Saturday, March 24, 2018

All India Radio A18

All India Radio A18 Schedule

A18 Changes to All India Radio Schedule (Timings in UTC)

External Services

0015-0430 Urdu 6140(A) ex 6145
0100-0200 Sindhi 9620(Kh)  ex 5990
0230-0300 Hindi/English  9800(B)  New
0700-0800 Nepali 9950(Ki) ex 9940
0830-1130 Urdu 6140(A) ex 6145
1130-1140 Hindi/English 6140(A) ex 6145 HS
1115-1215 Tamil delete 9810(P)
1215-1245 Telugu delete 9810(P)
1515-1600 Gujarati delete 15175(P)
1615-1715 Russian delete 9595(Kh)
1615-1730 Hindi delete 7505(P)
1745-1945 English 9910(B) ex 17670, delete 9950(Kh)
1945-2045 Hindi delete 9950(Kh)
2045-2230 English 13750(B) ex 11620, delete 9950(Kh)
2245-0045 English delete 9705(P)

For latest updated schedules please check in the links given below:

A18 External Service Time Wise: http:/

A18 External Service Language Wise:

A18 Complete SW service in Frequency order :

Reception reports to :

(Jose Jacob, VU2JOS, National Institute of Amateur Radio, Hyderabad)

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