Thursday, February 11, 2016

AIB celebrates World Radio Day 2016

Radio, the oldest electronic mass medium, is in good health and well positioned for the future. That's the message from the Association for International Broadcasting as World Radio Day 2016 is marked internationally.

"Radio generates revenues of well over US$25m every year," comments Simon Spanswick, chief executive of the Association for International Broadcasting (AIB). "Radio is a major a generator of economic growth and employment – both in front of and behind the microphone. Every day, it touches the lives of billions of people, providing news, information, entertainment and education. At the AIB we're delighted to join with our Members to celebrate the continued relevance and importance of radio on 13 February, the day designated by UNESCO as World Radio Day."

The AIB is publishing a special souvenir book to demonstrate the value of radio internationally. 'The Business of Radio' provides insight into the radio industry and profiles Members of the AIB who operate radio networks and the service providers that keep radio on the air around the world.

'The Business of Radio' is being sent to opinion-leaders including parliamentarians and media regulators around the world to remind them of the key role that radio continues to play, even in the digital age of mobile apps and social media.

"The strength of radio is its ability to connect people in a way that other media cannot," continues Spanswick. "At the AIB, we are delighted to see that our radio Members are reacting positively to the changes in media consumption habits. For example, they make sure that their programmes are available via multiple platforms, increasing their reach as they do. The AIB is pleased to be accompanying them on their journey into radio's bright future." or as a downloadable PDF at

'The Business of Radio' includes articles contributed by a number of the AIB's Members, including the BBC, Broadcasting Board of Governors, RNW Media, Radio Taiwan International and DW. It is available in digital page-turning format at or as a downloadable PDF here :

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