Wednesday, December 30, 2009

`Bawdsey Research Station' Commemorations 2010

Special Event Stations
In recognition of the historic events that took place in 1935 and 1940 which played a significant part in Britains war effort, Bawdsey Manor will be activated on three separate occasions during 2010. During its time as a the radar research centre and as an operational station for Chain Home radar, it was known by the acronym BRS – Bawdsey Research Station. Special event callsigns with BRS as the suffix have been applied for to recognise this.
Over the weekend of 26 to 28 Feb 2010, we will be on the air on HF, 6m and VHF, operating CW, SSB and possibly some digital modes too. The callsign requested is GB75BRS, since this operation will commemorate the 75th anniversary of the Daventry Experiment, which resulted in radar development in the UK being based first at Orfordness, then at Bawdsey.
Later in the year we will operate on two weekends to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the start and end of the Battle of Britain in 1940. The callsign GB70BRS has been requested. These weekends will be 5/6 June, and 18/19 Sept. Operating bands and modes will be as for the February event. Members of the public, and students from the school now based at the Manor, will be welcomed at any of the events, where there will also be display materials relating to Bawdsey's history during this period.
A special QSL card will be issued to those making contact with either of the stations, and a parchment certificate will be available on request to stations who make contact with both callsigns – information about the stations, operation and QSL arrangements can be found on our web site at
Contact: Dave Powis,
tel: 07777 648488
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