Thursday, March 06, 2008

Update on Broadcasting from Benin

After several years of prayer and preparation, Trans World Radio began broadcasting from their new transmitting station in Benin on the 1st of February 2008.
TWR-Africa’s regional engineer, James Burnett was excited to report that the signal has been received by DX listeners in Europe (at least 15 reports were logged). There were also reports received from Abidjan and Timbuktu (yes, the real Timbuktu).
Mr. Burnett said that they are quite anxious to get feedback on the signal from Nigeria as no reports have been submitted to TWR yet.
Several technical issues are causing concern. The V-Sat system seems to be overheating and the power-generator engines’ over speed protection is faulty. New parts (imported from Canada) are on the way.
According to the broadcasting schedule on TWR’s web site, approximately six to seven hours of programmes are being broadcast daily in languages such as Hausa, Lokpa, English, French, Moore, Songhai, etc. This is an exciting new venture for TWR and cause for great celebration.


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