Thursday, December 31, 2009

Worldspace listeners want music to play on

By: Harpreet Khokhar 30 Dec 09 15:06 IST
MUMBAI: The news of Worldspace Radio shutting down has shocked its subscribers in India, a country that housed 95 per cent of its subscription base. Music lovers are aggrieved at the abrupt termination of the music service from 31 December. It is the loss of music that the users are upset about most, over the monetary damages they will have to bear.

Says a Worldspace regular, "It was the only thing that kept the music alive to the best of quality and diversity. It really feels strange and profoundly sad to refer to Worldspace in the past tense."

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  1. Anonymous3:15 AM

    iam a gr8 listner of of the old subscriber too. from 2000..i cant live withotut WS..and want to mourn a day for this wonderfull service which has left us and gone ..and anybody from chennai want to join and bring this to media limelight pls contact me ..lets fight to get our WS back-jay