Friday, December 18, 2009

KBS Domestic relay testing on 6015 kHz

KBS Radio 3 HLKC-Voice of Love is relayed on 6015kHz.

I confirmed it *2100 on Dec. 16. //639kHz, The ID is before the time pips, ID as "KBS Je sam Radio, Sarang-ui Sori Bansong, HLKC"

Audio File :

It is the first time that Radio 3 is relayed on SW. The schedule of Radio3 at *2100-1800* . KBS Global Korean Network HLCA carry on 6015kHz to +0400-0858* on Dec. 16. It seems to be test broadcast.

de Hiroshi


(Sei-ichi Hasegawa via DX Listening Digest)

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