Monday, December 07, 2009

Upcoming holiday Happy Station Specials

December 24, 2009 - Happy Station's Chrismas Special
Tom Meijer will make an appearance with a song recorded for this show. Also a number of other surprises.

Happy Station New Years Specials
0200UTC to 0400UTC - Latin/South America/Caribbean
My guest co-host will be David Monson. We have a number of contributions sent in from different places.

1600UTC to 1800UTC - North America
This show will be done live from Hong Kong with many more contributions. Bob Zanotti and Bob Thomann will join me on this show and they will present a special Swiss Merry Go Round. The first new show since 1994. We will also be cutting to a live concert of the Hong Kong Symphony's year end concert. I will also be announcing the winners for our year end contest:

Prizes are:
1. Sangean ATS909
2. Sangean ATC606a
3. Jerry Berg's books
4. One year membership to Communication's from the BDXC
5. 10 CD's of Easy Come, Easy Go from Tom Meijer

For station's that relay Happy Station they will get a 55min edited version of the live show.

Starting in 2010 three MPR (Minnesota Public Radio) stations will start to carry The Happy Station Show. And the ABC Radio affiliate in Adelaide. Also WRN's European feed. When the dates are confirmed I will post them.

Finally. This week at 0200UTC (December 10) the transmission to Latin/South America will be live. If your out of this area you can tune to the webstream at; .

Keith Perron

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