Wednesday, March 26, 2008

BBG: Nostalgia Doesn’t Get the Job Done

Though Shortwave Remains Valuable, the Right ‘Media Mix’ Is the Only Way to Reach a Global Audience
by Vincent Nowicki, 3.26.2008
Vincent Nowicki is the director of the engineering and technical operations at the International Broadcasting Bureau. IBB provides the engineering and technical operations for BBG broadcasters.

Vincent Nowicki
Jack Quinn and Nick Olguin’s guest commentary on the Broadcasting Board of Governors (“Don’t Close Shortwaves, Improve Them,” Feb. 1) is out of step with the realities of today’s sophisticated audience and the strategic media markets for U.S. international broadcasting.
The BBG is keenly aware of the value of shortwave in distinct markets such as some parts of Africa and parts of Asia. Shortwave sustained international broadcasting throughout the Cold War and still makes a significant mark today in the global war on terror.

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