Sunday, March 30, 2008

Your memories of the BBC World Today

The World Today reaches millions of listeners around the world. The World Today programme on the BBC World Service is marking its 10th anniversary on Monday 31st March.In the ten years we've been on air we've covered many of the big themes. We've looked at global warming, the Tsunami and its aftermath, we've covered the fight against AIDS, the progress of globalisation as well as the ups and downs of the world economy.We've charted the emergence of China and India as global players and we've followed 9/11 and the War on Terror in its many ramifications.We're inviting you to tell us what has made the single biggest difference to life where you are in the last decade? Is it to do with the global events or down to local factors? Is it anything to do with the big recurring themes on our programme or are there completely different factors at play?Do you have any memories of our programme? When and where do you listen to us?Send us your stories and experiences using the form below and leave your contact details if you want to participate in our programme.

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