Wednesday, March 26, 2008

First International Radio Forum

Radio broadcasting has traversed a century and has emerged as a matured medium of information, entertainment and education. In this journey, radio has come face to face with many competitors, notable among these being cinema, television (both monochrome and colour), cable and satellite content delivery, and Internet and broadband. Contrary to the predictions by media pundits, radio has managed to sustain  itself through this competition and has survived the Internet era. Indeed, current indications point to the growing radio listener-ship in many leading markets.
The International Radio Forum is an effort to focus on radio and its future in the traditional and emerging markets in West Asia. In this region, major transitions in life-style and media consumption are taking place. The countries in this part of the world are teeming with young populations and potential listeners.
The main objective of this annual radio conference is to address all facets of content creation and programming aspects of radio broadcasting in the near term and in foreseeable future in this region. With this year's theme " Radio Beyond the Century ", the inaugural edition of the conference will underline the emerging influence of radio on the emerging societies in the region and on way to serve the audiences, while basing itself firmly on the traditional radio. Given the mix of public service and commercial radio broadcasters operating in West Asia, the conference will take up issues which concern both the public values and the commercial world.  
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