Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Dedication of New Shortwave Radio Site in Australia Fulfills 24-Year Vision

May 3, 2013 - by Harold Goerzen

David Maindonald seemed incredulous as he reflected on his 24-year vision to air the gospel via shortwave radio from Australia to the Asia Pacific Region.

"Yes, the story of HCJB Global-Australia is truly a story of what God has done," he told a crowd at the dedication of the ministry's new international broadcast site in Kununurra, adjacent to the original
site that had been used to broadcast since 2003.

"The curtain antenna came from Croatia. It was brand new but it was intended by the communists to send propaganda all across the former Soviet Union. The towers were bought from the Australian Army for 5 cents on the dollar. Those are scrap metal prices! The transmitters are the refurbished transmitters from Radio Station HCJB in Ecuador, now being repurposed to reach this part of the world."

Also attending the ceremony were HCJB Global Asia Pacific Executive Director Ty Stakes, Australian Member of Parliament Barry Haase and Meg Shedley, who turns 90 this year. Back in 1997 when the Australian government still wasn't issuing international broadcast licenses, she and her husband, Don, donated a 200-acre farm in Kununurra in faith that it could serve as an international shortwave site.

excerpt from the report....

"A third HC100 coming in a few months will be digital, enabling us to reach a whole new audience with the clear, digital sounds of shortwave," added Pederson. "[Our Australian partners] are dedicated
people, and they've done a great job. You should see this impressive facility."

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