Friday, May 03, 2013

BBG Expands Its Reach With SoundCloud

WASHINGTON - The Broadcasting Board of Governors today announced a new strategic partnership with leading audio platform SoundCloud, adding hundreds of hours of audio programming weekly for users to access worldwide. The move is expected to expand the BBG's online audience by introducing its radio broadcasts to a new, widely-available mobile platform and to
content-sharing through social media.

"Audio programming is the lifeblood of our broadcasters' connection to much of their worldwide audiences," said Syndication Product Lead Addie Nascimento with the BBG's Office of Digital and Design Innovation. "Reinventing that experience through the SoundCloud platform and allowing for audio to become a social experience will revitalize our audio content in a powerful way."

From Khmer to Kurdish, content in more than 40 languages from all five broadcasters of the BBG will be made available through the platform. Each of the broadcasters has multiple accounts based on the language services it provides, and there is flexibility to add more accounts based on user demand.

Users will be able to find BBG content by searching SoundCloud for either their favorite program or a broadcaster's name. Listeners will also be able to connect directly on SoundCloud's waveform with other users who share similar interests.
SoundCloud provides an easy way to share audio programming on the web, as it lets users distribute content seamlessly across numerous social channels. BBG content uploaded to SoundCloud may be posted to Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler and Pinterest, appearing on the user's profiles via SoundCloud's HTML5 widget, thereby increasing audience reach for the BBG.
"SoundCloud is thrilled to be working with BBG to share their expansive, multi-lingual content across the web," said SoundCloud Head of Audio Manolo Espinosa. "Collaborating with the BBG enriches our community with their global audio programming and offers an opportunity for the BBG to expand their online growth and secure new listeners."

The partnership between the BBG and SoundCloud provides more comprehensive access than an individual membership would in order for BBG to centrally manage multiple language profiles, through automated feeds or manual uploads.

SoundCloud is available as an app for both iOS and Android, and is available online at
(BBG Press Release)

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