Sunday, March 16, 2008

SW Radio Africa Frequency Change

On 30th March there is a global changeover of shortwave broadcast frequencies - and on that date we have to move as well.We will no longer be on 7125kHz and will be changing to 12035kHz.We're doing tests on that frequency at the moment and can heard during our second hour (1800-1900 UTC) of broadcast on 12035kHz , as well as for the full two hours on 7125kHz .Start finding us on 12035kHz now so that when we changeover on 30th March you'll be able to remain up to date with news and all the election results.4880 kHz will not be changing.
1700-900 UTC on 4880, 12035 (x 7125) wef 30th Mar, 2008
Alokesh Gupta New Delhi

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