Thursday, March 29, 2018

All India Radio, Mysuru launches new website

The tiny radio station that gave the name 'Akashavani' to the broadcasting system of the country has introduced a new website on trial basis.

All India Radio, Mysuru has launched a new comprehensive multimedia website, the new website encompasses everything that AIR Mysuru has to offer – history, technical and programming info, live audio, photo's, and utilities like advertisment booking, guest room booking, CD/DVD sales and  information on tenders.

The website has a refreshing color concept and modern design that gives the site a friendly face, it has a rich blend of text, pictures and audio components, and features live streaming of All India Radio Mysuru's radio programmes.

It also offers integration of various social media platforms, making it easier for the user to enter into dialogue with AIR Mysuru.

The website can be accessed at :

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