Saturday, March 29, 2008

BBC want aerial on Victoria Tower

Mar 29 2008 by Sam Casey, Huddersfield Daily Examiner
RADIO bosses want to stick an antenna on to Huddersfield's most recognisable landmark. The BBC has applied for listed building permission to attach the 2m mast to Victoria Tower on Castle Hill to improve its radio signal in Huddersfield. A statement submitted with the application to Kirklees Council said: "Theproposed works are required by the BBC following an extensive search of thetallest buildings in the surrounding area."The investigations concluded that this site is a suitable location in whichto attach the equipment to assist them in conducting radio transmissionswithin Huddersfield and the surrounding areas."The Grade-II listed tower, built for Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee in1897, is more than 32m tall.The mast, which would be just over 1cm wide, would be attached flush to thesouth side of the tower, but would extend 30cm above its peak.
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