Wednesday, February 03, 2016

AWR 2015 Contest Results

The World's Most Unusual DX Contest

At last !  The Results of Last Years Wavescan DX Contest

We here at the AWR DX program "Wavescan" take pleasure in announcing today the list of winners for the big 2015 Annual DX Contest, "The World's Most Unusual DX Contest".  This contest took place during the months of October and November, and all entries were received at the Indianapolis address by the end of December.  You will remember that our big 2015 DX contest invited participants to provide information in five different areas:-

1. You were invited to design your own DX contest in any way and in whatever form you             choose.        

2. You were invited to describe how you have fulfilled the requirements of your own self-                 designed DX contest.

3. Please list what you consider is the best QSL that you have received since the 2014                       DX contest?

4. Provide three reception reports for the broadcast on shortwave, mediumwave or FM                       of any AWR programming in any part of the world.

5. Where possible, provide three radio cards for the Indianapolis Heritage Collection.

We are grateful again for the large number of entries received this year from so many countries around the world, and we appreciate the time consuming effort that so many listeners exerted in preparing their excellent entries.  As always, we note that many entries were from new participants this year, and we are grateful also to those who have entered on previous occasions during the past 40 years of contesting.

As in all previous contests, there were many entries of particularly high quality, some even in a book style of presentation.  The QSL cards and color copies of QSL cards are appreciated, and the story behind so many of these interesting QSLs will be presented here in Wavescan over a long period of time, one each week.

From a long list of entries, we have chosen the following listeners to whom awards will be sent in due course.

Here are the 2015 Continental Winners, each of whom will receive a copy of the 2016 edition of the "World Radio TV Handbook":-

Continental Winners

* Africa Middle East      Shaikh Jawahar           Major City         Mid East     Most precious QSLs
* Asia                             Harumasa Yokoi          Nagoya             Japan         One day listening
* Europe                         Rumen Pankov            Sofia                  Bulgaria      Countries that jam
* North America            Andrew Lisowski          Springfield VA   USA           Logging continents
* South America            Jose Roberto Cunha  Jardim Perola   Brazil            Five hard stations
* Pacific/Asian Islands  Eddy Probowo              Jakarta             Indonesia    Multiple reports

Among the many outstanding entries in this year's contest, neat, colorful and nicely prepared, we have chosen the following to receive the Award of Merit:-

Award of Merit

* India              Sheikh Shamim          Trivandrum     Focus on Time
* Israel             David Crystal              Gilboa              Relations listener & station
* Ukraine         Bondar Volodimir        Frankivsk        Monitoring different SW bands
* UAE              Dr. Avinash Cheekoth Al Ain               Letters of Alphabet
* USA              Patrick Hector              Woodland        First and last QSLs  
And now, the name of the World Winner in our big 2015 listener contest: "Design Your Own DX Contest".  This year's winner presented a most unique procedure in order to obtain a QSL card.  He observed that some of the longwave chronohertz stations emit a signal that can be received by a specific type of clock, an Atomic Clock, if you please.  The signal from the radio station adjusts the readout of the time on the clock.  He will receive a book of his choice, one of the authoritative volumes on shortwave history written by the noted radio historian Jerome Berg of suburban Boston in the United States.

World Winner

The World Winner for 2015 is :- Mikio Kohara of Osaka in Japan

We might also add that the entry from Jose Roberto da Silva Cunha in Jardim Perola, Brazil, as mentioned above as the Continental Winner for South America, was judged to be a close runner up in second place in this year's contest, due to his splendid, colorful and neat presentation.    

Once again, we acknowledge with appreciation the many entries in this year's 2015 Design Your Own DX Contest.  Thank you for participating, and we trust that you enjoyed participating as much as we did in perusing all of your interesting entries.  All entries will be acknowledged through the post, and all reception reports will be verified, though it will take time, well into this New Year 2016, to process them all.

We invite you to enter our 2016 DX Contest, which will run during the month of August.  This will be the final Wavescan DX contest, and you are invited to make a list of your QSL cards from Adventist World Radio, one for each shortwave transmitter site.  How many AWR shortwave sites have you verified?  You will be given a temporary postal address for our 2016 DX contest in due course.  Full details will be announced quite soon.

(Dr.Adrian Peterson)

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