Sunday, March 02, 2008

Radio Taiwan International listeners meet at Delhi

Radio Taiwan seeks integration through airwaves
By March 04:10 pm)
NEW DELHI - Radio Taiwan International held its biennial Listeners' ClubMeet in Delhi on Saturday.Previously held in March 2006 in New Delhi and Kolkata, the RTI delegatesvisited Chennai and Kolkata along with New Delhi this year. Speaking to themembers of the listeners' club, RTI chairman Yu Cheng said, "We aim toachieve international cooperation through our programming and news. AlthoughTaiwan has a population of over 22 million, we still haven't been granted aplace in the WHO."Added Andrew Cheng, Director of the Information Division of Taipei Economicand Cultural Center in New Delhi, "Taiwanese journalists aren't even allowedto cover the World Health Assembly proceedings. We are eager to again becomea member of the WHO and we require international support for our cause."RTI is a national radio station and is under the Central Broadcasting System(CBS), which is the national broadcasting system of Taiwan. CBS wasestablished in 1928 in Nanjing (mainland China) as the voice of theKuomintang (KMT) government. After the conclusion of the Second World Warwhich saw the surrender and withdrawal of Japanese forces, the KMT and theCommunist Party of China (CPC) resumed their civil war. The KMT retreated toTaiwan in 1949 and the Central Broadcasting System moved with them.The RTI currently broadcasts in 13 languages over various regions of theworld. Among the broadcasting langauges include French, German, Indonesian,Thai and Japanese The language for broadcast in India is currently English."We have been suggested by listeners over our tour across India to broadcastin Hindi, Tamil and Bengali. It is too early for me to give you concreteinformation but I will make sure I put this forward to the relevantGovernment agencies back in Taiwan," said Cheng."Currently, we look at Thai, Indonesian and Vietnamese as very importantlanguages for broadcast as we have about 300,000 immigrant workers in Taiwanfrom the South-East Asian region and many of them have married taiwaneselocals," said Carlson Huang, Chief of Foreign Languages section and EnlishProgram host in the RTI."The RTI is government owned and works similarly to the way the BBC or theDeutsche Welle networks run.Our main aim in broadcast is to provideinformation to listeners about Taiwan, its culture and its people. We lookto establishing international cooperation through our work," said Huang onthe fuctionalities of the RTI.Although, the members of the club were generally very happy with theprogramming content, there was an issue that most of them brought up. Theissue of there being distubance in the signals between 0930 and 1000 Hrs andthat there are times when the signals just fade away at those times. Thestation currently broadcasts at two frequencies viz. 9785 kHz and 11550 kHzand the problem was experienced at the 9785 kHz frequency."This is a serious problem as we see it. We will talk this over with ourtechnical team when we get back and we certainly would want to rectify themat the soonest. Also, although we have got many positive response on ourprogramming content, we will not rest on our laurels but will work towardsmaking the content even better," promised Cheng.

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