Saturday, February 06, 2016

Overcomer Ministry increases shortwave broadcasts

Excerpt from Overcomer Ministry Newsletter...

This month of January has truly been most encouraging for the prophet. As the new year came we were troubled by the lack of funds to continue on into the year 2016.

First needed $50,000.00 for the 4 Satellites  that carry the broadcast worldwide,   The satellite provider pressed for the payment in advance if we were to get the greatly reduced rate that we had faith to agree to. Did not have the funds as had to make ready to drop that source of broadcast, then God moved on a brother who sent  the amount so we did and could pay for the year.

Then after that direction by God needed to find in what direction should go with the many station in the US and SW around the world.  That cost is more than a million a year if we could get a prepay discount - much more if we has to go month to month. No way could we renew the contact on a monthly basis as the funds we had laid back for that were depleted.  Prayed again and ask the listener to join with us seeking God's will. Without funds I drop broadcast on most of SW and US Stations.

As I waited on the Lord taking with every station as to dropping off the air in 2016 the stations wring with me and then God had a brother send ONE MILLION DOLLARS to move forward for this year.

The results we have secured  the million all spent the over comer for this year except for a few current station that we need to pay each month and to believe God for the funds to increase world wide coverage.

Beginning  this month we shall increase our SW to over 300 that is 300 hours every day. Targeting the whole earth and reaching every nation.  Have received contact from 197 nations as of this day.

Go to and look at the nation counter and also take a look at the community picture. All right there on the site.

Here is a update on SW WRMI alone.

Here is the complete schedule of the 240 hours per day for The Overcomer on WRMI which will take effect on Sunday night at 0000 UTC.  This has been approved by the FCC representative at the HFCC frequency conference here in Istanbul.

5015 kHz to the Caribbean and South America:  0000-2400 UTC (24 hours)

5850 kHz to North America (Midwest and West Coast) and Northeast Asia:  0100-0700, 0900-1000 0900-1000, 1100-2300 UTC (19 hours)

5950 kHz to Cuba, the Caribbean and Central America:  0100-1100, 1200-2200 UTC (20 hours)

5985 kHz to the Caribbean and Central America:  0100-0300, 0500-0700 0500-0700 FREE, 2100-2300 UTC (6 hours)

7570 kHz to North America and East Asia:  2200-2100 UTC (23 hours)

5850 kHz to Western North America and Mexico:  0100-0700, 0800-0000 0800-0000 FREE UTC (22 hours)

9955 kHz to the Caribbean and South America:  0600-1100, 1500-2200 UTC (12 hours)

11580 kHz to Europe, Middle East and Western Asia:  0300-1300, 1500-2000, 2100-2300 UTC (17 hours)

11825 kHz to Eastern North America:  0000-2400 UTC (24 hours)

11920 kHz to Latin America:  0300-0100 UTC (22 hours)

13695 kHz to Western USA and Mexico:  0000-2400 UTC (24 hours)

15770 kHz to Europe, Middle East, North Africa:  2200-2100 UTC (23 hours)

21675 kHz to Central and Southern Africa:  1000-1400 UTC (4 hours)

Total:  240 hours per day   To God be the glory.  

Do you have a SW radio as we have much coverage in the states as well as the world. A  good radio can be bought off of Amazon. Com. Just search for SW radios, Many there at very good cost.  
Remember you can always hear off of the Overcomer site and off the telephone 24 hours a day.
We shall start to make ready for Passover soon in April and will expect ad goodly number to gather right here at the tabernacle for that season of remembrance.  

You pray and seek the Lord as to his will for you and where you shall gather and keep in touch with me as I shall with you as we prepare for this time. Hope write more often and praying for you always. 

Brother Stair

(The Overcomer Ministry Newsletter)

Current schedule is here :

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