Sunday, December 22, 2013

All India Radio Leh back on 4760 kHz

AIR Leh is back (first noted on 19th Dec 2013) on 4760 kHz after staying on 4660 kHz for almost two & half years, it was first noted on 4660 kHz (instead of 4760) on 21st Aug 2011 giving an opportunity to dxers to log this rare outlet as AIR Port Blair also uses 4760 kHz.

AIR Leh uses a 10 kW NEC HFB-7840 transmitter which was installed in 1987, power output now a days is around 4-5 kW. The transmitter site & studio's both run on generators.
Here's an audio clip of Urdu news at 1424 UTC on 22nd Dec 2013 talking about snowfall in Kashmir
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