Sunday, March 04, 2018

WBCQ The Planet Announces New Shortwave Radio Station

Plymouth Meeting, PA: WBCQ The Planet announced today that it is building one of the most powerful and versatile radio stations in the world. WBCQ's new shortwave radio station, now under construction in Monticello, Maine, features a new 500 kilowatt transmitter from Continental Electronics and a state-of-the-art antenna system from Ampegon Antenna of Switzerland.

The new station, funded by private investors, will be able to direct a powerful shortwave signal to any country on Earth. Our new facility is planned to be a showcase for the radio world and is dedicated to our free speech mission.

The new station is planned to commence operations in fall 2018.

About WBCQ

The Planet: WBCQ is an international shortwave broadcast station since 1998. Located in Monticello, Maine, USA and broadcasts on 7490, 9330, 5130  and 3265 kHz.

(Press Release)

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