Thursday, February 11, 2016

AIR Kolkata testing new transmitter

All India Radio, Kolkata is testing new 100 kW Nautel NXP-100 transmitter on 1008 kHz AM and 1018 kHz DRM. Transmitter will be commissioned before 31st March, 2016. SBS ( Special Bangla Service) programs expected by end of Feb'16.

8th Feb 2016 - First noticed by C.K.Raman, Delhi at 1545-1600 UTC in DRM mode (only station label, no audio).

10th Feb 2016 -

Dr.Supratik Sanatani from Kolkata briefly heard a very strong pure tone audio on 1008 kHz AM at 0040 - 0050 UTC. 

Test tones again noted by several listeners at 1330 UTC on 1008 kHz AM.

Running commentary of SAF games started at 1504 hrs still continuing beyond 1520 hrs (No news in Hindi at 1515) - Alok Dasgupta, Kolkata

Test tone at 1330 UTC, video by Debanjan Chakraborty, Kolkata

Hockey match commentary, video by Debanjan Chakraborty, Kolkata

Running commentary of India - Srilanka Hockey match continues at 1530 UTC with good signal here at Agartala - Pradip Chandra Kundu, Agartala, Tripura

Test in DRM mode noticed by Debanjan Chakraborty, Kolkata at 1830 UTC, txer went off air at around 1910 UTC.

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