Monday, December 09, 2013

Bangladesh Betar, Barisal testing its new 20 kW DRM compatible MW transmitter

Test transmission was first noted by Pradip Kundu of Tripura on 7th Dec at around 1300 UTC playing non-stop Bengali songs by Lata Mangeshkar & Sandhya Mukherjee leading to the assumption that it was an AIR outlet. Non-stop test transmission continued next day, however they were observed playing Bengali folk songs by Habib & Runa Laila both folk singers from Bangladesh as noted by Sudipta Ghosh, Kolkata.
Spoke to the engineer at Bangladesh Betar, Barisal who was kind enough to take my midnight call at 1 am & discuss about the new Transradio TRAM20, 1 x 20 kW transmitter, test transmission will continue on 8th Dec and will be back to regular programming on 9th Dec. The complete system, transmitter and antenna is fully DRM compatible, they are using TRANSRADIO DRM modulator DMOD3.
Links :

Transradio MW Txers

Transradio DMOD3

Tender for replacement of existing 10 kW MW transmitter was announced during Aug 2012 ...

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