradio and Ampegon.
The Tipaza longwave transmitter is operated on 252 kHz broadcasting with 1500 kW on day and 750 kW on night time and is receivable in French all over the western Mediterranean area.
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